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Author Topic: Write with me? Seeking Het or F// Updated 11/29 Writer gender Non-important  (Read 1299 times)

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Offline DrippingrubyTopic starter

Hello! Welcome to my cozy little piece of this site.

Currently: Looking!

I have these plots that I am interested in playing out.

I should mention that I am looking for a mix of smut and plot. About 60 smut/40 plot ratio at most. (Unless it's a short one ) If I spend a week ( with multiple posts ) role playing one or several erotica scenes with you, with no plot I will likely lose interest, or simply become mechanical. ( Ie: She moans, then releases. "That was amazing. God I loved it." The woman then passes out, satisfied. ) Please don't do this, when posting becomes a chore, I want to stop indulging myself in one of my favorite hobbies.

I am willing to play males, and don't care what your gender is. Check on O/O list in signature, you will get a feel for what I want. Telling you right now: I want gooey romance with hot sex scenes because the character love one another, not because they are horny.

Retirement isn't for Everyone Medieval Fantasy plot, older warrior is going mad.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Being a hero.... it's fantastic, it's an honor, it's glory, it's having a reputation for being the valiant. Being a hero- It's hell. Sure, the rewards are great, but so is the price. Bodies broken, spirits doused and minds spiral out of control. It's a painful existence that amounts to some people perhaps knowing your name. What happens when the hero finally gives up their mantle after saving the entire world from destruction? What happens 10 years later, when the hero is reduced to a mad-person with fears, loathing of themselves all but forgetting that they were even what could be considered a hero.

One of the hero's fans ( can be a member of their family, as well as a lot younger than them ) traveled a great deal to meet their hero. The journey was fraught with peril, but it would be all worth it- to meet them. When they meet though, the hero is not who they envisioned, having PTSD, fear or other metal problems from all the hardship on the journey. Disappointed, the fan hangs their head wishing to see the hero of legend they adore so much. This prompts the fan to make up an Earth shattering threat that is bound to destroy the world they bled for. Slowly the fan starts to bring back the Hero of old, only to discover that the threat they made up, wasn't too far off the mark, as a cataclysmic war was on the verge of breaking out over the land.

( This will focus on the pair trying to save the world. The way the fan get's them to start acting like themselves could be varied. Your character is entirely up to you, I don't mind playing the male or female, hero or fan in this. Please bring a few ideas for this rough skeleton, I want you to have some input. ^_^ )

Dormant deviant Subjective!
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Sleep is deep, inviting, warm and necessary. What happens when a person acts out their most vivid fantasies while asleep? And what happens when the other person can't even tell they are sound asleep? This can be modern, but I think I would like it more in a fantasy type situation where the pairing this happens to is a noble and a servant. Can be bestiality, incest adultery or more. Bring your ideas with this one.

My fondest wish Human x canine with a human mind
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It was just a crush, right? Then how come I cannot stop thinking about them? UGH. This isn't fair. Life is not fair. But, I'm smart enough to level the playing field... right? I can't stop thinking about them.. my brain is on fire... I need... I need them. I have a primal desire to just... take them. Then why don't I? Primal? Hmmm.... In theory, all I would have to do.... yes... Dog is a man's best friend.... why not? At least then I will get close to them. They will love me this way. And maybe.... just maybe... I'll be at peace.

The experiment was a massive success. The last week was- amazing. Table scraps, pets, tummy rubs, but the feelings still burned inside. They raged now more than ever and a primal side was taking over. They would have their 'master', one way or another. A nose in the correct spot, a lick here or there, until they were both aroused.... yeah- That'll do it.

Inspiration is everywhere Modern or medieval Muse x artist
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A muse with so much power that they have been known to kill their host artists once they leave finds themselves so enamored with a new talent that they lie awake sometimes thinking about them. Faced with a decision to show themselves to the talent, or remain in the shadows and watch from a distance, they are bold. Approaching the talent, keeping their real nature hidden, the muse seduces them. After some time of bliss, the artist ( now popular ) decides they have outgrown their lover. Completely in love now, and slightly hurt the muse will do anything not to leave the artist for fear that they will die from despondence, including whatever they will say, or locking them up in a room to spend the rest of their days as the muse's only toy.

Some legends never die Fantasy heavy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It has been 50 years since the great hero of the Planes War died. The world learned to go on without a hero in their midst, none matching up to them, though many have tried. The world might have kept spinning without them, but the hero's world seemed at a stand still. Being able to watch the events of the world without effecting them was not all it was cracked up to be, and the people that were left behind were suffering. The soul cried out for help, for years, ironically the hero who helped so many could find no help of their own. Until one day the spirit gave up. It was a few years after that heartbreaking moment, the ghost wandering aimlessly stumbled upon a young adventurer who couldn't seem to get anything right. They were laughed at several times in their youth, now barely an adult failing at ever quest they try to take on. Until a cynical spirit crosses their path. Recognizing the spirit as the great valiant hero, a plan hatches in the youth, get the spirit to impart the knowledge of their wisdom to them, the spirit seeing this at first as a way to be a small part of the world, until the youth tells them of an old resurrection spell. The two use one another from that day forward to go through life- at least until the hero can part ways. Slowly, they would fall in love, each of them exploring different parts of their strange attractions as best they can. Love sometimes has to get creative, at least until they can finally get their hands on one another.

All parts of your character are up to you, and I honestly don't care which part I play in this. Feel free to bring your own thoughts and ideas. ^_^

A willing participant Short plot, 90 percent smut, Beast/Furry Fantasy
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It had been years since the small town of Torei has been met with a peaceful night. Once the sun falls, it's easy to see why. The creature of the night had found that this small town is an enjoyable place for them. It's quiet, beautifully tucked in a mountain side, with plenty of humans and livestock to eat and scare. There was entertainment, merriment and joy when they invaded the town at night. A young adventurer who is determined to make a name for themselves had caught wind of the plight, and made their way into the town. They offer their assistance to the town chieftain, who thinks the only way to appease the beast is to sacrifice someone to it. They will offer the monster a gift of a person, the young adventurer offers to be that sacrifice. They had a plan to kill the beast, the disgusting monster by being taken back to it's lair. Once there, however, it is revealed that the beast only wishes to not be so alone. All they wanted was to feel something, telling the adventurer that they are to be mates.

The young adventurer had found that in all their life, which wasn't so long, they had always been sexually interested in monsters. Their favorite kind just happens to be the very one before them. The decision was easy, to give into temptation, because after all, you can always kill them later, right?
( The beast can be any manner of monster, Werewolf, Dragon, anything that is not human, elf, dwarf and so on. I will play either role, either gender or f// for this one, Possibly even Futa. The story ends when the beast dies, or the adventurer can no long life without the touch of the beast. This can be the beast taking the human as a slave.)

Inheritance isn't always amazing Modern or medieval times. Light non-con ( girl starts craving it ), bestiality/furry
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A woman has gone through life within a rich family- though she longed to distance herself from her strange father- she had refused to take any handouts after a certain age. Once she was an adult, she moved out of her home, to live on her own, not so much as even calling her father. It wasn't long until after that she got word of her father's passing. She went to the funeral, out of respect, but was called into a reading of the will.

She was left everything, the large estate, vast amounts of money and a property he bought not too long ago. It was a zoo. Upon exploring the seemingly abandoned zoo, she finds a handful of animals now neglected in the last week they were left unfed. Or were they? Her father was a scientist ( wizard in medieval times ) that used the animals to experiment on. He made them smarter, more human capable of taking care of themselves. ( They can be anthropomorphic if desired ) The only problem was they were all males, their baser instincts getting the best of at least some of them when seeing her. After a while trapped in the Zoo by these animals, she found herself growing fond of them, even if some of them were taking out their frustration for her father on her. It's not long until she is free to go as they are satisfied she will come back, and she does, frequently. Sometimes, with new stray animals, exotic or otherwise.

But how long can she keep her slice of heaven secret from the government, or people that would exploit them? 
( I would want to be the girl in this, or at least a human girlfriend that he brings to the zoo for the animals to share. Will double or triple if need be. OR there can be just one monster/furry/animal if you so wish )

Band of royal men Royal x ruffian ( would love f// )
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There has been a group of men around the kingdom hell bent on making their presence known. It seems that they aren't committing horrible crimes, by any stretch, but they do steal, and get drunk, a lot. This group keeps their faces covered as they go about their business, and seem mostly harmless to the outsiders of the group.

Inside however is a different story. The group is made up of men within the royal court, and they are lead by the middle Prince(ss) of the kingdom. They are leading a double life, and usually when outsiders want to join their group, they decline.... but there are exceptions to every rule... and this was one of those times. The prince(ss) ignored the concerns of the others in the group, and admitted a new member, purely selfishly. Attraction happens immediately, and as a prince(ss) whose used to instant gratification, they prospect of not getting what they want, only makes them want it more. 

A Royal Affair Royal cuckolding
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The two kingdoms boarding one another have had strained relations for the past 20 years. A war of the last ruler ravaged their lands but was ended 6 years ago when the King passed away, and finally, his son took over. The two kings of these nations, in order to bring peace upon their lands, met one spring day and discussed the situation, and how to remedy it. They quickly came to a consensus, their Respective Prince, and Princess would marry, uniting the kingdom's people in a joyful marriage. This would show that the new king is working very hard to repair the damage done.

That was not all, the Prince and Princess talked during this meeting, and it was agreed that as a marriage gift, one of the best butlers/maids would be traveling with the Princess, to live with the married couple. This maid or butler is a villain, trying to seduce the young Prince(ss) in order to send the kingdoms into chaos.

(Lots of ways this could go! )

Meant to be? Orphaned prince(ss) x Hero
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Once there was a 10-year-old prince(ss). This Prince(ss) had befallen a horrible event, his/her parents were murder right in front of them. (S)he lost some memories, as the event was traumatic. Lost and presumed dead by the kingdom (s)he wanders the streets begging for scraps of food. A kind 10-year-old orphan boy/girl feels sorry for the Prince(ss) whom (s)he has no idea the real identity of. (S)he befriends the Prince(ss), and everything is fine for a few years. They become really great friends, maybe with crushes on one another. (S)he begins to have terrible night terrors, and the boy/girl leaves the Prince(ss) with a nice family who plans to care for them. (S)he leaves, trying to solve the Prince(ss)' problem, and comes back 10 years later. Coming back to the woman/man, their absence made the heart grow fonder.  (S)he finds out that the prince(ss) is promised to a man/woman of great wealth, but horrible temper. OR (S)he can come back to the Prince(ss) being held captive by an evil man/woman. OR (S)he could come back to the prince(ss) being dead, and a witch/warlock uses magic to look like them, in order to fool the man/woman who is now a hero. OR the prince(ss) could have forgotten all about them, but somehow knows their face, memory loss had gotten worse in the last 10 years. OR (S)he comes back with a cure, and then they must go on a quest to reclaim the prince(ss)' throne. Or... a crap ton of other things. Plot with me, this is just a starter.

Tainted Love Detective x Accused murderer
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One character is a detective, and the other is a suspect in the murder of a high-profile target. The suspect was found covered in the blood of the deceased, but swears they didn't do it. The detective trusts their gut and tries to clear the accused of all charges. The accused eventually seduces the detective. It's not clear to anyone if the accused actually had committed the crime, and the detective slowly falls into madness while trying to clear the accused of the charges.

OKAY! So I had someone that wanted this one, I wrote an opening post and....nothing. So here is an opening post, If you'd like to respond to it, by all means PM me and say so!
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The night was long, in this unique land for Rachel Kahn. The daughter of a wealthy man back east, and her English mother, who in her mind had unfortunately split up. She was looked down upon in both cultures, for the simple fact that her parents couldn't make it work, but then she suspected that since she was born 8 and a half months after the date of their wedding, they may have been forced into it. Traveling all day, and for the last few months by boat, the woman was more than exhausted. She could not wait to simply get to the estate of her mother. Not that she would get there before the first light of day- which would grieve the mother who had not seen her daughter since she was 12, missing out on just shy of half her life. Her world went black that night, as she suspected did the rest of the world. She would not remember

Orange eyes stared down at the brick streets of London. It was a dark alleyway, the crimson that ran hot oozed in the cracks of the dank bricks. Inching forward towards her pink boots. Her lower lip was quivering, her hand which held tightly around something ached more than she ever thought it could have. After a moment, she felt a warmth slide down her arching hand, which held tighter on the object, forcing cool metal into her hand. Her breath was shown in the brisk foggy London morning. When the smoke cleared her nearly glowing iris', she finally was able to figure out what she was looking at. The thought forced her empty stomach to churn. Rachel quivered from top to bottom, her feet moving backwards one slow step at a time, forcing a thumping sound to echo in the alleyway, just as dawn broke.

The sun seemed to spotlight the alleyway around her, the world beyond that fell away to the young, taller woman. Her hands shook as she raised them, the knife fell the moment she figured out that there was blood on her. It was worse when she realized the only blood on her that was her own was from the knife, soaked in it. The blade had been in her hand, however, not the handle. Her dress speckled in blood, the pink frills of her sleeves almost soaked in the crimson which would dry into a dingy rust color. The sounds she made, that of confusion and shock. She was breaking down, mentally. Her eyes, widened in fear made their way back up to the body which was drained surely by now, of all it's blood. She gulped, licking her lips and unfortunately, getting a metallic taste permeating her taste buds. She spat, more out of instinct than decorum, her father would have yelled had he seen the sight. Not of her hands covered in blood, noble well off families often had whole branches of their family trees stained in thick blood. It was the manners he wouldn't abide by. Her heart raced, her breath turned to panting. She was fading away. Rachel couldn't scream. She longed to, the sight too grizzly to take. Her body simply wouldn't allow it. The last thing she would recall from that scene would be the sight of the world around her spinning, her long raven locks seemingly covering her consciousness, as if they were banding together to soften her fall. She would still feel the effects of that blow for days, her head making a sickening crack sound against the bricks.

It wasn't until an hour past the people started their days that the scene was found. A sharp scream from a woman who thought she had saw an animal digging around the alleyway rang out through the spring morning air. The overcast keeping the lighting dim over the scene, thankfully a coat the body had been wearing covered for the most part the carnage. His guts having been pulled from his abs, stab wounds, and a massive gash that was seemingly explainable from the weapon that would be found, a simple chef's knife, letting the intestines of the poor man hang from his body. A crowd had gathered around the dead end alleyway, the children being ushered away by their mothers, or nursemaids. The women gasping with horror, and a few of the men asking if the woman face down in the alleyway was alright, as she didn't have a pool of blood around her, but there was some. They knew the man was done for, a few rats perched on his side that he hadn't been lying on. A street urchin boy had been paid to run to get the police, but none of the people dared to touch either of the bodies, knowing how the law would react to this affront to justice. They knew often that detectives could be more than a little condescending towards the 'little' people.   

On the Rocks Married couple affair/ horror
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This specific plot is about a couple, going to Louisiana in order to try to rekindle their marriage. The problem is the spot that was chosen to rekindle this marriage was a swamp ghost tour close to bourbon street, with the wife not knowing about it. She assumed they were going to be normal tourists. They are spending the first day doing a meet and greet with the other guests, then off to the tour, which turns out is actually haunted. They will have to survive the ghosts, but even if they can their marriage might not survive, based on what may have happened on this trip that wasn't supernatural.

My character would be either the Husband or Wife of the couple, your character would be anything you wanted them to be, really, as long as they have motivation to be there. This one is a failed role play that didn't get past the first post, so I DO HAVE an opening post. This can be mxf or F//, up to you. You can just go ahead and jump in with a response in pm to this opener if you want, just put 'Ghostly differences' in the title with the orientation you've chosen.
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Layla Jenkins found herself huffing as she rode down the elevator on the way to the lobby. She was alone with her husband, Tucker almost pleading with her through his glasses. "Come on babe!" He whined with his slightly deep voice. The man always had a way with her, though this time, her facial expression said she had enough. "You used to be into this kind of thing."

Her deeply brown eyes met his emerald ones, though they were barely shown through slight narrowing and a heavy, furrowed brow. The woman snapped at him, just as the elevator hit the lobby, and opened up. "How dare you! You blow our second chance at a honeymoon to wade through a smelly swamp instead of spending our time as young couples should, and fucking each others brains out?!" The elevator made a ding sound, just as she turned her head, her longer brown hair curled and hiding most of her embarrassment as she peeked behind it at a room full of strangers. Strangers she was apparently spending her weekend with, no less. The woman wanted to vomit. Her stomach churned in ways that only that certain dream- the one about going to school or work nude usually gave her. She heard a snicker come from the direction of her husband. She bolted her attention to him, biting her bottom lip in anger for a moment. "And now you're going to laugh?" She got out through clenched teeth in hushed tones. If she wasn't in front of a crowd, she would have probably stepped on his toes with her high heeled boots, which she packed for walking up and down bourbon street.

"Layla... I didn't laugh." The man recoiled as he spoke, before his eyes moved to the crowd, studying them. He noticed the elevator door closing. The man sprang forward, holding it open. "Just.... promise me you will make the most of this, yeah? We used to do this kind of stuff all the time. Look- they don't look so bad... right?" He motioned with his head, the woman finally walking out of the elevator. She flipped her hair at him, without saying a word. Tucker knew this move all too well. It was one she seemingly only used on him, and it meant he would get nothing tonight from her, not even likely a good night. The defeated man moved behind her, lost in thought.

Layla was so angry she could smack someone, anyone. She adjusted her pink tank top, then pulled her jean shorts up a little. It was so humid here, even in the hotel, she swore she could feel the individual strands of her hair stick to her skin. The woman walked to the bar, now wholly ignoring her husband, who put a smile on under his blush, then tried to speak to other people. Clearly, he was excited and in truth she would be too, had this not been their one last shot to have a real honeymoon. She was starting to resent him, not only did he lie, but when she glanced to him, the man was having fun. She ordered rum and coke. If she was going to have to watch her idiot husband care more about the paranormal than her feelings, by God- she was not going to do it completely sober. The bartender carded her. She happily obliged him, though the 23 year old didn't look more than her age would suggest. After the momentary boost to her esteem, she would stand there, unwilling to sit with the fresh drink before her, lamenting her life. She had wished that she would be able to find something good about this weekend, some small form of joy within her misery. She wondered if she should at least give this a chance. Sure- it wasn't what she had in mind, but it was at least better than another night with Netflix. Tucker wasn't wrong when he said she was interested in this sort of thing, she was just too angry right now to care. She focused on her drink, looking at her own reflection in the settled liquid.

Yandere hearts  Yandere Sim
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Love is blind. That's what we are told, right? It's hard to think anything but this, if your love life can be easily controlled in the shadows, by an underclassmen... Dispatching the potential loves of our precious senpai is simple. There are so many ways to keep unwanted hands from touching his sweet... perfect face. That face deserves only my hands on it... caressing it.... while he sleeps. Of course, he doesn't need to know. I've been chasing him for over a year, and he will never notice me, unless I make him. I can make him. I will make him. These other girls... they aren't worth his time... and I can make them vanish, have been making them vanish. But this.... this one... This is not my work. It's sloppier than I am. Sure, the culprit never was caught... but that's because I cleaned up the bit of aftermath they left. I found out who did it. Of course I found out who did it. I know everyone who looks at my senpai that way... In short... we notice our own, as humans. I'm not going to dispatch them, not yet... they are helping the cause of saving senpai for me. It's cute. They're kinda cute, in an endearing way. No, they won't vanish... not when I can use them to my advantage.

This is a simple plot where a girl who is crazy enough to kill or ruin the lives of women in love with her crush, or even talking to her crush. The idea is simple, someone falls for her, notices what she is doing and kills people for her. They eventually work together, and eventually fall in love ( Probably after the second kills her senpai ) This one is great for F x F ( They can share Senpai if need be ) as well as Hetero.


The Shining
No spoiler, this is literally a horror rp based on being isolated with a small number of people, usually caring for one another while a hotel slowly drives you insane. I expect any character you make for this to have a flaw that the hotel can pray on to drive you insane, if you are the one planned to go insane. (This could be incest, and that would make it extra interesting. )


TMNT 2012, aged to 18; Looking for someone to play a turtle paired with a gender bent one. I will be Mikey or Raph, normal or female.
plot 1
It has been a long journey, in the sewer waiting for the day that Master Splinter said they could leave. YC and his three brothers made their way up for the first time out of the sewers. After a while of exploring they come across a small handful of the foot clan attacking someone with the odds stacked in their favor. The one they were attacking is donned in an armor ( color of the turtle's mask ) with a mask on close to shredders. A little confused, the brothers hesitate, watching the figure move with precision and grace as it cuts down most of the foes. They choose to help, as the figure becomes overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

After the battle, the figure removed the mask, revealing a set of beautiful eyes boarded by a mask, green skin and a soft voice to match. "Well, you three handled yourself well. Fancy seeing more... mutants. But you shouldn't have interfered. You'll get on Shredder's bad side. Can't do that for a stranger, can you?"

( This battle is where the RP will start up. Gender bent turtle is going to have been on her own, her master having died when she was younger, and shredder will be the man who ended her master's life, with her to have witnessed it. I am not picky about my role, gender or anything in this one. If you even wanted to make the lone turtle a guy, and one of the three with splinter a girl, that would be cool too, might be cute to rp her brothers being protective of her. )
plot 2
It has been a long 3 years of tough battles. Some the turtles have one, others they have lost. It still never gets easier, to do this day in and day out. Saving people without much compassion shown when they simply show their face. This was all about to change. A woman barely out of high school has been going out at night, with her friend to simply make sure she is alright, with a designated driver as she parties. While spending her time at the party without cutting loose was getting old. She decided that tonight they would take a cab back home, so she was going to drink, it was after all Halloween. While a little tipsy, the woman can either: A- Meet one of the turtles, assuming they are in costume. Talk all night with them, dance, but when she kisses them, she realizes that was no costume. B- Get taken advantage of by a guy, only to be saved by one of them, taken back to the lair and taken care of.
( Not very picky about the role in this. I would be willing to double as a turtle romantic interest if needed, and willing to play any of them for balance. )

Hermione/Draco  Harry Potter
plot 1

Credit to Captbexx for this adorable picture!
It's been a long... long road to get here. The entire school had seen it's fair share of adventure as well as danger. Hermione had her clique of friends, and Mr. Draco Malfoy had his. She despised him. He was crude, downright cruel at times and- for a noble family's heir- had no tact. She was sure that he simply teased her because he was jealous of her natural talent. This gave her a bit of a cocky streak, at least around Draco.

Still- the pair might as well have grown up together. There was of course a spark of attraction there for her. How could their not be? He was handsome, and growing more so every year. Herminoe was growing every the more daring. She felt as if she hadn't needed Harry or Ron anymore, at least not all the time. It was on one of these outings that she found herself in danger, in what she thought was one of the safest places- Diagon alley. Bigotry, however knows not that word. She was pushed into an darker branching alley, by a high noble wizard who was a little older.

"Ugh, another mudblood! When are you muggles going to realize. You're not a real witch. You could never be one. You will never have the raw talent we do." The older man licked his lips, looking over the witch who was dressed in a casual mini skirt and tank top, as it was a hot day. The commotion was overhear by a passing Draco. A scream, not just any scream it was that annoying almost arrogant voice of Hermione. He smirked, thinking about the cocky witch getting what she deserved, a slap on the face as she probably smarted off to someone who knew more. He had to see this. However when the 18 year old saw that a man had her on the ground with her skirt hiked up, wand out of her reach, this was too much for him. He stepped into action. Usually not the kind to be physical, he knocked over the man, barreling into him and tussling on the slick bricks of the alley. Hermione scrambled to get her wand, tossing a spell to hold the man who was about to punch Draco.

Draco shook his head in a sneer, shouting that whatever she did, no one deserved that. Hermione was shaken to the point of her not being able to move. She just stood there, holding her skirt down. Draco looked to how helpless she seemed, and could do nothing else but sweep her up into his arms, carrying her away. When they were alone, he set her down. She told him what had happened, and after seeing what she could do over the years, spoke up, actually defending her power. There was a blush on her cheeks, as she leaned in, kissing him deeply. She jumped back after a few moments, realizing what she had done. "Thank you." Was all she managed, her voice soft.

[ The roleplay would pick up in the subsequent week. Hermione having skipped her classes, which worried her friends, and Draco as well. He would seek her out, but she will still be shaken up. He offers her an adventure into Hogsmeade for candy, or butterbeer, or perhaps just to sit quietly and read with him in Madam Puddifoot's. ]

plot 2
This would take place in an AU, where Harry potter died when he was a child with his parents. Draco would have met Hermione at Hogwarts still, treating her as most purebloods treat mudbloods. Once they are in their final year though- He who shall not be named starts his assault on Hogwartz, forcing the teens to rise up against the attack on their school. The idea to fight will however be lead by Hermione. Draco, in spite of the offer from his father to join the death eaters, will join her army. We will start there, with him asking to be a member of her army.
I can play either, but be mindful that I have only watched the movies and I'm in the process of reading the books, though I am only on the first.


Hermione met Draco instead of the long gone Harry potter. It takes a while for a small friendship to blossom, and his father threatening to kill her as 'He who shall not be named' ordered him to, in order to fully turn his son into a death eater, giving him nothing to stray from the cause for. This backfires though, and the events of Harry potter play out with Draco being on the side of Dumbledore.

Dipcifica Gravity Falls
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Dipper has a strong urge to go back to gravity falls the summer he is going to turn 18. He follows his gut, driving there for the summer. He finds that everyone he used to know is still there- but something is vastly wrong with their lives. The first one Dipper encounters is Preston Northwest. He offers Dipper more than a little cash to help Pacifica. She's been asleep for a year, and he knows that Dipper was always smart when it came to the strange happenings in Gravity falls. He finds that what is going on with her is indeed supernatural. When he visits her in the hospital, he hears an all too familiar voice.

"Well well well, Pine tree." The voice jabs. "Didn't think you'd be back so soon. I thought I had my free rain of this town since you thought you destroyed me..." The voice cackles, Pacifica's body twitched, which was more than she'd done in the last year. With the help of the journal he's kept all these years, and the incantation, Dipper moves into Pacifica's mindscape where he finds that Bill has been living, and for the last year, gathering energy from her life force. In exchange, he gave her something her heart desired within her mindscape, a clone of dipper to call her own. Since he left, he was all she thought about. Thinking about Dipper that much made her keep thinking about Bill until she thought him back into existence.

Dipper must free her from her mindscape, to keep Bill from gaining more power than he already has. After he sets her free, the two can help one another save gravity falls, Pacifica feeling like everything is all her fault.

The role play will start when Dipper accepts Preston Northwest's offer once he is in town. I would like to play Pacifica, but I am willing to play Dipper. This prompt has plenty of places to go, and can be tweaked.

My Hero! My Hero Academia
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Female Deku/ pretty much any guy
Literally- Give me any guy. ( this includes teachers, but I prefer classmates. ) I think I like them all. I want to play a female Izuku Midoriya, using pretty much the same plot from the anime. I am willing to listen to your ideas as well, I just really want to make this happen!

Female Deku/ Any girl
Same as above. I love all the characters.

I don't want to play a canon against your OC. If you want to be an OC I can create an OC for you.

*Characters obviously older, wanted: college hero school*

Your true self makes me smile  Persona 4 Kanji /Naoto
plot 1
Kanji Tatsumi has had a hard 4 years. In order to feel closer to the girl he still has a crush on, he went to college taking law courses. Nothing major, and the man had a hard time learning some of it, but it did make him feel closer to Naoto-kun. His major was business, as he knew his mother was getting tired of running the store, and he was the man of the house. He took over for his mother at Tatsumi Textiles, and in addition to selling fabrics, they are also selling some on Kanji's creations. It brought in extra money, and the pair were doing fine. That is, until one night where his mother had vanished.
While bringing her tea in the morning, Kanji noticed she was gone, and immediately freaked out. He went searching for her himself, but to no avail. Feeling helpless like he did back in high school, he slumped his shoulders, knowing he had to call for help. The best detective he knew.

( I will be okay playing either Naoto or Kanji, but Kanji will be his old delinquent self, not the black haired glasses wearing douche in P4 GOLDEN. UGH I hate that. )

plot 2
The events of persona 4 never happened in Inaba, but Tokyo. Yu, Rise, and Naoto met there and solved the case together, without having to face their true selves, or getting Persona's. That didn't have a bearing on the midnight channel being a rumor in Inaba, and a true one at that. Kanji and the others still went into the shadow world, and found themselves facing their true self. Each of them faced their own demons, and overcame them, becoming friends in the process. A few years after they did, just after Kanji graduated high school other strange things started to happen around Inaba. When the clock struck midnight Kanji and the others with Persona's found themselves alone in the town, with coffins in the streets. They were sometimes chased by Shadows, but the four of them beat them, easily. Chie decided the best course of action was to call the famed Boy genius Naoto Shirogane.
When he came, Kanji, a fan of his, was thrilled. The man before him was, in his opinion, what it meant to be a man. He solved murders, caught bad guys, was a hero. The admiration was exacerbated when he saw the small framed man.
His face was nearly adorable, and he wondered if he was attracted to the man. It merely confused him more. When the clock struck midnight, the first night of the investigation, Naoto didn't turn into a coffin, and was free to walk around, which just caused more confusion in them, as the Inaba team only knew of them four to be able to walk around during the extra midnight hour. During one of the nights there, Naoto finds herself facing her own shadow persona, and Kanji is the one to help her face it, discovering that she is in fact not a he. It didn't matter to him, as Naoto-Kun was still the same person inside. They spend the rest of the year trying to solve the midnight hour case.

( Once again, willing to play Naoto or Kanji. Also willing to play Chie if you want to romance her too.  )

I also have a list of pairings and fandoms in my on off thread, a link can be seen in my signature. If anything there sparks your interest, feel free to PM me. Please however do not latch onto one of my kinks, and assume we match, if you like incest and you see I like it, don't ignore the parts that say I hate slice of life and offer me no fantasy element to the plot. Also: Please do not come at me with a list of kinks, and assert that you want a role play with all of them in it- because that doesn't tell me anything about what you want to do. Have some idea of what plot you want, not what erotica you want.

Have a wonderful day, and good luck on your own search!

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A shining craving

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