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Author Topic: Rabbit's Ideas. (M for F)  (Read 645 times)

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Rabbit's Ideas. (M for F)
« on: May 19, 2012, 01:31:06 AM »
Alright so first thing I'm going to address is what I am looking for out of this post. I'm looking for a RP friend that can type out 2-3 decently written paragraphs a post. I'm not to worried about spelling and such, chances are I wont notice, but don't completely ignore it either (Huzza for spell check!). Whether its Plot focused or Smut focused it doesn't matter, i just want to get my creative juices flowing. If you have any ideas about plots and such, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM. I mostly do only M/F combos, On occasion I'll do a M/M, However i don't play females well (Quick NPC females are no problem though). Send me a PM with an idea for something else within my likes and you'd probably be able to convince me to play it. I can play Doms, Subs and Switches, i prefer to play a Dom or the overarching Everyone, however i can play Subs and Switches as well.

Please PM me for discussion.

Plot, Science Fiction, Military themes, Stuff in Space (I'm a Halo buff), Action/Adventure, D&D 3.5, Flaws in Characters, Character Development, Fantasy and magic themes, Other races/Aliens, Robots/Androids, cyber-punk, horror, atmosphere. Writers in Third Person

'Regular' sex, Anal (Giving/receiving), Futa, Oral (Big turn on), Teasing, Sexual tension, sex with aliens/ fantasy races/ monsters/ beasts/ demons (You name it, Probably going to say yes), Out of the Ordinary situations, Situations where they might get caught, multiple orgasms, Toys/devices, More then usual Cum or discharge.

Scat, Sexual Gore (Gore happening as a result of an action packed post is alright though), 2D or Flat characters, Invincible or Infallible characters, One liners.

Plots and Ideas
(These short blurbs do not reflect on my writing style, they are just to get the idea out there and into your mind. Like reading the back of a book.)

Necromantic Fairy tale. - Looking for Apprentice {Closed}
{Long term/ Not smut orientated. Modern magic (Like The Dresden Files. Sexual tension and action are expected expected.}
Fifty years is a long time to be locked up, even for a wizard. For Gilbert, it was too long, and escape couldn't come quick enough. Now on the run, He needed to restore his mantle of power and play catch up with his abandoned responsibilities, but he couldn't do it alone. He'd need an apprentice, and a successor to his power. So he did what any wizard would do, Swoop in and scoop up girl who was abused by her adopted parents, after brutally murdering them of course. A young and shape-able mind that had a hidden talent for the art already. Once her training was done, it would be time to get to work, under a new name.

Corruption Of Champions - Looking For Victim
{long/short term NC, Bestiality, mythical creatures, all sorts of goodies.} {Closed}
A Champion from the Nilac village is sent every year into the portal to hold off the demons within. The ritual is seen more as a sacrifice then a heroic journey, because none have ever returned. This year, you have volunteered to brave the abyss and slay whatever demons oppose you, however it seems that once you enter, the world is less inclined to kill you, and more and more interested in Using you.
(Based off of CoC game. Check it out Here!)

A Lord and His apprentice - Starwars
{Long-term, sexual tension, Alien?, a bit violent} {Open}
(A) A new Sith lord slays his first Jedi knight and is left with the knight's apprentice, but instead of killing her he tempts her with the power of the dark side and takes her under his wing. Now he is able to teach someone his own Unique way of using the force, But first he must break her of the selfless Jedi training. Thus begins long and hard days of training on his ship, as they move from mission to mission.
(B) Having finished Her trials, the apprentice is given to a Sith master for further training. Both are trying to claw their way up the Sith ranks in order to become all powerful. Both are resistant to becoming another rung in the others ladder. Long days of training and hard missions eventually pull the two together closer then they originally thought.

Trouble Prone Paladin - Your the Paladin
{Long term, Gang-bang, light bondage, Fantasy races and beasts. NC} {Open}
She is shipped off to a mystical island where beasts and arcane races roam free. Even though there are an abundance of mythical beasts, a human settlement has propped up and prospered as a trading town. Her quest is to make her name known across the land and become a champion. Her first quest, is to clear out a haunted mansion once owned by the Barron of the town. However her quest will soon bring her to submission. Will her dirty libido prove to much? Will her not so subtle seduction be her downfall?
(Picture Ideas.)

Subway encounter - Sexual
{Short-Term, strangers, Discreet public, teasing} {Closed}
For some odd reason the train today was very crowded. People just kept packing in forcing contact here and there. To make things worse, it was very hot, despite the draft from open windows. Maybe it was the heat and close proximity that got Adam's blood boiling, Or was it because of the small skirt the woman in front of him was waring? Witch ever it was he used the sudden jolt of the car to make his move.

Under cover of the Stars - Halo Themed
{Long-term, Military themed, On the tame end of things.} {Open}
USS Far Star, A Stealth Prowler designed to be almost undetectable when 'Flying Low'. State of the art UNSC technology controlled by a crew of 33 and commanded by Captain Gilbert Lewis. His next assignment will prove to be his most interesting yet. He's been told to transport an Intelligence officer as well as some cargo to an outer rim planet know for its rebels and await further instructions. Hopefully the officer will understand Gil being a little protective of his ship and crew. Maybe later she will be one of those he protects.

Dark Magic - Fantasy, looking for queen.
{Long-term, Magic Orientated. NC? Fem Dom} {Open}
He was trained in magic, but he wasn't prepared for what he'd gotten himself into. He'd followed the 'Apprentice Wanted' sign to a well fortified castle in the the plains, and after a contract sign, he'd become the queen's apprentice. However her appetite is teasing and mean. She tells him not to masturbate and then sends him to keep the fire imps in the dungeon oiled twice a day. She tempts him with her own body and plays tricks on him when he's studying. Nothing is simple and he only hopes he can get a 'passing grade' when her monthly tests come around.
(Inspired by this set of Comics. A good read too)

My Character. If no bold then it's interchangeable.
Small Laundry mat Owner/Employee (Dirty Laundry. Quite specific, but open to ideas)
Knight/Princess or Queen
(I don't do vampires for fear of being sucked into the Cliche'.)

Please PM for interest.
Probably only going to do two or three RPs at once, so its first dibs.
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Re: Rabbit's Ideas. (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2012, 02:01:33 AM »
*Bumped with new plots and renewed interest*

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Re: Rabbit's Ideas. (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2013, 05:40:36 PM »
Bumped with Dresden Files based RP.