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Author Topic: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)  (Read 9829 times)

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Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« on: November 01, 2012, 05:26:43 PM »
Currently Not Looking To Start Any Stories


Please read my O/O page before contacting me.
Also my "RP Preferences" page which gives mostly the same information.

My Apologies and Absences thread is updated regularly with information about why I'm not posting as fast as I should...

Please be aware that I am a lesbian. I will very rarely RP as a straight female character, but that is normally so she can be raped and corrupted by another woman! Please also note that I am reluctant to play opposite a male player playing as a female character because I have had some very disappointing experiences in the past. If you are a Lord or a male Liege and would like to play opposite me, I suggest you join a group game that I am either running or playing in and let me see how you play as a woman first.

When it comes to BDSM, I am pretty much a 50/50 switch, although my dominant side is more commonly seen. That is purely because of the severe shortage of female D's on E, though. It's far easier to find a sub to play against that a domme. It is an important point that I will not play sub to a male player or male character under any circumstances. Please don't ask me to.

A bit about me: I'm British, Lesbian, middle aged (my DoB is on my profile: Although you should never ask a lady her age, I never said I was a lady!), I'm married, to the sweetest American lady (and best cook) in the world, and I'm very happy. I will not exchange photos, phone numbers or addresses. Please don't ask. I work in telesales, selling wine to discerning customers, and generally work from 11:00am to 8:00pm, finishing early on Friday when I can.

Thank you for reading all of that (if you did).

If any of my ideas interest you, please PM me.

Please do not ask me to RP via PM, E-mail or IM.

If I invite you to talk to me on YIM that's one thing, but if I get an add request from somebody claiming to be X from Elliquiy, I generally report them as a spammer! Please don't do it. If you want to talk to me, use a PM here on E. It's what they are for!

How I work this
If any of the ideas in the posts below catch your eye, please send me a PM and we can discuss it. However, please be aware of the following:

1) If you PM me I will usually reply, however if you do not PM me back I will not chase you. I have too many stories on the go at any one time to worry about starting another.
2) I will not mark a story as "Taken" until the thread is open and has at least two posts in it (Minimum one from each player). The reason for this should be obvious, but I will state it anyway: I have quite regularly opened a thread, and then never received a reply in that thread.
3) Stories remain marked as taken for several weeks, until I get around to removing them. If during that time you stop posting for whatever reason, I may re-instate the story.
4) I will, occasionally, mark a story as reserved. That will only happen for someone I know and love dearly.

Again, thanks for reading and now on to the important bit....


Reusable characters, Picture prompts & One-Shots


(Link to my previous ideas thread, for reference purposes only)
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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2012, 05:29:38 PM »
Re-useable Characters

Characters I enjoy re-using will be posted here.

The first re-useable character I made is called Zarathel and she is ... well, see for yourself:

Zarathel's profile. Click if you dare...
Name: Zarathel
True Name: known only to herself, Lucifer and The Nameless One.
Age: Older than Time Itself
Race: ArchDemon, Succubus, formerly Archangel, one of the First of Creation

Personality: Zar is pure evil. She is one of the First, and as such has never been mortal. She exists outside time and thus has little respect for the puny beings that are forced to exist within it. She has an insatiable sexual appetite and while she will have sex with men, she prefers women. The only being in the whole of creation she will call Master (or Mistress, for that matter) is Lucifer himself. She has no respect for The Nameless One, as he has demonstrated clearly that he is not worthy of it. Without the intervention of herself and the Lord of Darkness, the earth would be another boring, drab world filled with boring drab creatures bent permanently to the Will of the Nameless One.

History: Zar's history is as long as history itself, but the most salient points are that, while The Nameless One was creating the Earth, Lucifer sat on the throne of Light and Zarathel sat on his lap. While there, both of them were burned by the Nameless One's power and filled with some of it. They were transformed from creatures of Light into creatures of Darkness.

The Archangel Michael attacked them and banished Zar from heaven. While Michael fought Lucifer, Zarathel snuck into the newly created Earth, entered the Garden of Eden and took on the form of a serpent, tempted Eve then raped her until she passed out, then took on Eve's form and raped Adam until he passed out.

Zar and Lucifer rule hell together and are in a never ending war that is fought in five dimensions against the forces of light. Zar is Lucifer's most loyal and most successful servant, as well as being his oldest, and his first lover.

Zar is usually found with her guardian demon Gorbix (NPC), who was once mortal, and was the most feared general of the Sumerian army. Gorbix's claim to fame is that it was he and his legion that were cast out of a man by The Nameless One's human avatar, and it was he who fought his way into the Nameless One's temple on Earth and ripped the curtain from top to bottom with his sword!

I have one story available using this character. See below.

My second available character was created originally for a group game. She didn't fit properly into that game, however, but I liked her so much I decided to keep her.

Badass Cyborg Chick
Character name: Marcia Purbrook
Species: Cyborg
Nicknames / Aliases : Manic Marcie
Age : 27
Gender: Female
Marital Status : Married, possibly widowed. Her wife is MIA.

Former Occupation/Position : Former Army sergeant, then security guard for a cybernetics company.

Strengths : Can morph weapons out of her limbs. Her skin can become pretty much bullet proof, and is also resistant to anything that can be thrown at it. If killed, she can effectively be re-booted from a core-dump of her brain patterns. Has instant radio communication from an in-built two-way transmitter. Can see in the dark. Powered by a small nuclear reactor in her gut.

Weaknesses : Using weapons that she forms from herself is draining. If she fires solid projectiles, each one she fires uses up a party of herself. Firing an energy weapon will drain her own energy for a time, depending upon the power of the weapon used. Equally, if she is attacked, each hit will drain her energy by an amount proportional to the energy of the hit. The reactor in her gut generates energy at a constant rate, and she can store a fixed amount. If the energy required to defend against an attack exceeds her reserves and the amount her reactor can generate, then she will suffer damage.

Special Gear : Often carries an AK47 Assault Rifle, simply because it is the most efficient assault rifle ever made and it saves her using her own energy to fight. Likes to ride on a motorcycle

General appearance: Normally looks like an attractive blonde woman in her mid twenties wearing biker leathers. She can alter her "clothing" at will to look like she is wearing anything she likes, or to appear as she actually is - totally naked.

Personality : Marcia is bitter, sad, and cynical. She has a biting sarcasm that she uses whenever she feels it is required. She sees no future for humanity, no hope, and only fights on because it is all she knows how to do. Her only desire is to find her wife still alive somewhere, but as the weeks passed, she has given up on this as being less likely that hell freezing over.

History : Marcia was in the army for a while. She made Sergeant and then lost a limb to a stupid accident. While recovering in hospital, she met the prettiest nurse ever. the two of them fell in love and were married shortly after Marcia's release from hospital. She went to work for the company that made cybernetic limbs a security guard, after volunteering for their experimental cybernetic limb replacement programme. When the world went mad, she was one of the first to volunteer for the new military cyborg programme, as she was already a cyborg.

While she was in the surgery, her wife was working at a field hospital, which simply vanished, no one knows what happened to it, and so her wife is listed as MIA, not KIA. Marcia is something of a rogue because of this, and will rarely do as she is told, preferring to go her own way.

Sexuality : Lesbian
Sexual On's and Offs : As Player O/Os

There is no actual plot attached to this character, other than possibly the search for her wife. She can be tailored to fit any post-apocalyptic or cyberpunk scenario.

This next character was created for a couple of one-on-one games featuring an assassin training up her apprentice.

The Assassin
Name: Deborah Hathers, AKA The Pariah

Age: 32

Occupation: Professional Assassin.

Nationality: Originally English, but now holds  many passports, mostly forged, and holds no allegiance to any nation.

Sexuality: Bisexual but with a definite preference for teenage girls.

Likes: Money, guns, 70s rock music, being in control, teenage girls, things going to plan, extremely kinky sex.

Dislikes: Cops, reporters, rap music, lack of control, plans going wrong, unnecessary killing, not being paid.

Personality: You would think that being a professional killer would make Debbie something of a cold fish, and if you met her professionally you might, very briefly, think so. Very few people who meet her professionally have much time to form an opinion of her, however. In her private life, she is normally a warm and friendly person, someone you wouldn't mind sitting next to in church or on an intercontinental flight. She is intelligent, well educated and widely travelled, and can talk with confidence on a wide range of subjects. About the only really unusual thing about her is that she is single and rarely has a relationship lasting more than a month.

History: Debbie joined the army at 18, straight from school. She showed an aptitudes for weapons and her drill sergeants soon tagged her as an expert marksman. She was sent to Afghanistan and killed her first man at the age of 20. She became a sniper, often providing long-range over-watch to troops on the ground. By the time she left Afghanistan, she had racked up an impressive six confirmed kills.

She left the army on compassionate grounds when both her parents and younger brother were killed in a car crash. Her rage at being told the driver of the other car got off with a two year ban from driving rapidly turned into a desire for revenge. She plotted and carried out her first assassination as a project for her own satisfaction. The problem of what to do with her life now she was out of the army solved itself when she was approached by an old boyfriend who was having some trouble with a loan shark. The loan shark was soon dead, the friend was grateful, but paid her a fee and Debbie had her career path mapped out.

Ten years later, she has killed forty eight people, including the ones in the Army. She is one of the best in the business, she guarantees to get the job done, guarantees her client will not be implicated in any way, and charges a lot of money per hit.

While every security agency and police force on the planet has a file on her, none have been able to catch her. She knows that some day her luck may run out, but she hopes to be retired long before that happens.

This character is available for any plot where a gun for hire might be useful.

This character was made for a failed Western group game I tried to run, originally as an NPC, but I kind-of like her too much and would love to re-use her

The Gunslinger
Name: Nichola Stone

Nickname: Stoneman
Gender: F
Age: 23
Sexuality: Gay

Occupation: Cowhand, Gunslinger

Weapons: matched pair of Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolvers, Winchester model 1873 repeating rifle.

Draw Speed: 0.35 Seconds with right, 0.41 with left
Accuracy: S&W 30 yards aimed, 10 yards drawn. Winchester 97 yards

Equipment: Twin gun belt, saddle with rifle holster, rope, saddlebags, bedroll, slicker

Horse: 3 year old palomino gelding called Clay

Likes:  Girls, food, whisky, poker, winning, food, money, keeping out of trouble, soft beds, hot baths.
Dislikes: Men, cardsharps, lawmen, bartenders who water the whisky, hard work, staying in one place too long.
Fears: Being with a group of men who find out she's a woman, her past catching up with her.
Goals:  To stay one jump ahead of the law, for now.

Personality: Nick Stone (as she usually prefers to be called) is a tomboy. She's tough and unyielding to all but her closest friends - and she has virtually none of them. She's a gambler, and not just with the cards. But at the same time, she's not mean. She has her own sense of right and wrong which may not tally with anyone else's but she is at least consistent.

History: Nicky Stone was raised on a small farm in Kentucky. Her father was killed during the Civil War and her mother wanted to marry her off to a local land-owner's son. Nicky didn't know much about life but she knew she found women more attractive than men, and she refused. When her fiancé came for her, and tried to rape her, Nicky shot him with his own gun, stole his horse and rode west. Over time she has acquired a more masculine appearance, she has discovered a reasonable skill with her weapons, not over-fast but she can draw and shoot with both hands in just under half a second. She has learned to make her way in a man's world, and has found that her skill with weapons as well as a certain way with animals has made her desirable to cattlemen as a ranch hand.

She is available for any plots set in the Wild West after the Civil War.

This character was made for a fantasy group game that I dropped out of for personal reasons.

The thief
Name: Anitsha "Nitzy" Longstride
Species: Halfling
Concept: Cynical kleptomaniac, with a demagnetized moral compass!
Ons: Getting away with it, being tied up, tying others up, spanking, being spanked, shiny stuffs!
Offs: Snakes, spiders, her parents, small spaces, humans treating her like a child, being called 'Nit', remarks about her height.

Physical Description: First and most noticeable, she is a massive 3'3" tall.  With short red hair often cut off scruffily with a dagger, and tied back out of her eyes. She has large bare flat feet with thick soles and never wears boots. Her eyes are a piercing bright blue. Her gaze constantly flickers from spot to spot, face to face, and she will rarely meet your eyes for more than a moment. If she does, though, it will be more than likely you who looks away first!

Personality:  Nitzy is the sort of person that unless she wants you to, you won't even notice her. She isn't shy, so much as quiet and observant. She can sit motionless for hours on end, and people will simply forget she is there in the corner. But when she is amongst friends, she can be boisterous, raucous, and excitable. She has incurably itchy fingers, and while not the most accomplished thief in the world, she can usually steal what she has in mind to steal. Unless she wants to get caught, that is... Sometimes, she does! Nitzy is very sensitive about her height. Calling her "longshanks" or "beenpole", or asking her what the weather is like up there will likely earn you a broken nose! She can't help being tall (for a halfling).

History: Nitzy was (as were most people) born. Her father was Gatho Longstride, her mother Mirrelli Flatbottom. (The Flatbottom name derives from an area of land originally settled by halflings, which was surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs in a mountainous region, but had a flat bottom. It has nothing whatever to do with how much Mirrelli enjoyed being spanked). Gatho had joined the Three Footers when he was a youth, and had risen through their ranks to steal himself a place on the council. He had also stolen the heart of the daughter of the council chief, which didn't exactly help his cause, until he presented Mirrelli's father with a suitable dowery.

And so Anitsha was born in Yard-Hold, raised to be a thief, taught the arts of stealth, light-fingeredness, how to judge the value of an item, whether it is worth stealing, how to pick locks, open latches, even some rudimentary magic to enable her to spot warding and alarm spells. However as she neared maturity, there were those amongst the Three Footers who said she had been raised too far... Rumours of elvish taint in her father's blood-line were unfounded. The longstrides had always been tall and slender. The tallest on record, Cherry "Picker" longstride, had been almost 4' tall. This, however, did not help Nitzy when she began having to duck to enter people's homes, and was teased at school.

Developing claustrophobia, arachnophobia and ophidiophobia was a major problem. Yard-Hold was full of tiny tunnels, that the Three Footers used to conceal their presence and rob the few unwary souls who ventured there. It was also very generously populated with spiders, ranging from the minute, to those almost a foot across. And being on the edge of the swamps meant that there was a large snake population. Nitzy left Yard-Hold after an unfortunate incident with a leading member of the Eight-Footers and the son of a prominent member of the No-Footers in one of the crawl-ways that she prefers not to talk about.

Since her banishment, she has wandered the free lands, making a living for herself as she can.

In what three ways would you most aid an adventuring party? Nitzy can effectively "vanish", hiding in plane sight. People just forget she is there. This makes her an excellent spy. She can pick pockets, cut purses, pick locks, slide through small spaces (although she prefers not to). She is also quick witted and can talk her way out of most things.
In what way might you hinder an adventuring party? If anything goes missing, you know where to look for it! Nitzy saw you drop it (or about to drop it) and was keeping it safe for you. Nooooo, you purse was empty when she found it. She's certain that those daggers had never had any precious stones set in the handles, at least, not as long as she's known you to carry them... She also has an understandable longing to buy her way back into the people she was banished from.

Available for fantasy world McGuffin hunt type plots.

Picture Prompts

Where I've found a picture that I feel ought to inspire a story it will be posted here. If it's NSFW, it will be behind a cut.

Land Race

The world was new, the atmosphere breathable, terraforming was unnecessary. Sure there were dangerous animals and plants on it, but the colonists knew that. They took the risks. Let's face it, the most dangerous animal in the galaxy (so fasr as we knew) was Homo Sapiens! The colony ship was heavily armed, mostly to prevent the colonists from getting back on again. This was a one-way trip after all.

My girlfriend and I, we took the risk, and when the ship touched down in the most barren hell-hole part of the new world, we were ready for the land race - You get away from the ship as fast as you can, find the best spot you can and stake a claim to it. And then you have to defend your claim against all comers, both native and human. We had a good, fast machine, and we were confident of getting a good claim.

The fact that we weren't exactly there by choice, well nor were the rest of the colonists. This was a penal colony after all. And with what we'd done, we could have been executed. At least this way we would have a chance...

Rogue Sisters - Re-instated

Not your every-day run-of the mill fantasy about two sisters. I mean the traditional fairy tale with the good sister and the bad sister and the good one manages to win the bad one back to the side of good? We all know that one, right? Heck, it's the mainstay of Disney-Pixar's latest smash hit!

No. These two girls aren't exactly one or the other. Maybe one is a bit more inclined to rescue the the young prince in distress, while the other would probably pick his pocket, but on the whole they are both a couple of rogues. They earn a living by whatever means they can. Sometimes they rob the rich and give to the poor - being poor themselves, this means they keep the money. Sometimes they might take on a quest to rescue a beautiful dragon from a ravening princess, or possibly vice versa if the mood takes them. Some times they might agree to save a kingdom from some evil invading hoard, taking the king's youngest daughter who is over the age of 16 as payment.

Anyway, their adventures are, if not the stuff of legends, certain to make a cracking good sexy read. Yes they are sisters, yes they are lesbians, and yes they are into each other.

This would definitely go in extreme, and the girls probably have a nice cosy relationship with each other's horses as well...

Plot Bunnies Welcome on this one?

The Last Pilots

Saphire (front) and Magenta (rear) are the last two survivors of a squadron of specially created clone space-ship pilots. The rest were killed in an operation that went terribly wrong - or, possibly, went almost exactly according to plan, the only thing that went wrong was that two of the squadron survived...

So our two incredibly stereotypical heroines go on the run - well, on the fly... They steal their ships (which will be FTL capable fighter ships) and set off on their own trying to find out who is trying to have them killed and why...

.............. Yes I know, it's a totally unoriginal plot and it is one of the cheesiest sci-fi plots going, but that is the point. I want this to be "Cheescake Space Opera", light, cheesy, humorous and smutty.


I have a number of untaken ideas sitting in the One Shots thread that people may not have spotted because they are quite old.

So, I'm going to link to the original posts here and if any of them catch your eye, send me a PM...

Spectrum Is Green
Your Money Or Your Wife
Dabbling In Water Colours
Dirty Little Thief
Cabin F69
Not What The Midwife expected
The Grotto

The Recruit
The Prisoners' Dilemma
Room Service
Bedrock Girls' Night In
"You were saying...?" Taken
Never too old to start
The Price Of Freedom
A Question Of Scale
Fender Bender
Rivers Of Gold
Jelly (or Jello)
Stop Playing With Your Phone
The Hitch-Hiker
Candy Girl
Running In The Rain
Imaculate Conception
Here, Kitty Kitty Reinstated
My Little Pet
The Nerd's Revenge
Feel Like A Woman Taken
Nappy rash (Or Diaper rash in the US)
Privacy Is Earned
Oh What A Night!
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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2012, 05:43:53 PM »

These are ideas for stories that really turn me on. Ask for one of these and I will certainly consider it with you!

"But you broke mine": Light romance, :'(:'(:'( TEAR-JERKER! :'(:'(:'( Reinstated

(Partially inspired by the song "Keighley" by Marillion). This story is to focus on two young women who met in college and fell deeply in love, but for one reason or another simply could not be with each other. Family pressure, religious conviction, peer pressure, life getting in the way - any and all of these factors, and a hundred others, should conspire to keep them apart. Both of them should blame the other for their relationship breaking up, when in reality it was neither woman's fault. But they should have a blazing row and vow never to see each other again. I want to be crying when we get to that part.

And then, we can bring the two of them back together. The reunion should be tense and without trust at first - Perhaps they discover that quite by chance they are both working for the same company - something like that, anyway, where they can't avoid each other. But slowly, the love they once shared resurfaces, and they realise that they still care and both want to patch things up. One of them makes the first move and they manage, tentatively, to have a date, after which they sit down and talk about what went wrong and realise that it was the people around them, none of which have any influence over either of them anymore.

Paradox: Sci-fi, Time travel, Romance, Incest. A young mother starts receiving visits from a strange older woman, and shortly afterwards, disappears. Her young daughter has vague memories of this woman who turned up out of nowhere to completely ruin her life, she remembers being given sweets and treats and spoiled rotten, but none of that made up for growing up alone in an orphanage.

Some twenty five years later, she is working on a government funded, top secret project. Out of hours, she sneaks back into the lab and uses the newly invented technology to go back and try to find this mystery woman who stole her mother away and ruined her life...

I will play either the mother or the daughter. (In case you hadn't worked it out already, there is no mysterious third character). The story DOES involve mother/daughter incest, with the weird twist that the daughter is actually older than the mother! I don't anticipate any actual BDSM element, unless you want to play the mother as a total sub...

TAKEN Running The Country: Light Romance. Lynda McFearson went into politics because she wanted to make a difference. She was surprised when, in 2007, she won a by-election in a marginal constituency, overturning a Labour majority and winning the seat for the Lib Dems, mostly due to a poor turn-out at the polls. Her maiden speech was on Gay Rights, a subject close to her heart.

When the election was called in 2010, she campaigned so charismatically that she was returned to parliament with a substantial majority. People liked her. She found herself being given a minor ministerial post as part of the coalition deal, in spite of her reservations at working with the Conservatives. Her feeling that Clegg had sold out was set aside in the interest of running the country.

In 2013, she was promoted to a full cabinet post. Her rise had been meteoric. When, in 2015, Nick Clegg resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, right before the General Election, the two main candidates for the leadership were so unpopular that a compromise was needed to avoid splitting the party. To her undying surprise, Lynda was asked to stand. To her even greater astonishment, she won.

And then, in the General Election, with the most charismatic and popular leader the party had known in almost a century at it's head, the Liberal Democrats swept to power for the first time since 1922.

That is the background. The story centres on the loneliness and frustration of a single lesbian in her 30s as she deals with the power of running the country and her inability to actually change anything. And of course, there is the pretty young woman with whom she strikes up a friendship, which develops into a relationship.

How does the PM go out on a date? Does the fact that she's a woman make life even more complex? And when we add that she is gay, does that make things almost impossible? Hounded by the press, in the public eye 24/7/52, How can she even consider a relationship with another woman?

Inspired in part by the film "Love Actually" where Hugh Grant plays an unmarried Prime Minister.

I would prefer to play the PM in this one, but I would be willing to play the girl for the right partner. Note: If you wish to play the PM, you MUST be British, and have a working knowledge of politics. I would prefer a British partner regardless, if possible, but if you have a good knowledge of the United Kingdom and have lived here for a while I will consider you.

Running The Country - US Variant As above.

The first female president of the USA. Well why not? Surely it's only a matter of time. But for a woman to be that single-minded that she is capable of being even nominated for - well, she would have to be the Democratic candidate, wouldn't she? But to win the primaries, let alone the presidency, she would need to be a very strong willed woman!

Guess what? She's gay! Well, that should bring US Civil rights into the 21st century!

This is a direct transposition of the UK version of "Running the Country" above, except your character is the US President. Mine can be anything from a White House intern to a secret service agent, to the daughter of the British Ambassador to the UN, to the girl who works in the White House Tourist Centre gift shop, to a stewardess on Air Force One. We can come up with a plot that works for how they meet and design my character around it.

The Rag Trade: Can go in N/C or Extreme.

A young woman in India works in a sweat shop producing high fashion items for a Western designer label. The young woman is very good at her job, and unlike many of her colleagues is actually enthusiastic about it. Because the young Indian woman has a secret: She is a lesbian and has a serious crush on the world famous designer/model/superstar who owns the company. Her bedroom is practically a shrine to the woman and she visits her facebook page, follows all her tweets, reads her blog faithfully. She's something of a cyber-stalker.

Of course, the designer is also a lesbian, but she has never even seen the young Indian girl, until one day she makes a tour of the sweatshop to see how her clothes are made. She holds a competition for the seamstresses to create for her an outfit, from one of her own designs, for her to wear to a press conference and gala dinner the following day. The prize for being selected would be to have the outfit worn, but also to meet and spend the morning with the designer.

Naturally our girl wins and the two of them meet up. The girl is too shy to admit how she feels, but the designer feels an attraction. But she has her reputation to think about, and daren't be seen taking up with a sweatshop girl, plus, of course, she doesn't even know if the girl likes her. And so, the designer starts stalking the girl too. Having her followed, sending her anonymous gifts, etc.

This mutual stalking can go on for as long as we want, with time-skips and the like. Until finally something gives. Maybe the designer hires a private detective to investigate who keeps sending her anonymous love messages over the net, maybe the girl gets frightened by constantly being followed and calls the police. Or, best yet, maybe both happen at the same time. The detective reports back to the designer, and reveals who is stalking her, just as the police come to arrest her for stalking the girl...

At that point, of course, everything comes good and the two of them get together.

Alternative Ending: (Edited 18/08/14)

Instead of the mutual stalking, or as a result of it, the fashion designer has the seamstress kidnapped and transported in a small wooden animal crate to her home where she turns the girl into a semi-willing slave, uses her as a mannequin, a piece of furniture and a sex toy.

This alternative ending was suggested to me recently, and I actually prefer it.

I will play either role, but would prefer to play the girl. Especially with the alternative ending!

Metal Venus - Extreme, scifi. Cyber-steam-punk. Transformation.

Imagine the world of Steam Punk - a world where Babbage managed to get the difference engine to work, a world where the Victorians had the power of flight, where steam reigned supreme, where the British Empire was almighty. We've all played games and written stories in such a setting, right?

Now extrapolate that world forward through time, to the beginning of the 21st century.

If the Victorians had the technology we have now, what advances would we see in the intervening century?

There is a rail bridge across the Atlantic ocean, from Sierra Leone in Africa to Brazil in South America. Ships are steam and sail powered, There are three "beanstalks" - space elevators - sky-hooks! One in Ecuador, one in Kenya, and one in Indonesia. Monomolecular cables 25,000 miles long, leading up to geostationary space stations, with elevators riding up and down them in a journey that takes three days to get into orbit.

And there is a single world government. The world capital is in London, UK. The British Empire has successfully conquered the world. But it is no benevolent democracy. Instead it is a brutal dictatorship, ruling the world - indeed the solar system, with a fist of iron. Might iron-clad warships patrol the seas, coming up onto the land where needed and striding inland on massive mechanical legs. Armoured flying machines patrol the skies and the Empire's troops are clad in mechanical armoured suits.

That is not to say that there are no electronics - far from it, in fact electronics are more advanced than we have today. It's just that things developed in a different order and so everything looks and feels more mechanical.

And the entire solar system is under the thumb of the Evil Empire, from the penal colony on the dark side of Mercury to the Moon, to Mars, to Europa, Io and Ganymede, to Titan, Rhea and Iapetus, to Triton, Titania and Miranda, and out to the furthest outpost on Pluto.

Only Venus holds out. Venus, the most inhospitable world in the solar system (discounting the gas giants). The atmosphere of Venus is so corrosive that it will eat through virtually any substance entering it. Robot drones have survived for a while in the corrosive atmosphere, but only for a while. The temperature in the atmosphere will cook any living tissue, even if encased in a protective suit. Cooling systems only work for so long and they either run out of power or are corroded away by the atmosphere.

It is as if the Goddess of Love is holding her middle finger up at the empire of Hate.

But in the jungles of Peru, a brilliant but totally insane government scientist is working on a solution. For it, she needs two "volunteers".

You and I play two resistance fighters, rebels fighting for a lost cause. The Government is too powerful has technology on their side and much of the world's population is simply too complacent to see that they are totally without freedom. We try our best, often through carefully targeted acts of terrorism, to try and wake the people up to the reality, but it seems that our efforts are thwarted at almost every turn...

We have been sent by our resistance cell leader to Peru to investigate a newly discovered Government laboratory.

Unfortunately we get captured.

At this point, the fun starts. The mad scientist now has her two "volunteers". She has developed a means of transforming human flesh into metal, an alloy that is blended with a ceramic, and will resist the conditions on Venus. This metaloceramic already existed, but even robots made of it eventually succumbed, however if living tissue could be made of the material it would be self repairing and self regenerating...

And so, our two heroines start on their slow, painful journey...

I need a female player to play the other freedom fighter. We could do this as a three-way with the third player playing the mad scientist, but I'd rather not, because three-ways just don't seem to work.

(adding a note to this to say, I see the transformation process as being something like this:
H.R. Giger

The Bad Guy's Girls: Probably goes in light, but is more story based with the chance for some smut.

Inspired by the movie "Despicable Me".

Twelve years ago, a bad guy, wanna-be super-villain kidnapped two little girls for a plot that backfired on him. He was foiled, but escaped. However, when the time came to kill the girls, he simply couldn't do it. Instead, he raised the girls as his own, and gives up his life of super-villainy, sticking instead to petty crime. Now, the girls are in their late teens (16-19 at choice) and are happily being normal teenagers. And as they grew up, the villain kept his true identity from his step-daughters.

But something one of the girls does tips off the local superhero type, who realises that his arch nemesis has been hiding all these years, swoops in and arrests the villain, reveals the true nature of their "father" to the girls, send him to prison for a very long time, and sends the girls back to their real parents who have missed them all these years... Unfortunately, although the kids grew up believing they were sisters, they aren't and they are separated.

And this is where our story starts. Two teenage girls, ripped out of the home and luxurious lifestyle they were used to, at first feeling horribly betrayed and used by the man they called father, but afte3r a while, they come to realise that, quite honestly, what they had was a hell of a lot better than what they have now. So, they arrange to meet up and bust dad out of the top security super-villain prison.

I would rather this be a sort of "super-hero"/"Super-villain" world without actual superpowers. Dad is a NPC and so is the "good guy" who put him away. The two girls can, of course, have a lesbian relationship once they meet back up, now knowing they aren't really sisters, but it should be secondary to the plot.

Doubles: N/C, human, Tennis (promoted from "Wants")

A young unknown girl gets a big break and gets invited to compete in the Tennis Grand Slam tour. She qualifies for the last 64 as an unseeded wildcard. She never really expected to get very far and is as surprised as everyone else when she wins her first single match. But in the second round, she comes up against a vastly superior opponent, who wipes the floor with her.

However, things are not over yet. There is the doubles tournament, too. Sadly for our young heroine, she doesn't have a doubles partner.

The thing is, she's not the only one. Also competing in the championship, the number 18 seed is desperately trying to work her way up the rankings. She doesn't want to compete in the doubles tournament and is really annoyed when her coach informs her she has to. She is even more annoyed when it turns out that her doubles partner is none other than the unknown little upstart she punished 6-0 6-0 in the second round.

I'm sure that, if you have a great imagination and an enjoyment of the sport, we can create a nice N/C story from that? I will play either part.

The Medicine Woman: Light, supernatural.

Details of this idea are detailed in their own smaller thread:
Click here for details

en sha' alelh: Light or possibly N/C, forbidden romance, religious. Third time lucky?

I tried to write this one twice before, but it was dropped by the other player. I'd like to try it again.

The scenario is that a young Muslim girl of sixteen is promised in marriage to a man three times her age, but guess what? She is a lesbian (of course). Now, in many Muslim countries it is not just taboo to be gay, it is illegal, and the penalty is not excommunication or prison, it is death by stoning... Of course it doesn't happen very often, but that's mostly because just knowing it can happen is deterrent enough.

But this particular Muslim girl meets a Western woman who, while she conforms to the local customs in public, in private is openly gay. The two get to know each other, become friends, friendship turns to love and soon there is a major problem for them both: How do they keep their relationship hidden in a country where the one can be expelled and the other killed, simply for doing what they know to be right?

The title translates as "God Willing", in romanised Arabic.

This story was on my mind anyway, as the UK has recently (June 2014) passed a law making it illegal to force someone to marry against their will!

first time, the setting was in American occupied Afghanistan, and the Western character was a US Army medic, who was risking her career with the relationship too.

This time I would like to try something a little different - Perhaps the Western woman could be an engineer, working for an oil company in Saudi or the UAE, or perhaps Egypt? Being a woman, she has a tough enough job getting respect from the male Arab workers in a field that is dominated by men even in the West. The girl can perhaps be her secretary, or possibly even the maid at the apartment block where she lives. ... Second time, the Muslim girl worked in an hotel in Bethlehem and the Western woman was a tour guide working at the hotel. The story didn't get very far, so I would be okay using the same or similar setting again.

I would prefer to play the Muslim girl, simply because I know what I want her to be like, and I have a feeling more people would want to play the Westerner. However if you really want to play the Muslim girl and think you can play her convincingly, I will go for it.[/s]

The Minder: N/C, violence Reinstated

My character is an ex-con, a hard bitch who knows how to handle herself. She's done time for GBH, Assault with a deadly weapon, causing an affray, armed robbery, breaking and entering, receiving stolen goods, and a string of other offences dating back to her childhood. But after her last stretch, she got out and wanted to at least make a try at going straight.

Your character is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, who is not absolutely 100% legit in all his business dealings. He has a lot of enemies, and only one weakness. Yes, you guessed it, your character, his daughter, is the light of his life, the apple of his eye, his little princess, (say when you feel sick), his darling, who can do no wrong in his eyes.

Of course, this means your character is a total brat. But she is also vulnerable - or rather, she is her father's one area of vulnerability. If someone were to get at her, they could certainly use her against him.

So her father has hired a string of bodyguards for her. One after the other. And each one she has either so infuriated that they quit, or has managed to get them fired some how.

This, of course, is where my character comes in. She's no professional body guard, but she knows how to fight, how to shoot, and how to deal with a snotty brat who thinks she knows it all. And so my character gets hired as your character's minder. As getting a job is a condition of her parole my character is quite happy about this, but she is not dumb. She goes in with her eyes open. And because your character's dad is actually desperate to get at least some protection for his daughter, he agrees to some rather strange terms and conditions, namely that my character has carte-blanche to deal with anything concerning his daughter's safety in any way she sees fit.

Of course as just about anything your character does concerns her safety, this gives my character rather sweeping powers....

Your character is resentful of this .... until an actual attempt is made to kidnap her.

Space Dock: Sci-fi space opera crime drama. Can go in any forum, but probably light. (Possible three-player)

Cally (arbitrary name) has worked third shift, 01:00 to 09:00, at the docks on Farpoint Space Station (arbitrary name) for nearly ten years. She's station born and bred, her mother works a desk job in station security, and her father is a spacer off a jump ship that still calls in regularly - the fact that she is now as old as her dad is down to physics and not biology. She works the third shift because the money is better than the other two shifts and she doesn't have much of a social life.

The docks were usually quieter on the third shift than on the other two, but on a space station things didn't stop. Ships came in on their own schedules and went out on their own schedules, and there was always loading and unloading to be done.

It was early in her shift, when the vast majority of stationers who worked first shift were asleep and the second shift were at home eating or getting ready to head out for their "evening", that something unusual happened...

... The ship had arrived on schedule and Cally was supervising the automatics that were busy shifting cargo containers from the ship's hold onto the docks, checking routing tags and recording the goods against her manifest when she encountered Rheon (arbetrary name). Rheon was sneaking off the ship and when she saw Cally, her initial reaction was to hide, but when it became obvious that it was too late and Cally had seen her, she appealed to the docker for help...


Exactly what Rheon was doing on the ship and why she is trying to get away is something we can discuss (it can be anything from piracy, slave-running, gun-running, smuggling, maybe she witnessed a murder, maybe she killed someone in self defence, or perhaps the crew are the scouts for an outright invasion - just a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing), but Cally helps Rheon get away and hides her from the vengeful crew of the ship in a murderous game of hide-and-seek in the space station, while Cally's mother attempts to find out what has happened to her daughter and piece together the evidence from clues the two girls are leaving her

This could be done as a three-way, provided the player playing the mother was more concerned about solving the mystery than getting involved in the smut, otherwise we could have one player play the mother and the other player play the ship's crew, or we could do it as one player GMs the game and the other plays either Cally or Rheon.

I will take either role, for any of the above options.

A Pink Acoustic Guitar Light or N/C depending. Fangirl romance and lesbian seduction.

Inspired by seeing one in the window of a thrift shop.

A girl in her late teens goes to a private music concert with a friend. One of the performers is a woman in her twenties who sings beautiful love songs while playing on a pink acoustic guitar. The young woman is entranced by the music and declares to all her friends that she is going to be just like the performer.

Whether she already plays guitar or learns it quickly is something we can decide, but she goes out and buys herself a guitar that is identical to her new role-model's.

She starts learning all the woman's songs, down-loads all her tracks (or buys all her records if we set this back a few years), and attends all her concerts. And of course she becomes active in the on-line "squee" club! So the singer learns of this girl who seems to be her biggest fan, and one day at a concert sees the girl there, sees she has her guitar with her and invites her up on stage, and they sing a duet... After the concert the girl is invited back to the singer's dressing room and...

"...NO Don't stop there, tell us what happens!"

Well if you can't work that out, you probably shouldn't be bothering to read this... *snigger*

This can be set present day or anything up to 50 years ago. I would actually prefer to play the musician, but will play the girl if you like.

The Vixen: Stalking, dark humour, Extreme, headfuck.

The Vixen is the latest action drama show to hit the world's TV networks. Syndicated around the world it stars Govern Hartling (Arbitrary name) as Tabitha Yates, Codename Vixen, who is a special investigative agent for the NSA. Each episode sees Tabitha put her own life in peril as she races against time to catch the bad guys in a futuristic world of hi-tech gadgetry. Tabitha is sexy, bad-ass and totally hard-core.

Govern Harding, however, is just an ordinary girl who went to drama school and has done a number of bit parts in TV shows. The Vixen is her big break. Season one filming is done and because producer Jeff Worden told Fox to go fuck themselves and went with the slightly worse offer by Universal, there is every chance of a season two being made. Initial ratings are high and it seems that the show has every chance of becoming a cult hit.

In fact, the fan mail has already started arriving.

In amongst the letters and emails is one strange one:

The First Letter
Dear Tabitha.

You are such an amazing person, I find it hard to believe you are real. But I so want to believe in you. I love you. But if you are not real, I could not bare it.

So I want you to prove it to me. You must find me. I will give you clues, but none of them will be easy. Find me, and we will live happily together. Fail... well, you know the consequences of failure. But I know you will not fail. Not if you really are as good as you seem to be.

I will send you your first clue soon.

I love you.

Of course Govern takes this letter to the police, who tell her to ignore it. Famous people get crank letters like that all the time... So She does. And a few days later:

The Second Letter
Dear Tabitha

I am so disappointed. Instead of waiting for my first clue so you could begin looking for me, you went to the police? Why? You are far better than them. I am heartbroken. But maybe you were not sure if I was serious. Well I am. I will give you a second chance, but you need to be on your guard. I will miss you this time, but if you fuck up again, I won't miss.

I Love You

Govern is startled by the letter. How does this person know she went to the police? And what do they mean about missing her? Well the next day that becomes all to clear. A white van that later turns out to have been stolen almost kills her as she is crossing the road outside her house. The number plates have been removed from it and the only thing she sees of the driver is a black mask and a black sweater that seems to bulge in front as though worn by a woman.

This is frightening. The van almost killed her, and was clearly the near miss the stalker warned about. Govern has a dilemma. If she goes to the police, and they do nothing, the stalker will kill her - the consequences of failure for the vixen are always her own death. If she goes to the police and they do something, the stalker will probably still try to kill her, and judging by the body count in the shows, probably would not be too worried about killing a few cops too...

On the other hand her only other choice is to watch for the clues and try to find this nut-job, before the crazy lunatic decides time is up and kills her anyway... And when she does find her, what then...?

I will play either role (The other role of course being the woman doing the stalking and sending the clues. I would quite like to play Govern Harding the actress, but that really depends on who I am playing with and how we decide to end the story:

Possible Endings
Ending one
The crazy stalker gets caught and ends up in prison
Ending two
Govern finds the stalker and is caught by her, and ends up as the stalker's sex slave
Ending three
Govern becomes so obsessed with finding the stalker, that she is driven slightly insane, and when she finds her, Govern makes the stalker into her sex slave
Ending four
The whole thing is actually a massive publicity stunt by the studio that has got slightly out of hand
Ending five
It was being done by Govern's ex-girlfriend who wanted her back so badly, but had been dumped when Govern's new found fame went to her head, and she was using the "crazy stalker" thing as a way to prove to Govern that she was not Tabitha Yates, and when Govern fails to find her, the ex reveals herself and squirts Govern in the face with a water pistol. Govern apologises and the girlfriend takes her back.
Ending six
The same as ending five only Govern finds her ex girlfriend and on realising why she did it and that she would never actually have hurt her, Govern agrees to take the girl back.
Ending seven
Anything else you can come up with!

Reserved For BeckyAnnn
Bird of Paradise Historical, N/C, interacial, suspense

The scenario:

It is the late 19th century. A young woman (your character) is journeying across the Pacific on a clipper, when the ship is hit by a massive storm. Whether the ship is lost, or the young woman somehow is washed overboard, is up to you, however she finds herself washed up on an uncharted shore. The island appears to be an undiscovered tropical paradise, with fruit, wild game, and a dormant volcano. It is covered for the most part in lush jungle.

There appears at first to be no sign of human habitation, but after a day, in true "Robinson Crusoe" fashion the woman sees a footprint in the wet sand that isn't her own.

This is how she discovers the young native woman (my character), who appears to be quite alone on the island. The fact that the native woman actually speaks perfect English should not really come as much of a surprise; after all, the the British Empire was spread around the world in those days. What is surprising is that this "Girl Friday", this Bird of Paradise, is quite alone on the island.

At first she refuses to talk about why she is there.

However as the two get to know each other, it soon becomes clear that "Girl Friday" is hiding something. There are places on the island that the white castaway has not been to and that Friday seems to be trying to keep her away from. The white woman pushes, wanting answers. But the answers she gets may be rather different than she had hoped.

Content: F/F interracial, Non-Consensual bondage, possible extreme.


Your character: A white English speaking Caucasian woman in her early twenties. Possibly an heiress. Travelling either for business or pleasure. She should be haughty, upper class and consider herself better than the "primitive savages".

My character: A native islander, educated by the British, exiled to the island by her people for reasons that will become clear as the story progresses.

TAKEN Replacements:

Details can be found in a separate post.

Well-Divers: Sci-fi, technobable, tension, possible headfuck, possible N/C

This idea was inspired by Gadifriald in a thread I opened to record details of the universe that Alone In The Black and Space Dock are set in. This is the thread in question. Obviously, this story is set in the same universe.

A Well-Diver's job is a dangerous one. The term is most generally applied to any spacer who takes his or her ship into a gravity well, and thus shuttle pilots are included in the category, but shuttle pilots are more commonly referred to as sky-divers, because the term Well Diver has taken on a new meaning.

Space craft need fuel, and the most readily available fuel in the universe is hydrogen - it can be burned in oxygen to produce water, it can be fused together to form helium, both reactions producing heat. And it is freely available in interplanetary space, just drifting around in it's mono-atomic form, waiting to be scooped up.

But the trouble with interplanetary free hydrogen is, there's not really that much of it. The Bussard Ram Jet requires the space craft to already be travelling incredibly fast before it can gather enough hydrogen to work efficiently. But there is another source of hydrogen in almost every inhabited solar system - the gas giant planets.

The Well-Divers are (according to every other spacer including the Sky-Divers) utterly mad. They take their specially designed space craft in immensely risky sling-shot orbits into the outer reaches of the atmospheres of gas giants. The official term for them is Hydrogen Miners, by the way. The deeper they go, the more fuel they get on each run, but the more risk there is that they won't make it back up out of the gravity well. A gas giant is a failed star, a star that didn't ignite because it had too little mass. But the mass it does have is far, far greater than that of an Earth-like planet. The escape velocity of Earth is 11.2 km/s. The escape velocity of Jupiter is 59.9 km/s, over five times greater.

This story is going to borrow in part from C.J. Cherryh's novel "Heavy Time".

It focuses on a couple of Well Divers, their adventures as they ply their dangerous trade. The ship has a crew of two, a pilot and a navigator (or number-cruncher). The two crew would probably work best as one experienced woman and a young rookie girl. We start the story with them meeting up on station possibly for the first time. I would play the experienced character, but whether m/c is the pilot or the number-girl is something we can decide. Your character will fuck up badly despite her qualifications, and almost get them killed, but then towards the end of the story, the two of them will take a mad risk and somehow save another ship's crew (details to be worked out).

The Eyes Of The Fremen: Dune universe.

See Separate Post
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These are stories that I want to do, but am not currently craving.

Nappy Rash: This might work better as a one shot. I have it in the one shot thread too, but I'm willing to consider it as a full RP. Extreme.

A woman is forced by her (mother/lover/big sister/aunt/kid sister/daughter/kidnapper)* to wear an adult diaper (nappy in the UK) at all times. The dominant woman only changes the diaper when it is full to over-flowing and some times not even then.

Please note: I am willing to do this as the Domme, but ONLY once I have it going with me as the Submissive.

* The actual relationship is up for discussion. It can be new or pre-existing, but the diaper wearing must be something new. If this is done as a one shot, we can jump straight in to it, otherwise we can develop the relationship, have my character refuse to wear the diaper at first... as long as we get there in the end. (Started this as a one-shot, with myself as the victim, but it seems to have died)

Collar: Consensual Bondage or extreme, human. Player & Gm.

I play a cuddly, comfortable, big busted sub. You play my mistress, who has just recently locked a collar on my neck and hidden the key. You also play my work colleagues, who cant help noticing  that I seem to be unable to sit still for very long, some days. You play my boss who is concerned mostly with my productivity, but has noticed that I seem to want to stand up rather than sit on the hard chairs in his office.

You also play the one girl at work who happens to know all about BDSM, and recognises the collar for what it is.

In fact, you get to play the entire rest of the world. This is to be set present day. I want to explore what it would feel like to be forced to wear bondage gear in public, usually concealed beneath normal looking clothing.Walk into a supermarket wearing a long skirt to conceal the weight dangling from my clit, for example.

If, and only if, I get a taker for this to GM it, I will consider doing a version with myself as the GM.

Overboard: N/C human. Could go in extreme if desired. Based very loosely on the 1987 film staring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

At the time I had this idea I had two plots going that were later abandoned.

The first was called "Amnesia", and the second "For who I am". The first was about a girl who wakes from a coma with no memory at all, and is abducted by her psycho-bitch doctor. The second was about a rich bitch aristocrat searching for someone to love her for herself and not for her money and learning about life in the process (This second plopt os available again as a one-shot, if interested).

I got to thinking about these two plots, and realised that if I combined them I had the exact same scenario as the movie....

So, Character 1 is a rich bitch, who is married to a philandering gold digger. He married her for her money, she married him for his name. When their yacht arrives in a remote fishing port, she employs Character 2 to do some work for her.

Character 2 is pretty, but a butch dyke. She takes an instant dislike to Character 1. In spite of doing a really good job with whatever she was employed to do, Character 1 refuses to pay her, on a pretext.

The yacht leaves port and Character 1 has a row with her husband about sex. He thinks she is frigid, but in fact she just doesn't enjoy sex with him. She goes up on deck, in rough weather, and falls overboard.

She wakes up in hospital, with virtually no memory of who she is. Her husband is seen leaving the hospital, having realised that with no memory, she can't accuse him of anything. He then goes back to the yacht and fills it with very attractive young women.

Meanwhile, Character 2 learns what has happened to Character 1 and "claims" her, takes her home and introduces her to a life of lesbian BDSM.

As usual I will play either character.

Family Confidence: Light, crime, humour. Possible incest if you want to.

Character A is a con artist. She has been in the game for well over a decade. She is good at what she does too. She runs long cons and short cons, and makes enough money to live comfortably. And she is good enough that the cops really can't pin anything on her and make it stick.

Character A was married, once, to an all-time looser. He got her pregnant when she was barely 16, and pretty much ruined her life - at first anyway. He married her out of duty. She took him for every penny he had and left him to bring up their daughter by himself.

Character B is the daughter.

She turns up unexpectedly in Character A's life one day, on the run from the law, having followed in mummy's footsteps and taken her dad for every penny he had.

Character A at first tries to ditch Character B, but when B gets A out of a scrape, A finally accepts B into her life and they team up.

I will play either character.

Time Cop - N/C or Extreme sci-fi adventure.

(What? Me do a time-travel scenario? Well, it's not the first time...)

In the late twenty first century, a package arrives mysteriously on the doorstep of a young mathematical genius. In it are the names of a hundred horses, a twenty dollar bill, and a complex schematic. The date on the diagram is twenty years from now, the handwritten note with the names of the horses is his own handwriting. With nothing to loose, he bets the twenty on the first horse. It is a long shot at 25 to 1. It wins. He bets the five hundred on the next horse, which also wins at 16 to one. Soon he has enough money to begin building the machine in the schematic.

This is NOT his story!

The above is simply the only way that time travel could possibly be invented - someone (most likely the inventor) goes back in time and gives himself the plans.

But by the beginning of the 22nd century time tourism has become quite popular, even though it has pointed up a few anomalies like the fact that the crowd who condemned Jesus of Nazareth to death was composed entirely of Christian pilgrims wanting to take part in the ultimate passion play, or the fact that the plot to assassinate Hitler in 1944 was actually foiled by over-zealous attempts by time travellers to get involved, thus putting the Gestapo on alert. Or the fact that Queen Elizabeth I died aged seventeen and was replaced by the woman who had unwittingly caused her death... Or that the hordes of Gengis Khan were largely composed of tourists with an excessive bloodthirstiness.

The important thing was that the anomalies made no difference to history. The events happened exactly as they had, but the participants were now known to be time travellers rather than "natives" of the time.

But of course, this left a whole new opportunity open to the criminals of the 22nd century. How many unsolved crimes in the past were actually perpetrated by time travellers? And so, the time police were established. A police force dedicated to investigate unsolved crimes in the past, and go back in time to arrest the perpetrators, bringing them back to justice.

Our story focusses on one such time cop, in her relentless pursuit of a female serial killer who would, eventually, become known as Jack The Ripper.

I will play either part. The other player needs to be switch, because there will be scenes where the criminal is dominant and scenes where the cop is dominant.

BURN! N/C exotic, possibly extreme. Fantasy.

Based on the track by 70's heavy rock band Deep Purple.
The Song

The sky is red, I don't understand
Past midnight I still see the land
People are sayin' the woman is damned
She makes you burn with a wave of her hand

The city's a blaze, the town's on fire
The woman's flames are reachin' higher
We were fools, we called her liar

    All I hear is

I didn't believe she was devil's sperm
She said, "Curse you all, you'll never learn
When I leave there's no return!"
The people laughed 'til she said, "Burn!"

Warning came, no one cared
Earth was shakin', we stood and stared
When it came no one was spared

    Still I hear

You know we had no time
We could not even try
You know we had no time

You know we had no time
We could not even try
You know we had no time

The sky is red, I don't understand
Past midnight I still see the land
People are sayin' the woman is damned
she makes you burn with a wave of her hand

Warning came, no one cared
Earth was shakin, we stood and stared
When it came no one was spared

    Still I hear

So, here is the story as I see it. The whole thing leads up to the events described in the song.

The two characters are the woman in the song, and a serving girl from who's perspective the song is sung.

The woman is the illegitimate daughter of the queen of the city. Her father was a demon, unknown to any one. She grew up in an orphanage in the city, and when she was of age (21), she learned that she was the oldest daughter of the city's rulers, and thus had a claim to the throne. She announced herself, much to the consternation of the legitimate children. The only one to take her seriously (or so it seemed) was either the youngest daughter (if you want an incest angle) or one of the palace serving girls.

The girl befriends the orphan princess and helps her, gives her food, and allows her to share her bed.

But the next day the woman is arrested by the palace guards, beaten, possibly raped (depending on who is playing whom), and thrown out of the city. The girl goes with her and together they travel, in a Xena/Gabriel type way. The woman is following some compulsion to find her other parent.

When she does, she realises she is part demon. Her father teaches her how to use here powers and also gives her lover some power too, and the two of them head back to the city, where she once again attempts to claim her birthright. When she is once again laughed at, the serving girl tries to warn them, but is ignored. And the demon princess destroys the city, calling down fire with a wave of her hand.

I will play either role. If you wish to play the princess you will be leading the story. I'm not too concerned if it goes slightly off the track, but would rather it didn't go too far.

Tarzanne, Lady Of The Jungle: Adaptation. Can go in any forum. Might work best in N/C or Extreme

If you haven't heard of the famous character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, you may as well stop reading this now! My idea is,  what if Tarzan had been female?

Lord John Clayton, Viscount Greystoke, and his wife were travelling from England to Zanzibar when their ship was overrun by mutineers and they were marooned on a beach on the edge of the jungle. Lady Clayton, heavily pregnant, gave birth to a daughter called Joan. She and her husband managed to survive for a few years, in constant hope of rescue, but none came. Lady Clayton died of a fever when Joan was just three. Her father then moved inland, trying to find a way to civilization, only to encounter a species of ape no-one had seen before. These massive great apes, similar to gorillas, were intelligent, but also aggressive. The leader of the troop saw John Clayton as a threat and killed him, wanted to kill Joan, too, but the infant was adopted instead by the troop's alpha female.

Joan grew up to become a strong, capable and fit young woman known as Tarzanne.

Some years later, Jane Porter, a young American woman, is also marooned on the same stretch of coastline. She is an adventurous, somewhat butch young woman, and while the rest of the survivors remain on the beach in the hope of being rescued, Jane explores inland. She soon runs into rouble of course, with (say) a lion trying to eat her. And who should come to the rescue that our jungle-woman heroine!

The relationship between them that develops is open to discussion. I will play Tarzanne or Jane. I will also play Dominant or Submissive. The point here is that Jane can be domme and teach Tarzanne all about lesbian sex, or she can be sub and allow Tarzanne to explore the first member of her own species she's encountered.

The Whipping Girl: Bon or Extreme Consensual, Historical. Possible three-way.

A whipping boy was a boy, usually of noble birth, who was schooled along side a prince, in order that corporal punishment could be carried out if the prince did something wrong, without a commoner having to strike royalty.

I don't know for a fact, but surely the same must have applied to princesses too?

So, two characters - the princess and her whipping girl. The princess is complete idiot, not deliberately getting things wrong, but doing so anyway, and the girl gets beaten for it regardless. Because the princess feels bad for the whipping girl, she tries to be extra nice to her.

The whipping girl is the submissive role, however the Princess is not the dominant. The dominant role is taken by the princess' governess.

The governess can be played by a third player, making this a three-way, or can be played by whoever plays the princess.

(edit to add....) I suddenly realised that I hadn't given any sort of story. Obviously both characters need to be at least sixteen. The actual plot is something we can discuss, but I have an idea that it could revolve around the Princess coming of age - her eighteenth birthday is coming up and she is being required to select a husband, but actually doesn't want to, because she's in love with the whipping girl.

As the princess has an older brother, the problem of producing an heir to the throne is not an issue. What is an issue ids the potential loss of face in the kingdom. So the king sends the whipping girl away, in the hope that his daughter will see sense.

Ah, but now comes the wonderfully Shakespearian twist: The girl disguises herself as a prince and returns to court, to ask for the princess' hand in marriage...

*grins* Thanks, Will, you wrote all the best plots, 400 years ago, and they still work today! *High-five's the Bard's ghost*

The Devil You Don't Know - a Zarathel story - EXTREME

Please see Zarathel's profile under "Reusable Characters", above.

Your character is a young athlete. She is good, she knows she is good, but her coach doesn't think she is good enough. She has, however, set her heart on competing in the Olympic Games. She would give anything, do anything, just for a chance at a gold medal. She would be happy with bronze. Heck, she would be happy just to be an also ran. But her coach keeps telling her, she's just not quite good enough to make the team.

And then, one day, she utters five fateful words that change her life forever: "I would sell my soul... To win a gold medal".

That nigh, in bed, she has the weirdest dream ever. She dreams she is sanding at a press conference, thirteen years from now, holding up twelve Olympic gold medals, won over the course of three Olympiads in four disciplines. The dream changes, it's tomorrow, and she is on the phone to her coach, firing her and telling her she's found a new coach who can get her to the Olympics.

And then, in the dream, she is confronted by what she can only describe as a demon. A very female demon, but a demon, none the less, who presents her with a contract. The demon explains that it is a standard contract, between herself and the Lord of darkness, whom she is legally (and illegally) appointed to represent on all matters pertaining etcetera. All she need do is sign in her own blood, her soul will belong to the demon and the twelve gold medals will be hers...

The demon jabs her thumb with a talon and presses it to the paper and the girl wakes up as she sees the blood somehow form her signature on the bottom of the contract..

She wakes up to find that somehow, in her sleep, she has cut her thumb on something and it is bleeding all over her bedding.

Later that morning, she gets a phone call from a woman calling herself Sara Vell, who claims to be an athletics coach. She has been watching he girl with interest for the past few years and would like to take her on. She assures the girl that her fee has, in fact, already been paid. Ms Vell insists, however, that if the girl is going to get fit enough for the Olympics, she will need to move in with Ms Vell.

Strangely, the training Ms Vell has in mind involves rather more lesbian sex than the girl had anticipated, and she is thinking about going home to her parents, but she discoverers that in spite of the lack of exercise her track times have improved. As Ms Vell does more and more extreme things to her, so her times get better and better with very little apparent effort on her part.

Of course, she eventually realises what is going on...

Possible kinks - I would like to include as many of these as possible: Bondage, flogging, orgasm denial, cutting, piercing, suspension, water sports, bathroom control, bestiality, branding, public humiliation, extreme pain through burning alive, flaying.

Note that as Zarathel is a creature of magic, she is quite able to do serious harm to her victim and leave no trace of it the next moment. Nothing done to your character will be in any way permanent unless you (and she) want it to be.

The New Girl: Non con to Extreme. School. 1950s/60s. Possible One-Shot.

A new girl starts at an exclusive boarding school in the UK. (Note - the character, and hence the player, can be from any country in the world) This is supposed to be a school for exceptional Young Ladies aged 16 to 18, and the new girl is really not sure what to expect.

First of all she encounters her room mate, who expresses the opinion that the girl is "cute" and can't seem to find enough space in their generously sized room, because she keeps touching the new girl, accidentally.

Then in her first class, she encounters the English professor, who is not one to show any form of mercy. Because the new girl apparently isn't concentrating, she is called to the front of the class and caned publicly on her bare behind.

Then at break, she encounters the school bully, who finally explains what is going on, and points out, while forcibly raping the new girl, that there is nothing the girl can do about it.

The girl turns up to her next class with her school uniform in disarray. The maths teacher is horrified, but refuses to listen to the "feeble excuse", and after caning the girl again, sends her to the headmistress.

The headmistress also refuses to hear the explanation, and instead informs the girl that if she cannot wear her uniform properly, she will not wear one at all. The girl is stripped naked, and put on display in a cage for the rest of the afternoon.

Finally, after missing dinner, the school nurse comes and lets the girl out of the cage, takes her to the infirmary, and gives her a very thorough examination. She is then sent back to her dorm room, and into the comforting arms of her room mate...

That is all going to take place in one day. The story can continue if we feel like it, to the second day with even more humiliations and punishments being heaped on the new girl in gym class.... Or we could leave it at just the one day.

The general idea is that you play the new girl, and I play everyone else. Of course if you want to play everyone else, I will be quite happy to play the new girl. And yes I know this is very similar to a lot of group games out there, but his sort of group game rarely appeals to me. Do it as a one-on-one and the story is more likely to get somewhere. How extreme we go will depend on how extreme you want to go. If you do not have any O/Os set up, please do so before contacting me about this.

The President's Wife: Possible M/F/F three way, straight-to-lesbian seduction. Light or Consensual bondage,

This story was inspired by a random fact I found while looking up details on J. Edgar Hoover, for a different story. I was somewhat surprised to learn that  Eleanor Roosevelt may have been bisexual, and that Hoover had compiled dossiers on her alleged lesbian lovers.

Whether or not this was true is actually not relevant, the point is it inspired a story to me.

The First Lady of the USA is a closet lesbian. She is married to the most powerful man in the world, and doesn't dare jeopardise that, but then she meets the woman of her dreams in the form of a member of the White House staff. This woman is openly gay, and is currently in a relationship that is falling apart for whatever reason. When she meets the President's wife, she just knows, somehow, that the two of them are intended to be together.

This can be done as a one-on-one with the President as a NPC controlled by the player playing his wife, or it could feasibly be done as a three-way with a male player playing the president. In the former situation I would be okay playing either character, but in the latter I would prefer to play the staffer.

Cynthia De Bergerac: Adaptation of historical novel. Possible three-way.

This is a gender-bent adaptation of the play Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand. Anyone familiar with the play, or any of the myriad adaptations of it will recognise the story.

Cynthia is a pretty woman with two significant issues to face: firstly she is a lesbian and secondly she has a huge nose. Other than that one facial feature, she is really attractive and intelligent but lacks self-confidence because of it. However she is very popular, very loyal and also has a wicked temper and several black-belts which she uses to good effect to discourage anyone from making fun of her appearance. Cynthia also has a fairly deep voice for a woman.

Roxy is a young woman who has recently come to town. She is unsure of her sexuality, thinking she might be bisexual, but she tends to prefer guys. She is really beautiful,. but is fed up of being pursued by men who are only interested in her looks, as she is really very intelligent. She is looking for someone with a brain, who can hold a decent conversation. Of course if that person happened to look like a young Brad Pit, she wouldn't object.

Chris is exactly what Roxy is NOT looking for. He is a typical jock, handsome, well built, sporty, clean cut. And with the IQ of a chimp. He's a really nice guy, he just can't carry a conversation in a bucket. He's also new in town.

Both Cynthia and Chris fall for Roxy, but Cynthia is too shy to declare herself, while Chris, on learning that Roxy is really intelligent, also baulks at talking to her because he knows he will fail. Cynthia and Chris get together and Cynthia seduces Roxy on Chris' behalf.

Where we take the story from there is open to discussion, but I rather like the idea that they end up in a ménage-a-trois, or failing that, the ending in the 1987 film Roxanne (in which CD wins Roxanne and Chris runs off with a cocktail waitress).

I will play Cynthia. I need a bi female to play Roxy and a male to play Chris.

Going Straight: Crime drama/romance. Can go in any forum.

Amanda (arbitrary name begin with A) has just been released from prison, after doing five years for defrauding her employer of a relatively large amount of money. Her motive was pure and her plan was actually really quite clever. When she got out, she found that her boyfriend had shacked up with someone else, her family have disowned her, her friends are no-where to be found, and the only job she can get is minimum wage, provided by her parole officer, and is boring as fuck!

Three weeks prior to her release, her cell-mate Belinda (arbitrary name beginning with B) was also released. Belinda is a hardened crook, she was doing 12 years for armed robbery and was paroled after 6, but she has a rap sheet a mile long. She's been in and out of juvenile hall and prison since she was eight. She is firmly of the belief that, given the right job and the right people to help her, she could pull off the perfect crime, and with the right help she would get away with it.

Amanda is trying to go straight. She desperately wants her boyfriend back, she wants her life back, she wants to pick up where she left off. The money she stole has been confiscated, and she is basically skint.

Of course, in prison, she had a casual lesbian relationship with Belinda, but she wants to go straight in that regard too.

When Belinda contacts Amanda out of the blue, with a proposition, Amanda at first wants nothing to do with her former cell-mate and lover. But as her financial situation becomes more desperate, she realises that she may not have any choice, and going straight, in either respect, is just not going to happen.

I will play either Amanda or Belinda. Note that I have used those names in lieu of saying "Character A" and "Character B", and the characters can be called any female names we choose.

Rain until September  D/S Human. Age difference. Can be con-bon, N/C or Ext. Preferably consensual.

Inspired by, and loosely based on the Carole King hit song It Might As Well Rain Until September.

Carole (optional name) is an orphan. She has just finished her first year at university and past her end of year exams with flying colours. She did all the things freshman students usually do: Get plastered, smoke weed, loose her virginity, kiss a girl, meet a boy, fall in love, read a lot of books, go to a lot of movies... You know the sort of thing. She's not gay. She's not even bi. She is in love with an absolutely fantastic young man, that she met at lunch one day, who asked her out, treated her with utmost respect and didn't even insist on having sex with her - that was her idea.

And then along comes the summer break. And Brian (optional name) goes home for the summer. And he lives on the other side of the country... Oh sure they can text and email each other, but Carole has a problem: As has been said already, she is an orphan. She has no family to stay with over the summer break. The orphanage she grew up in won't allow adults to live there - it's simply too full. She really has no choice but to stay in the student digs that she had been sharing with several other girls.

The house is quiet now, only her and her landlady Andrea (optional name) are living there, and she is lonely. Also, there is the problem of the rent... Now of course, Andrea is not going to charge full rent, after all normally she would just close the place up and get no income from it, but the fact that she is still there looking after the property for just one student means she has certain expences she needs to cover.

Andrea is a divorcee. She and her husband met and married at this very university, but they split up when two things became apparent: firstly, Andrea was into BDSM, and second, she was into girls. The split was quite amicable, and Andrea got to keep the house, which she lets rooms out to students. If she is lucky, occasionally one special student will get to live there rent free.

It is lonelyness at first that drives Carole to talk to Andrea, tap on the door marked private and ask if she can come in and chat for a bit. The subject of how Carole is going to pay her rent comes up. Carole has been looking for a job to cover the summer months, as her scholarship only covers accomodation during school time, but so far has been unable to get one that pays enough. And this, of course, prompts Andrea to make an offer: Live here rent free in exchange for becoming my sex slave...

Carole is shocked of course, but Andrea explains the rules to her and she agrees. After all, it's just for a few weeks, isn't it?

I would prefer to play Andrea, the landlady, but if you are a dominant lady and wanting to play her, I will happily play Carole.

Objection Overruled: Courtroom Drama, Can go in whatever forum you like except light, depending upon your character and how we choose to play this.

My character is a corrupt lawyer, she's actually quite good but she's no Perry Mason or Denny Crane. She tends to rely largely on underhand tactics to get her clients acquitted. (Rather like Crane, and unlike Mason).

My Character Sheet
Character's Name:  Jani Massou
Age: 29
Occupation:  Lawyer

Physical Description:  See additional pics. Has a pierced belly button

Indian. Is totally corrupt. Will defend anyone in court for the right price. Will also take corporate and civil cases but specialises in winning high profile criminal cases.

Attaché case containing briefs for whatever case she is working on, a calculator, pens, pencils etc, datapad, mobile phone, mace spray, beretta 9mm automatic (for which she has a concealed carry permit), and a feeldoe with straps

Is responsible for keeping some of the worst scum on the streets. If you have a problem with the law and have enough money, Ms Massou is here to help.

She qualified as a lawyer in when she was 25. Jani grew up in the slums of India where she learned the hard way that the law is not always right, and determined to redress the balance of the injuries caused to her family by corruption. Knowing here was no point in fighting an extrinsically corrupt system she decided early that "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" was the best policy. She moved to [whatever country we set the story in] to study law, specialised in criminal law, and once qualified, set herself up as a defence attorney.

Since qualifying as a lawyer she has become the bane of the prosecution service, and has quickly gained a reputation within the criminal underworld as someone who is on their side, for the right price.

additional photos (nsfw)

Please note, the character was designed originally for a group game, hence the slightly different character sheet from my usual.

Your character, is down to you to choose. The only real stipulation is that she must be female, she must be submissive in bed, and I'd really prefer it if she wasn't the DA or Crown Prosecutor, or someone from the DA's office or CPS, nor a rival lawyer. Those options (which are basically the same just slightly different contexts) are a bit to cliché for me.

Suggestions for your character: A client, someone needing my character to keep her out of prison. A para-legal or associate from the same firm my character works at, with whom she works closely. A judge - this opens up all sorts of interesting complications! Anything else you can think of would be considered.

Obviously, the story needs to revolve around the relationship between the characters. It can be a one-off thing, especially if your character is a client, or it can be an on-going thing with the two of them working on different cases as the relationship grows, winning some and loosing some (this works for the para-legal/associate). The idea of a judge is probably my favourite, as it combines elements of both the others, and has interesting ethical. moral and social dilemmas.

You don't need any knowledge of the legal system of whatever country we set this in. My entire knowledge is gleaned from TV and film, so what the heck. The idea was actually inspired by an episode of Boston Legal.

Obviously there is a strong ethical principal that is being abrogated by my character in this: She is sexually involved with your character! But as I said earlier my character is totally corrupt, and has absolutely no problem with this fact. Whether your character does or not is entirely up to you!
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These are ideas that I think would be good, but I'd rather do one from the two lists above. However, if one of these catches your eye I will still discuss it with you.

The Camel Trader: Ancient/Historical (Crusades era) Non-con.

A Bedouin camel trader is trekking across the Sahara Desert and comes across what appears to be a young man, blonde and fair skinned. The trader takes some pity on the youth and shares water and food, but then, being a Bedouin, takes the stray European as a slave. When the youth is stripped, there is a surprise in store, as she turns out to be an attractive young woman.

But of course, this is Chrystal making up this plot idea. Since when have I done M/F stories? The young woman slave is in for something of a surprise herself!

The story could be expanded to centre around the European woman's identity, how she came to be in the desert alone and whether, ultimately, she might be able to buy her freedom. As usual I will take either role (I love being a switch).

(Kept typing 'dessert' while typing that. Personally I like to keep camels out of my pudding, thanks!)

Taken Feel Like A Woman: - Inspired by the song "Man! I feel like a woman", by Shania Twain. Light romance.

A newly divorced or widowed woman is taken out by some friends to try and cheer her up. She's given a make-over and taken on a bar crawl, where she slowly loosens up and begins to enjoy herself. Then at some point she meets a much younger woman who starts chatting her up. Except the older woman isn't sober enough to realise what's going on. The young woman seduces the older away from her friends and the two of them end up back at one or other of their homes - for light romance the older woman's place works best.

This may work better as a one-shot. Also I would prefer to do it in First Person. I will take either role.

Scout Ship: Sci-fi Exotic, based on Anne McCaffrey's "Brain/Braun" books.

A working knowledge of the universe created in these books by the late, great Ms McCaffrey, would be extremely helpful if you wish to do this story.

I would play the ship's "Brain" - a "shell person", basically a girl with a severe or life threatening disability who has been put into a metal life-support capsule that is then hooked to a one-man scout ship. You play the ship's "Braun" - a woman trained from a young age to crew the scout ship. The story would be set after the events in "The Ship Who Searched", and my ship would have an android body on board that I can control instead of the ship - but it takes all my attention away from the ship to do so.

In other words, my character is the ship, OR she is the android. She cannot divide her attention between the two. The android also has limited range as it is controlled by a line-of-sight radio transmission.

Actual story is to be discussed, but the sub-plot should be that your girl is gay and develops "Braun fixation" on my character. Of course, my girl is trapped in a metal box, but the android is "fully functional". We can start the story with the two of them being assigned together, and develop their relationship over a variety of courier and exploration missions.

undercover Operation; Human N/C or Extreme

A couple of female cops go undercover to investigate a series of attacks on lesbians, in a rather nasty area of the city. (Or something like that). They are both straight, but as part of their cover they have to pretend to be gay. At first, they hope to just get away with acting the part on the surface, but as they work their way deeper into the gay community, they realise that they are going to blow their cover if they don't actually start doing what a loving couple do.

Soon enough, they are not just pretending to live as a lesbian couple, they actually are living as a lesbian couple. So when the criminals take the bate and attack one of them, the other one is not just trying to save her partner, but her lover!

The exact nature of the "Attacks" can be decided, but I was thinking possibly some psycho bitch dominatrix who is kidnapping gay girls, using them to make extreme bondage porn films and then killing them. Of course, whichever one gets kidnapped, the other plays the psycho bitch, and said psyho bitch is taken down and arrested and the kidnapped cop is rescued in the nick of time.

And with the case solved, the bad guys dead or in custody, our two heroines can go back to how things were... except they don't want to!

We could even have one of the cops infiltrate the psycho bitch's organisation and start doing nasty dominatrix stuff, and have to do it to her partner when the partner is kidnapped.

Double Act: Light.

Two women comediennes are the latest TV sensation. They are raunchy, risqué, daring, they push the boundaries, they do sketches and stand up, they have regular characters they play, and while they push the limits, they don't actually cross them, somehow avoiding crossing the line from blue to disgusting.

On the screen they have a relationship that borders on sexual, the sexuality is implied but never explicit.This makes them popular with a wide audience, young people and old both appreciating their raunchy humour.

But off the set, their relationship is turbulent. Neither of them are really lesbians, both are married with children, and this is a cause of friction with their families, with their friends, especially those in the LGBT community, and even between each other. So when one of them is informed by her husband that he wants a divorce, she of course takes comfort in the arms of her best friend and stage partner. When the other woman learns that her husband has been cheating on her, the on-screen comedy sketch threatens to become a very un-funny reality.

Can their professional relationship survive, even as their personal relationship changes from friends to lovers?

The way I want to write this one is with the two women being the only player characters. Both husbands will be NPCs as will the kids, parents and friends, together with the show's production team. Because writing genuinely funny stuff is actually very hard, I was intending to skip over the actual shows, and concentrate on the off-set lives of the characters, with perhaps the occasional reference to the show.

There is no real difference between the characters other than what their husbands do, so all you really need to decide is whether you want to be married to a cheating bastard or an ungrateful bastard.

You picked the wrong shop! : N/C or Extreme, age difference, role reversal.

Harriet Fletcher is a sweet, relatively sexy woman in her late 40s or early 50s. She's made her money, and has taken early retirement, and now lives off her not inconsiderable fortune that she accumulated when she was younger. However to give herself something to do, she runs a small charity shop (thrift shop), that supports some random charity (the exact nature of which is not important).

Harriet is quite happy in her life except for one small thing: she has no children, and no-one to leave her money to - except possibly the charity.

And then along comes [your character], a 16 year old orphan girl, a misfit, a young hooligan. One afternoon when she should be in school, this obnoxious brat of a girl wanders into the shop. She clearly has no intention of buying anything, but is just looking to cause trouble.

When Harriet catches her red handed attempting to shoplift some valueless trinket, she forces the girl to pay for it, well over four times what the item is worth. This humiliates the girl so that she vows revenge.

She finds out where he old woman lives and breaks into her home. The only thing is, she hadn't reckoned on what she found waiting for her. The old woman is not as sweet and kind as she at first seems, in fact she made her money as a professional dominatrix. With the girl suddenly caught ly a fly in a spider's web, what follows can only end one way - with the girl being adopted by the old woman as her heir, in exchange for a life of sexual slavery.
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These are stories and ideas that maybe seemed like a good idea at the time, or ones that I have cooled on, or perhaps ones that I'm not sure how they will work. I will consider these if you have a real enthusiasm for one, and can inspire that enthusiasm in me!

Of Mice And Women: N/C. A retelling of the classic novel Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck. For anyone unfamiliar with the novel it involves two men during the great depression of the 1920s. George and Lennie. George is a small wiry guy and is very smart. Lennie is a big lumbering oaf of a man with the IQ of a lettuce. George is actually quite mean, but has a real soft spot for Lennie. Lennie wouldn't hurt a fly.

In the story, George gets into trouble with a local and Lennie, while trying to defend George, accidentally kills someone. Of course the story has a very sad ending.

In this rewrite, Georgette and Leanne  will be the characters. Due to E's rules, Leanne will not have the emotional and mental age of an 8 year old, but will still be very slow. And the two women will have a sexual relationship, of course. The setting can be the same, 1920s Mid-West America, or we can move the setting to present day if you prefer.

The title to Steinbeck's novel comes from Robbie Burns' poem "To a mouse", with the line "The best laid plans of mice and men are apt to go awry" (English translation from the original  Scots). The story follows the pair as they stumble from one of George's get-rich-quick schemes to another, as all his plans go awry. This version will be the same. Whether or not we have the same unhappy ending, or whether we eventually have one of their schemes work, is something that can be decided.

I have no problem playing either character, but be aware that if you wish to play the sub, you are playing Leanne, who is big and ugly, and stupid.

The Mosad Agent's Crush:Slash-Fic Bon, NC or extreme. NCIS Ziva/Abby.
Okay so I very much doubt that this is an original idea, but it's original to me. Let's invent a scenario where someone has threatened Abby's life (again), Gibbs, Dinozo and McGee are off investigating something, Ducky and Palmer are off investigating something else, and Ziva finds herself on protection duty, making sure Abby stays alive.

Ziva gets to see Abby's home and that it is full of goth bondage gear. And Ziva being the total dominant bitch she is (artistic licence required) she takes full advantage of the situation, revealing she has had a crush on Abby since they first met.

Abby can be a willing sub, revealing a reciprocal crush on Ziva, or she can be an unwilling victim (at first). Equally we can go to whatever extremes you wish.

The player MUST have a good knowledge of the characters. I am willing to play either character, but will only play Abby if I know the player who is playing Ziva.

The greatest of ease: Light or bon romance.

"She flies through the air with the greatest of ease,
That daring young girl on the flying trapeze.
Her movements are graceful, the eye she does please,
And my heart she has stolen away"

(Artistic licence used in the lyrics)

A young woman runs away from home to join the circus. She develops a crush on the daughter of the "Flying Mahonies" or whatever we want to call them. At first her affections are not returned, but she soon realises it's purely because she is an outsider. In fact, the young trapeze artist has a serious crush on the newcomer too, but doesn't dare show it. At least, not until the new girl proves herself to be a true member of the circus.

As usual I will play either role.

You're never alone with a clone: "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with a younger version of yourself?" so runs the advertising slogan of "Duplication Inc". A woman in her late thirties decides to try this out and goes into one of the Duplication Inc labs. They take a test sample of her DNA and declare it to be good, she pays the rather exorbitant fee, they take cell samples from various places and the woman leaves. Two weeks later she gets a call that her clone is ready for collection.

The woman arrives and takes delivery of a perfect copy of herself, as she was twenty years ago. She takes her double home and proceeds to act out various sexual fantasies on the clone.

However, something is not quite right. The clone isn't behaving like a meek, submissive slave. In fact she very quickly becomes a dominant bully. The woman rings the cloning company to complain but gets no response. In desperation, she drives back there...

What she finds, well that is something we can discuss. I have several ideas available - everything from alien slave traders to an empty building. This story can go in Human N/C or Exotic N/C or Extreme, depending on what we want to do with it.

As per usual, I will play either role.

The Neck and The Nose: (If you can come up with a better title please do).

N/C exotic or Extreme, Star Trek Roddenberry-verse....

WHAT? Me, do Star Trek? Unheard of!

... Yeah, I know. I have an instinctive hatred of the crisp cleanness of Federation star ships - especially NG. Sci-fi should be gritty, dirty, raw and rough at the edges, not smooth and sleek, gleaming control panels and flashing lights.

But there is one ST series that broke the mould, and that was DS9. The space station in orbit around Bajor was built , not by the Federation, but by the Cardassians, as a fortress in orbit from which to control Bajoran space. I thought it might be fun to explore what DS9 might have been like from the perspective of a Cardassian woman and her Bajoran slave girl, before the illegal invasion of Cardassian space by those interfering humans.

Hence the title... The Neck (referring to the reptilian neck ridges on the Cardassian) and the Nose (referring to those cute little wrinkles the Bajoran has).

I will play either part. Please note this is a NON-CANON scenario, as it takes place prior to the Federation intervention in Bajoran/Cardassian affairs.

Pygmalienne: Otherwise known as "My Fair Ladies". Bondage, N/C or Extreme. Historical, set in Victorian, or Georgian London.

Based loosely on the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. For those not familiar with the story, a Professor of English Language takes a bet that he can take a flower-girl from the slums, teach her how to speak properly, and then pass her off as lady.

In this version, Professor Harriet Higgins is a sadistic bitch and will use any means necessary including but not limited to sexual torture to educate Liza Doolittle. I am willing to play either role but would prefer to play Liza. If you wish to play either role with me a knowledge of the time period is essential.
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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #6 on: November 04, 2012, 06:43:00 AM »

4/11/12: Added "Keeping Mum" & "Scout Ship" to Wants. Moved "Electric Sheep" to Cravings, moved "The neck and the nose" to Nice To Haves.

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #7 on: November 10, 2012, 05:15:02 PM »
Running The Country (UK) is taken. US variant is still available.

Added I Dream Of Jeanie to Wants.

Downgraded Pygmalienne to Nice To have.

Upgraded Old Red Wine to Wants.

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #8 on: November 15, 2012, 04:25:44 PM »
"Running The Country" (UK) is reinstated in Cravings.

Added "Collar" to Wants

Added "Buckskins" to Likes.

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #9 on: December 01, 2012, 12:53:17 PM »
Added "Sympathy (For a Devil)" to wants.

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #10 on: December 23, 2012, 06:30:48 AM »
Marked some taken stories as "taken" and added "Monster Hoax By Sir Peter S" to likes.
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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #11 on: January 13, 2013, 06:25:22 AM »
Added a picture prompt section to the re-usable characters post, and put a couple of picture prompts in it.

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #12 on: February 11, 2013, 09:54:21 AM »
Added "Charon" to Wants

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #13 on: April 26, 2013, 03:53:36 PM »
I haven't bumped my ideas thread in a while...

Since the last time,... lets see....

I've added Metal Venus to Cravings, and The Biggest Prize to Wants. I've added Mermaidisation and Beach Romance to picture prompts.

And I've tidied up and removed some dead ideas and some taken ideas,and re-instated a few ideas too.

So... just to see what happens, ya know?

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #14 on: June 03, 2013, 03:47:02 AM »
Over a month since my last bump. and she slipped down to page 12. Does anyone look at page 12?

What have I changed since then?

Charon has been upgraded to a Craving.
BFFs, Overboard, Family Confidence and Time Cop added to Wants
The Wizard's Keep added to Likes.

And a bit of tidying up.

As ever, pop me a PM if you are interested in anything...

[edit] - I've upgraded "Wizard's Keep" to a want. This is not worth a bump so soon after the last one.
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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #15 on: June 09, 2013, 05:31:28 AM »
Damn muse keeps coming up with new ideas... I wish she would help me post to the old ones with this sort of enthusiasm...

Actually the latest two are not new, they are old ideas that I've not advertised before, and I'm doing so now because I've never managed to get to the end of either story...

Charon is Taken.
Electric Sheep is under discussion and hopefully about to start.
Running the country (US Variant) is hopefully re-taken and continuing from where it was left off.
Mermaidization is taken

Added The Cross And The Harley to wants
Added The Assassin's Apprentice to wants.

Oh well, I don't normally bump my thread this frequently, but there has been a significant change in the last week.

Oh, I also added Symbiosis to picture prompts. I forgot that one.

[edit] Deleted the picture prompts because I can't really see any of them working.
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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #16 on: June 22, 2013, 05:24:15 PM »
Since I last bumped?

Well, I've added "Burn" to wants and "War Is Hell" to Cravings.

If anyone sees this and has a yen to do a lesbian story set in WWII, please let me know, because that is a mega craving right now.

On the other hand, if you aren't serious about writing with me long term, or you are put off by long, detailed posts, please don't ask about it, because I will hate you forever if you get me all excited about the story and then drop it!
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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #17 on: July 30, 2013, 02:34:48 PM »
right, over a month, so...

Let's see. I've had a couple of stories taken.

I've added links to my one-shot ideas.

I've also added a new craving: They Are Here, a dark, gritty alien abduction type story.

The Shores Of Time is not marked as taken, but I'm waiting for a post from the other player. I hope to mark it as taken soon.

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #18 on: October 07, 2013, 04:13:58 AM »
Been a while since I nudged this thread up the rankings.

There have been a lot of new additions and a good few stories have been taken too.

Far too many for me to remember them all!

Soooo, I may have a couple of open slots if people want to try them.

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #19 on: December 25, 2013, 09:55:29 AM »
As it's the holiday season, I figure I may as well give this thread a nudge.

See if anyone new is interested in any of my older ideas....

I don't bump my ideas thread very often - I generally don't need to, but just once in a while it pays off.

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #20 on: January 18, 2014, 05:18:37 PM »
Not quite a month, I know, but I have added a few new stories, plus I've updated the "one shots" list with all my current available one-shot stories.

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Re: Chrystal's Cravings (F/F)
« Reply #21 on: December 08, 2014, 03:30:48 PM »

I have tried to resist, but failed.

So I'm giving my thread a LONG overdue bump.

If anyone actually reads down as far as this, please be aware that I am only looking for maybe two or three new stories to write, TOPS.