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Author Topic: Aysande's RP Idea Repository (Sorted by Craving, LF M characters)  (Read 4977 times)

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Aysande's RP Idea Repository (Sorted by Craving, LF M characters)
« on: September 11, 2014, 05:09:04 AM »

I am a very creative person and am looking for partners who are equally as creative. When you contact me, I will prod for ideas and if I don't get the vibe that you will be contributing as much as I do, I might not give it a shot. Everything written here, whether it's character names, pictures, and even the kinks, are suggestions. I have included my O&O in the spoiler below, please make sure to give them a look.

A fair warning: I am a romantic, and almost all of the stories below will involve romance. I am more dominant than submissive and am more comfortable writing dominant role. That doesn't mean that I can't write the other or that every game has to be about dominant/submissive partners.

~~~ Click here to see a copy of my O&O ~~~

Orientation: I write only the F in a F/M pairing, though I could probably do F in a F/Futa

Dominance: I write 85% dominant, 15% submissive. It takes a special something for me to willingly write submissive.

Experience: I've been writing stories ever since I've known enough written vocabulary. I wrote my first fanfic by hand, in second grade, where Sarah remained with the goblin king Jareth at the end of the movie Labyrinth, because  let's get real: who could resist David Bowie in tights? I've never really stopped since. I also did a lot of RP, starting on table top, moving to mIRC, MUDs, and then Forum.

Language: My main language is French, though as you can see I am quite fluent in English.

Tomezone: I live in the EST timezone.

RP Medium: I RP on Forum only. I plot in PM or on IM, but I never RP anywhere else than on the forum. If you reach me on IM, be sure to let me know that you are from E.

Keeping my interests up, avoiding dealbreakers

Be Creative: Important! If you don't feel that you can actively contribute to the story, please move on. It is the first thing I will ask of a potential partner contacting me. Have some ideas of your own, don't spit my story blurb back to me in your own words.

Minimum Post Length: I need content, but do not require a novel. A minimum of three solid paragraphs is a must. I will never give you less than this myself.

Minimum Post Frequency: must post within a week of my post, and I will return the favor. The more time passes, the more my interests wanes.

Detailed Post: My character has 5 senses, help me explore them.

Player Gender: I play only F in a F/M pairing. Your gender does not bother me as long as the male character is well-written.

Ploting and Communicating: I am goal-oriented. Without goal, I have no drive to write. I don't need everything to be plotted to the letter, but I need a sense of direction. I like to think that I am easy to work with, if something doesn't work for you in my post, let me know. Chances that I bite your head off are next to none.

Story Is Needed: Even in one shots, I will request some content other than smut. Build tension, build chemistry, make it more than fit tab A into slot B.
Godmodding: I am territorial. In under no condition should you give my character thoughts, actions, reactions, or have her speak. You write your own, I write my own. If you need input from her, either it is time to stop the post and let me write, or send me a PM asking me about it.

Closed Post: Give me time to react. Don't cover so much ground in a post that my character's actions or reactions don't influence the story. (Example: Unlock the door, enter, slap my character, walk out, lock the door. All in one post). Exception to that is if we agreed to, so we can move on with the story.

Vulgar or Strange Sexual Vocabulary: Write erotica tastefully, avoid things like titmeat or cucumber. Using fuck once in a while to describe having sex is fine. Using it systematically each time, no. It doesn't have to be so prominent that my brain catches it as repetitive. (Using it as a swear word doesn't apply). Also keep the amount of fluids realistic unless the story calls for something more.

Love At First Sight: Unless there's some reason for it, feelings will build over time.

No Respect Of O&O: Unless stated otherwise in my ad, the O&O below always apply.

The Ons & The Offs

Public sex: Especially where one of the characters isn’t at ease (mine or yours) during the scene. It's the risk of being caught that is a turn on, not exhibitionism.

Taken out of comfort zone: My character being taken somewhere where they have no knowledge about like a different world, or be abducted to a place she has no idea where and no way to know, etc.

Oral sex: Giving and receiving, details more than welcome.

Bondage: Light as in no body part turning an odd shade of purple. Can tie or be tied.

Submissive male: But not in every story.

Vanilla sex: Normal sex, between equals

Foreplay: Long drawn foreplay that make the final release all more intense.

Athletic, muscular guys: Personal preference. They don't have to be Vin Diesel big, just well defined muscles will do.

Size difference: Ties in with the one above, and a petite-size female.

Dubious con/Reluctant: Mild as in she might agree to sex but not out of desire, or she might not agree completely right away but would be convinced and accepting after some insistence from him.

*** = Being on the receiving end is an off, being on the giving end is fine.

Pain***: I don’t mind discomfort, but pain for the sake of pain/pleasure I do. Includes Spanking my character.

Anal sex***: Never on the receiving end. Not against pegging another character though.

Big Age gap: 15 years max. Immortal characters excluded.

Incest: No blood relative. Step-dad, step-brother is fine.

Excessive Fluids: Loads and loads of cum or dripping pussies, it all gross me out. Keep it realistic.

Scat & co.: What belongs in a toilet, not erotic.

Blood, gore and vore: Not in an erotic setting, please. Blood is limit in the case of a vampire.

Feet: They gross me out.

Long/unkempt facial hair: Keep it trimmed. None is better

Bestiality: Hairy, non-human sex, that will make me ashamed to look my cat in the eye... no thanks. Centaurs and Werewolves are fine

Dirty Talk, degrading talk: An unwelcome distraction,and the latter is disrespectful and a mood-killer.

No total mind control: I don't like mindless puppets.

Fully non-consensual***: The real thing or with the use of drugs, magic, etc.

Cuckhold plots & Adultery: Just not interested.

What it is, writing it with me

I define myself as switch, but definitely dominant. It could be considered irrelevant since in RP I am not playing myself, but I think it allows me get into both mindset to write my character. That being said, writing D/s with me can be tricky. I am not into excessive pain (not at all receiving, mild giving), into humiliation or degradation. I do not like a spineless sub to submit to me, nor do I like to wrestle the character into submission constantly.

To me, submitting isn't about giving up all control and being ordered around like a dog. I will never write that kind of submissive, which I consider more of a slave than a sub. Mine will have spine and a sense of self-worth. She will tell your guy to go to hell if he treats her like crap. So a cruel, sadistic dom will kill the thread fast, unless the goal is for him to realize the error of his ways. Submission is a privilege, a gift. Under the care of the right kind of dom, my girl will bend and serve but she will also use her own brains to try to anticipate and to please even more and give the Dom what he wants or needs before he requests it.

Incidentally, this is also the kind of sub I like to dominate. I play a more kind and caring domme than a forceful one. I have RPied using a switch before to correct some behavior, for training, and I could do it again. As long as the RP isn't all about needing the switch all the time. If She has to coerce the male all the time to get what she wants, it is not interesting to me.


█████████ Not inspired, kept there for archive purpose
██████████ Interested if you can give it a big twist
██████████ Mildly interested
██████████  Moderately interested
██████████ Interested
██████████ Very interested
██████████ Moderately craving
██████████ Craving
██████████ Intense craving
██████████ Desperate

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Fairy Tales
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2014, 02:52:09 AM »
Fairy Tales
When the kiss of true love can break a curse

Beauty & The Beast
Modern times
Light, Bondage, possibly dubious consent.

A hired hand sees something that she should not.
They have been living in the same area for a while. She noticed him, he noticed her, but he's the talk of town. He doesn't socialize, no one knows anything about the rich recluse other than his name. As with every small place where everyone knows everyone else and their grandmother, the rumor mill about him abound. During a visit at the grocery store, my character's card gets refused, she doesn't have enough money to pay the grocery. Talking to the cashier that she considers a friend, she tells that she's been looking for a job but nothing is available in the area for someone like her. He recognizes in her the need for help, feels the desire to help, and so he pays her grocery and offers her to become his personal maid. She'd keep the manor clean (he's the only one living there), cook for them both, and in exchange, he lets her live in what was the servant's house and give her some pocket money. About to be kicked out because she can't afford the rent, she agrees.

Little did she know.

The first week, everything goes extremely well. Comes the full moon, she disobeys when he tells her to stay in, that it is dangerous for her to go outside during the full moon. She still goes out to take some fresh air because she is unable to sleep, and she sees the hulking beast running in the backyard. The next day, he comes to get her, to move her into the manor. She knows his secret, she cannot be allowed to go free... But what if she was the one who's kiss of true love could free him from the curse once and for all?

Modern times
Light, Bondage, possibly dubious consent, kidnapping

Cursed by a witch, a vampire take young women to feed but she is special
It's been a few hundred years since he crossed a witch, and now he is stuck surviving on human blood. The only way for him to become normal again is to find true love. Someone who accepts him completely. Once upon a time, it was easy. Today, with the cameras, and the GPS technology, the police investigating every crimes, it's become very hard to feed. The only way that he has found to feed is to abduct a woman, use needles to take just enough of their blood to last him a while, and then dumping them, still drugged. Something went wrong with this last girl, he made a mistake with the dosage. She woke up in her temporary room before he had time to draw blood, and she saw his face. What should he do with her now? When she offers that he draws blood from her, in exchange for keeping her alive - something he intended to do all along until she saw his face - they strike a deal. He doesn't drug her anymore, he gets the blood that he needs, and then he lets her go, but... what if he doesn't want to? What if having her here and awake is keeping the loneliness at bay? He's long since given up on finding true love, but what if...

Posted 02/07/2016 ██████████
Cursed princess/Human

Bondage, possibly dubious consent, imprisonment, sexual slavery

Role reversal on the fairy tale, with a male captured by a female beast.
She became Queen at the tender age of 18. Eager for a husband, for a specific man, Queen Vincentia contacted a witch for a love potion. In spite of her renowned beauty, the Queen did not manage to win over the heart of her chosen one. Beauty is skin deep, and Vincentia has few redeeming qualities. She is vain and rash, insensitive and her integrity is known to be next to none. So when the witch enters the bargain of a love potion in exchange for being the queen's magical adviser, she knew that Vincentia could very well betray her. And betray she did. Vincentia dismissed the witch, banished her, when the man of her dream fell for another woman. A fright ensued and the witch was wounded. With her dying breath, the witch cast a curse on the whole kingdom. For a hundred years, the Kingdom of Queen Vincentia would know no rest, none of its inhabitant would know human form again, unless the Queen experienced the kiss of true love.

Some where transformed in furniture, others were transformed into beasts, but the most magnificent beast of all was the white beast of Valentia's castle, the queen Vincentia had been transformed into a gargoyle, her skin as white as mortar, eyes blood red and her magnificent blond hair and crown transformed into horrible horns. Slowly, Valentia fell into the world of legends, its curse only a myth though the dark forests of the land are rumored to be populated by fearsome beasts. Vincentia thinks that it is hopeless. Decades have passed and no one ever visited her kingdom anymore.

Until he came along...

Snow White
Posted 02/29/2016 ██████████

Sexual exploration, virginity, corruption of innocence, MFM, open to more, probably very smutty

She finds refuge in a house inhabited by 7 male creatures
Snow White is lost. She has been chased away from home by her evil step mother. Stumbling through the forest, she finds a home in the middle of nowhere. The home is inhabited by 7 male creatures, they would have to be humanoid in form whether it is their natural form or a shapeshifting ability and they are outcast from their different people. The 7 males have not seen a human female in a long time, females of any kinds are rare, so deep into the woods. She's cold, hungry and exhausted, so she goes to them for help.

The most crass of them, a mostly reformed orc or goblin, Offers her a deal. She can stay for as long as she wants, eat their food, get warmed by their fire... and sleep in their bed. There are seven of them, a different lover for every day of the week. She's a virgin, the sight of a naked male makes her blush, if he's aroused, it's even worse, but she has no other choice.

To make this interesting, different races would be nice (Orc, goblin, elf, human, dwarf, giant, minotaur, anthro for example) but also different sexual behavior. One could be assertive, the other submissive, one could be soft and romantic, the other rough, or into bondage, etc. Basically, she's a blank canvas when it comes to sex, and by the time she needs to leave, she would know what kinks turn her on.
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High Fantasy
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2014, 02:52:24 AM »
High Fantasy
Medieval, magical with creatures such as elves, dwarves, dragons, etc.

Barbarian Chieftain
Elf/Barbarian Human

Dubious con, possible bondage

An elf is taken as a bride by a barbarian human to keep the peace while her people prepare for war.
The strong Viking-like tribe of the north has conquered all of the land of the large island they live upon. Ambitious, their Chieftain has ordered ships to be built by the coastal tribe under his control, so that they could travel the water and seek out new territory to conquer. The ships have been built, and set to sail the seas. Unknown to them, then, there is land much larger than the one they live on just a day away from their homeland. It is inhabited by a peaceful people, living in harmony with the nature around them. Most of them are scholars, old and wise although they look as young as a human in its prime years. They are physically different; slender in build and with pointy ears. Even though they outnumber the barbarians, the elves quickly surrender without putting a fight.The elves are far from helpless and the surrender is nothing but a ploy to get to the heart of the Barbarian land and strike.

While the Barbarians are not ignorant, their science is not as advanced as the elves. The magical prowess the elves are able to do would be considered heresy by the Barbarians. The Elven Princess is taken as tribute to ensure that her people would not do anything stupid. The elves that are taken to the Barbarian lands learn about their captors to plan an efficient, swift and strategic attack. Meanwhile, the princess gets acquainted with the Chieftain who proves to be a lot more civil than his envoys had been. When the attack happens, will she stand with her people, or protect the man she feels herself falling for?

Culture Clash

Public sex, risky sex, complete lack of taboo, likely to be smutty

A human and an elf princess are bound together by a treaty that has been there for many many generations.
Every 200 years or so, an Elf princess is sent into the world of men to marry their King or Crown prince, to instill some wisdom in the line of the ruler. Now is time that the second daughter of the Elf queen find her human husband, but he is also looking for her. The guardians surrounding the village attack his guard and dispatch all humans but him, and after healing him, she introduces him to her culture. The Elf culture is open, sex is not taboo in any shape or form; it is a natural need that can be had everywhere. The world of men is far more strict, where showing so much skin would be considered wildly indecent...
Posted on 02/29/2016██████████

Public sex, D/s needs submissive male, likely to be smutty.

A human heard about the fabled elves, and sets out to seek them. What he finds is so much more than he bargained for...
There is a legend about women so insanely beautiful, petite, delicate but with -curves- to die for. Everyone thinks that he is crazy going for this adventure. There are darker stories about elves that enslave humans, turn them into their pet... And they were true.

When he finally finds the village, he is quickly subdued by an elf who teaches him the laws of the land. He is to become a pleasure slave, denied clothes but also denied the right to refuse an elf woman if his owner agrees that he may be used. She will have to break him out of his taboos, get him rid of his need to have his twig and berries covered, but also get him used to being touch wherever she wants.

Cursed Sword

Story-focused, curse-induced lust

An elf with a demonic sword is tasked to guard a prince, but no one knows her secret
Blood-thirsty, Zordak the demon-blade took over the mind of the adventurer who found it, untouched by rust in spite of centuries under the weather, and still sharp, it drove the adventurer mad. The sword, who could drive the wielder into a blood lust, or in simple lust to feed itself, passed from hand to hand after the death of its wielder. The sword, however, doesn't only takes, it also gives. The wielder heals quickly, is stronger and faster than the average though not so much that it's obviously supernatural.

The heir to the throne has delivered and signed a peace treaty in an enemy country. On his way back, he is ambushed and the wielder of the sword is the only member of the honor guard still alive. With her, he has to return to his homeland, but the most traditional routes are too dangerous for him. As they take the long way around, Zordak perceives her unwillingness to harm the prince, and tortures her mercilessly. What happens when Zordak threatens to send her into a blood lust that would cost the life of the prince? Or into lust, so that she feels compelled to have sex with the prince?
Posted on 02/29/2016 ██████████

Erotic dreams, open

An elf inherits a haunted sword and seeks to free the trapped soul
Once upon a time, he was a great wizard. He enchanted a sword to trap the essence of a demon that terrorized the world of men. When the battle happens, he is trapped into the sword, and the sword is discarded into a canyon. Time passed, slowly driving the wizard mad with powerlessnes and loneliness. When finally someone picks him up three centuries later. He drives the bearer mad with anger, and within a decade robs an elf of his sanity.

The bearer is now dead, and his daughter has inherited the sword. The bulk of the wizard's rage has dissipated with the loss of his conduit. The daughter is also more magically inclined, and thus harder to control through magical means. When he sees her in her dream, he knows that he could turn her into an ally, something that her father had turned out to be completely powerless for. His strategy changes. Seduce her, entice her into searching for the scroll that contains the formula to free him.

The DreamWalker & The Bastard Prince
Posted 01/22/2016 ██████████

Light, romantic, focus on story. Kinks open.

A woman can enter the dreams of others, but is also given cryptic messages from the gods in her dream, warning of the future events that needs to be prevented.
Power is given to those who can wield magic. The stronger they are, the higher the rank. So the royal family is the strongest of all; they even have a fire that only they are able to use: a flame that is blue and burn hotter than normal fire. To Velyn, born to a Baron, this is a curse. She cannot even light a candle. With her as an only child, the Baron is on his way to lose his lands. Ashamed of his daughter, she is little more than a servant. Velyn as a secret, however. She can enter people's dreams. She read about it. It happens only once every so many generations, when the Royal family would be in dire need of guidance from the gods. How would someone dressed as a servant ever managed to reach the King?

Velyn has a prophetic dream where she sees the Royal caravan being ambushed and she recognizes where. When she goes to them, she is stopped by the royal guards who dismiss her. When the attack happens, the caravan is overcome an everyone is killed but the bastard son of the King, and his life is saved only because of her. What will he do with her, then?

Future King
Noble Mage/Princes

Light, focused on story, competition between brothers

A King challenge both his sons to win the heart of a specific woman
The King and his two sons were on their way to the Debutante ball of the Archduke's daughter. They were ambushed and although far from defenseless, they would have been overrun if not for the help of a young priestess and her escorts. The King recognizes her as the archduke's daughter, but they part ways. He tells his sons that the throne will be given to the one of them who will win her heart.

For the world's magic, it would be based off this group game that never got off the ground. She would be a Light elemental. I would prefer for one of the brothers to be fire. The brothers would never interact in a sexual manner. No incest, no M/F/M scene. The brother relationship would be a normal, although competitive, relationship.

High Elf Ambassador
Posted on 05/09/2015 ██████████

D/s, needs male sub

An elf is sent in the Underdark to sign a treaty with the dark elves.
The high elf queen, ruling over the surface has grown tired of the feud with those living below. She is willing to acknowledge their sovereign as her equal, if all hostility ceases. It is, in fact, a plan to rebuild her armies and get rid of the Deep elf queen as soon as possible. To keep up appearances of wanting to keep the peace, she sends an Ambassador to the Underdark who is to live with them for a short while and get the a peace and commercial treaty signed. She's a quite capable sorceress, intelligent and with quick wits, able to face the dark queen.

Upon her arrival, my character is treated decently, and given the quarters of a matron who fell during one of the skirmishes with the High Elves. Along with the quarters, she is given the service of the slaves that the Matron owned. A human cook, captured from the surface, some half-breed with something monstrous that takes care of the garden, and three male deep elf, all perfect example of subservience. She is, however, vehemently against slavery even if she can convince herself that this is a temporary situation, that as soon as the treaty is signed she is to return to the surface. But one of the males catches her eye... Can she convince him to come to the surface with her?

Stranger In A Strange Land
Human/Elf or Elf/elf
Possible Wheel of Time or Lord of the Rings
Story-focused, Culture clash, romance.

A human from a modern world finds herself pulled into a fantasy world
She has no clue how that happened. One minute she's sitting there reading a book, the next she is in the book. She wasn't far along, not far enough to know about the content of the book, just barely enough to know that she is in the book. With her in the story, the fate of the world changes.

He's a native, he's an elf. She appears during a chapter about the elves and so she is in the middle of the elven village, lost. She doesn't know the language, barely knows where she is. At first, he doesn't believe her. No one does. As they spend time together, not only does he begins to believe her, but the attraction between them is growing more and more irresistible. Romance is in the air.

The Impostor
Posted on 03/17/2016 ██████████


An case of mistaken identity
She's 19 years old. She is a destitute child who has been raised to be a proper lady by nuns. Only, once she was an adult, she set out to discover the world. The world, however, was a harsh place and she spent the better part of the last year struggling to survive. That is when she stumbles upon a carriage that has been abandoned, or at least from afar, it looks like it. As she comes closer, she notices signs of foul play.  The people inside have been assassinated. Their valuables already looted. There is a woman among them and she discovers that the woman is about her size and height, and all of her belongings that had no value - toiletries, clothes, boots - have been left behind. Bundling it all up, she head to the nearest pond and bathes herself, then dresses herself in one of the fancy dresses.

She was finishing braiding her hair that had not been so clean in months when she heard footsteps. Someone called a name. Princess Elwyn. And she feel filled with a sense of dread. The nun's monastery was on the kingdom of Princess Elwyn's father, but this was one or two kingdoms away... Would the man think that she had something to do with the deaths! Or at the very least that she was one of the looters which was true. There are four armored men and one of them spot her, mistakes her for Elwyn. Faced with the choice of being taken for thievery and mistakenly accused of Elwyn's murder or trying to pass for the princess for as long as she could before escaping, she decide for the latter.

Only, when she joins with the armed escort, she learns that she is late for her own wedding.

The King's Ward
Princess Ward/King

Light, romantic, possible age gap (up to 15 years), open

The ward of a King is coming of age, and he has a promise to fulfill.
She was 12 when he retaliated and killed her father. He conquered her kingdom and made it a province of his own kingdom. The orphaned girl was rebellious and spiteful, but the 20 year old new king made her a promise. When she would reach 18 years old, he would take her for his wife and she would become queen as is her birthright. Until then, he had no time to deal with tantrums, and so he sent her away to be raised and taught by nuns.

6 years later, she receives a summon. It's the first words she hears from the king in spite of many letters from her asking to visit home. The summon is for her wedding to the King, which she can refuse but then she would also refuse the throne that he is offering to her. She is pissed, scared out of her wits that he wouldn't like her, but she complies. The morning of her leaving, a nun comes to her with a pile of letters, half of them are her own, the other half are from the king. The man she trusted most, the royal knight assigned to her for protection as failed his role as messenger, and withheld messages from both sides.

In the carriage, she reads the King's letters. What did he write to the ward whom, as far as he knows, is still giving him the silent treatment six years after he slain her father in a fair and just duel?

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« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2014, 02:52:45 AM »
Alternate Earth, history. Do not expect 100% accuracy from me

The Traveler's Daughter
Posted on 05/09/2015 █████████
Children of the Earth AU
Vanilla, virginity, exploration

A father and daughter seek shelter with a clan, but the pure daughter catches the attention of a shy flintknapper.
Your characters is member of a clan. He has grown up in that clan, and now that he's a grown man, there are pressures for him to take a concubine, but none in the clan are acceptable to him. He is also not very confident wiht women.

In comes a traveling pair: a father and his daughter. They are from a clan that lived several miles upriver. Their clan was raided and destroyed, and they are the only survivors. They have traveled for months trying to find another clan. The father is a skilled flintknapper, but it's the daughter that catches the attention. They have been on the road so long, just the two of them, that she has past the age of being made a woman. The father refused to do the deed himself for decency's sake. He's looking for his daughter's first man.

The daughter is beautiful, she is smart, and she's a skilled seamstress. She has all the body features of a woman made for motherhood. More than anything, she catches your character's eye, but the father made it rather obvious that he intends to keep on traveling, and his daughter with him. Could your character convince her to stay and take him as mate?

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Low Fantasy
« Reply #4 on: November 21, 2014, 02:52:05 PM »
Low Fantasy
Medieval, little to no magic

Captive of Cavaros

Kinks open

A prince is captured by a rival King. The rival requires that his daughter seduce the prince to force an alliance.
She is eighteen, daughter to the King of Cravaros. The King is a tyrant to his people, and it has been this way for generations before him. The men are worked hard until their back or their hands no longer worked. The women are covered from head to does under layers of clothes that conceal their curves and everything else but their eyes. She is an only child, and thus the weight of giving the kingdom a suitable heir to the throne is upon her shoulder.

There are rumors of unrest near the borders of Galena; the smaller villages there have been begging for the just king of Galena to save them and rid them of the tyrant. Hearing about this, the king of Cravaros contacts him for a meeting, to sign a treaty of peace between their kingdom. Galena is bigger, stronger, but their metal is weaker. Cravaros is smaller, with a smaller army, but with better metal and a lot of income from it, the armies almost balance out. One would need insider knowledge of the other army's weakness to win the coming war. The king of Cravaros is hoping to gain just that. The meeting is set at the border: the king's advisers will meet and talk terms. Galena sends the crown prince with a guard. Cravaros' king is treacherous and sends in a whole fist of his men to capture the adviser.

It's only once the adviser is brought in the fortress and thrown into the dungeon that the king realizes who he has captured. He requests from her daughter to seduce the man, so that he be bound by his own code of honor to marry her. All the prince knows of this is that his conditions in the dungeon have worsened. Meals have become scarce, water is dubiously clean, and then this woman hidden under layers of clothes appears like a savior. Only, while she is doing her father's bidding, she has her own agenda: taking her own father down. She is part of the resistance.


Dubious con, female slavery, romance

A woman is taken to another world and forced to comply, but compliance isn't in her nature and she proves the king wrong on so many levels...
She's living on Earth, modern day, almost done with her college degree to become a nurse. One night during a coffee run, she disappears and is never to be seen again. She wakes up in a different world, one that has no knowledge of electricity, or medicine, or technology. Women are born to be owned and taken care of my men, it isn't slavery in their eyes but she sees things otherwise. They aren't taught to read or write and know just enough counting to buy food at the market. These people are so rooted in their ways that when she comes in claiming knowing to read, write, and count better than the kingdom's most advanced scholars, it is dismissed as impossible because women can't do that.

The King has prayed to the Gods for her. He was asking for a wife and the Gods have given him the choice between half a dozen women. With her, he got more than he bargained for. He's had women to his beck and call all his life, but something was missing. Always, they obeyed because of his rank and gender, but he longs for something else. He wants to be appreciated for who he is and, dare he hopes, loved. Now he prayed for the perfect wife, but this Earthling is defying him, making foolish claims...  But when he hears her read aloud, he begins to wonder if there was a truth to her words? Perhaps he did get exactly what he asked for?


D/s, male dominant needed

He needs a nanny for his kids, but she's too beautiful a person to keep as a slave.
General of an army, he is on his way home when he receives news that his wife, for whom he felt no love, has died. His children need a nanny to raise them, and tend to them. Slavery has yet to be abolished where he is when he learns the news, and so he goes to a slave auction with the intention of buying a nanny for his kids, and then freeing the woman so that she becomes a legal employee rather than a slave.

When he sees her, he knows that he must have her. She's beautiful enough to make his heart race, she's qualified beyond what he expected if the hawker is to be believed, and she is gentle-mannered just like he loves women - not like his opinionated, self-centered late wife - so he buys her, but keeping his hands to himself will prove to be a challenge...

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Realistic stories, happening in a modern world

Hermit's Payment

Dubious con, rough sex, toys, possibly extreme, needs dominant male

He's a deviant, he saved her life, he demands payment.
She wakes up naked, but covered with a thick blanket. When she tries to move, she discovers that she's tied spread-eagle to a bed, and there's something hard that's been pushed deep between her legs and is held there somehow. A man comes in, and lay things down for her. They are pretty grim. Her friends are dead in the cold, and he's moved them so they would never be found (could be a lie). The way back to town is under a lot of snow and won't be cleared for weeks. If she intends to eat, she'll have to give him something in payment. Since she has nothing more than her body... It'll have do to.

Lost Memory
Posted on 03/22/2015 ██████████

Light, rough sex

A maintenance guy taking revenge on a rich heiress who has been a bitch to him[justify
He has a small business, it's good enough to afford him a comfortable life. He works in the home of some rich celebrity as a repairman or a gardener. Simple, happy life... Until now. He messed up. He is in this star's home, a woman notable for being single and dating rather important men, and he made the mistake of watching in on her as she showered and changed. She got everything on camera and threaten to ruin his life for intruding on her privacy this way. If she gets the word out, his business is over; no one will trust him into their home, their private place without paparazzi.

He decides that he wants to talk things out with her, but the bitch just doesn't want to hear a thing. So when she leaves him in the parking, with the recording on a flash drive, he goes after her and witnesses a big car accident. Being a decent human being, he goes to her rescue and he is mistaken for her boyfriend/husband at the hospital. He is in on everything that's wrong with her. Basically, she has a head trauma, and has lost much of her memories. Including the whole incident with him going peeping Tom on her. He could let it lie, right?

He decides to take her, keep the charade as being her boyfriend. He has a cabin by a lake, somewhere secluded where she could recover. The doctor advise for familiar, quiet surroundings to help with her memory, but he wants to teach her a lesson. He wants to show her what it is to live like a normal person. How to clean on her own, cook on her own, to shop for groceries on her own. The cabin keeps her away from eyes that would recognize her... and unfamiliar surroundings might help that she never remembers what he did. As she learns who he created her to be, she believes that he was her boyfriend and look into him to find what made her love him, only to really fall in love with him. So what happens when she does remember?

Syndicate's Daughter
Posted on 03/01/2016 █████████


A Syndicate boss' daughter has turned on him. Now the Marshall needs to protect her until the trial
She's been surrounded by criminals all of her life, but her mother kept her sheltered from most of it. something happened to her mother, an "accident" that she knows wasn't accidental at all, and her father is very confident that he has paid all the right people the right price so that the whole incident would go away and he would be the grieving husband, rather than the murderous one.

Sick of it all, the  19 year old daughter decides to take matters into her own hands. A Marshall approached her a month ago, just before her mother was killed. He told her that if she ever wanted a new life away from it all, all she had to do was to accept to testify against her father and his men. She played it smart. All the money that her father had given her when she turned eighteen - a very substantial amount - had been transferred into an account out of her father and of the authorities' reach, she had packed wisely, and then called the Marshall to pick her up at a public location. She had a notebook filled with observations about her father's dealings. Who he was talking to, who she saw him silp a money envelope to... For the Marshal, this is a boon of information that was a life-changer, but first he must keep her alive and safe...

Posted on 05/09/2015 ██████████

Very risky public sex

It's a sleepover. She needs help falling asleep.
They are invited at a party by her sister, who is playing matchmaker. During the party, unexpected icy rain has made driving home a deadly hazard. Most guests have to stay over for the night. In the middle of the night, when (almost) everyone is sleeping, he wakes up to hear her breathing funny, then he realizes that she's pleasuring herself, right there among all those other sleeping people. What does he do? Would he dare?

Sapphire Island

Sexual exploration, public sex, romance

A man guides an inexperienced woman on an hedonistic island, only to have a crush on her
She's wealthy, comes from money and made some great investments. She had a boyfriend who had heard of Sapphire island. The wait list to go there is long and by the time it's their turn, they are no longer together. He was her first, and the idea of going to the island terrifies her. She has little experience, and none of it was really all that interesting.

His family has owned the island for generations. Since it was turned into an hedonistic, very sinful resort where people can indulge in sex anywhere, anytime, the business has boomed. He's due for a two weeks vacation, but wants to spend it on the island, experience it as a guide to control service quality. When he spots her file where she admits having little experience and being open for experimentation, he decides to help her. When he sees her, the game changes: he wants her to experiment... on him.


Rough sex

Two spies of different agencies must work together to recover an important weapon.
Some WMD has been stolen from a country. A CIA agent has been sent to infiltrate the crew, but first he must get on the ship. What he didn't know was that there was already a spy among them from the country who lost the weapon. She's his ticket on board.  They both get a notice from their supervising officers with info regarding the other agency's spy.  They basically get the same order: work with them, but don't trust them... After their initial meeting only hours before getting on board, they decide that he'll try to pass for her boyfriend, and that means sharing her tiny, windowless bunk..

Stepfather's Son
Step brother/sister

Coercion, blackmail, risky sex

Caught doing something she shouldn't by her step-brother a young woman is blackmailed into giving sexual favors.
Her mom and his dad met through an online dating site. That they lived on opposite sides of the country didn't matter. After a few meetings, the two adults decided to take it to the next level. They wanted to be together and thus, the two women packed their things and moved. College there had a better reputation and they both welcomed the change of scenery anyway. What the daughter didn't know was that the man's son, who is 2 or 3 years older than her would also live on the property, in the guest house in the back. He's instantly crazy about her.

He discovers quickly that when she thinks she's alone, she enjoys walking naked. She keeps a dress at hand so that if she needs to get dressed quick, she doesn't have to run to her room. He watches her, might even think that she's way out of his league (which she wouldn't believe herself to be) so he doesn't make a move on her. After an afternoon spending time together, he realizes that the chemistry is great, but he's firmly planted in the friendzone. Then the parents go out for a movie, she goes around naked. He comes in, she jumps on her dress, behaves as if she had not been naked only a moment before he could see her, but he know. He just knows that she's naked underneath. He presses against her back while she continues the dishes and whispers to her. He's got pics of her naked, all over the house, and if she doesn't do as he says, they will be plastered all over the net.

At first, she "suffers" him and his requests, but she comes to realize somehow that 1. he doesn't have naked pictures and 2. he really, really likes her. That's when she turns table on him.


Bondage, blindfold, toys, dubious con, in the forest

A boyfriend tricks a girl he's about to ditch into having sex with another man without her knowledge

Names are suggestions, for the sake of clarity.

Brendan and Jessica have been together for a few months. Their relationship is circling the drain. In an attempt to rekindle the heat, she agrees to her boyfriend's fantasy that he's been bugging her about ever since they started being steady. He wants her bound, blindfolded and his to do whatever for a whole day. He promises her pleasures, to fuck her brains out until she's exhausted. She's not really into the whole thing, but she'll do it for him. So they head to the cabin for privacy, and on Saturday morning, after breakfast, comes the nakedness and the bondage.

Brendan knows that Andrew(a brother or a best friend) has a major crush on her and that he's into the bondage thing. Brendan tells the guy that Andrew that he can go have some fun with Jessica, that she's fine with it, but he has to be discreet. Her challenge is to find out which of the two males has been using her body. Not believing his luck, Andrew goes to her. He believes that she's out of his league, that he doesn't have a chance and this is his only chance to be with her this way.

It's a lie. Jessica has never agreed to be touched by someone else. So when Andrew does things to her that her boyfriend dislikes or always refused (like oral sex perhaps?) she begins to see what's really happening. Does she stop it, is she too mortified to stop it, or is it so good that she doesn't say a word?

Twin Brother
Posted on 06/06/2015 ██████████

Story-focused, long-distance relationship, romance

A young woman loses her boyfriend just after meeting his twin brother for the first time, but slowly come to realize that the twin was the man for her, not the deceased one.
Background story:
She's 24, she's got her own catering company, she strong, independent, but kind and caring.  She's been going out with Twin #1 for a year.  He has lied to her. Because she is not white (she could be African American or Asian, I don't mind),  his parents would not accept her.  So he has lied to her, told her that his parents are dead and that he has no brother and sister.  They are in love, but something has changed everything, a little accident that means a little one could join the family. Twin #1 decides to come clean, to tell about why he has lied about his parents and he has a brother (and fails to mention that he's an identical twin). Upset, she asks him for a break and they set a date a week from now, to decide what's going to happen.  When she shows up, she's unaware that twin #2 is there and she witnesses him speaking on the phone saying that he's going to call the relationship off, that his girlfriend is not wife material.  She wants kids and that's a problem with him. Heartbroken, she flees from the restaurant, Twin #1 spots her, goes after, has an accident and dies. Twins #2 knows about the possible pregnancy and promises his brother that he'll take care of her, if she lets him.

The story we would play:
He's almost done with his assignment. They talk a bit over internet, and they get along great. His tour is over, he's coming home and asks her to promise to let him help and it's at their first meeting that she realizes that he's a twin, identical twin, and learning that he cannot father children, she also realizes that she carries the closest thing to a son/daughter that he'll ever have. As they spend time together, she realizes that if she had known Twin #2 before, she might have gone for him, rather than his brother...

I don't want this pregnancy to be a fetish. That he be all over her because she allows him to "play father" is fine. There will be no breastfeeding and the birth itself will not be roleplayed.

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Modern Fantasy
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Modern Fantasy
Werewolves, Vampires, Angels and Demons in a modern world

Body Snatcher

Light, Story focus

A soul finds a medium that can touch him, and request her help to recover his body
He was once a renowned demon hunter among the circle. A demon got the best of him, but it left them both in a pitiful state. The human is dying, and finds himself accepting a deal. For 5 years, the demon would have full possession of his body. In exchange, the demon hunter would be alive. 5 years passed, then 6, and then 7... and the demon isn't holding its part of the bargain. It has grown comfortable wearing the human's body like a glove. The demon hunter is stuck in the form of a soul, a ghost but one that cannot go over unless his body dies or the connection severed.

She is oblivious to her gifts. She's always felt different but could never figure what was out with her. She's a medium, she's hypersensitive to vibes. Only she was raised in a house where ghosts don't exist, and where mediums are frauds. So what happens when she goes at the library and runs into him as if he was corporeal rather than to do like everyone else and run through him like he wasn't there? She can touch him, hear him, see him. She's the first in almost 8 years...


Vanilla, Bondage, imprisonment

Bringing a rabid wolf back to a more human nature.
He's born a werewolf.  In his wolf shape, his emotional range is limited to the same emotions than the animal. After a severe emotional trauma he remained in his werewolf form for so long that he's forgotten what it is to be human. He remained under the radar for a long time, but he went off the rail and killed a human. So he was captured by a hunter, and put in a cage, in her basement.

Every day, she goes in with food and water, and talks to him.  She tells him her name and who she is. She tells him his name and why he is in the cage.  She tells him that once he learns to become human again, and live by human rules, then he'll be free. She's a hunter, but she's not indiscriminately killing his kind. She's an enforcer of sort, a woman who protect the secret by taking care of those who threaten it by whatever means possible, and right now, she's trying to save him.

Soon, her talk begins to drift, and she talks to him about her recent hunt, and he would see that having to kill one who betrayed the secret is troubling her. Perhaps the act of killing one he cared about accidentally is what triggered this self-preservation exile from the human world? The confession allows him to connect with her and recover his human form.  It could be a temporary thing, difficult to hold onto his humanity for long,  but eventually he would recover and be able to rejoin society.  By then, what will he feel toward her?

Bondage, dubious consent, imprisonment

A hunter is captured by a werewolf
Three nights a month, around the full moon, he cages himself so that he does not harm another human being. This morning, he woke up covered in blood, deer blood, and not in his cage. Confused, he goes to investigate but finds a woman there, instead. She's terrified of him, but he can see that there is not a scratch on her body. After inquiring if she's alright, if she was bitten (no sense in hiding, she knows what he is) he goes to release her, but realizes that he can't. She knows his secret, and she's responsible for freeing him the night before.

She's a hunter who's lost her fight against the werewolf. She has lost her mentor (who could be the werewolf) and lost her will to fight. Having a woman at hand, he decide to take advantage of her "availability" and though she is very apathetic in the beginning, as he comes to her for more she begins to "awaken"...

Enchanted Painting

Erotic dreams, romance, light

He has a crush on her, and buys a naked self-portrait that he hangs above his bed... and then the strange dreams about her begin.
She's a painter and he's always lingering in her gallery. He loves her painting and the few times they spoke led him to want to know more. He's even had a few dreams about her that didn't involve clothes, but did involve changing underwear when he woke up. That night, he went into the gallery with every intent of inviting her for a date, but he was distracted by a self-portrait of her, naked and decent, that she was hanging up to sell. He buys it, tries to find the courage to invite her, but fails. Frustrated with himself, he goes home, and puts the painting where she would be the last thing to see when he went to bed, and the first in the morning.

He goes to bed that night,  and he dreams that she is coming out of the painting. The dreams are lucid, both of them able to influence the dream and completely conscious of the dream, but not that the other person is also there for real. Since it's just a dream and that it has no consequences on the real world, things are said and done in the dream that neither would have dared in real life.

But what happens when one of them realizes that the dreams aren't just dreams?

Fallen Angel
Witch/fallen angel

Virginity, romance

An angel falls from grace to tip the balance in the favor of good, but his charge may have other intentions...
The Angels watched over humanity, aware of the good against evil battle that raged with humans as pawns. The outcome was already written, or at least there is a prophecy about it. A pure good witch would give birth to what the Angels considered to be an abomination: half human, half angel. The being would tilt the war in the favor of good. If a demon took her instead, it would mean the end of it all. For that to happen, the witch has to be found, and an angel must fall to become mortal and woo her. The demons were aware of such prophecy for a short time, and the human witches were being hunted, and used so that they would no longer be pure

Fallen Star
Posed on 01/05/2016 ██████████

Light, romance

He's fallen from the public eye, but he's looking for a specific woman...
10 years ago, he was THE thing. His albums hit the top of the charts, the movies that he starred in set record ticket sales. He had everything: women, money, a job that was his passion. He met a woman, one of countless others but whose face somehow stuck with him. He had spent a wonderful evening with her, slept with her and parted ways in the morning as the tour moved on to the next city. Everything was perfect, but she haunted his thoughts. Something happens, a plane crash, a car accident, something that leaves him with a nasty scar. Fame is fickle, the rumor mill relentless, and soon accusations are flying that he is somehow responsible, that he was stone or drunk when it happened. By the time that he is out of the hospital, people have moved on. Contracts aren't coming anymore and his heart isn't in it.

He decides to move away, and he thinks of her... He knew in which small suburban city she lived, and maybe if he could find her again. He buys an old mansion in a remote corner of the area with the intention of restoring it. Months go by, and he grows to live like a hermit focusing on the work on the house rather than on finding her; he has nothing but her first name and her face. Not much to go on. As time goes by, he grows bitter over what he has lost and what he can't have, but the work on the house is well on its way. He figures that if he can build things just fine, picking colors and flooring, and even furniture isn't is forte; he needs someone who knows interior design. Wait. Wasn't that what she said her job was?

She's a single mom with a one year old baby. She has never forgotten the night spent with him, night that led her to have a wonderful son. She has tried to reach him when she learned that she was pregnant, if only to let him know that he was going to be a father. She wasn't after his money or his fame; she felt a connection to him after spending an evening an a night with him. Money is tight, and her last contract's pay is almost spent when she receives a phone call. She thinks that she recognizes the voice, but dares not to hope. He requests a meeting to see what she can do for him, she agrees and thinks that there's some truth to the rumors that he has come to live here, but she dares not to believe it's because of her. If rumors are to be believed, he's secretly married, or a total drunk, or addicted to narcotics... None of which are true.

Maggie Goyle(OC)/Gryffindor teacher
Harry Potter OC Characters
Light, romance

A last year student is noticed by a teacher as a potential Aurore in spite of name.
Margaret Goyle was sorted by the hat in to Gryffindor several years ago. She was rejected by her family for not being Slytherin, and never fully accepted into Gryffindor in spite of the number of points that she brought to the house, and all the tutoring and the help that she provided too. If not for the famous trio stealing her thunder, she would have shone into the house. She didn't resent them, though. They accomplished great things. She's a kind and quiet soul, and all she wished was that her House would see her as one of their own.

He notices her, how brilliant she is and how gifted she is in his specialty. He decides to take her under his wing and he notices how she's grown into a beautiful young woman, while she is hopeful that he would notice it. It's against school regulations, it's unethical, but one thing leads to another...

Note: I don't mind if the male character is cannon. I'm open to Snape in spite of the age difference being rather big; maybe she reminds him of Lily. I wouldn't mind of we went for a set up that is before Harry's arrival or after the events of the books/movies. I just don't want to go Marauder era or too far off in the future.

Rabid Blutbad
OC Grimm/Nick Burkhardt
TV show Grimm (AU)
Light, Story-focused

There's a new grim in town.
Nick's relationship with Juliet is over. Her being a Hexenbiest has killed what was left of their relationship. Nick has since given into the urge to work and be a Grimm, he has no life anymore.

Saskia Von Firsch is a grimm. She is young, but she has been trained to be a Grimm since she was a child. She's not unbeatable, of course, but she is a very good fighter with solid instincts. However, as she hunted a Blutbad that had gone  cannibal, she came across someone who didn't want her in Portland: Adalind. Saskia tumbles into the spice shop, poisoned. Asks Rosalie and Munroe for help. They see she's a grimm, but she faints. They call Nick...

Saving St. Thomas
Vampire/Human cop

Bondage, virginity, story-focused

A vampire and a cop team up together to stop a terror plan to destroy the people of an island.
Names below are suggestions and can be changed.

Year 2000, an 18 years old man(let’s call him Joshua) meet with a woman and in the space of an evening, falls in love with her. She looks like she’s 17. She’s quite forward with him and is unfaithful to her boyfriend with him. Before she leaves, she tells Joshua to forget her face and not look for her, using a form of compulsion.

Her boyfriend(Let’s call him Hugo), much older than her in appearance, gives her a ride to their hotel room. They’re strangers in a small town that covers a whole island. During the ride, he makes a scene and crashes the car. Kate’s body was never found. The man is in a coma in the hospital. A few hours into the night, he disappears.

Year 2015, Joshua is 33, a cop like his father before him and still lives in the small town and is the sheriff there. Kate shows up, still looking 17. Something pulls at his memory. It’s a festival of some kind and Kate sees Josh somewhere in the crowd. She realizes that she’s been in love with him from day one, but 14 years later, she hasn’t aged a day. He certainly has and has grown into his looks.

Posted on 05/09/2015 ██████████

Light, probably a fair bit smutty, romance

A man who has never had the sense of touch experiences it for the first time with her.
How difficult is it to live with only four of the five senses? Whether you ask someone who is blind or deaf, they will simply tell you that you have to adapt, that other senses make up for it. What if the sense that one couldn't have was to feel. Never feel the cold or the warmth, the touch of a loved one or the toe that just met with a corner without warning?

She's half-angel, half-human. She as a high durability, a strength that is above average but nothing worth notice. She also seem to have an aura about her that puts people at peace. She works in an old folk's home, making their lives more comfortable in the last stretch as their nurse. He is there to visit grandma, and as the nurse passes by, she puts a hand on his shoulder and he can feel her warmth through his shirt...

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The world has gone down the drain. Struggle for survival is an every day thing.

Demon Slave
Slave human/Master Demon

Poss. Extreme. Monsters, weird cocks, multiple cocks/partners, etc.

A woman become a lust demon's slave tasked with feeding him with her pleasure, but he doesn't have to be the one to do the deed...
Someone, somewhere, toyed with something dangerous and opened a doorway between our world and another dimension. Demons came pouring in, having found what they consider has paradise. They have overpowered the human race through sins and temptations. Now, humankind is enslaved, with no hope to turn the tide.

She has escaped capture for a while but it only delayed the inevitable. When she is caught by the slaver, she learns that she fits a special request from the Greater Demon that rules over the territory (body size, body shape, hair color, virginity, whatever we decide) and so she go belong to him. He's a shapeshifting lust demon. He can take the form of what his victim desires most, but can change at will. He makes one thing clear to her: he feeds off her sexual pleasure, and he doesn't need to be the one providing.

What I am seeking for this story is to explore sex with strange creatures (imp, demons) and strange body shapes (strange cocks, a pair of cock on one individual, an extra set of arms, tail, etc.) but also to build a relationship with a demon that feels love for the first time and doesn't know how to deal with it. His glorified sex toy, which  he takes pleasure feeding off of by passing himself as other demons, is growing on him. So when he comes to her with the intent of taking the form that she desires most and he finds out that it is his natural form... how will he deal with it?

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Science Fiction
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Space, Aliens, the works.

Almost Human
Posted on 05/09/2015 ██████████
Human/Humanoid Alien

Romance, light

Their respective species don't see mixed-species couple with a good eye, but he bonded with her...
Long ago, his species was discovered hiding among humans. It caused a huge fuss, with claims that they aimed to colonize, to overthrow, to claim Earth as their own. The truth was that all they wanted was somewhere to survive. Through their scientist, they helped humanity make giant leaps. Sickness no longer exist, famine is all but gone, and the wars are all that's left to control the population and that was beyond their power to solve. Still, the humans being what they are, they put the aliens that they found in militarized ghettos, for their protections as much as the humans' or so they told everyone to make themselves feel better about it.

The leaders of one particular country (we decide which) has decided to stop segregating the aliens and reintroduce them into the human society, giving them back their dignity. He has known life outside the ghettos only for a few years when he was a kid, maybe until the age of 5? During those years, he has bonded the way his species bonds with mates with the human girl living next door. I see it as a bond that would be a deep sense of belonging, a urge him to protect her, to care for her, to be there for her when she needs him. A life mate of sorts. During nearly fifteen years, he's lived prisoner in a ghetto, feeling every heartbreak, every severe injuries, every time she needed him and he wasn't there to help her. She's oblivious to his bonding to her, but she knows that it exists in his species.

Now he's set free to return in the world and he set out looking for her. He's aware that being human makes her less than ideal compared of a woman of his own species, but the bonding happens once and it happened to have been her. Now, he has to convince her that he's the right guy...

He is a She!

Teasing, possible MFM

Everything made it seem like the navigator he hired was a young man, until she removed her coat.
While Cameron was rather average at most task, being a pilot was nothing short of genius. After turning in an application on a ship that had the reputation of not accepting women and being accepted, Cameron was ecstatic. Wearing form-concealing clothes, Cameron boarded the ship, got the ship off planet and into the black, then the visit of the ship happened. She understood her mistake then: Only one bedroom with six bunk beds and no privacy, one large shower room with no stalls. The ship just isn't geared for a mix-gender crew. So when she removes her puffy coat and her curves become obvious...

To Boldly Go...
Betazoid OC/Spock
Star Trek (Cross series)
Romance, open

She's a full empath, a pure blood Betazoid, and she can tell that he has not purged all emotions.
He's supposed to have purged all emotions but he didn't. She is fascinated by him, the first Vulcan that she meets. She's an empath and a telepath, strong with both. While they have to work on a problem together - him all logical and her more instincts and emotions - they come across some sensitive issues for him (destruction Vulcan, losing his mother, Kahn, losing Uhura, etc.) and they grow close until...

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Superheroes & Villains
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Superheroes & Villains
Vigilantes, Villains and humans with mutant powers.

OC Heroine/Batman
Nolanverse Batman
Light or bondage

Batman finds an unlikely ally in a quiet, withdrawn woman
She was adopted as a child by an sworn enemy of the league of shadows. She was raised among them and thought the same tools and tricks that Bruce Wayne learned, but she was trained to do good, not to exact justice. There's a rumor that the vigilante in Gotham might be a disciple of the league of Shadows, and so she is sent there to confront him. As she does so, she will realize that Batman tries to help justice, not become it. After she reports, something holds her back in Gotham. Batman bit more than he could chew alone, perhaps?

Hero Cop
Posted on 12/8/2015 █████████
Human/Mutant cop
Could be Heroes, or original
Light, story-focused

Telepath cop falls for a woman after rescuing her from an abusive husband
His love life has had it's ups and it's downs lately, mostly its downs. Being plagued with telepathy had him learn that he had a cheating wife, that the girlfriend that came after wasn't entirely straight with him, and that his wife to whom he was giving a second chance, was getting bored again and considering straying. He's beginning to lose faith in his worth, in being loved. He's a cop, a detective. Reading minds can be quite handy when interrogating a suspect.

He's at the station, filing paperwork when a woman enters. He catches on quickly on two things. First, she is here for her husband and second that she's being abused by the bastard who's also a cop. Being the good guy that he is, he immediately digs in her mind while he goes to her. In her mind, he sees that she's here to trick her husband into thinking the millage done on the car today was to come see him, not because she has gone to a lawyer to get divorce papers written, and that what spurred the decision was that her husband almost strangled her to death, days ago. He has to do something for her, so while she waits for her husband, he strikes a conversation.

The Mirror
Heroes TV Show
Bondage. maybe dubious consent

She's a mirror, he cannot harm her with any of his gifts. Can he figure out a way to learn what she does?
Sylar's need to feel special is now fulfilled by his doing good and helping people. Being walled into his own mind by Matt Parker has finally helped him see the wrong of his ways. He works with Noah Bennett to gather the gifted people against the Petrelli patriarch so that they can take the threat that he represents down. In doing so, they find Jane and seek her out to join her cause. She would be a key element of their plan as powers appear to be ineffective on her. As he studies her file, Sylar realizes that he knows her. She's been a key element of a rather humiliating event of his high school years.

He had a crush on her, and believed she had a crush on him. When she agreed on a date, he thought she was sincere. It turned out that the group that just loved to make fun of him was there too and she didn't appear to surprised. The anger wells in him, but he keeps it under wraps as he knows Noah would rather take him down than to have him go rogue again.

When Jane nears the door and senses that the two men on the other side of the door have powers (she mistakes it for both of them, when in fact they are all sylar's) She opens the door and asks them to go away. When she recognizes the man she has known as Gabriel Gray, she tries to close the door. Sylar tries to take over, but not only is she immune to his powers, but she can throw every single one of them at him... When Noah realizes there's more to it than just Jane being scared, he moves out of the way and let the two powerful beings face one another...

The Other Guy
Black Widow/Hulk
Avengers AU
Most likely a short story/One shot
They tracked him down, but she volunteered to go and meet him to convince him to come back.
The Avengers need to reunite. The Frost giants have found a way to Earth and threaten to cause another ice age with a newly designed weapon. Loki having almost destroyed their planet, they need somewhere else to live. Romanov is sent to find Banner again, and bring him to the ship, but this time he's a bit more resistant to her tactics, so she goes for the honest route: she missed him... And he hasn't been with a woman in years, too afraid he might lose it and the "other guy" come forward. Natasha has seen the "other guy" and even worked with him so while she's wary, she wouldn't let her fear stop her.

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Re: Seeking Male Characters [20+ ideas, sorted by genre]
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Ideas currently being played

~~~  The Alpha & The Pup ~ Taken by Elf ~~~
The Alpha & The Pup
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Fandom: Original
Pairing: Alpha werewolf/Newly turned
Smut: Normal
Kinks: D/s, Open
Blurb: A woman Alpha bites a random stranger and brings him home to teach him, but there is more to it.
~~~  Click for Scenario #1  ~~~
She is an exception among her kind, a child that has been prophesied. All of the others are male, making her a prized possession in the pack, but also one that is very much wanted for mate. She longs for something normal. Being a werewolf was not a choice, she is born this way. One night, as the animal took over, she hunted and bit a man who had chosen to do his jogging late. When he wakes up in her home, she has to tell him what happened, and what will become of him. She's wrecked with guilt, but they soon discover that what drove her to bite him is more than just the animal hunting; it was the animal picking its perfect mate.

~~~ Lost Spark ~ Taken by Arkhos ~~~
Lost Spark
Genre: Superhero
Fandom: Thor
Pairing: Sif/Thor
Smut: Low to Normal
Kinks: Open
Blurb: She was always there, right in front of him.
~~~  Click for Scenario #1  ~~~
Six months ago, Jane has died. Thor has literally lost his spark. Sif has been there for him all along, just like his other friends. Everyone knows why she's doing it, and Odin wishes that his son would finally realize what is right in front of him. Thor begins to emerge from grief, but he needs Sif's help to ignite the spark again.

~~~ Mysterious Writer ~ Taken by Countdown ~~~
Mysterious Writer
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Fandom: Original
Pairing: Shapeshifter/Human
Smut: Normal
Kinks: Open
Blurb: A mysterious neighbor turns out to be a known modern fantasy writer, but the stories she wrote are closer to home than expected.
~~~  Click for Scenario #1  ~~~
He inherited a beautiful house - that he would normally never be able to afford - from his estranged father. Able to work from home, he move into the house that is sufficiently far from everything to allow all the privacy that he needs. He's a city guy, and the house is deep in the woods, at the edge of a lake. So when he fails to start the fire in the hearth to warm up the house, he goes to his next door neighbor.

She moved there to be left in peace. She is not overly sociable, but his estrange father was her best friend. His loss leaves her terribly lonely. She is working on her third book, the first two were bestsellers. Unknown to her fan base, she is writing her life story. The story of the daughter of the Pride's leader, a werelion, who is banished for refusing the marry the man that her father has chosen for her. She was beaten almost to death and left for dead by the man. She is disfigured, half of her body is covered in claw marks and scratches that have healed but are still visible. In spite of it, when the newcomer comes to her to set up his fire, he finds her incredibly beautiful. Being so lonely, she makes herself available, more approachable, but her social skills  still are sub par and she is sometimes rash.

~~~ Rags to Riches ~ taken by Jinx ~~~
Riches To Rags To Riches
Genre: Modern or Modern Fantasy
Fandom: Original
Pairing: human/Human or Vampire/Human
Smut: Normal
Kinks: Open
Blurb: A man who has lost everything is given a second chance
~~~  Click for Scenario #1 : Human/Human ~~~
He had everything. Money, women, big cars, big penthouse. Everything. He  was majorly screwed over by his partner. He's now living on charity, in shelters, and finds himself having to step on his pride and beg for food and money. In hindsight, he sees what he missed to avoid the disaster. Drunk, he manages to get past the guards and into the condo building where his partner used to live. He barges in the ex-partner's condo, only to be greeted by the newly divorced ex. With the money that he made out of screwing him over, he left her  with his mistress. She pities the man that she knows by sight and name, and what's been done to him, and offers him to take the guest room to put his life back in order...

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Re: Seeking Male Characters [20+ ideas, sorted by genre]
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Put Caperon back in the available ideas.

New ideas: In the fandom section: Harry Potter idea and Children of the Earth idea.

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Re: Seeking Male Characters [40+ ideas, sorted by genre]
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Changed Demon Apocalypse.

Would only consider taking stories that are green or lime green in the craving meter. I could take one or two more stories.

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Re: Seeking Male Characters [40+ ideas, sorted by genre]
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Almost Human
High Elf Ambassador
The Traveler's Daughter


If looking to RP with me, try to go for the cravings with a green or lime green meter.
Thank you!

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Re: Seeking Male Characters [40+ ideas, sorted by genre]
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added Secluded Writer and Twin Soldier and very much craving both right now.

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Re: Seeking Male Characters [40+ ideas, sorted by genre]
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Added a group pairing, which I crave very much.

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Re: Seeking Male Characters [40+ ideas, sorted by genre]
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Added the Twin RP, still craving the group pairing a lot.

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Re: Aysande's RP Idea Repository (Sorted by Craving, LF M characters)
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Bump, with a few new stories. Please be sure to read my Ons & Offs as well as my post history to make sure that we are compatible!

Thank you.
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Re: Aysande's RP Idea Repository (Sorted by Craving, LF M characters)
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Bump! I need one to three solo story.

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Re: Aysande's RP Idea Repository (Sorted by Craving, LF M characters)
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Added a few idea as well as changed the format of the presentation.