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December 18, 2018, 11:18:34 PM

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Author Topic: Vigilantes Vanquishing Villains! [Gritty Superhero RP] (M for F)  (Read 646 times)

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Offline RedMoonTopic starter

Vigilantes Vanquishing Villains! [Gritty Superhero RP] (M for F)
« on: February 25, 2016, 07:43:20 PM »
Stay a While, and Listen

STATUS: Not Looking

So here we are again, with another request thread! Lately, I’ve been watching way too many R-rated and otherwise mature superhero crap, from the recent Deadpool, to the older Punisher movies, Daredevil (not the movie), and even Spawn (if you ever want to remember why the 90s were awful, you should watch that movie). It’s put me in the mood for a vigilante superhero story! Not so much a capes and cowls tale, but more punching, stabbing, shooting and generally being a mean person. Our hero in this story will be motivated by revenge rather than justice, won’t hesitate to kill, and will likely be as hated by the law as the people he’s hunting down. So let’s get to it!

Or we could talk about other things first, like me!

I am a literate male internet person with a job and real life obligations that will occasionally disrupt my posting rate. I like long, detailed posts with plenty of description and imagination, and will provide the best I can for my partner! Barring work interruptions, I’m usually capable of 2-3 posts a week. I’ll always do my best to keep you appraised when life suddenly throws in a difficulty spike, and I’m forced to spend more time doing things like not posting. You should also know that I typically prefer to play dominant male characters, though I’m content to fill in a variety of “NPC” roles as the story requires.

From a partner, I don't have too many requirements. IRL gender means nothing to me, though I do strongly prefer to play opposite female characters. Literacy and detail are pretty much required, as I'm not going to get any enjoyment from the RP without them. I don't like to be a jerk about it, but if you don't have a visible history of posts on here that I can reference, sending me a writing sample isn't a bad idea. Other than that, however, I think I'm pretty relaxed and flexible on most issues! One or two posts a week from you would be lovely, but I understand when life gets in the way of such things, as it happens to me more than often enough. Just keep me in the loop if you're going to be a while!

Red Moon's Likes and Dislikes

You can find a lot of these linked in my signature, but, I'll reiterate here for simplicity.

I like:

Women - Obviously.
Harems - Many women! Or at least more than one. I always enjoy a harem spin on any idea. A partner willing to play multiple characters will have my undying affection!
Exotic Women - Exotic races in sci-fi or fantasy scenarios are great. Otherwise, just women from far off lands or cultures are always interesting.
Sexy Outfits - I always love a lady who knows how to dress to impress (or seduce).
Dominance - As stated, my characters are generally dominant. This does not mean you have to be submissive, but it probably does mean you're going to wind up submitting.
Rough Play - Rough sex, hair pulling, biting, scratching, etc. Grr.
Non-Con/Reluctance - Or whatever you want to call it. They'll come around to eventually!
Age difference - I enjoy playing an older male opposite a younger, potentially inexperienced female.
Story - Smut is fine, but, if we're doing sex scene all the time, I'm going to get bored. The story is what keeps me coming back for more.
Creativity - Surprise me! Throw in some of your own ideas. You don't even need to tell me!

I dislike:

General bathroom stuff
General ickiness
Boring RPs

And that's about it! Ask for clarification on any subject. On to the ideas!

The Idea

This could work in a Marvel or DC canon universe, but would work just as well in an original setting for those not familiar with comic books and that other nerd stuff. Even in an established universe like Marvel or DC, original characters would be just fine.

This will be a tale of revenge, and possibly redemption. A new vigilante has been stalking the streets at night, his methods brutal and efficient. Rather than fighting super villains and alien invasions, he hunts down corrupt government officials, organized crime rings, drug dealers, smugglers, and more. His methods are brutal and efficient, his background mysterious, and his objectives unclear. Is he just trying to clean up the city? Does he have a personal vendetta against those he hunts? The news networks love to speculate and promote controversy, some calling him a menace, others calling him a monster. Law enforcement is similarly divided in opinion, but have been ordered to bring him in. Even other, more traditional super heroes are starting to take notice… And not in a good way.

Despite being hunted by criminals, law enforcement and super heroes alike, the vigilante seems determined to continue his war against the criminal element. How far he’ll get is anyone’s guess, but his destructive path can’t continue forever. At least, not if he’s on his own…

In this scenario, I’ll be playing the vigilante wreaking havoc across a major city in his one-man war against crime and corruption.

Your character here could be anything you desire! But, a few ideas:

-   An upstanding heroine, loved and respected by the public, possibly trying to bring him in, and maybe conflicted about it.
-   A new vigilante, inspired or driven to take up her own quest for revenge.
-   A heroine who’s been pushed too far, and is falling to the dark side, finding his methods more appealing than she probably should
-   A criminal, captured and forced to assist in his campaign
-   A civilian, maybe just in the wrong place at the wrong time, who gets wrapped up in his battle
-   Or just about anything else! Even a canon character, if that’s your thing.

And that’s the premise! I have some plot points in mind, but it would be a shame to spoil them all here!

Inspirational Images (Some NSFW)

Not the nicest hero on the block.

Doesn’t always get along with the capes and tights crowd…

Then again, he doesn’t get along with other vigilantes either…

Of course, some girls like the bad boys.

And sometimes crazy just attracts crazy.


First off, please do not post in this thread, I like to keep it tidy. If you're interested in working out an idea, please shoot me a PM! I'm happy to play over threads or private messages. Additionally, I'm available on most messenger programs to talk ideas and iron out the setup, much faster than trading messages back and forth. If you'd like to do so, just drop me your messenger ID and I'll add you.

You Made it!

And that's that, I think! I'll continue to update with images, ideas, cravings, etc. Thanks for reading, and look forward to hearing from you!
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