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Author Topic: Ideas for (mostly) F/F stories  (Read 2144 times)

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Ideas for (mostly) F/F stories
« on: November 29, 2016, 01:18:01 PM »

I'm currently looking for writing partners for one on one F/F stories.
I'm open to experienced writers, and writers who are new to the world of F/F and want to explore more than just 'lesbians are hot!'. I also will write male, trans-male or futa characters opposite a female character for the right story, so if you have an idea you think I'd like please PM me.

I like third person past tense, forum posts, with regular posting.
Please see my on/off thread for more details on what I'm looking for from a partner.

Here are a selection of story ideas, characters and rough scenarios/settings I'd be interested in exploring. I shall update as and when relevant.
There is a lot of content here, and all of it is open to negotiation. If you like parts of a character/scenario/whatever but dislike other aspects, talk to me. Nothing is set in stone, and I like to work with a potential writing partner so we're both happy with our game.

I do reuse characters, but they will always be tailored to the particular game they appear in. If that idea upsets you let me know in advance so I can create someone original.
I'm also not against playing multiple variants of the same scenario, as long as there are enough differences between the two to make it worthwhile. Again, if you don't like the idea of this, let me know before you start.
I'm also open to other ideas, so feel free to pitch an idea you have that isn't here.

For easy navigation, here are the sections this thread is split into:
Story Ideas
Characters part 2
Opening Posts
My Games
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Story Seeds
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2017, 03:51:06 PM »
Sensitivity Training

Pairing: Kennedy Ennis/Female Liasion (my character Kennedy/your character female liasion)

Setting: Modern day Hollywood

The Pitch: This is a much more structured plot idea than most of my story seeds. I would be open to brainstorming and more plotting (always), but I don't want to deviate too far from this idea.
The game would be set in modern day Hollywood. Modern day as in a Hollywood currently struggling to deal with the various sexual harassment accusations that have recently come to light, and the repurcusions of these accusations. Kennedy is very much an 'old Hollywood' character, who has always lived in a world where sleeping with an aspiring starlet was perfectly acceptable, and where crude language has been the norm.
Our story starts with her needing to adapt to the new Hollywood culture, or needing to appear to do so for the press while attempting to cover up her previous infractions. In order to do this, she has hired a 'female liasion'. This is someone who is employed to make sure the women she is working with are comfortable, to correct her behaviour, and to act as a go between when necessary. The gender of the female liasion is not limited to female, it's a job title not a description.
I'm not looking for a farce or for something that becomes a sex-romp as female liasion falls for forthright Ken's behaviour.
I'm also not looking for an excuse to justify sexual harassment in any form, even the accidental.
I'm looking for a deep exploration of what sexual harassment is, why it occurs, and how change can occur. Some of this will involve exploring why Kennedy acts the way she does, and why she lacks some of the boundaries and awarenesses most people possess. There are trigger warnings associated with this, and it isn't a game for the faint of heart.

I'm aware that this is a specific ask, which limits its appeal.
I would be very happy to discuss what my partner wanted out of a game like this, and to make sure that was included and we are both happy.

Inspired in large part by this video which should hopefully give an idea of the tone and direction I want from this game.

Mad World

Pairing: Someone struggling with reality/a link to the real world (my character struggling/your character the link to reality) or someone struggling with reality/someone dragging them away from reality (my character struggling/your character dragging them away)

Setting: Modern. Maybe historical? Victorian could be interesting, for example.
Game themes would work well in a Changeling: the Lost or Changeling: the Dreaming setting.
Potentially Unknown Armies from what I understand, but I'd need a partner familiar with the setting because I've never played it.

The Pitch: What is real and what isn't? And what do you do when the lines between the two start to blur? These are the questions my character is struggling with.
Are they crazy? Or are they seeing the true reality under the comforting lies most of us are happy to hide behind? If everyone else thinks that you're crazy does it matter if their wrong, or is reality built on consensus?
What does my character do with their new insight? Embrace it, or run from it? Does your character try to help my mentally ill character find their way back to reality? Or does your character also see the truth, and want to make an ally of my character?
This game could go a variety of ways, and it's a theme I'd love to play with. Ideally I'd like to leave the answers to the question on what is happening ambiguous, at least in game. No easy answers here. Just lots of questions, and a mutable reality. A game to make the characters involved uncomfortable.

The Island

Pairing: Survivor/Survivor

Setting: Modern day contemporary by default, but open to sensible suggestions.

The Pitch: Our characters are the only survivors of a plane crash and have to survive stranded on an island. The nature of the way they become stranded and where they are is open to discussion. The idea I want to explore here is two people surviving a traumatic disaster and having to find a way to stay alive in a hostile and dangerous environment.
To keep the game going after the initial crisis period iwe could discuss other plots/themes to introduce. Maybe the island isn't as deserted as our characters originally thought? Maybe there's a sinister and/or supernatural reason behind the plane crash that explains why they haven't been found and rescued? Maybe one of the characters is keeping a secret that will have an impact on their situation when it is revealed?
This would be an intense look at the two characters, how they cope with this situation, and how their relationship (good or bad) develops.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Pairing: Drug addict whore/Person in position to manipulate (my character drug addict/your character manipulator)

Setting: Modern or sensible suggestion

The Pitch: This is a twist on my From the Ashes idea (thanks to curvyprincess for the inspiration!).
The set up starts in a similar way. My character is a drug addict prostitute who is trying to turn their life around for some reason. Your character is, on the surface, in a position to help. Under that surface they are using their position to manipulate my character.
Maybe they're a medical professional in a rehab facility giving my character drugs and taking test results in return for cooperation. A john who enjoys tormenting my character. A corrupt police officer or prison guard who acts as a dealer but wants more than money in return.
While noncon sex is a possibility here, and would probably be involved if the game involved smut I'd like to explore more than that. There are other ways to degrade and use somebody after all. How far will your character push mine? How far will my character let themselves be pushed? How will it change my character? How will it change your character?
Again, this is intended to be a deep exploration of both characters, and their relationship. A happy ending is not required or even expected.

From the Ashes

Pairing: Drug addict whore/saviour (my character addict/your character helper)

Setting: Modern day, but open to sensible suggestions.

The Pitch: My character comes to your character for help. The dynamic here is open to discussion. Maybe your character is a nurse or doctor and they meet in the hospital. Maybe they're a police officer or social worker and they meet after my character gets arrested. Maybe they're a john who has always been decent, or just happens to be geographically convenient. Maybe they're a fellow troubled soul who offers a helping hand. I can see lots of intriguing ways to start this off.
From there it could be a tale of salvation and healing and teaching her that there's a better side to the world, maybe even that love does and can exist. Or maybe they get involved in a self destructive spiral. How much will your character sacrifice to help? How much can my character heal? I see this as an intense exploration of the two characters, their relationship, and how they effect each other.

Fish Out of Water

Pairing: Bonegnawer/disgraced other Tribe (my character Bonegnawer/your character other Tribe)

Setting: oWoD Werewolf: the Apocalypse modern day inner city

The Pitch: Your character was once a highly respected member of their tribe. Whether a mighty warrior, a political mover and shaker, or a wise mystic you were gathering Renown and the Galliards sung of your achievements. Some said you'd always had it easy; born to proud parentage, raised rich and privileged by loving Kinfolk, a Pureblood of a proud Tribe. These were always dismissed as jealous muttering. Until you made a mistake. You got caught doing the wrong thing, or got in the way of the wrong person, or were the victim of cruel fate. Whatever happened you were disgraced, your titles were stripped from you, your Pack rejected you. Your reputation saved you from capital punishment. Or maybe it convinced the elders to hand down a much harsher punishment: banishment.
You were banished to the city my character calls home. A Bonegnawer stronghold, where you must trust my character to help you learn the rules of this new world, to help you adjust to your new city, and to your new station in life.
I envisage an initially antagonistic and reluctant relationship that eventually gets stronger, and maybe even develops into a taboo love story.

Crazy for You

Pairing: Killer/Victim (my character killer/your character victim)

Setting: Modern day or sensible alternative.

The Pitch: My character is an experienced killer, who has your character in her sights. Maybe she's a hit(wo)man, a spy, or a serial killer. Whatever her excuse, she kills, she enjoys it, and your character is, for some reason, next on her list.
This time things don't go smoothly. Maybe she's interrupted, maybe your character can offer something she wants more than the kill, or maybe there's just something about your character's eyes. An unhealthy obsession develops.


Pairing: Photographer/model. (My character photographer/your character model).

Setting: Present day LA

The pitch: They're friends, and in the 'present day' they work together on a photoshoot after a long period of not working together. While working together they feel a spark, romance (love?) ensues.
We tell the story through a combination of present day scenes and flashbacks. We go back and look at defining moments in their friendship, and explore not only what's happening 'now', but also what got them there.
I'd be happy to discuss ideas for flashbacks/scenes, so both characters get a fair share of the spotlight.

Story Ideas
Characters part 2
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Characters Ideas
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2017, 06:45:14 AM »

Mama Voodoo

Story Seeds
Lupe is a pirate. How about some good old fashioned buckling of swash. A fun, pulp adventure with over the top sword fighting, wenches, loot and pieces of eight. Or, maybe, a grittier and more realistic exploration of life as a criminal. I'll admit, my historic knowledge is lacking, so if you want super realism you'll need to help me stay on the straight and narrow.

Lupe will tell you she has magic powers. Maybe that's all talk, sailors are a superstitious lot after all. Or, maybe, it's all true. A supernatural pirate adventure anyone?

Name: Lupe "Mama Voodoo" Fry
Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: Emerald
Hair: Black shoulder length cornrows

Physical Description: A lifetime living and working on ships has gifted Lupe with a lean, athletic physique. Her mother was born in the South Seas, a dark skinned beauty, and her father was a Latin seaman. Lupe has inherited the best from both parents, her father's passion and dancing eyes and love of the sea, her mother's cheekbones and hair and features, and her skin is a gift from both of them, smooth skin with a light cappachino shade.
She dresses in the sort of practical clothing her male crew members wear; heavy thigh length black boots, leather britches, a tight fitting blue silk shirt under a motely waistcoat, and a red bandana tied around her head. This outfit is accentuated by a gold hoop worn through her left earlobe and a single gold tooth. Her weapons, two cruelly sharp cutlasses, hang from two belts that she wears crossed over her chest.
Although she isn't missing any limbs Lupe's caramel coloured skin is marked by a number of scars, souvenirs of her dangerous lifestyle. She also has a tattoo of a topless mermaid on her neck, a ship in a bottle on her bicep, an octopus climbing from her left foot up her ankle, an ornate compass between her breasts, and an anchor on her right wrist. The back of her left hand bears an ugly brand, a 'P' marking her as a pirate in any respectable port.
Almost as distinctive as Lupe herself is her near constant companion, Tegan the capuchin monkey she keeps as a pet. Like Lupe Tegan has a gold ring through one ear, and she wears a blue silk shirt. The monkey is well trained, and the pair are very rarely seen separated from each other.

Personality: Having spent most of her life living on ships alongside men Lupe has by necessity developed a strong personality. She knows what she wants, and she isn't afraid to take it. She never backs down from a challenge, and is always happy to back up her words with action. Confident, cocky, carefree and with a passion for life Lupe fills any space she occupies and makes the most of every moment.

Background: Although her mother did her best to keep her absent father a secret from her Lupe inherited his love for the ocean. While she was growing up she lusted after the sea, and the life of exploration and adventure it represented, despite her mother's best efforts to keep her mind on dry land. The latest in a long line of Caballos Lupe's mother tried to teach her the Vudu secrets that would let her eventually take over as healer, wise woman and Mama Loa to the village. Lupe tried to focus on her studies, but she couldn't stop her mind wandering back to the sea, and when she was twelve Lupe hid herself on a merchant ship.
Life as a stowaway was hard, and it was harder still when she was discovered, but as far as Lupe was concerned it was worth it. She spent the next few years getting left at various ports, smuggling herself onto ships, either in secret or disguised as a boy, and working on them until she was found out and abandoned again at the next port. When one of the ships she was sailing on was boarded by pirates Lupe immediately pledged her loyalty to the attackers in return for a place on their crew. The rest, as they say, is history. Lupe took to the lifestyle of her new crew like a fish to water, and rapidly worked her way up in the crew. A fearsome fighter, ruthless and skilled, a lover of rum and women in equal measure, and a practioner of the dark arts Lupe is a feared and respected member of the Shark's Tooth's crew.

Robby Curran

Story Seeds
Classic bad boy (well, girl) meets good girl in the claustrophobia of a small town.

Robby would also be really interesting to play in either a prison setting, or some sort of institution (rehab, mental hospital) where she is (or isn't?) getting the help she needs.

Name: Roberta "Robby" Curran
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Description: When she was younger Robby had been lean and wiry. After her final growth spurt, which had left her looking almost painfully underweight and stretched out, she finally started putting on weight, in the form of muscle as opposed to more feminine curves. She still doesn't look like a bodybuilder, but she is now a healthy weight, almost all of it well toned muscle.

Robby's fashion sense compliments her androgynous build and features. She wears men's clothing, usually favoring hard wearing, practical clothes. Jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, heavy boots and a battered leather jacket make up the majority of her wardrobe. Her hair is cut relatively short, and is usually left to look after itself. Although she has a healthy collection of distinguishing marks, scars and tattoos, the only ones that catch the eye when she'd fully dressed is a crude, prison house spiderweb tattoo on the back of her right hand and a small scar that runs through her left eyebrow, a remnant of an old bar fight.

Living up to her reputation the first impression Robby gives is one of a surly and angry young woman who uses violence as the go to solution to her problems. This is often the second, third and fourth impression she gives too. Some people have suspected that there's more depth under the surface she projects; Robby usually manages to charm these potential allies into her bed, if female, or into acting as her sidekick, if male, before discarding them to stop them getting too close.

History: The Curran's have always been hard drinkers, hard fighters, and afraid of hard work. In other words, they're trouble. Big Tommy Curran looked set to buck that trend. He ran track, he finished High School, and he even got himself a job as a mechanic after graduating. Most surprising of all, he somehow found himself with Lizzie Cochrain, a nice, quiet girl from a nice, Christian family. Instead of leaving town, to raise hell or rot in jail, like his large brood of siblings Big Tommy got himself married and looked all set to settle down.

The apple never falls too far from the tree, and any town gossip you care to ask will tell you that six months after the wedding Tommy and Lizzie became parents. It was a difficult birth, and Big Tommy came back from the hospital with little Roberta the next day. Lizzie was in the hospital for two weeks, with Roberta's twin brother Tommy Junior. In a small town everyone knows everyone else's business, so it was an open secret that Tommy Jr was born damaged, he wasn't eating, was suffering a 'failure to thrive', and he was not expected to survive for long.

Doing the decent thing and sticking around long enough to say 'I do' seemed to exhaust Big Tommy's ability to fight against his Curran genes. Shortly after the birth of his children he quit his job, and got back to the Curran family business of claiming welfare checks and fiddling money from the state. At least he kept to himself instead of raising hell around town, the small family retreated away from town life and hid away on the run down, rambling patch of dirt farm they'd somehow acquired.

They did such a good job of protecting their privacy that it was almost a surprise when Roberta turned up for her first day of school. If the town had started to forget the troublesome family the debut of their daughter as a visible presence quickly changed that. Everyone agreed that it was a shame that the poor little thing was always dirty, and smelly, and in clothes that didn't really fit right, they hung off her small frame. It was a shame, but not really surprising, she was a Curran, after all. The bruises that appeared without any offer of an explanation, even when directly questioned, were clearly just another symptom of her heritage. Her mother often had similar marks on the rare occasions she was forced out of the family home to do chores in town, although she made more effort to hide them. They were harder to ignore than the signs of neglect, and over the course of her school career Child Services made multiple trips out to the family home. Twice, once when she was six and once at eleven, Roberta was removed from the house, and the town, to live with a foster family. Both times she was returned home after a few months, although everyone agreed that there didn't appear to be any improvement from her family.

As a child everyone agreed that Roberta took after her father. She was disruptive in the classroom, rude to adults and too rough on the playground. She wouldn't sit still in lessons, shouted out whatever thought came into her head, and had an unhealthy interest in her female classmates. She was an unpopular child with both her peers and the adults around her, and her family's antisocial tendencies didn't help, she was never allowed to join in after school activities, she didn't visit other children's houses, not even when a grudging invitation was offered, and no one ever visited her house. Unlike some children, who just take a while to adjust to school, Roberta's behaviour didn't improve with age. She didn't grow out of any of her bad habits, apart from her tendency to wet her pants if she got over excited or angry, and even that took her much longer than her peers, and she managed to develop new ones. Academically Roberta skulked around at the bottom of the class, but when it came to inventing new ways to get in trouble she excelled. The first student in her year to swear at a teacher, the first to smoke, the first to drink, the first to be in a real fight and the first to get suspended from school were among her achievements.

She was also the first to come out as gay, at the tender age of eleven, after returning from her stint in care. And the first to get herself arrested. When she was thirteen Roberta again spent some time away from the town, this time in a juvenile corrections facility following an incident that involved her stealing a car, crashing it into a tree, and setting fire to it. Proving that she didn't learn from her mistakes she returned to incarceration only six weeks after her release, this time for setting fire to an abandoned barn. Following this Roberta managed to stay out of jail, although she was picked up regularly by the local police for various misdemeanors; public drunkenness, vandalism, assault, disturbing the peace, and she spent more than one night in a police cell.

By the time she was seventeen Roberta had quite the reputation around town. Even adults had started to cross the street to avoid her, and her violent temper was the stuff of legends. Then she disappeared. There were theories about where she'd gone, but no one knew for sure, and everyone agreed it was probably for the best.

Two years later she reappeared without a word of explanation and has tried to fit back into the hole she left. She hadn't lost her cynical sneer, her bad attitude or her quick temper, so it wasn't too hard for her to pick back up where she left off. Making no attempt to return to school she got a job as a bouncer at the only bar in town, the work seems to suit her and it's rare that anyone gives her any trouble, after all, her reputation precedes her.

Word Around Town
Word Around Town:

"Roberta? Total psycho. Everyone knows that. I'd stay away from her if I were you. My brother saw her throwing stones at our cat once. Psycho."

"She's a Curran. The whole family's a mess. What more would you expect?"

"Oh. My. God. I know she's my cousin, but, seriously, she should have stayed away. When my Mom was still talking to her sister, you know, Roberta's Mom? Well, she'd come over and stay sometimes. Total freak show. Stole food out the cupboards. Like, totally couldn't take a joke and would get all worked up and go totally OTT and be all violent. Plus she wet the bed. And we're, like, not talking when we were little kids. I heard she got taken away to the crazy house. You ask me, she should have stayed there."

"Robby? Why are you asking me? That was all just a dumb rumor Stan started because I wasn't putting out. I'm not a dyke like her."

"It's her mother I feel sorry for. First a shotgun wedding to a Curran. Then one of her babies dies. Poor little sick thing. And the one that survived is a little hellion. She's stuck out there, all alone. Everyone knows he hits her. I've tried talking to her about it, but she won't have it. There's no helping some people. Poor thing."

"She'll be off the streets and back in prison by the end of the month. Guarantee it. Unless she goes into hiding with her screwed up family. You know they buried that screwed up brother of hers in their yard? Hand on heart truth. That's why there was never any funeral. It's no wonder she's such a screw up."

"You know why she's got that job, right? Her parents cook meth. All Breaking Bad. She's selling it. For real."

Robin Lycett

Story seeds
A story involving a young (ie fresh out of the institution) Robin. A potentially vulnerable but undeniably dangerous young man. Who are you to him? Given his tendency to jump from scheme to scheme there are many options here. Room mates. Groupie (or music exec who's stringing them along) to his band. Long suffering friend. Fellow lost soul. Amateur bank robber. A whole spectrum of slice of life would suit him.

As well as being friendly, eager and naturally generous Robin is also dangerous. He's mentally ill. He was originally written for a non-con game, and I'd also be happy to explore his darker side for the right game. Which means a game with plot and the potential for character development, not just a 'rape my character' type request.

I'd love to do a game exploring the lines between fantasy and reality. Was Robin's psychotic break as a child underlying instability, a coping mechanism, or a supernatural encounter? Adult Robin starts slipping now, is it his grip on reality, or is reality slipping?

Name: Robin Lycett

Age: 24

Description: Robin is slightly built with the gangly look of a teenager who hasn't quite grown into his body yet. His brown hair reaches just past his shoulder blades, and is often worn tied back in a pony tail. His face usually has a coating of stubble; the style somewhere between being clean shaven and  the start of a beard. Thanks to his lifestyle he gives the general impression of being slightly unkempt, and he generally wears t-shirts, jeans and sneakers that look well worn and like they have never seen an iron.

In the absence of chemical calming Robin is a constant fidgeter, never sitting still and very rarely quiet. If he's not moving around the room or playing with something in his hands he's digging around in his pockets or toying with his hair. He never sits if he can stand, never walks if he can run, and never listens if he can talk.

Both of Robin's ears are pierced multiple times. He also has a faded tattoo of a dragon across his chest, a home made looking 'Resistance is Futile' on his left bicep and a tribal design on his left shoulder and running up his neck.

Background: Robin has spent most of his life as a round peg being forced into a square hole. As a child he was bright and eager to please, but every report card said that he needed to focus more and to listen, and he was always a little slower than his peers, socially speaking. He was never quite what anyone else wanted him to be, but that didn't dampen his natural optimism.

Just after his eleventh birthday Robin started to change. He started to struggle more in school, he grew even more isolated from his peers, and he started to act far more erratically. At first his parents tried to support him, to get him through whatever phase he was going through, but their different parenting styles soon came into conflict. His father, the hard working and distant disciplinarian, wanted to crack down and get his wayward son back in line. His mother, more inclined towards nurture, wanted to create a safe environment for their troubled son to work through his problems. Between parental arguments and the needs of his siblings, Robin was left to spiral until he was arrested trying to set fire to a circus tent. The authorities got involved, and Robin was placed in psychiatric care.

By the time he graduated from the child psychiatric services at eighteen Robin had successfully estranged both his parents. He was three years behind his peers at school, and didn't bother going back to try to graduate from there.

He also didn't bother to go to the adult services appointment that had been made for him. Instead he had big plans. He was going to drum in a band that was going to be the next big thing. When that didn't pan out Robin scraped together enough cash to buy a computer; he'd always liked video games, and he'd always enjoyed taking games apart and playing with the code, so it seemed natural to assume he could easily write a few best selling apps, and use the profit to fund a bestselling console game. His game studio never took off, but that was ok, because by that time Robin had everything in place to film the next, great independent zombie movie.

It took several years of bouncing from scheme to scheme, and sofa surfing around friend's houses, before Robin finally hit on the perfect plan. He became a middle man, and started pushing and selling drugs. At about the same time he also went from recreational drug use to something more habitual. It was a lifestyle that suited him, mostly, and one he could maintain. Or, mostly maintain. And if he was spiraling again, there was no one around to tell him, or to care.

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Characters part 2
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More Character Ideas
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2017, 06:46:04 AM »

Cassidy Clay

Story Seeds
I'll hold my hands up and admit I don't know much about C:td. I built this character for a game that never got past the first IC post. If anyone would like to introduce me (and Cassidy?) to the world of the Kithain that'd be great! A more traditional ST/player dynamic running through a story, or a collaborative player/player scenario could both work.

Or, strip the setting, leave the character. A tale of redemption, where your character helps Cassidy grow?
A tale of the (epic?) fight against whatever bad stuff replaces banality. (This could also be straight C:tD)
Maybe Cassidy is nuts. She snapped and beat her Dad to death. The magic changeling delusion is her coping mechanism. Are you a psychiatrist trying to help her? Fellow patient? Maybe she's not locked up where she belongs and you're trying to help her? Or manipulate her somehow?

Setting: Changeling: the Dreaming

Character Name: Cassidy Klay

Kith: Redcap

Seeming: Wilder

Quirk: Cassidy is scared of the dark. Not phobia level terror, but child wanting a nightlight fear.

Physical Description

Mortal Seeming

Age: 18
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Description: When seen in profile Cassidy could be two different people. From one side she looks like a typical American teenager, with average looks and a hardness behind her eyes. From the other side she is a disfigured monster. When she was fourteen Cassidy was badly burned, and the right side of her body is heavily scarred. One side of her face is a lumpy mess of scar tissue that not even her hair covers, as her scalp is burned and barren. The damage continues down Cassidy's torso and legs, and her right hand has the same shiny, lumpy disfigurement as her face. Under the damage, that Cassidy doesn't shy away from revealing, is a lithe, strong, healthy body that moves like a predator stalking its prey. Cassidy has decorated her unblemished skin with crude prison tattoos; barbed wire, profanity, skulls, demonic faces, motorcycles, pin up girls and black roses of varying quality all fight for space on her skin. Her face is, so far, unmarked, but she has a spider web and spider on the back of her left hand, and thorns climbing up her throat.

Currently Wearing: A pair of jeans that are full of tears and appear to be held together with large safety pins. A baseball shirt from the local little league team that is several sizes too small and consequently rides up, revealing burnt and decorated skin at her midriff, and hugs her muscles everywhere else. A black leather jacket with lots of chrome buckles and zippers, and heavy, steel toecapped boots.
She habitually carries a battered looking wooden baseball bat and a worn baseball mitt. If challenged about this she will point aggressively at her shirt and produce a baseball held together with duct tape from a jacket pocket.

Fae Mein

Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 230lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Black

Description: To the Kithain Cassidy is shorter and denser than she appears to the unenchanted. She is heavily muscled, her stocky frame is reminiscent of a gorilla, and she has a round pot belly. Her teeth are all sharpened to wicked points, and when she opens her mouth wide several rows of them ae visible, overlapping each other and jostling for space, like in the mouth of a shark. Instead of being long healed her scars appear as fresh wounds, constantly weeping and oozing blood. Her wounds cover exactly half of her body, and the dividing line between healthy and damaged skin runs straight down the center of her body. Her Fae skin is also covered with inked images, nightmare creatures that are etched so realistically that they almost appear to be alive. In fact, the disturbing pictures never seem to be in the same place twice, and it would be easy to convince yourself that they moved around her body whenever you weren't looking, and they only temporarily ceased this movement while being closely observed.

Currently Wearing: Patchwork leather trousers made from the cured skins of many mystical beasts held in place with spiked rivets. A light chainmail hauberk with nothing underneath, so that her chaffed skin can be glimpsed through it's rusted and stained rings as it shifts and moves. A black leather jacket with lots of chrome buckles and zippers, and heavy, steel toecapped boots.
She habitually carries a battle hammer which has razor wire wrapped around the shaft and a brutal looking head that resembles a meat tenderiser on one side, and is a sharp hook on the other. This is paired with a black metal gauntlet with spiked knuckles.

The Word On The Street
The Word On The Street

Childling: When she was still at school Cassidy was that rare breed of bully that would pick on any opponent, whether they were bigger and stronger, or too young for most bullies to notice. Any Childer above the age of nine who went to school in Orion's Peak would have known of Cassidy, the big kid bully who wasn't above hurting little kids when the mood took her. She was violent, and mean, and she didn't follow any of the unwritten rules of playground fights. Some Childlings will be lucky enough to just remember her as a sort of playground bogeyman, others will have painful memories of meeting her when she was in a bad mood.

"She went away to the insane asylum for crazy people cos she got caught being crazy, but I heard she's back. She killed all the guards and escaped. My cousin's friend saw her down the back of the laundromat. It's true! And she's gonna get everyone who made fun of her when she was gone. But I know what to do. If you say her name three times in the mirror she won't hit you next time she sees you. Uh-huh, it's true! Timmy Vandermeer didn't believe it either. Remember? And she knocked out two of his teeth. He got five whole dollars off the tooth fairy and three days off school. So that proves it."

Wilder: Cassidy's peer group might remember the school bully, the angry girl who didn't join in with the social machinations of the other girls but who lead with her fists, attacking girls and boys of any age almost indiscriminately. If they had classes with her they might remember a disruptive child, who argued and shouted and who could never just sit down and get on and who spent a lot of time in the corridor or outside the principal's office. They might remember how long it took Cassidy to get the hang of using the school bathrooms, and how years after toilet training was just a distant memory to the rest of the class she still needed to carry a change of clothes with her. They might remember her father, the policeman, coming in every career day, and for the D.A.R.E. graduation. They might even remember the season that she was allowed to play little league and pitched a perfect no hitter. Everyone said the team could have gone to State that year, except Cassidy had to leave the team when she tried to attack a team mate with bat. Everyone remembers her for burning down her house, though. It's not easy to forget, with the way her face looks now. Some people even say she killed her father. Others say he died of smoke inhalation trying to get her out.

"She was in my brother's class. I only ever saw her in the halls. Walking around like a bear with a toothache. Apparently she killed a hobo. Cut him up and tried to burn the body with gasoline. But it went wrong. Her Dad died saving her. But the body got burned too, and so they couldn't pin the murder on her, so she just went to juvie for the murder. She's out now. You should stay away from her. My brother said he saw her stamping on a baby bird once. It's like on Criminal Minds. Burning stuff and being cruel to animals? Total serial killer."

Grump: It was always the consensus that Cassidy was trouble. She was a difficult child right from her first day of kindergarten. Parents knew her as the bully their child was scared of, or the child that was stopping the rest of the class learning, or even as a bad influence, although any friendships Cassidy formed were always very short lived. As she got older Cassidy developed a reputation with a wider cross section of Orion's Peak. She was a shoplifter, she graffitied, she vandalised, she stole cars and unattended bags. If there was trouble, chances are she was behind it. Her father, Stan 'Butch' Klay, was generally considered to be a good cop, if a little old fashioned, but his daughter was trouble. She was arrested after the fire at their house that killed Stan. There were some nasty rumours circulating about that at the time. Reading between the lines in the papers most people concluded that Cassidy had finally snapped. It's probably lucky she didn't take one of her father's firearms to school and start shooting.

"Poor old Butch wasn't a bad man. Maybe he wasn't the best man, and he did seem a bit quick to strike Cassidy, but it wasn't like she didn't deserve it. She'd try the patience of a saint. And he was always fair and honest, which was all you can ask from a cop. He'd been through so much, losing his wife when they were both so young, he didn't deserve to be stuck with his delinquent daughter. She was always causing trouble, always an unlikeable child. It's a travesty that she's back on the streets. Everyone knows that she killed Butch. Killed him, then tried to set fire to the evidence. You'd think a policeman's daughter would be smarter than to set herself on fire too. But then, she never was very bright. I had her in fourth grade. At first I thought she was one of those 'troubled children' you hear about. I tried reaching out to her. I gave her the lead in our class play. Tried to build up her self esteem. She wet her pants on opening night and bit me when I pulled her off stage. Bit me. Her father was ever so apologetic when he came to collect her. He was a lovely man. Didn't deserve that demon child. Or what she did to him."

Why do your live in Orion's Peak? For better or worse Orion's Peak is where Cassidy grew up. It's where home is. She knows people here. She may not like them, and they may not like her, but she knows them, and better the devil you know, probably. It's not that she's scared of leaving because she's not. Ok?

[B)A Brief History of Them: [/b]From the day she was born Cassidy was trouble. At least that's what her father would tell you, and it was what he told his daughter. Repeatedly. Hank 'Butch' Klay wanted a son that he could play catch with when he was in the mood, and that he could leave to his wife to deal with when he wasn't. What he got was a daughter that he had to deal with while he arranged his wife's funeral; Cassidy's first action in this world was to kill her mother by being born wrong. Despite being the daughter of an upstanding member of Orion's Peak, a member of Orion's Peak PD, Cassidy quickly learnt to live down to her father's opinion of her. She was trouble. A schoolyard bully who grew into a vandal and a notorious source of trouble. Cassidy was a constant embarrassment and disappointment and unending source of frustration to Butch. And Butch was a source of mixed and confused emotions for Cassidy. At home she was treated like the son he never had, except when she was expected to perform all the duties Butch had expected of his wife. He was a strict disciplinarian, and he was a fan of corporal punishment, meaning Cassidy was always bruised and hurt, and there were several beatings that sent her to the emergency room and might have raised eyebrows, if her father hadn't been a fine, upstanding member of the police force. So Cassidy had a lot of anger and hate. Butch was also her only close family, and to the awkward child who couldn't threaten her way into making friends, and who couldn't relate to her peers, and who had trouble focusing on her school work, and who struggled with her bladder control, and who sometimes spent whole days creating intricate and detailed, and bloody, fantasy worlds having someone, anyone, was important. So Cassidy loved him.

When Cassidy turned fourteen everything changed. It was, for her, a fairly typical evening. She was cooking her father's dinner, and nursing some fresh bruises after getting in trouble at school, when everything went weird. The darkness started to move, and the shadows started to turn into nightmarish shapes. For Cassidy that wasn't too weird, but her father's reaction to it was. He started to scream, and run, and the shadows grabbed him, and they tried to grab her, and then everything got confusing. The police report said that Cassidy suffered a psychotic break, managed to overpower her father in a fight that left her badly burned, mutilated him, and the set fire to their house to hide the evidence of her crime. Cassidy would have said that her baseball bat became a mighty hammer that she used to drive back the living nightmares in a heroic battle that she was winning, until her panicking father pushed her into the pan of boiling oil she had been using to deep fry. She wasn't exactly sure what happened after that, just that her father ended up dead and her baseball bat hammer got broken, and the nightmares were driven away. She didn't tell this story to anyone, though. She'd long ago learnt that no one wanted to hear that sort of thing. By the time she woke up in the hospital everyone had decided they knew what had happened, anyway. Cassidy was sent away to juvenile detention, where she forgot about the living shadows and the shining hammer and the truth about the world. Instead she learnt to survive. When she turned eighteen Cassidy had learned to lie well enough to satisfy the state psychiatrists, and was released, into the care of a long lost 'Uncle'. He had a dairy farm, which was good, hard, honest work that Cassidy could feel good about doing. He also knew the secrets of the hidden world of the Kithain, a world that Cassidy had forgotten but that he helped her to remember. It was a world where she fitted, even if she was still seen as trouble, and it was a world where she could be welcome and, finally, understood.

Character Sheet *needs serious formatting!
|!3.1 Changeling: the Dreaming|
|33% Name: Cassidy Klay|34% Court: Seelie|33% Seeming: Wilder|
|Seelie Legacy: Paladin|Unseelie Legacy: Grotesque|Kith: Redcap|
|Chronicle: Cardboard Kingdoms|House: N/A|Motley: X|
|!3.1 Attributes|
|Strength: 4 <I><small>Upper Body</small></I>|Charisma: 2|Perception: 3|
|Dexterity: 3|Manipulation: 3|Intelligence: 2|
|Stamina: 4 <small>High pain tolerance</small></I>|Appearance: 0|Wits: 3|
|!3.1 Abilities|
|Alertness: 1|Crafts: 0|Computer: 0|
|Athletics:3|Drive: 0|Enigmas: 1|
|Brawl: 3|Etiquette: 0|Gremayre: 1|
|Dodge: 0|Firearms: 2|Investigation: 1|
|Empathy: 0|Leadership: 0|Law: 1|
|Intimidation: 4 <I><small>Physical</small></I>|Melee: 3|Linguistics: 0|
|Kenning: 1|Performance: 0|Lore: 0|
|Persuasion: 0|Security: 2|Medicine: 1|
|Streetwise: 2|Stealth: 1|Politics: 0|
|Subterfuge: 0|Survival: 1|Science: 0|
|!3.1 Advantages|
|!Backgrounds |!Arts|!Realms|
|Mentor 2 <I><small>Freddie</small></I>|Legerdemain: 1|Fae: 1|
|Chimerical Item 1 <small>Gauntlet</small></I>|Primal: 3|Prop: 2|
|Contacts 1 <I><small>Doc Staples</small></I>||Nature: 3|
|Chimerical Item 4 <I><small>Warhammer</small></I>||
|Background: 0||
|!3.1 Merits and Flaws|
|! Merits|!|! Flaws|
|Black Market Ties 2 ||Nightmares 1|
|Ambidextrous 1 ||Disfigured 2|
| ||Notoriety 3|
| |||

|!^XP|!^Reason|!^Running Total|

|!3 Freebie Points|
|!Purchased|!Cost|!Running Total|
|Primal 3|^5|^13|
|Stamina 4|^5|^8|
|Nature 3|^3|^5|
|Intimidation 4|^2|^3|
|+3 points Chimerical Item|^3|^0|

|!2 \n<large><large>Birthrights</large></large>\n\n|90%
|50% Dark Appetite: Redcaps can\n literally eat anything. They can chew\n through cars and eat their way through\n walls. Their bulldog teeth are brutally\n flat and hard as steel; their digestive\n systems remain a mystery. Most prefer\n human or animal meat, but when hunger\n strikes, anything will do. No. Really.\n Anything. As long as a redcap can put his\n mouth around something, he can eat\n it. Large objects can be chewed\n into smaller pieces. Digesting\n something\n particularly vile or tough,\n such as wood, steel, romance novels or\n toxic waste, requires the expenditure\n of a point of Glamour. Keep all arms\n and hands away from redcaps at all\n times. Anytime a redcap attempts to use\n this Birthright in combat, he must\n spend a point of Glamour, just as if he\n were trying to eat something not\n normally edible. The base damage for a\n redcap bite is Strength +2 difficulty\n 5. Additionally, the redcaps my try to\n sever an opponent's limb. Severing a limb\n with this ability requires five successes\n on a Dexterity + Brawl roll, difficulty\n 8, or by three successes if the victim\n has been grappled first. This attack\n inflicts a minimum of three Health Levels\n of damage if successful, in addition to\n any other damage rolled.\n|50% Bully Browbeat: Redcaps can intimidate\n anything, even imaginary or chimerical\n objects. The difficulties of all\n Intimidation rolls are reduced by one. A\n successful roll causes chimera to obey\n without question; sentient creatures can\n resist with Willpower rolled at a\n difficulty equal to the redcap's\n Willpower. This birthright functions\n normally at all times, even in the\n presence of mortals or unenchanted\n supernaturals.\n|
|2 Affinity: Nature|
|!2 \n<large><large>Frailties</large></large>\n\n|
|50% Bad Attitude: No one likes a\n redcap, not even other redcaps. Some\n noble freeholds try to ostracize or kill\n redcaps just on general principles. As\n part of this stigma, they suffer a +2\n difficulty, or greater, for any roll\n involving a social situation other than\n browbeating.\n||

|!Attack|!Difficulty|!Roll|!Dice Pool|!Damage|!Dice Pool|!Type|!Extra|!Hand|!Conceal|!Strength|
|Bite|^5|^Dex+Brawl|^6|^Str+2|^6|^Chimerical|Cost 1 Glamour
|Baseball bat|^4|^Dex+Melee|^6|^Str+1|^5|^Real||^1|^T|^1|

|!\n <large><large><large>Arts</large></large></large>\n\n|
|^ Attribute: Dexterity|
|&#38;#9679; Gimmix\n Gimmix permits a changeling to maneuver objects telekinetically. With this\n cantrip she can move, twist, throw, lift and crush things. Fine motor\n coordination, such as typing or dialing a telephone is impossible however. Anything\n a real person could do with her hands if her fingers and thumbs were glued\n together is possible. Gimmix can be used in extremely small places, handling\n objects that the changeling couldn't normally see or reach. The Bunk for this\n cantrip must incorporate some hand gesture that mimics the effect of the\n cantrip.\n|
|System: The realm is determined by what the changeling is trying to\n affect. If she is trying to lift a pooka by his ears, the Fae realm would be\n necessary, but lifting a knife would require the Prop realm. The number of\n successes indicates the force of the telekinesis. For objects thrown, the\n damage possible is determined by the strength of the cantrip (e.g., Strength =\n 2 inflicts two Health Levels of damage against a target). Multiple castings of\n this cantrip are considered separate castings and cannot be accumulated for\n greater strength. Five successes (depending on the target's weight) and\n the appropriate Realm are necessary to directly affect a human's body with this\n cantrip. The effects of this art only last one turn, so the cantrip must\n continually be recast to maintain any telekinetically lifted object.\n Alternatively, once a single object has been affected, the character can spend a\n point of glamour for each additional turn he wishes to maintain the Gimmix.\n\n 1 success -- Lift 6 oz. -- Strength 0\n 2 successes -- Lift five lbs. -- Strength 1\n 3 successes -- Lift 40 lbs. -- Strength 2\n 4 successes -- Lift 100 lbs. -- Strength 3\n 5 successes -- Lift 200 lbs.-- Strength 4|
|^ Type: Wyrd|
|! \n<large><large>Primal</large></large>\n\n|
|^ Attribute: Stamina|
|&#38;#9679; Willow Whisper\n This cantrip allows the changeling to talk to\n anything, even things that normally cannot talk or understand speech. Willow\n Whisper grants the ability to speak to books, furniture, rocks, plants,\n buildings, aliens .. anything. There is one limitation to this cantrip: all\n requests must be phrased into a whisper. Using Willow Whisper in a place such as\n a football stadium in the middle of a game is a fruitless exercise. Also,\n nonsentient objects possess nonsentient intellect; rocks and trees may be really\n interesting to talk to, but they process information differently. An oak tree\n might think of “a short while” as 20 years, while a rock may consider several\n thousand years as a brief moment. You should imbue inanimate objects with\n personalities appropriate to their natures.|
|System: The nature and prop realms are most commonly used in\n conjunction with this Art, describing the object with which the caster is trying to\n communicate. The successes indicate how many questions may be asked and the\n clarity of response from the subject. Multiple castings upon a target are\n cumulative, but each successive casting is at +1 difficulty. The realm describes\n the object with which the changeling is communicating.\n\n 1 success – Mumbling, meandering answers; one question only\n 2 successes – Vague, obscure answers; 3 questions\n 3 successes – Clear but strange answers (the object is thinking in its terms;\n not recognizable human or fae terms); lasts one scene\n 4 successes – Clean, straight forward, but very boring answers; lasts for one week\n 5 successes – Perfectly clear, lucid, interesting answers; lasts for up to a month|
|^ Type: Chimerical|
|&#38;#9679;&#38;#9679; Eldritch Prime\n The user of this cantrip can cause any one of the following natural elements to appear:\n fire, water, earth, air or wood.\n The cantrip causes the element to appear in the most natural form possible: water\n showers down as either rain or bubbles up from the ground like a spring; wood\n either sprouts out of the ground or an object “grows” bark. The element can\n appear in an unnatural setting (such as rain indoors), but the element could not\n appear in an unnatural or manufactured form. A changeling could not suddenly\n cage an opponent inside a square wooden box, but he could cause a network of\n roots to grow around a target, forming a most unusual prison.|
|System: If simply creating natural elements, the Nature realm is\n used. If actually affecting an individual, both the nature and the\n appropriate realm (for whatever is being affected) must be used. The number of\n successes determines how much of the element appears. For every two successes\n gained (round up), the changeling can create a one-die effect (as is generally\n the case when conjuring fire and air) or provide one Health Level of protection\n (as can be the case when conjuring stone or wood). For example, a caster achieving\n three successes can cause a root prison to appear that could withstand two levels\n of damage. A caster who rolls one success could summon a flame that would inflict\n one Health Level of damage, or cause bark to grow on her skin, protecting her from\n one Health Level of damage. Multiple castings are cumulative. The changeling\n can direct where the element will appear, but she cannot control what the element\n does unless she recasts the cantrip. If she causes fire to rain from the sky, she\n cannot control the path of the resulting inferno unless she recasts the cantrip\n and receives at least as many successes as the present size of the flame. The\n consistency of the element is up to the caster, but she may not conjure anything\n that is not a phenomenon “normally” occurring in nature. The effects of this\n cantrip last for one minute for each success earned.|
|^ Type: Chimerical|
|&#38;#9679;&#38;#9679;&#38;#9679; Oakenshield\n This cantrip imbues an object or person with the\n solid, protective essence of oak bark. Targets of Oakenshield can resist a\n tremendous amount of chimerical punishment.|
|System: The Fae and Actor realms are most commonly used in conjunction\n with this art, though it is possibly to use Prop or even Nature in some aspects\n to protect a specific item from damage. Each success provides a Health Level over\n and above the Health Levels already possessed by the target. These extra\n health levels last until they are destroyed by damage or deliberately shed\n by the wearer. Multiple castings are not cumulative, and any successive casting of\n Oakenshield negates the successes gained by any previous castings of it.|
|^ Type: Chimerical|

|!2 \n <large><large><large>Realms</large></large></large> \n\n|
|2 |
|!2 Fae|
|10% •|Hearty Commoner: Commoner Changelings.|
|2 |
|!2 Prop|
|10% •|Ornate Garb: Objects commonly worn (clothing, rings, tattoos, etc.)|
|10% ••|Crafted Tool: An item with no moving parts. (Swords, shields, but not guns, or even a\n morningstar.)|
|2 |
|!2 Nature|
|10% •|Raw Material: Unliving, organic matter (rope, paper, stone, etc.). If it's inorganic (steel, etc.),\n it is not of this realm.|
|10% ••|Verdant Forest: Living, organic plant material. (Not animals).|
|10% •••|Feral Animal: Living, nonsentient animals. (Self-aware animals are governed under Actor.)|</center>


Mentor: Freddie. A Boggan Grump who has settled down to run a dairy farm, and who makes exceptional cheeses. Freddie has taken Cassidy under his wing, and offers her patience and understanding, coupled with a stern word and firm boundaries when they are needed. As a semiretired Grump Freddie spends most of his time working on his farm, but when he was a Wilder he was a well known fixer who could find anything you wanted, for a price. Freddie, who used to call himself 'Fredo Boggans', a joke Cassidy doesn't get, still has a few old contacts, and he uses them to keep an eye on Cassidy.  It hasn't been easy going, but Freddie has managed to earn Cassidy's trust, and they have a positive, if not always easy, relationship. Although she tries to hide it Cassidy enjoys the work, she likes the cows, and Freddie is important to her.

Chimerical Item: Warhammer and gauntlet.
Transformed in the fight that occured when she underwent her Chrysalis to mortal eyes these weapons still look like a baseball bat and glove, relics from Cassidy's short lived little league career. They are both well worn and battered, either well loved or mistreated, depending on your perspective. Both are singed around the edges and, if you dare to put your face close to them, they still carry a faint smell of smoke. They are also too small for their current owner, who has outgrown them, physically at least.
To the Kithain these are Chimerical weapons. A battle hammer which has razor wire wrapped around the shaft and a brutal looking head that resembles a meat tenderiser on one side, and is a sharp hook on the other. This is paired with a black metal gauntlet with spiked knuckles.

Contact: One of Cassidy's cellmates in juvie claimed to know a guy who knew a guy. Which wasn't a big deal, most of the kids she was locked up with either claimed to be innocent, or claimed to be connected, or both. This particular girl wasn't lying, though, and after she got out Cassidy was contacted by Doc Staples, a local 'unregistered' doctor who was grateful to Cassidy for stepping in to save his niece from a beating. Since getting out Cassidy has provided security for the Doc's clinic a few times, and he's introduced her to a few of his friends in return (Black Market Ties)

Michael Angelo/Quorum

Story Seeds

A supervillain/superhero rivalry. Michael is the villain, you're trying to stop her. Do you start to find her political rhetoric intriguing? Does one of the pair start falling for the other? Does your character start talking Michael around to a better way?

Or, maybe you play Michael's post-reform handler?
Or we could play out a super powered prison story. Lots of potential there.

I like the idea of a supers story that follows the mundane side of life, rather than the capes and costumes side. Super powered (or super/normal) roommates, maybe.

Setting: Superhero/villain

Age: 22
Superhero Alias: None. She used to call herself Quorum.
Costume: No specific bad guy fighting outfit, she just wears whatever she's wearing anyway.

Power Set: Cell manipulation, giving her enhanced physical abilities and healing, enhanced intelligence, and control over bacteria.



Strength Despite her wiry frame Michael is gifted with super strength. She is incredibly strong, not just for her size, she is capable of inhuman feats of strength.

Healing Factor Michael heals much, much faster than most people. The speed of this healing depends on the extent of her injuries; the more injured she is the slower she heals. If it were her only injury a broken bone would heal in under an hour. If she were hit by a bus it might take her days or weeks to recover, instead of months or years. She also appears to be immune to disease.

Super Smart As well as being super strong Michael is super smart. Her IQ has never been measured accurately because she refuses to take the tests properly, but her intellect and recall are impressive.


Bacterial Communication With concentration Michael can identify the bacteria, and other single celled organisms, in her vicinity. She can not only tell what types of single celled organisms there are, she can also identify roughly how many there are and where they are. She can 'talk' to them, and find out what they 'know'.

Bacterial Manipulation As well as locating and identifying single celled organisms Michael can control them.

Ability Limitations


Strength This is a power Michael can't turn off. She can be careful, and while she isn't quite the proverbial bull in the china shop things do get broken around her.

Healing factor As stated above, the more damage Michael has sustained the more slowly she heals. Healing quickly is a painful experience, and it takes a lot of energy. While Michael can heal herself if she's hurt dead is dead, and there's no coming back from that. A potential downside to this power is that it flushes chemicals out of Michael's system very rapidly, so she finds it very difficult to get intoxicated, and prescription medication has very little or no effect on her.

Super Smart No telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, speed reading, or anything else. Michael's very, very smart, but beyond that her brain is just a brain.


Bacterial Communication This power is limited to an area roughly the size of a tennis court, although she can limit it to a smaller area if she wants. The information gained can be overwhelming if there is a large amount (relatively speaking) of information to process, and a large amount of a single species can mask the presence of a much scarcer one, unless Michael takes the time to concentrate and search thoroughly. Finally the information Michael can gain from 'talking to' single celled organisms is limited to information they have. A bacteria could 'tell' her it was subject to an immune response, or a fungi could 'say' it was sporing, but neither could tell her a red head had walked past two hours ago.

Bacterial Manipulation This power is only limited by Michael's imagination and the capabilities of the organism she is controlling. She can't create or destroy single celled organisms, but she can tell them to reproduce or commit suicide. She also can't artificially accelerate, or slow down, any process she puts into motion, so there is usually a delay between her putting something into motion and the effects being seen.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair:Natural blond. Currently dyed in vivid red, blue and bleached blond stripes.
Eyes: Blue

Embracing the punk look with enough enthusiasm that those who know her sometimes wonder if she isn't being a touch ironic Michael certainly looks memorable.  Good genes, an active lifestyle and control over her body's flora have gifted Michael with a lean, athletic body. All angles and toned skin there isn't an inch of spare meat on her, although she's the healthy side of skinny, even if it's only just. Her skin is naturally pale, and when left undyed her hair is naturally a light blond. Michael often styles her hair into a six inch mohawk, she has a long strip of hair grown in the middle for this purpose, and the sides are cropped close but not bald. 'Striking' is certainly a word that can be applied to the androgynous looking girl, whether that's a good or bad thing is a matter of taste.

Her pale skin is covered in a patchwork of tattoo's of wildly varying quality, the majority of them her own work. Her most unconventional tattoos are a series of structurally correct skeletal models of various compounds that pepper her body. The rest of her ink is a bit more conventional in nature, although one might not expect to see quite so many tattoo's on a wiry young girl. In true punk style Michael has the word 'f**k' tattooed on the fingers of one hand and 'cake' on the other. She has a crude looking black tiger prowling the base of her spine, and an unfinished naked pin up girl on her left shoulder blade, she's missing her feet and some shading. Her left bicep has a modern day valkyrie in leather riding a flying pig over a burning city. Her right wrist is ringed by a slightly messy ring of barbed wire. A surprisingly detailed rendition of a T-rex adorns her right breast, and a matching stegosaurus occupies her left one. Not content to stop with her upper body Michael's left shin and calf is covered in creeping vines with metallic flowers, and her right inner thigh is covered in a surprisingly clumsy leopard print.

As well as enough ink that she looks at risk of blood poisoning Michael has a number of piercings. Her right ear has six rings through the cartilage, and her left ear has the traditional large safety pin through the lobe. Her right eyebrow, nose and lower lip are also pierced. Not quite so obvious to a casual glance, Michael also wears metal through her tongue, and both nipples. Like the tattoos her piercings are all home made. The majority of Michael's body is heavily scarred. Mostly pale lines from shallow cuts, which cover pretty much all the skin Michael can easily reach, although she has a handful of larger, nastier looking marks. She also has a relatively impressive collection of old burns, and it is quite easy to jump to the conclusion that she's been the subject of abuse in her past.

Although she isn't shy about her body or being naked Michael often wears clothes that cover the majority of her skin. Her entire wardrobe is second hand, most of it is functional and worn, and anything that stays in her possession for long enough receives some form of customisation. Jeans, boots, t-shirts or shirts and leather jackets make up the bulk of her wardrobe, although if it takes her fancy there isn't much Michael wouldn't wear.

Given the persona she projects most people are taken by surprise when Michael first speaks in their presence. She speaks with a smooth, polished, upper class London voice which speaks of the money she was born into and the education she received, to those who know what to listen for, anyway. Even for Americans, though, it isn't difficult to identify Michael's accent as posh.

Personality: Like her fashion choices Michael's personality is loud, outspoken, and not for everyone. She genuinely likes people, is friendly and open, and has an optimistic outlook. She also has a stubborn streak, a forthright attitude, and problems with authority. At her heart Michael is endlessly curious, about everything, and is used to being the smartest person in the room. A fact she isn't shy about sharing.

Family: Mother and father in England. Currently no contact between them.

History: Michael was born into money. A lot of money. Even when she was very small it was a life that she didn't quite fit. She was a smart, happy, precocious child, but she was also always asking the why behind everything until she got a satisfactory answer. If there was no satisfactory answer she'd continue digging, and even start her own investigations. By the time she started school Michael had put a fork in an electrical socket to find out about electricity, she'd jumped off the roof to see if gravity really was inevitable, she'd set the kitchen on fire, and she was very curious about why some people had more money than others.

If Michael's parents hoped that school, and the best education money could buy, would help set her on a more traditional path they were wrong. Before she left primary school her 'experiments' had sent her to A&E often enough that, to her family's outrage and horror, she had her own social worker. She was also still asking questions about how it could be right that she had so much while some children were living in poverty. Questions that no one could give a satisfactory answer to.

Secondary school was a difficult time for Michael; there was still no one to answer her questions and her behaviour was getting increasingly challenging. The curriculum bored her, and Michael spent a lot of her time arguing with teachers, skipping classes and sneaking out of her dorm. Eventually even her parents' money and name couldn't keep Michael in school and she was expelled. Instead of finding an alternate school Michael left home and moved into London, leaving her parents no choice but to accept this choice, or find a way to have her arrested or committed. An uneasy arrangement was reached, and Michael lived her way most of the time, and returned home to play nice for social occasions her parents deemed important enough to need her.

It was while squatting and living what she called a real life that Michael began to suspect she had paranormal abilities. Unable to contain her curiosity Michael jumped into finding out if she did indeed have abilities most people didn't, and if so what they were. For several months she was consumed by this investigation, and at the end of it she finally had a plan for all her energy and questions and sense of injustice. She found a group of like minded people who agreed it wasn't right to keep the rich rich and the poor poor, and, under Michael's direction, they set about trying to fix things.

To Michael's amazed horror the media decided not to rally behind these modern day Robin Hoods, but branded them supervillains. She was less surprised that the police had the same opinion, and after almost a year of trying to force the world to change to fit her view of what it should be Michael, or Quorum, was finally apprehended. By this time her parents had disowned her entirely, a decision Michael respected.

Three boring years of incarceration and power dampening followed, with only a few escapes to keep things interesting. A change of government and policy saw Michael's sentence changed so it included community service. For two years Michael was allowed to use her powers to heal people, a task that was easy, occasionally interesting, and rewarding. At first Michael was allowed to work in the prison infirmary, but she eventually earned enough trust to work in local hospitals, and her services became sought after to the point she was spending more time working than in her cell.

Thanks to the previous administration's hardline views on 'supers' Michael's sentence was an indefinite one, something that was becoming increasingly controversial, and someone in power saw an opportunity. Michael was offered a deal. If she accepted certain limits on her behaviour and regular monitoring then she would be sent to a school for people with abilities like hers to gain the qualifications needed to be a doctor. In return for this generous offer she would, when qualified, return to England and work for the NHS for the remainder of her sentence. Needing a change Michael agreed.

Kennedy Ennis

This is a character I have a great affection for. If you want to give me a chance to play her I'm likely to say yes. I have various iterations, and can happily play her at a number of places along her timeline.

Story Seeds

I'd love to play Ken falling in love with someone who can love her back. She's going to need a compelling reason to do this, though, so this would need serious discussion.

There are secrets behind Ken's success. Maybe a blackmail/coercion/fall from grace story where your character takes advantage of that somehow.

Setting: Modern day by default

Name: Kennedy Ennis
Job: Producer
Age: 25
Height: 5'9
Weight: 115lb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Description: Kennedy epitomises 'heroin chic', she's relatively tall at 5'9, muscled but underweight, pale enough to suggest that she doesn't really go out during the day and she usually looks half asleep. She has androgenous features and build, which isn't helped by her tendency to wear men's clothing and at first glance most people mistake her for a him. She cultivates a casual, almost disheveled look, her hair looks like she just leaves it to take care of itself, and she usually looks like she's just woken up and thrown on the first thing she found, although actually her clothes are all expensive and carefully chosen.
She is rarely still, she clearly prefers to be moving around and active and even when sat down she constantly fidgets and shifts restlessly. There is a physicality to her, and when talking to someone she will often mirror their body language, and touch them if the opportunity presents itself, although she isn't really aware of this tendency. When made uncomfortable or anxious her body language reflects this, she will become awkward and physically attempt to draw into herself and escape the source of her discomfort.
She moves with natural grace and there is very rarely any hesitance about her movements, she has a natural confidence, or arrogance, which is clear from the way she carries herself.

Distinguishing Features: Kennedy has no tattoos or piercings, although on close inspection one ear does bear a very faint mark that suggests it was once pierced. She has a handful of old scars and marks littering her body, maybe a few more than would be the expected result of an active and slightly reckless childhood, but not enough to generally cause people to pass comment.

Personality Description: Gregarious, friendly and outgoing Kennedy epitomises 'life of the party'. She likes to take the path of least resistance, and would rather have a good time than work hard.
At least on the surface, and if you ask her she'll tell you that surface is all she has.
She is confident, which leads to a love it or hate it outspokenness and honesty. For good or bad she's also smart and quick witted, and can back up most of what she says, which does nothing to persuade her to think before she speaks.

Additional: Producers are not, generally, known names outside of hardcore fans and other industry professionals. Kennedy isn't high profile to most of America, but she is more famous (or infamous) than the majority of producers.
She makes semi-regular appearances on gossip sites and on 'top ten' internet lists. Her fame comes from her very open, and sometimes public, love and enjoyment of both beautiful women and intoxicating substances. There are several 'well known' pictures of her, always with a different starlet on her arm, usually looking high. She is also occasionally identified as an 'influential' woman, or lesbian, or gender-queer individual, or some combination, but there is often a disapproving undertone to such recognition due to her flagrant womanising and her drug use.


Story Seeds

Our characters have lived their whole lives in the Vault. We start the story with them (alone? With others?) venturing out to explore the wasteland for the first time.

Or maybe your character lives in the wasteland, and Junior meets them when she goes exploring. They'd need some sort of common goal. Maybe initially one has something the other needs? Or there is an outside force threatening them both?

Or we play a claustrophobic 'in the Vault' game. I can see a lot of potential fun if we get creative with whatever rule Vault Tec decided to subject us to? This could be an intense character study, or a psychological exploration of what happens when... (whatever we decide upon)

Setting: Fallout (or similar post-apocalypse)

Around the Vault Junior is known as something of a walking contradiction. On the one hand she's a bully and something of a delinquent. She has a tendency of taking things that aren't bolted down, breaking things for the fun of it, and getting into fights. She's loud, she's brash, and the confines of the Vault are far too small for her. On the other hand she's the only daughter of Doug 'Butch' Dougson, the Vault's head of security, and around him she is her father's son. Obedient, quiet, and the first to ask 'how high' when told to jump. As might be expected these two conflicting sides of her personality are often in conflict, especially conflict with her father.

Age: 18
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150lb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Junior has androgynous features and build, which isn't helped by her tendency to wear her hand me downs from her father over her Vault suit. Under her father's influence she keeps herself smart, an air of military precision to her clothes, although her hair looks like she just leaves it to take care of itself. Her diet and exercise regime are strictly monitored, and under her clothes Junior's body is toned and well muscled. Despite, or because, of this strict control Junior has a sweet tooth that she loves to indulge. She has striking features that are often marred by a sullen scowl and an almost constant collection of bruises, either from getting herself in trouble with other Vault dwellers or with her father. Most of these bruises heal and fade relatively quickly, and Junior aggressively avoids both sympathy and treatment for them, but her nose has a crooked bulge on the bridge from an old break and she has a hairless scar running through her left eyebrow.


Anyone who grew up at roughly the same time as Junior will know her as a bully and one of those kids that existed on the social margins at school. Part of this was because most of her time outside of school was organised by her father, training, working, helping him out at home. Part of this was she was just a bit different. She was the kid who took every joke too far, who didn't quite know her own strength, who had to bring a change of clothes, and use them regularly, long after the rest of the class had grown out of having the odd accident, and who generally didn't fit. She didn't do well academically, and almost everyone would have seen her father shouting at her for her poor grades and conduct, but it never seemed to make a difference. As she grew older her tendency to bully became more prominent, and she even sometimes managed to attract a kid or two who'd prefer to stand with (or just behind) her instead of against her.

Her father, Butch, is head of Vault security. Most of Junior's contemporaries would know him as strict but fair. Some parents complain about him and his heavy handed tactics, but the general consensus is that any alternative would be worse. Other than doing a few talks at school Butch doesn't have much to do with the Vault's law abiding citizens. He does know everyone's names, and the less law abiding members of Vault society can expect a short, sharp, painful shock. Police brutality is a way of life to Butch, but he has his own code of honor, and just the threat of him is usually enough to stop trouble before it starts.

Those residents who are a few years older than Junior, old enough to consider her a kid not a contemporary, probably know her as either her father's daughter, or a little trouble maker. If they know her at all as anything but a face in the crowd.

Most cut her some slack though, they know her mother, who had been a softening influence on her husband, died a few days after a difficult labour. Butch came from a long line of men who had sons, who were very proud of their family's military history, and who had traditional views about gender roles. He had no idea what to do with a daughter, and so the general consensus is that he did the best he could. Junior was raised as his daughter slash wife at home, where she was expected to make sure the cooking, cleaning and tidying was done. Everywhere else she was raised as his son, groomed to take over the Dougson military legacy and her father's job. Butch has never been known for his finesse or delicacy, and his rough, heavy handed approach to life was applied to his parenting.

Views on Butch are mixed. To some he's a fair minded, if heavy handed, disciplinarian who is much needed to keep the peace in the potentially volatile Vault. Others think his bullying tactics and casual violence is oppressive and unnecessary, and that a broken arm or a concussion isn't a fair penalty for a public disturbance or a 'bad attitude'.

Story Ideas
Characters part 2
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Opening Posts
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I'm going to try something a little different here.
This is a selection of opening posts that I made for games that never got past their first page.
I don't want to try to recreate the original idea with a new partner. I don't think that would be fair to my original partners for these games. I do think these posts still have potential though, and see no reason they should die with a game that never got started.
So I'm going to put up the opening post, and only the opening post. If one catches your interest, then let me know what you'd like to make of the game. I will talk new ideas, I won't go into the details of the old game.
Or, alternatively, send me a reply to the first post, and we'll see where the game goes.

Opening Post 1

The night wasn't cold, not really, but a chill had started creeping into the air when the sun disappeared, and Robby was starting to regret her decision to leave her jacket at home. Taking a slow drag on the cigarette that was balanced on her bottom lip she considered going for a walk to get her blood moving and warm herself up, but she dismissed the idea as she slowly exhaled a plume of smoke into the night air. The bar was quiet, the evening had reached the tedium that stretched out in the time between underage drinkers trying to sneak in and the patrons who did get in getting drunk enough to start causing trouble. If she did slip off for a short work Robby doubted she'd be missed, but there was a party going on inside, someone had retired from somewhere and was celebrating, apparently with everyone they'd ever met, and things sometimes got interesting early when the bar was full of non-drinkers taking the opportunity to drink. The possibility of things getting interesting was only one of the reasons she'd taken the job, but it was a big one, and it was worth feeling a little cold for.

After taking one last drag on her smoke Robby flicked it onto the ground and crushed it aggressively beneath her boot. Although the odd customer was still drifting in it was late enough that Robby thought it was safe enough to go inside, where she could start eyeballing the crowd. Chances were she wouldn't need to card anyone else tonight, and asking for ID was something she always found slightly awkward, especially when she was forced to turn away people she'd known at school who were in the year above her.

Robby was almost through the door and in the warm when, in the space between the songs the party was blasting out, she heard voices from around the side of the bar. This wasn't exactly life changing, people often went out there to smoke, or talk, or vomit, or occasionally screw. None of which she felt particularly inspired to interrupt. The voices had an edge to them, though, an edge that she recognised, an edge that held the promise of violence. It was a siren song she couldn't resist.

Another song started playing as Robby went inside and straight through a 'Staff Only' door to collect her baseball bat. Adjusting her grip as she walked she let herself out of a side door and into the alleyway, where she stopped to take in the scene that was lit by the flickering neon from the bar's sign. The alley ran down the back of the bar, and was also accessible through a fire exit that was normally wedged open so people could easily get in and out. The door was now shut, an observation that made her tighten her grip on her bat. The door was shut, and there were three men, who, on closer inspection, were surrounding a girl.

Not waiting to hear what they were saying Robby swung at one of the two dumpers that were kept in the ally, hitting it hard enough to leave a dent, and making a loud noise that drowned out the music that was escaping the building. It also drew the attention of the men. "You causing trouble?" she asked, lifting the bat into a ready position and taking a step forward, not giving them time to think "please tell me you're causing trouble. It's been a long, boring night and I love me some trouble" smiling coldly, the expression nothing to do with humor, Robby took another step forward, her body language screaming aggression.

The men shared an uneasy look, and one took a step towards her. Not bothering to take the time to think Robby advanced, the eager look on her face enough to persuade the two timider men to turn tale and run, with a parting shout of "she's fucking crazy!"

The desertion of his friends combined with the arm numbing impact of the baseball bat was enough to take the fight out of the bravest member of the trio, and he pushed past Robby and ran out of the other end of the alley at full speed.

The splitting of the party, giving her the choice of two directions to give chase, slowed Robby down just enough for her to remember what the men were doing and why she'd interfered. Breathing slightly heavily as the adrenaline left her system she looked at the girl the men had been harassing. "You ok?" she asked, frowning slightly as she half identified their target, she couldn't place a name but the face was familiar, a pretty girl from school who hadn't appreciated her hair pulling or bra strap snapping, and who wasn't a regular at the bar "what're you doing back here?" she asked, the question surprised out of her.

Opening Post 2

"Yo, Kenny, get the fucking lead out" Saul called, irritably kicking out from his perch on the couch, his foot hitting Kenny's shoulder in a way that wasn't quite friendly, but that wasn't quite aggressive enough to start a fight "pay the fucking man and get cooking. We're all hurting here."

Distracted away from the phone message she was listening to for roughly the hundredth time that night Kenny put her cell, the latest burner in a long line of burners, in her pocket with more care than she'd usually show, then gave Saul an irritated glare. "Yeah, alright. I'm fucking doing it" she said, ignoring the wave of laughter this prompted; she wasn't exactly built to intimidate, unlike Saul, who had grown up fighting, and it showed "two hundred?" she asked Mikey, who nodded "I'll be back in a minute."

Also ignoring the mocking comments that followed her out of the room, she was very good at ignoring things, Kenny walked through to the apartment's bathroom. After shutting the door she put a hand up her shirt, and under her chest binding, to retrieve her earnings for the night. Weeknights were always slower than weekends, but tonight she'd been distracted by the voicemail she'd received, and it's implications, and her wad seemed particularly light. Muttering silent curses under her breath Kenny counted the crumpled notes, swore, then counted again. A hundred and seventy dollars was a truly terrible haul, even for a weeknight. Especially considering she was mostly sober and not sporting any distressing bruising. For a moment she was tempted to smash the stupid fucking phone that had distracted her and led to such a stupid fucking night. She pulled it out of her pocket, looked at it, then swore again.

Yes, the phone represented a night of chronic underperformance. It also represented hope. Or, the chance of hope, anyway. Even Kenny, with all her hard earned skill at ignoring things, couldn't ignore the nagging voices at the back of her head. It was a trick. A trap to get her locked up again. They'd call her crazy. Or send her to jail. Or it'd be like it always was, and they'd not give a shit. She'd be brought in, there'd be questions, she'd do her best, and in the end a box would be ticked and she'd be throw out again, with a government endorsement saying everything was ok when, in reality, nothing was different except she was marked down as a trouble maker.

Despite these nagging voices Kenny didn't destroy the phone. Instead she took off the back plate, pulled the battery, and took out her emergency cash. It was only twenty dollars, but she knew Mikey liked her, and she figured one ninety and a blow job would be enough to score. It'd leave her broke; no breakfast, no gym money to get a workout and a hot shower, no bump for the morning unless she held a little back for tonight, but that was future Kenny's problem. Now Kenny only really cared about scoring.

As she'd predicted Mikey had been willing to settle for one ninety and a blow job. After paying up she cooked, her privilege as the buyer for the night, then she shot up. Also as predicted, once the heroin hit her system she found herself caring a lot less about future Kenny's problems. Or anything, really. Feeling as close to at peace as she ever did Kenny passed the needle on, and pocketed the wrap, and the 'get through the morning' bump she'd saved.

Once everyone was nodding Kenny got to her feet and wandered out of the apartment, leaving the door ajar behind her. As she'd drifted the phone, and its message, had reentered her thoughts, and she was finally feeling brave enough to return the call.

Even high it took her five minutes of pacing to work up the courage to hit redial. Right now, the message represented hope. If she called back, and made it real, reality could do what it always did and fuck her over. It wasn't a conscious thought, but part of Kenny knew that, if that happened, there would always be a hot shot waiting for her, whenever she needed it.

"Uh... Hi" she said after listening to the voicemail message, and leaving several seconds of confused silence; of course social workers weren't sat by the phone at 4.00am "I... I should a thought of a message" she told the phone "uh, I'm Kenny. You called? Um... Meet me tomorrow? At... The Denny's on Figeurola. At... I dunno. Eleven?" she said "I, uh..."

Kenny wasn't sure what else she was going to say, but she was cut off anyway, as Saul walked out of the apartment. "Who you talking to?" he asked, grabbing Kenny's wrist.

"Fuck off. No one" she said, falling back instinctively on denial, and ending the call before he could wrestle the phone off her.

"Yeah? I think you're lying" he said, twisting her wrist until she was forced to drop her cell "ever since you lost your butt boy you been acting weird, Kenny. You was always weird" pushing her back against the wall Saul glared at her "you gone even weirder."

Not trusting herself to speak Kenny shook her head and struggled, feebly, against his grip. "What's worse, you holding out on us" Saul said, jamming his hand in her pocket, and pulling out her hidden stash.

"Hey, come on, that's mine. Give it back, Saul" Kenny protested, finding her tongue for this important plea.

Kenny's words were cut off when Saul punched her in the stomach. "Shut up. You know the deal. We share. Everything" he said.

"S'not fair" Kenny managed to protest although, technically, he was right. The loose group took it in turns paying for their fix, they shared whatever space they were crashing in, they worked together so everyone could enjoy an existence that was, overall, considerably less horrible than it would have been if they were all going it alone.

"Shut up" Saul said, landing another punch, then taking hold of Kenny's throat and tightening his grip "I should cut you for this. Cut you. Then see why you think you're too fucking good to bend over and take it when you're asked" he threatened "but you're not fucking worth it. Maybe once, but not now. Tonight, you sleep outside. You hold out on us again, and you out for good. And if I find out you were talking to five-oh, I'm going to kill you slow" he said, then he let go of her, stepped back, and punched her in the stomach again, leaving her doubled over and gasping for air "you pissed your pants" he told her, before letting himself back into the apartment and closing the door with a definitive 'click'.

Kenny, who had seen Saul cut people before, and who had no interest in showing him why she wouldn't let him pound her ass, had indeed lost control of her bladder at some point. She was far less interested in that than she was in getting air back into her lungs, though. After gasping in a few burning breaths her phone became her next big pressing concern. Once she'd retrieved that, and checked it was still working, then she started rubbing her wrist and, finally, chastising herself for not only ruining a perfectly good pair of pants, but sentencing herself to a night on the streets in clothes that were wet, and would soon be cold.

As she would have predicted, if there had been anyone who cared to ask, Kenny's night was cold and uncomfortable and long. Morning weren't usually her thing, but the next morning she had no choice but to wake up bright and early. Begging for change was humiliating, and Kenny hated it far more than she hated earning her money on her knees, but since she had no interest in dealing with anyone who wanted a 7.00am blow job from someone who stank of stale piss she didn't have many options. Luckily there was something about her broken pride that seemed to appeal to people, and after only three hours she'd collected enough to buy a whole new, or clean and new to her, anyway, outfit from the goodwill.

Aware that time was marching on Kenny got herself as washed up as she could in a McDonalds' toilet, and changed into her new clothes. A pair of faded jeans that were two sizes too big, and a T-shirt with a cat dressed as Batman on wouldn't have been her first choice, but beggars couldn't be choosers.

Leaving seconds before being kicked out Kenny then ran to Denny's, where she lost her nerve and lurked nervously outside the doors.

Opening Post 3

Living in the Vault, and especially living in the Vault with her father, meant that Junior's life didn't contain many luxuries. A shower was one of the very few indulgences she had that she could count on. Most mornings she limited her time in the solitude of the falling water to the time it took her to wash. It was safer that way, and even after decades of having access to clean water the recycled gray water that fell from the shower was a precious commodity. Showering quickly was also part of her routine, and sticking to routine, especially when her father was nearby, was ingrained in Junior. Some mornings, though, Junior allowed herself to stay under the water until she felt clean. Her father didn't often protest about these indulgences, something Junior tried not to think about too hard, and even if he did decide it was a problem today what was he going to do about it? Today was the day Junior was due to leave the Vault, and her father's care, for a whole year. So she stood under the falling water, letting it run over her body, letting the soothing sound of it drown out all the thoughts that normally bounced around her head, until she realised she was shivering from the cold water.

Falling back into her normal routine Junior turned off the water, towelled herself dry, and pulled on her Vault suit. Still feeling chilled from her extended shower Junior walked through to the kitchen/living area of the apartment she shared with her father, where she was surprised to find a bowl of Sugar Bombs waiting for her. Sweet things were another little luxury Junior enjoyed whenever she could get her hands on them, and she didn't wait for an invitation to sit down and start shovelling the sweet treat into her mouth.

"Slow down" Butch said, walking into the room and sitting down to his own breakfast, the much more standard toast.

Obeying without thinking about it Junior slowed her next two or three mouthfuls down, then she started speeding up again. Luckily the bowl was empty before Butch felt the need to correct her again. "Big day for you today" he said before Junior could get up to clean their dishes, a statement that earned him a cautious nod "you and the Deville girl. Stick close to her. You hear?"

Not sure where this conversation was going Junior opened her mouth to ask 'why', then, seeing the no nonsense look in her father's eye she shut her mouth and nodded mutely. "You'll be my deputy when you get back. Keeping her alive out there will be good training for you" he said.

Although she knew her father's plan for her Junior privately had no intention of voluntarily returning to the Vault. She'd heard stories about the Wasteland, of course, everyone who returned from the Wandering had ghost stories to share and, like most of the Vault kids, Junior had lapped them up, enjoying them and being terrified by them in equal measure. The Wasteland was big, though, bigger than she could really imagine after a lifetime spent in the confines of the Vault, and there had to be somewhere better than this out there. Some of this thought process must have showed on her face, because Butch got up, took hold of her face, squeezing her chin between his finger and his thumb, and he lifted her head, forcing her to make eye contact. "You go out there. You see the mess the world's become. You keep that girl alive. Then you come back here and you do what I did, and what my father did, and his father. You stop that chaos out there ruining our home. You hear me?"

Managing not to cringe at her father's touch, she wanted to but she knew from experience it was a bad idea, Junior forced herself to maintain eye contact throughout this little lecture. "Yes sir" she told him.

"What was that?" Butch asked, tightening his grip and taking hold of Junior's upper arm, his fingers digging in painfully.

"Yes sir. I'll go out. I'll see the mess. I'll come back. I'll work for you" Junior said, her expression not changing at the rough treatment.

"And keep that Deville girl alive" Butch said, but he let go of his daughter, and nodded at her "I've got something for you."

Junior watched, more than a touch of suspicion in her eyes, as Butch left the room, and came back holding something bundled in his hands. He placed the bundle on the table in front of Junior, who kept her eyes firmly on her father until he nodded for her to look at the gift. Frowning slightly she unfolded the bundle which turned out to be a belt with a holster, holding a pistol. The weapon, meticulously maintained, brought a smile to Junior's face, and she looked up at her father "really?" she asked and, when he nodded again, she stood up to strap the belt on.

After adjusting the fit there was an awkward moment, as she tried to work out how to say thank you for the gift, and the breakfast. In some families a hug might have been appropriate, but physical affection wasn't something Junior was comfortable with. A thank you might have worked, but generosity like this was pretty much unprecedented, and just the thought of the words in her mouth was awkward and insincere. In the end Junior decided on a curt nod of her head, the gesture an unconscious mirroring of her father.

"Hm" Butch grunted "get this cleaned up. You can have the morning off. I'll be there when you leave" he said, leaving the room before his daughter could pick up on the emotion on his face.

Normally a morning off would have been an invitation for Junior to wander the Vault looking for trouble. Today, with her new gun at her hip, and her Wandering so close she could almost taste it, that seemed sort of childish and immature. Junior considered the question of what to do with her free time while she cleaned up their breakfast dishes and, out of habit more than anything, gave their living space a quick tidy.

While cleaning Junior had decided to walk around the Vault after all. Not to look for trouble but to say goodbye to the place that was, for better or worse, the only home she'd ever known. Lost in thought she walked without any conscious aim, her feet taking her to the places that had memories attached to them all by themselves. Rounding a corner Junior nearly collided with someone. Her instinct was to frown and growl a "watch it" before she realised that she'd nearly walked into the girl who was fated to be sent out into the Wasteland with her "oh. Hey. You ready for later?" she asked.

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Changeling the Lost

I love this setting and world. I think I love everything about it, and it was, in my opinion, the stand out success of the new World of Darkness. Some of my favourite elements are the themes of change, learning to live with the abuses of the durance, being a stranger in a once familiar world, and the beautiful madness that all Changelings suffer.

Some potential starting points:
Playing out a durance.
Playing a return to the mortal world and readjustment.
Freehold politics.
Changeling/mortal romance.
Trying to reclaim an old life, or start a new one.
So many possibilities!


Another setting I love.
I've played 3, New Vegas and 4.
I love the retro-future aesthetic. I like the dangers populating the wasteland. I love the dystopian, post-apocalyptic versions of familiar places that the games present.

Some potential starting points:
Leaving a Vault to explore.
Living in a Vault with some strange rules.
Trying to survive in the Wasteland.
A new setting or a cannon one.

Modern Day

This is my default setting. I live in the modern world, so it's lazy setting building. There's also less chance of having two players with very different views on the setting, its lore, and the expectations of the world.
I enjoy slice of life type games. I like exploring different people/lives. I'm not looking for escapism into a world where everyone behaves like an extra in a porn movie and everything always goes right. I like a gritty world that presents challenges and obstacles, and makes the triumphs meaningful.

In a similar vein, I also love urban horror/fantasy. Think Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Unknown Armies.

the Masquerade/Werewolf the Apocalypse

All of the old WoD, but these two settings are my favourite.

In Vampire I like the rich world of the Clans, and the shadowy secret world of the Kindred. I like the Sabbat and the Anarchs more than the Camarilla. I like being a super powered Vampire who can lord it over and manipulate the humans around them. That said, I also like the human/vampire dynamic when there's a relationship there. I like exploring the Beast, and the descent (or not) from human to monster.
I'm less interested in high politics or rigid social structures.

In Werewolf I like the Tribes. I have a soft spot for Bonegnawers and Black Furies. I usually play Ragabash or Ahroun. I like the Umbra, but I need some real world in my games. I like monkeywreching, fighting the Wyrm, undertaking epic quests in the face of the apocalypse, and exploring the inner animal.
Again, politics (Sept or Tribe) are much less interesting to me.

Possible pairings:

Story Ideas
Characters part 2
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My Games
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What can you expect from me, as a player?
I think the easiest thing to do here is to link to my writing so you can see for yourself.

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From the Ashes Partner lost muse
The Runaways Over a month with no reply/PM
Limitless Partner lost inspiration following a break on my part
Staying on Top Over a month with no reply/PM
Innocent until proven guilty On hold while partner on hiatus from E
Can't Bargain with Hearts Different ideas about tone/themes of story
Mama Voodoo and the Porcelain Doll Over a month with no reply/PM
Watch it Burn Over a month with no reply/PM
A Dragon in Hollywood On hold until partner returns
A Muse and The Artist Over a month with no reply/PM
Addiction Over a month with no reply/PM
Love's Fortune Partner lost inspiration

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Equal Opportunities Partner suspended
Celeste's New Life Over a month with no reply/PM
Snapshots Over a month with no reply/PM
The Desert Island Over a month with no reply/PM
The Addict Partner lost muse
'Cause I'm a Wanderer Partner lost inspiration for game
The Keepers Over a month with no reply/PM
From The Ashes Over a month with no reply/PM
Extreme Exposure No reply to opening post/no PM communication
Cold Ground On hold until partner returns
Strays On hold until partner returns
In My Skin Over a month with no reply/PM
King of the Mountain Over a month with no reply/PM
Interrupted Over a month with no reply/PM
You Know What They Say About Small Towns Partner on break from E
Charon Partner no longer on E

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Sensitivity Training
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Mad World
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From the Ashes
Fish Out of Water
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Michael Angelo/Quorum
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