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October 20, 2018, 07:37:24 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking very kinky partrers that love tabboo sins for kinky RPs. All sex welcome  (Read 383 times)

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Offline NnaastteyTopic starter

Not going to spend thousands of words going into a bunch of details about my preferences and so forth. If you are creative, can write post lengths appropriate to the mood and pace of the story at that time, and you are capable of doing so anywhere from short and sweet to  4-5 paragraphs of detailed post, I'm fine with that  Mostly I'm looking for partners who are very open to the things most people aren't. If you're interested drop me a line or say so here and I'll reach out. I know the descriptions are short and sweet so of course we'll discuss in greater depths over PM but I hate doing all that in a request thread that yields no results. But trust me I'm very dedicated, creative, and detailed. A great partner that you'll enjoy. I write daily. Keep in mind that I'll give a short description that highlights the kinks of each plot I definitely want to include, but realistically all kinks are on the table

1. Search for the Grail.
MC, a scientist and researcher is close to cracking the mystery behind one of the most sought after artifacts ever, the Holy Grail. Except, what he finds isn't a thing at all, but a person; on a planet far from his own, a unique creature that is both female and male.
Looking for a futa to play opposite MC.Setting will be fantasy, style will be adventure and 50/50 smut/story

2. Magraah (MC) is a space being on the run from space heroes who are trying to kill him to prevent him from taking over the universe. YC is the unsuspecting female or male(trap) that he possess to hopefully rebuild his evil Kingdom with.
Involves pregnancy and lots of weird crap. Kink level over 9,000. May involve playing multiple characters. Setting sci-fi. Action adventure and 60/40 smut/story

3. God's of War
In a post-apocalyptic world, a new breed of humans have been engineered called Titans. MC, a revolutionary, is searching for the method to over throw them by engineering the anti-titan breed of god-men. YC is the female that will be bred to develop these new god-men and goddess-woman. 40/60 smut/story. Multiple characters possibly, lots of action and adventure, fighting and violence. Futuristic setting, obviously post-apocalyptic.

4. Real House Pets of Beverly Hills
Billionaire sex king pin treats his woman like pets. YC is a girl with noting to lose,  a fucked up family life, low self-esteem, and a hyper sex drive. She craves to be degraded and humiliated. MC is shooting a new reality show pilot about keeping young sluts as pets. Modern day near future setting. Pet play, bathroom play, leash&collar. Slice of life, but kinky as hell. Lol can't really have limits if you want to rp this one. Lol 50/50 smut/story.

More to come.
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