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Author Topic: Stolen Hearts (FxFxF Love Triangle)  (Read 347 times)

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Offline PeachyPieTopic starter

Stolen Hearts (FxFxF Love Triangle)
« on: November 21, 2014, 01:15:17 AM »
Yes, I know. The title is terrible! But hopefully you'll like the idea and forgive me because of it.

I'm looking for two dominant females to play opposite my own character for a story of three bank robbers entangled in a passionate love triangle.

The leader of their outlaw trio is also the oldest and most experienced. She is the most patient and strategic of the three. She has a quiet, brooding strength, is very confident and deservedly so. She loves both of her partners equally, though she is more protective of the younger and least experienced (my character), while she sees the other girl more as a colleague and equal (close enough to an equal, anyways).

The second in command is much more brash, outwardly confident, but no less adept at her craft. She is much less patient, which is perhaps the biggest reason why she is not the one in charge of formulating the strategies for their heists. She is no less brilliant than her counterpart, however, and is their tech and munitions expert. She loves both of her partners equally, but occasionally loses her patience with the younger's incompetence and sometimes airheaded behaviour. She can be abusive towards the girl, mainly verbal, but only does this because she does, at heart, truly love her. She respects the leader as much as she loves her, but sometimes the two do butt heads as strong personalities often do.

My girl, the lowest on the food chain, is much less competent than the other two. She does, of course, have her uses. But the main reason they keep her around is because of their love for one another and the fact that most of their heists require at least three people. Trust and obedience are her biggest qualities. They know she can be trusted implicitly and will always heed their every command. Simple as those qualities might sound, they are both very hard to come by in their chosen profession, trust especially.

If anyone is interested in something like this, please send me a message and hopefully we can find a third person to join us. I would, however, be content to play this out with just me and one partner if not enough people are interested. 

Online Alias

Re: Stolen Hearts (FxFxF Love Triangle)
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2014, 11:41:56 AM »
This sounds wonderful. I would be willing to write the 1st or 2nd in command. The middle in the list is the most appealing though. What kind of freedom do I have when creating the character? I'm fine with anything, I just want to know if there's anything else about her that you had in mind, is she tall? Does she have an intimidating angular face; or a gentle carefree expression? etc.

Also, was I supposed to pm? loves,


Offline Ixy

Re: Stolen Hearts (FxFxF Love Triangle)
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2014, 07:16:28 PM »
I think this sounds like an excellent idea... I love the idea of the dynamic between the three of them, and the potential fireworks as mingling feelings and the pressure of the job build and become overwhelming.

Like Alias, I would be interested in writing either of the two characters.  I'm sure that there would be discussion in order to determine how we'd determine the outcomes of conflicts, and decisions about what to include/omit in order to keep the plot moving. 

If you have any specifications for either character regarding their physical appearance, background, etc, I'd be interested in putting together a draft.  I rather imagine the leader being someone who's been incarcerated at some point, whereas the second has not-- a testament to both her skill and her luck, and much dependent on lessons learned from the leader. 

Also, I'm not confident in my ability to write a convincing crime or action scene, since I'm not really the military/law type in reality :)  I'm more interested in the action as a dramatic, maybe Hollywood-ized event... do you see the heist being more of an "Ocean's Eleven" event with super-technology and unbelievably high payoff, or more of "The Wire" styled grit, tension, and character-driven drama? (My preference is for more of a gritty story, but not necessarily indulging in the absolute reality of a life of crime)

Thanks for posting this, and I hope to take part in future discussions.