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Author Topic: Winsted's requests! (M for F)  (Read 598 times)

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Winsted's requests! (M for F)
« on: August 10, 2013, 10:37:32 PM »
I've done role playing of all sorts of mediums for over a decade now. Most of it existed in the realm of fantasy, but I've also dabbled in the modern.  I've done rp's that have spanned years that existed in worlds that we created on the fly. I've also done many quick-and-dirty, one-shot romps that left all parties satisfied.

My O/O is in my signature. I acknowledge that most of my favs are pretty self-centric. If you're the type that enjoys pleasing your man, great! If you feel I have to earn those or you want something in return, I got you covered too! I strive to be fair and if you're willing to take care of me, I'll take care of you! If the rp we engage in doesn't have a theme that calls for it this time (I'm thinking like a slave scenario), we can have a later session that's all about you. See something that's in a lower column than you'd like? Maybe we can negotiate things. My O/O is mainly my comfort level if given the choice. The more I do these, especially with partners I'm not familiar with, the more comfortable I am in doing things that dwell more on the wilder side.

My preferred method of rp was always IM in the past, but age and scheduling has made this much more difficult. I'd still prefer this way if we can hammer out a time for both of us. It keeps both of us focused on the scene and tends to let the session play out more organically than having to return to that mindset every time you get a notification of a new post. That doesn't mean I'm opposed to pm and forum play! It's far more convenient to not have to be there when your partner is. I'm flexible. I'll do whatever you're most comfortable with.

As far as preferred post quality, I can be very flexible in this department too! I've dealt with partners that give me a couple sentences at a time. I've dealt with partners that write epics. I'm a reciprocator. I'll match your style as best I can. I love me some detail, especially in the beginning of a scene to set the appropriate mood. However, as things progress, I'm alright with the short posts, especially in particularly fast-paced moments. If you're running for your life, you won't find yourself enthralled in the intricate details of the frescos lining your escape. I do, however, draw the line to a responding thread just being "mmmmmmm" or equivalent. Great, you're enjoying yourself. Give me something to work with! This being a dedicated rp site, I don't anticipate this happening very often, thankfully.

I hope I've explained myself thoroughly enough, but answers to any questions may have is just a pm away! I try to be active around here, often checking the site a couple times a day. My goal is to respond at least once a day. If I find out I'll be away for more than a couple days, I will let you know!

So, still with me? Let's get to the fun part: scene/pairing ideas!
These are ideas I've hashed together and are very much open to negotiation. Would you prefer my medieval fantasy take place in the modern day? Great! Would you like your character to be a bit more dominant, by all means indulge yourself! I love role playing, and little wrenches in the works forces me to use my imagination. This should make me a better writer and should hopefully provide a better experience for you as well. Just let me know what you'd like, and I'll see if I can make it work.

Also, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE a scene in the World of Warcraft universe!  I have a soft spot for blood elves.  You'd be making my day!

Quick Pairings: (M x F)
Master x Maid
Client x Prostitute/Stripper
Human x Angel
Boss x Secretary

Fandom/Established Universes
Disney Princesses (aged to 18 when needed)
Warhammer 40k Universe
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
World of Warcraft

In lieu of just throwing out scene ideas, why not just give a bio of some character ideas and you tell me the situations you'd like to see them in?  Something different to possibly inspire your muses.

Era: Primarily Victorian/Steampunk, but could easily be tweaked to other settings
A man who fits the image of tall, dark, and handsome, Winsted takes pride in his appearance and will usually be found wearing a clean suit and top hat.  His manners are of the highest caliber, but by no means does this make him a pushover.  Although he tries to assume the image of high society, he doesn't always have the wealth to support it.  He enjoys his comfortably boring job as a middle manager for a business firm, making his ends meet.  When he's not earning money though, he can often be seen spending it at a local pub, listening to tales of whimsy from local patrons and their latest contraptions.  Well, that is unless he finds himself smitten by a pretty face in an elegant dress.  Winsted has a weakness for women, especially younger ones he's able to fast talk out of their clothing.  It's earned him many a slap across the face in the past, but he can't turn himself from his nasty habit.  Also, in an age of machinery and steam power, Winsted is pretty lackluster in the field of mechanics.  Oil does not come out of a white shirt easily.

Era: Medieval Fantasy, but a modern fantasy could be fun too
He walks among us.  Speaks with us.  Eats, sleeps, and bleeds just like us, but he is far from human.  He only has a faint recollection that he truly is something different.  In truth, he is the physical manifestation of a long-forgotten god.  One day he just came to be, and from then on, he just wandered the world, learning of people and their customs.  He would live among them until something compelled him to move on.  He's seen much of the world with it's joys and hatreds.  He's fought in battles, he's saved lives.  He has many stories to tell.  In time, he would come to learn of many innate abilities, only utilizing them when the situation grew dire and there was no other way.  Perhaps in time, the legends he would leave would reignite the faith that empowers all gods and goddesses to usher in a new age in his name.

Era: Fantasy, any time period
We've all seen the type.  The one who walks with a devil may care swagger, going place to place with a cocky smile, exuding an aura of arrogance that could make anyone sick.  It's hard to blame him though, not when anything he wants he can have on a whim.  His skin is flawless.  His features chiseled. His hair, long, smooth, and blonde.  On the surface, he radiates immense wealth, power.  People flock to him not because he's a particularly kind person, but because they secretly hope to be included in his circle, to experience the things he has.  Surely one man doesn't need that much wealth.  Anyone foolish enough to look deeper would know the truth.  He's made a pact with demons, receiving many dark gifts in exchange for his service.  He walks the land of mortals sewing chaos wherever he can, reaping the rewards every step of the way.  At times he's merely a trickster.  Other times, he's the purest form of sadistic.  Woe be to the one who wishes to do business with the devil in disguise.  He may let you think you are winning, but in the end, he always gets his due.

Story Ideas

The Strange Visitor
Two great armies met in an open field.  The cause for their clash was irrelevant.  With an earth-shaking bellow from both sides they ran screaming towards each other as if eagerly pursuing their own deaths.  The sky above began to rage as blows exchanged down below in a writhing cacophony of screams and weapons.  The skies almost seemed to mirror the chaos it gazed upon, soon dumping torrential rain and lightning down below.  No side showed signs of gaining an advantage when finally the heavens parted and a screaming meteor descended upon the grand melee, shattering both side's resolves.  Burning debris rained down, costing the lives of those who were closest to the impact.  When the dust settled, a few frightened combatants gathered to see what interrupted the fray, discovering an unconscious man clad in golden armor and suffering from traumatic burns about his face.

A Sacred Woods
There is a city built on the edge of a forest sacred to its people.  They believe a goddess lives within it.  Most people simply revere the forest and see no need to enter it.  Very few people who have entered it seeking her out have ever been seen again.  Those that do are often very confused about what they experienced just beyond the first rows of trees, often resorting to babbling incoherently of things that make no sense to a sound mind.  As a result, anyone talking about launching an expedition within the boughs are either mocked summarily dismissed as foolhardy simpletons looking for attention.  Still, it doesn't stop everyone.  Perhaps your character wandered within intentionally or accidentally, or perhaps someone very close to your character.  Intentionally left wide open for your input.

A small group of people stumble upon a dilapidated ruin while traveling out in the wilderness.  It had been an old settlement abandoned and forgotten with time, generating a little news.  People with a passion for exploring such places began to flock there.  One particularly adventurous couple decided to explore at night for a cheap thrill.  What they found there would change them forever.  Setting and theme can be adjusted to taste.  Their discovery could be supernatural or mundane.  It could be ghosts, monsters, murderers, or perhaps a lost document that ties their ancestors to the place. 

Room Service
He travels for a living.  He sees the interior of hotel rooms more than he sees his own bedroom.  It can be gloomy at times, but it pays well.  One day after a particularly brutal week, there's a knock on his door.  Checking the peep hole, he sees a woman in a long coat he didn't recognize.  He barely gets the door open a crack before she forces her way in, pushing him against a wall with a fiery kiss.  Quick and smutty, but a personal fantasy of mine.

That's all I have time for, for now, but I will be adding more later. Please drop me a pm if you're interested in this or your own ideas!
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Re: Winsted's first requests! (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2013, 09:24:19 PM »
Works in Progress

Melt the Ice (w/ Finothing) - A foreign diplomat journeys to Arendelle to conduct business with Queen Elsa to find more than he bargained for.
A Cinderella Story (w/ Peachie) - A widower, her two daughters, and stepdaughter are summoned to their land baron's manor to be removed from their failing farm, but a marriage proposal stays his hand
Lor'Themar and the Reluctant Princess (w/ LamentingQuill) - Set in the World of Warcraft universe, Belorea Sunstrider, daughter of the nefarious Kael'thas Sunstrider makes a daring return to her homeland only to be faced with opposition from its people
The Pact (w/ Andronica) - A worgen visits a warlock in the depths of the Dalaran sewers in search of answers to his curse.  Set in the World of Warcraft Universe

Finished Works

None yet!

On Hiatus

The Darkest Path to Knowledge (w/ TheHappyMoonkin) - A World of Warcraft-themed adventure featuring a worgen and a blood elf warlock

Assumed Dead

Just Once Won't Hurt, right? (w/ lovelyluna) -a depressed divorcee visits an upscale escort agency and might end up a little over his head.
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Re: Winsted's first requests! (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2013, 10:30:24 PM »
Update log:
8/22/13- Removed a story idea, added story log, and started writing characters
9/25/14- Threw a quick story idea up
9/29/14- Another brief story idea
10/5/14- New character.  Two new story ideas!
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Re: Winsted's requests! (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2014, 09:28:36 PM »

I have three stories in progress, but I don't feel maxed out yet.  Looking for more partners to keep my creative muscles flexing!