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Author Topic: Kitteh rp basics <3 (F for M) *updated 12/08/14*  (Read 1821 times)

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Kitteh rp basics <3 (F for M) *updated 12/08/14*
« on: October 20, 2012, 07:54:24 AM »
First-- Please read my o/o thread (linked in sig) to avoid any misunderstandings between us.  :)

Secondly -- I am primarily rping in E-threads and email.  My rl and health make im rp much more difficult to maintain for long periods.  If ALL you do is im rp but you have a plot you REALLY want to try, you can still message me and I'll give it consideration. I also have a short term memory problem, so quotes from here to remind me of what I said are totally ok!

Likes-- articulate/creative rp, decent but not ridiculously long drawn out posts, intelligent rps and rpers, genuine effort, communication, twisty plots, lots of romance, passionate sex, BDSM themes, vampires (that don't sparkle) a good mix of smut and plot, unique stories and settings, shifters, fae, fantasy, middle ages, Victorian, steampunk, edwardian (Jane Austin) Gothic, dark, intensity, obsessions, possessiveness (IN CHARACTER), MMF combos, and more.

dislikes -- boring rp, boring settings, short posts or long posts that go nowhere, stupidity in character or out of it, chat speak in roleplay/writing, lack of passion, constant violence without point, inconsiderate people, asshats, drama magnets, e-stalkers, attention whores, people with no patience, lack of plot, constant sex with no purpose/goal other than just being sex, and peas.

FANDOMS I will play in-- Buffy, Lost girl, Angel, Supernatural, Vampire diaries, Being Human, Babylon 5, Anita Blake, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game Of Thrones, Reign, Tudors, and my favorite True Blood!

oh and notes... I have crappy short term memory, if you think I've forgotten, its ok to poke me and ask/remind (as long as you don't do it constantly).  Also I clear out my message feeds pretty regularly b/c I dislike the clutter.  If someone stops a message convo with me, it will probably be deleted after a week or two.  Stuff happens, I can be reminded, Just a forewarning is all :)

and now to the stories \o/  These are going to be separated somewhat and sorted to make it a little easier to sort through.  Click on the spoiler bars for more info.  These are all open to adjustment, adaption, combination, etc.  RP is a collaboration, so if you see something in BDSM that you like, but don't want to do the D/s thing, ask.  These are ideas I've had, but I like when someone else adds to them and makes them unique. ^_^

Twisted Fairy tales

I am an AVID fairy tale geek, and I am always eager for an adult twisted version of a famous (or even less than famous) tale.  While there are several listed here, there are always more that flip my bippy. :D 

Rumpelstiltskin / Deals with darkness   ( middle ages/fantasy)

Everyone knows the age old tale..  innocent peasant girl with a bragging father..  who claims she can spin straw into gold.  The prince overhears the deal and sweeps her up, tossing her into a room with bales of hay and a spinning wheel..  "spin this into gold and we will wed..  fail and you shall die"  Not a great choice eh?  Amidst her tears a figure appears..  Perhaps he is a mage, a vampire, a demon..  He makes a deal with her..  This first night he asks for only a kiss as a 'token' of her affection.  Voila, gold.  The second night it is the same, but there is twice as much straw, and his request this time is far more intimate...  (sex acts but without complete sex oral/mutual masturbation etc).  The third night the request is more intimate still..  not only her virginity..  but if there is a child from the union he gets that too.  Voila, gold..  and she marries the greedy gold laden prince...  but what happens if she cannot forget her nocturnal helper..  what if she becomes fat with his child?  Lots of fun can be had with this one :D

Alice in wonderland / Twisted Looking Glass    (victorianish to modern, obviously fantasy based)

Most know the story of Alice in wonderland, but what if Alice's journey was more adult, more dark.  What if the Cheshire "cat" was really a Neko or shifter, The mad hatter a bit of a Dom..  perhaps the "queen" of hearts is actually a king?  and instead of off with her head... I am a huge fan of the Alice tale in all its various incarnations, and would delight in playing a dark gothic/romantic/sexual storyline with an adult Alice tripping her way through a sensual macabre wonderland.  There is sooooooo much potential in this realm/sl and I would love to play it out ^_^

Snow White / Fairest of All   (historical/medieval fantasy)

I would like to do a dark and twisted version of the snow white story, and there are quite a few ways we can go with it.  Obviously my character would be the young and confused princess, chased away (and at some point even presumed dead) by the "evil queen" and so on.  Possible partner/rps could include a group of males (although I don't like short men so no dwarves :p) a huntsman type (no I haven't seen that movie yet, but I like the general idea) or of course the eventual handsome prince.  I'd like this to be more of a gothic/dark romantic rp.  fantasy elements are mostly required, and encouraged.  Perhaps the handsome prince is a vampire?  (I like vampires \o/)

Rapunzel / Golden stair

There are a few different ways that I can see this working.  One scenario is that things work just like the story, and our game begins with the prince climbing Rapunzel's long hair for the first time.  I also think a twist where the "evil witch" is actually a wizard/warlock, or some other type of being (god, demon, vampire, the role possibilities here are wide open).  What if he isn't evil but actually lonely?  Rapunzel could be anything from his treasured pet, to future wife, this could be romantic or utterly smutty, and many places in between.

Hansel and Gretal 

another fairy tale to while away the time.  There are again many angles we could take with this.  Our Heroine Gretal/Greta is lost and alone, making her way through the woods, and what does she find?  it might be interesting if the "wicked" witch inside the candy house is something else..  Maybe -he- is  a vampire, a fae, or simply a human man who has a penchant for imprisoning and seducing innocent young maidens.  Perhaps you would rather play a rescuer who frees her from the imprisonment, saving our young damsel.  There's lots of ways to go with this one too ^_^

Sleeping Beauty / Claiming of sleeping beauty --  (middle ages/fantasy although a modern version might be fun)

I have a fondness for fairy tale plots, but I would love to see this played out much more sexually based, along the lines of the anne rice book series, as beauty being captured and awoke by the prick of a certain prince, and lead into a life of delicious debauchery, including BDSM, orgies, lots of MMF action, and any delicious fetishes or fantasies we can toss in ^_^

BDSM/enslavement and similar themes

The emperor and the slave  (romanesque could be fantasy)

She is a slave, born into that life, expecting to die in it..  He is an emperor, born into that life, expected to rule until his death..  By the laws of the land he might have her if he wishes, by her, even make her his concubine.. but nothing more.  The good part of being emperor?  he gets to change that.  <_< >_> Ok so I've been watching a lot of Spartacus, so I have the whole roman thing going on.  I've played with this theme before, and I love the forbidden love aspect. ^_^

  Hades and Persephone   (historical setting, high fantasy)

I've always been intrigued by the stories of the gods and so on, ancient mythos of various types.  Hades' and Persephone's story has always been a favorite of mine, and it could make for an interesting rp.  Hades is stuck with the underworld, lord of the dead.. Not a big hit with the ladies ok.  Persephone..  sweet and innocent.. How could he not want some of that?  This story would likely start off decidedly N/c with him just taking her, but it doesn't have to stay that way.  I am also listing this in the BDSM section of my stories, but it could be played out much more romantically.  I like the idea of an obsessed hades, taking what he needs..  but then she becomes his queen!

Underworld (D/s, possible non-con)

He is the epitome of desirable male, Wealthy, nightclub owner, gorgeous... and to many who are in the know, also a well received Dom.  His clubs are not -just- clubs, they are also fetishist hotspots, a great place to meet your next Dom/me or pet.  Wealthy people pay him a LOT of money to find the thing they want most from that world, and he has had plenty himself.  *record scratch* That's when she wonders into his club.  She could be a waitress/bartender, or just a pretty girl out for a good time, but the moment he sees her, he wants her.  What wouldn't he do to have her?  I'd prefer this as more of a passionate pursuit/teaching her the D/s ways type rp than just straight up non-con, but He could just snatch her up if he wants her badly enough.  The he could also be a vampire (vampire doms are like favorite thing). 

Slave/Harem/concubine  (almost any historical or fantastic setting)

this is a historical(ish) setting, possibly with fantasy elements added.  My character is a slave girl, possibly even "purchased" for the harem of the King/Emperor (your choice this can be discussed)  This rp is meant to be very sensual, but also leaving room for a blooming romance.  What a drama if the king falls for his concubine?  There are a lot of possible combinations of people that could make this interesting.  If you do not wish to play the king, it is always possible a guard or someone else falls for her, and woot more drama.

Summoning   (modern or medieval fantasy)

this is a sl involving a somewhat innocent woman, who in the process of studying various magics etc, accidentally summons an Incubus.  Of course she doesn't know how to control him or send him back, thus he can easily manipulate her, or just as easily become enamored with her romantically, or even a mingling of the two.  In a modern storyline she could just be reading an old book, and as a lark try the ritual.  In the medieval setting she is perhaps doing something similar, perhaps she is even a novice priestess attempting to bring him up to do something for her and gets the wrong kind of demon.  Its fairly open ^^

Conquered Beauty (historical/historical fantasy/high fantasy/possibly sci fi (futuristic "other" world)

Our heroin (hey that's my part!) Is a royal, princess/empress/queen (virginal ) who is caught in a great war between her country and another attempting to conquer it.  She barricades herself into a tower within the castle, determined not to be taken.  Our anti-hero (that's you!) is the conquering king/warrior who eventually breaks down the door and claims the ultimate prize.  Yes this is a somewhat obvious non-con scenario, but it also allows for some interesting plotty goodness, maybe conquering hero doesn't actually take her sexually, perhaps she just becomes his slave or pet, his concubine, or even his wife.  I am even open to (and greedy for) the idea of hero and friends taking their prize. 

tribute (NO THIS IS NOT A HUNGER GAMES RP *cough* flexible timeline)

Essentially this is very very basic.  My charrie (female of course) is from a less than desirable country/realm, and is of peasant/lower class.  for whatever reason there is a requirement that a certain amount of women between a specific age (say 18-20 as a ball park) be taken to a clearing before the main shrine of the current ruling deity of the realm and left there as a tribute.  Every 20 years a new group is sent, and of that group one is "chosen" as tribute, and remains within the sacred shrine.  The women is never seen again, and is presumably "devoured" .  In truth the Deity is something else, and he seeks his tribute for another reason entirely, a much more fun (I'm talking about sex) reason.  There are lots of angles this could be worked out with, details fleshed out as time goes by.

Bound Bride   (adjustable time periods, BDSM themes)

This tale revolves around a newly married couple.  Our bride is very innocent and sweet, and the groom seemingly quite loving.  It is only upon the night of their wedding that our bride discovers the truth..  Groom is more than just a groom, he is also a Dom, and a very strict one.  Soon our bride finds herself bound, and the story begins to unfold... Our groom can still be loving, having kept his secret so as not to lose his lovely bride.  It could also be more of a surprise non-con type scene, depending on how we decide to play with it.[/color]

Milkmaid  (modern, possible noncon/blackmail)

- this one is a modern setting, and our girl has an oddly unique..  trait.  Though she has no children, and has no medical "reason" for it, she produces a great deal of milk, and must milk herself regularly to prevent accidents.  Being a bit shy this causes a bit of embarrassment for her, especially at work.  One day during lunch she has hidden away in an unused office to milk herself, where she is discovered by her boss...

Boss man   (modern noncon pos) 

-- This is a version of the standard blackmail plot.  Our heroine is married to a not so great but average enough guy, who works for a large company.  The CEO of said company is a bit of a ladies man, and upon spying the beautiful wife at a holiday party, he gets it into his head that he -must- have her as his, regardless of what he has to do.  This one is very open as I see the boss being very much a womanizer ladies man, but also becoming utterly obsessed with the wife, eventually finding a way into her bed.  This COULD develop into a real romance too, depending on how it is played out.

My Sweet Maid  (preferably middle ages/fantasy but could be done modern.)

-- Idealy I'd like to play this in a middle ages setting, although a modern setting could work as well.  Essentially the nobleman/lord/wealthy business person etc (depending on time period) has determined to procure for himself a maid.  This sweet little maid has no idea that her master is so depraved, but soon she discovers in him a man of great lust, who will take his maid anywhere and anytime he likes, including in front of guests.  At times he willingly shares his little maid, even ordering her to service other men as "gifts" to his friends.  Almost any fetish can be incorporated into this one, depending on time period etc.

Shades of Yummeh[/b]   ( modern/BDSM )

-- Ok I'll admit it..  I've read the Fifty shade's series, and I want my own Christian gray.  Its a Cinderella story on steroids, combining the romance of a rich and handsome guy sweeping the "regular" girl off her feet.  The twist?  He's a Dom.  Yummeh.  Ideally I'd be playing someone like her, average, pretty but unaware of that beauty, maybe a bit awkward and whatnot.  You (my rp partner of awesomeness) will be playing the Dom role.  Now in character I don't intend to start off knowing -anything- about bdsm stuffs, but irl I know quite a bit so no doubt we can plot and plan a fun little rp.  yes, I know I'm a dork, I just don't care :p  If you know nothing about BDSM and/or how to Top someone, either research first or consider another scenario.  I'd like someone with knowledge/experience to take this one up ^_^

Mine (open setting fantasy/level etc, BDSM possible non-con)

One glimpse across a crowded hall and he had to have her.  She was not the classic beauty, and yet there was something etched across her delicate features, some aching need and loneliness that only he could fill.  It didn't matter if she had another man (optional) what she did, what her position in life was.  He had to take her, had had to make her his in all things, claim her body and her mind, own and devour her (not literally devour).  Will she come to his bed willingly, or will he have to use more...  forceful methods?


Learning to share (FMM almost any setting applicable)

ok this is an rp dream of mine, so to speak, something I've been interested in trying but have never made it happen.  It could fit any time period really, and any level of fantasy from extreme fantasy to reality.  I like to keep the options open.  The idea is pretty basic, One girl, two guys.  The guys would both be played by the same person, and not always at the same time (though I do want to include some MMF scenes too).  Essentially it is a romantic/sensual relationship between the three.  I am not interested in male on male action (though that CAN be included if the player wishes).  the sl could start out with them all meeting, or could start with one pair being a "couple" and inviting the third in, and so on.  I really want to do something with this.  I have a similar sl going but would love to properly explore the female spoilage of having two mens.

My best friends girl    (modern or middle ages, fantasy)

- this is the typical love triangle sort of thing, two boys, one girl, how is it going to work?  As a fan of MMF relationships I would love to see the two men sharing the girl, but that is not a requirement.  What would happen if the best friend who -has- the girl turns out not to be such a great guy after all?  what if she just can't seem to decide between them, and has a secret affair?  Lots of ways this one can go.

Best of friends (MMF)   (modern)

-- they grew up together almost from toddler-hood, one girl, two guys..  They've shared every problem and joy, schoolwork and play time, all the way through school and into college.  Somehow through it all they remained the best of friends and nothing more.  Now things have began to change for them, for once as adults they are all single..  Both men have a secret love for the girl, and she..  has never pursued either because her desire for both is so great..  Can these three work out a match together?  Can they share their sweet girl fairly?  (I LOVE the MMF matchups and would LOVE to play this one)

Generally romantic

Austinian (regency era)

I am a huge fan of all things Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield park.. I love them all, and I'd love to have a few regency romps added into my repertoire here on E.  I love a good rags to riches story, but I am open to others ideas in this era too.  I'm just up for some Regency goodness.

Fairy Ring  (fantasy, various timeframes possible)

Everyone knows you don't step into the fairy ring, for if you do the fairy folk may take you.  A day in their realm may pass, while hundreds of years move in the human realm.  She knows not to do it too, but curiosity can be a strong motivator.  When she appears in the realm of the fae he is there... he knew she was coming.  I love all things fairy tale, and this is sort of a play on that.  It's actually loosely based around a short story I'm in the middle of writing, but it could make a unique rp.  What happens to her when the fae catch her.  maybe they take her prisoner?  this could be anything from a vanilla romance rp to an epic gang bang smutfest, or anything in between. 

The Date (modern romantic)

She is a business professional, a career woman who doesn't have time to date... Plus there's that damned ex who broke her heart.  now she is being pressed into public appearances, where having some eye candy on her arm will really make her career.  What to do?  Enter your character.  He could be a male escort (that's what I had in mind when I started this synopsis) or something else (just a guy needing a few bucks etc).  The process is simple.  He has to be her date for a function, or a series of functions..  romantic smutty goodness ensues.  (yes I have seen the movie "the wedding date" too many times.  No I don't care :p )

Sold into marriage (middle ages, anywhere from mundane to high fantasy  GoT inspired)

H'okay..  So I love Got, and I especially love Dany.  I like the story behind her marriage to drogo and so on, and I'd love to play with something similar.  I've done story-lines like this and they are just soooooo much fun!  For those who -aren't- in the know, the plot-line is simple.  She is a princess, young and innocent, and her brother (asshole) wants his throne back (it was stolen, long story).  He needs an army.  Army leader needs a hot young wife with which to make babies.  Brother essentially sells sister to Army leader, in exchange for an army to win his throne.  All the additional details are up to us to decide.  <3

Arranged Marriage (middle ages/fantasy)

This one is fairly straightforward, a young noble girl with a commanding even somewhat violent father..  She is a bit headstrong, and he a bit cruel..  he has arranged a marriage for her, and her fiance's impending arrival prompts her to attempt flight more than once.  Finally she finds herself locked in her room, wearing a chastity belt.  I am seeing someone to play either her fiance as a decent guy who saves her from her tyrannical father, -or- someone else who sweeps in to rescue her ^_^

Pretty woman  (modern possible fantasy elements added)

yes, I am that cheesy.  Always loved the movie, and the Cinderella story behind it.  my character would be a reasonably young woman, who after falling on hard times because a prostitute.  Your man is her rescuer, wealthy and charming but with no interest in romance.  Obviously this would have to change for the storyline to progress decently.  I like the idea of him teaching her how to enjoy culture and cuisine, and of course spoiling her ^_^  it might be interesting to add a fantasy element.  perhaps the man is a vampire or some other fantasy type creature masquerading as human?  He could even be an incubus.  Lots of options there.

Princess bride  (fantasy/historical)

yes I'm that much of a dork.  I do not want to play the actual people from the movie, but a storyline of a similar style.. For those not familiar with the movie here is the general "plot" I'd like to play out.  Girl meets boy, both are peasants and in love.  Boy goes off to find fortune so as to marry girl and is caught by pirates (or another type of raider) and presumed dead.  Girl gives up on life/love etc.  Evil prince decides to marry common girl, makes her princess etc..  Girl is kidnapped, boy saves girl and reveals himself..  more drama, some magic, sword fights etc.

He's all that   (modern possibly with fantasy elements added)

This is a celebrity/down to earth "everyday" person type rp.  I'd like to be playing the non-celeb for this one.  The character doesn't have to be someone who actually exists, though it can be, or you can simply use a pic of someone famous and create your own back story and personality type for them.  I want to play with the whole Fame/non-fame type scenario, their meeting, developing a relationship etc.   (If you want suggestions of celebrities that I would be interested in playing with, please let me know I'd be glad to offer up a few :D )

dreaming... (any time setting, fantasy)

The dream started out when she was too young for such things, but it continued, each year as she aged it progressed further.  A virgin yes, but in her dreams such passionate intensity, and he always the same man.  He touched her, enticed her, inflamed her need.  She wanted him so much that even awake she thought of him, craved him..  So many nights she lay awake, pleasuring herself with the memory of his touch in her dreams...  What is he?  Is he a phantom, only a dream figure, or is there more to him?  -- The idea of what he is is up for discussion, incubus is the top runner but I'm open to other possibilities.

Friendships...   (modern, possibly alternate periods with some adjustments.)

they grew up in the same small town, both with big dreams.  One boy, one girl, best friends all though their school years.  They shared all of life's up and downs together, and neither ever seemed to question if their friendship should be more.  They shared their first beer, their first cigarette, their first joint..  They talked about school, parents, other friends, and the various trials and tribulations of dating as a teen.  Then the time came for them to part..  her to one college, him to another.  Emails, skype calls, phone calls, texts..  They were still close and yet..  both worried the other was growing apart.  Both then began to realize..  life wasn't quite -complete- without the other..  Now how to bridge the gap between the friendship of a lifetime and the possibility of something -more-?



Mob story (modern)

He seemed like he was too good to be true, rich, handsome, charming.. He hired her for his club, a pretty face and a wonderful voice.  It didn't take her long for her to realize that they were going to be more than just employer and employee.  It took much longer for her to discover what he really was.. The club was a front, and he was the head of a large criminal origination.  ~~ how this happens and her reaction is depending on how we want to play this.  We could go with her flipping out, and him showing her who's boss, or perhaps she is OK with what he does.  UP to us!

Spy Games  (modern)

This idea is based somewhat on an rp I had going that got tanked due to OOC issues (hate it when that happens) The idea itself was so good that I just really wanted to try to work out an rp for this.  Essentially it involves multiple spies..  One of whom is my character's "husband" the other of whom is his "playboy boss" the husband in this rp is the bad guy, a double agent who married her as a cover and so on.  His cover eventually gets blown and mayhem ensues, but not after his "boss" and his "wife" find some interesting closeness. :D

Necromancer  (modern, paranormal romance action/mystery/horror all possible)

This storyline would be somewhat based on the Anita Blake alternate universe created by Laurell K Hamilton, a universe in which there are weres of all varieties, vampires, and people who raise the dead for a living.  My character would be very similar to Anita, a necromancer who also works with the police and such doing work with preternatural crimes (vampire attacks, were attacks, loose zombies/ghouls etc).  A man for her could be a were, or a vampire.  If my partner wants to play more than one male vying for her attention, I'm good with that too, as it always raises more drama.  It would be easier if you had a working knowledge of the Blake AU, but info -can- be provided if the pairing intrigues you.

tracking the runaway princess   (medieval fantasy or non/fantasy alternate history)

This storyline would be medieval, with or without fantasy (depending on the preference of both players involved) A young naive princess sneaks out of the palace and runs away in an attempt to avoid an arranged marriage.  You would be playing the man who has to track her.  This man could be her own betrothed, actually a decent man worried for her safety, or someone her father or fiance hires to find her. 

Doctor/patient   (modern)

-- I've done a play similar to this before but I'd like to try it again.  Idealy this could include a romantic twist, though it can be straight up smutty.  In this scenario I would play a female patient, the doctor being a shrink/councilor.  She would become obsessed with him sexually/romantically, and eventually go to his home where they would finally begin an affair.  He can be married or not, according to the preferences of my partner.  There are possible twists of course, perhaps the doctor using his position to encourage her to want him, or even a possible hypnosis/drug etc type deal. 

College coed -  (modern)

 this is more of a vague idea at the moment, but I'd like to do some more college type rp, be it just a sweet romance, or something ridiculously naughty.  I just have something on the brain right now about sorority girls, frat boys, and so on.  I have the setting in mind more than a specific character or set of interactions within that locale so if it strikes you let me know ^_^

Seduced Innocence   (any time and level of fantasy)

-- I've done a few versions and variants of this, but the idea again is simple.  My character is an innocent, a virgin, and yours the one who must seduce that away from her.  This -can- include some reluctance/noncon stuff, but it isn't required.  maybe you're an older friend, a professor, a boss..  or just an older man who finds her beautiful and wants her for his own.  I would also LOVE to play this as a high fantasy with her seducer being a vampire..  b/c vampires are hot (i'm pretending twilight doesn't exist here tyvm).

Losing my religion    (any time frame/setting as long as its Alternate history to allow this sect)

-- This is based on a fictional church, similar to Catholicism but not (mainly b/c I don't want to insult any specific sect) I want to see a Priest and a young woman who find one another so sensually attractive that they cannot contain themselves..  I want to see altar sex, hiding in confessionals, and all sorts of sacrilegious debauchery ;)  This could also be played out as a non-con/reluctance scenario where our priest seduces the sweet young girl.

Seducing the teacher   (modern )

-- Ok so not all of my titles are clever :p  I've done a few older women/somewhat younger men plays recently and have found it surprisingly enjoyable.  Idealy I'd like an athletic somewhat over-confidant ladies man type, who decides his teacher (either late hs if he's 18 or college prof if older) is hot stuff and that he wants some.  This could be anything from mild seduction to outright non-con although I'd like it to be somewhere in the middle with a little coercion and a lot of fun sensuality.

Doctors and nurses  (modern)

-- This one is a bit fuzzy on the details, but essentially I'd like to play either in a hospital or doctors office, with a few different doctors and a nurse (possibly additional women depending on preferences) between patients and other things, Our medical staff is decidedly on the porno side of things, lots of sneaking into exam rooms for nookie etc. It might even be fun if the doc(s) seduce some of their patients.  I am not so much into the medical side of things, though having a doc use a "unique" method of treatment is possible.

Spirit  (modern fantasy)

She heard the place was haunted, strange sounds, eerie visits from ghostly figures, but she wasn't scared.  She scoffed at such things, laughed, and went anyway.  She was no innocent child to be frightened by spooky stories, or even strange sounds.  She was lonely, however, divorced, abandoned..  She didn't feel beautiful anymore, she didn't feel..  Alive.  Strange how what made her feel the most alive..  would come from someone who was surely dead...  -- Ghostly seduction anyone?  This could be a very steamy one shot, but it could also prove a lengthier game..  what if he isn't -really- a ghost after all, but a mage, a vampire..  a demon?  the possibilities are open, hit me with your best shot.

Stranded   (modern)

She was on her way from one side of the country to the other, small car, new job..  Of all the times for her car to break down, midnight in the rain was the worst.  Where could she go?  Worse still she got out to look, and the door slammed shut, with the keys inside..  Locked out in the rain.  It seemed she needed to find a place to go, and then she arrived on his doorstep.  There she was, petite little lady, drenched and shivering, she needed his help...   -- this could either be a romantic tryst that becomes more, or a noncon scenario depending on what flips your bippy.  Open to ideas.

Just business  (modern, can include fantasy or not)

Two different people, from different cities and lives..  One week in a central location, away from their lives, families (if one or both is married) etc..  it was just a business trip, a nice little conference in a distant city, a week away, some dining on the company dime, nice hotel..  And then they locked gazes.  Nothing mattered after that, but each other.  She gave him a soft seductive look, a drink turned into a few drinks, and then an escort to her room..  before they knew it cloths went flying and they were making love with wild abandon.  One amazing week but then what?  Can they both go back to their lives, despite having this intense and powerful affair?  -- I've noticed the 'cheating wife" motif is common on E, so this certainly allows for that, one or both might be married.  I don't want this to be a one shot though, I can see intense romance..  or even just an obsession?  What if he is a real Dom, and/or goes stalker?   

Safe in his arms  (modern, fantasy level negotiable)

All that mattered to her, the only thing in the world..  was -him-, -her- guy.  She adored him, crafted her world and her life around him.  Without him she was nothing, but she could not imagine a world in which he did not live.  Of course the inevitable happened..  one morning he was gone.  Abruptly her safe world was destroyed, her heart ripped out by the one man with whom she'd thought she was safe..  where could she turn?  Friends were all shared, lives entwined, families expectant..  plans made.  Where could she turn when her world had been shattered so violently?  ...  They were never close, barely even friends..  And yet there she was on his doorstep, aching, needing something, anything to stop the pain from consuming her completely.

Desperate  (modern fantasy level negotiable)

Strangers in an airport, just two empty seats on a plane.  They didn't have to speak, it wasn't required..  Perhaps a soft 'excuse me" when she rose to use the bathroom, or a 'thanks" when he handed her the drink from the stewardess.  And yet there was something about her, something haunted and broken, something that dogged every step she took.  Why did she seem to search the plane with her eyes, as if any moment she expected hell itself to rip into the cabin and gobble her up?  He had to know, had to help.  there was something so broken in her, something so ..desperate.

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You've quite the immense roster of desired imaginings. It's difficult to decide which road to travel down. Given that many provide a partial attraction though my own muse leads me to paths that regrettably do not wholly meet the bulk of your requests, but I would surely enjoy attempting to appease our muses together.

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You've quite the immense roster of desired imaginings. It's difficult to decide which road to travel down. Given that many provide a partial attraction though my own muse leads me to paths that regrettably do not wholly meet the bulk of your requests, but I would surely enjoy attempting to appease our muses together.

I would love to know what your muse is leading you toward, which would better help me decide if we could appease our mutual muses.  These are scene ideas I've had, tried and liked, or just tossed up because they seem interesting to me.  I am -always- open to hearing about others ideas, or even their twists on my own imaginings.  Please feel free to message me to discuss :)

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removed a few stories.  Added "hades and persephone" and "underworld" to BDSM and " fairy ring", "the date", and "sold into marriage" to general romantic.  <3

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added 3 new story ideas, Mob story, Austenian, and The emperor and the slave.  <3