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Author Topic: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}  (Read 5478 times)

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Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

Hey there,

I will list below exactly what I'm looking for in a partner, if you feel we are not a good match then it's best to hit the back button. However, if you feel that this is also something you're looking for, please read on, don't forget to check my O/O's in my signature! If you're looking to PM me, please don't just type 'I'm interested' etc. If you want to role play with me, please at least make that known; i.e backed up with some ideas you have or why you'd like to role play with me so I know you're serious.

What I'm looking for:

    -    Dedicated writers.
    -    Detailed writers.
    -    Writers that are up for some plotting, every now and then. I enjoy talking about the role play and working out what we both expect from the story.
    -    Writers that will let me know if they're going to disappear.
    -    Writers that enjoy character conflict & love / hate relationships.
    -    Writers that are willing to write dark, gritty scenes. I don't tend to have limits, aside from terminal illness.
    -    Writers that post every couple of days, minimum. I will not be asking for replies, but I may end up losing some inspiration. Once a week/two weeks is about my limit. :) Don't get me wrong, I do understand that life can get hectic. It all depends on communication and having some kind of routine with our posts to one another.
    -    Plots based around actual issues than sexual content. I don't want a plot revolving around sexual interactions. We can use it as a plot device for sure, I just don't want heavily smutty stories that just become worn out.
    -    Lastly, writers that understand we are writing a story together. It doesn't reflect on our relationship as partners, etc.
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Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

 Basic plots / pairings (any desired roles I have will be bold):


    Werewolf x Any race
    Vampire (think underworld) x Any race
    Hunter x Supernatural creature
    Valkyrie x Warrior
    Reaper x Vampire
    Reaper x Other
    Shapeshifter x Other
    Shapeshifter x Hunter
   Siren x Other


    Employer x Employee
    Officer x Criminal
    Officer x Victim
    Nurse x Sniper
    Princess x Bodyguard
    Gang Member / leader x Victim of crime
    Nurse x Gang Member


    Christine Feehan's Dark Series (Carpathian Novels) OCs only.
    Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld Series (Bitten series on TV) OCs or Elena x Clay.
    Arrow (Oliver x OC).
    Batman (No specific movie) Bruce Wayne / Bane x OC.
    Hitman (Timothy Olyphant movie) Agent 47 x OC.
    The Crow concept - I'm up for all variations for this one.
    Lucifer concept (the TV show) 
    Blood Ties concept (TV show) OC x OC
    Haven concept (tv show) 

 Slightly detailed plots (please feel free to change these plots or offer your own alternatives with the same pairing):

The Executioner (Hunter x Shifter)

For many years, there have been hunters of supernatural beings. There was a title handed down to the immortal being that managed to slay the most monsters of his kind. They were somewhat supernatural; gifted with strength and immortality, which they believed was a gift from God to do his bidding. As times drew on, the reasoning changed. Nevertheless; the hunters remained in a tight-knit group. It seemed that every few generations, one would develop the powers upon reaching the prime of their life; at their very peak. For as long as hunters have existed, so have supernatural beings. Their mission in the modern day and age is to hunt down any supernatural being that still walks the earth. With social media and new technology to hand, it isn’t difficult to track them. One particular being, a shifter, has been seeking out other supernatural beings. Unlike her kind, she believes they should work together to protect one another. All she wants is a normal life; and yet the hunters keep coming. What she doesn’t expect is that when she finally forms a group to eliminate the hunters lingering in her home, is that The Executioner is right there waiting.

(This is just the set up, since it’s a weak plot to keep moving once we have several posts going. We can figure out how they’ll continue, maybe there’s a bigger threat that forces compliance. I'm also happy to do it the other way around, male shifter and female executioner.)

Death Becomes Him (Vampire x Hunter)

For centuries there have been cases of missing men; fine, fit, healthy men. In older times, it would be obvious that a reason for taking such men would be for an army; recruiting soldiers who had the ultimate chances of survival. As the times have changed, the reports of these missing men have faded into a sea of murder victims and missing loved ones. What they don’t know is that these cases of missing males is not by chance. It’s planned, methodical. A war is coming, and humans remain none the wiser. One fateful night, a couple go out on a year’s anniversary date. Vampires, Witches, Werewolves; they’re not fairy tales. And on that night, a woman’s lover was taken to join them, to become one of the most elite of the Vampire’s ranks. For years, she delves into the missing case files, she hunts down any connection she can find. She discovers exactly what has been kept secret for so many years. So what happens when she stumbles upon a war she has no part in other to kill what her boyfriend has become?

(First off, I’m thinking the war is supernatural. So it’ll be against powerful races. We can play the races as we desire; violent, hungry, reckless. Real monsters! Anyway, my joy will be the conflict between two characters who once loved one another, only to discover how different they have become.)

The Damned { Werewolf x Human }

"Damned are those who have the beast inside."

For some time, a small, rural village lived in complete harmony with the world around it. In times such as those, their only option was to make all they needed. As time went on, they began to notice their livestock disappearing. It began to get out of control, until the humans set up a group that would hunt the beasts that took from them. Little did they know, they were dealing with the supernatural. By the time Castles began to form and roads began to grow, the legend of the Damned had faded. However, despite the legend fading, the hunters grew strong. The group was formed of knights, warriors of all kinds. They protected the Kingdom by hunting for these beasts under the veil of night... And the beasts were tired of it.

The beasts planned an attack that would shake the very foundations of the Kingdom.

The Bite { Alpha x Bitten Hunter }

There were tales of beasts and hunters, such as red riding hood. There was always a vicious, unyielding beast that had to be slain. Life for MC was fairly enjoyable. She grew up in a rural town, bordering on a large forest. Through her young years she had discovered that it was clear that her family had been keeping secrets from the rest of the world. Her father told her stories of these beasts and their power, and more importantly, of how they needed to be slain. As she grew up into a young woman, the training began. A whole new world opened up for her, it was that very moment her father confessed that every tale he’d told her had been true.

MC’s family were hunters. They were from a long line of hunters, destined to remove the world of threats, such as supernatural monsters. It was only a matter of time before they were discovered, and that is exactly what happened.

One fateful night, screams of the townspeople roared through the eerie, silent darkness. It didn’t take long for her father to tear out into the night, weapons in hand. MC had been under strict instruction to look after her younger sister and mother. However, as she heard her father’s cries, she could no longer honour his wishes. That very choice would change her life forever.

She fought as she was taught to, slaying several wolves in her path. By the time she reached her father, he was nothing but a corpse. This was no random attack, it was revenge. Over the years, her father had hunted their kind mercilessly. No doubt they smelled the same scent on her as they did him. Unfortunately, she was able to keep fighting for some time. Until, she felt the cold, harsh bite of an Alpha. In the lore her father had told her, only a werewolf of Alpha status could turn a human. The pain would be far greater than any other bite, and many humans didn’t live through the change.

She was left for dead, in a pile of blood and corpses of her people. The very next morning, the air was still as a pale, bloodied hand snapped up from the macabre heap. She clawed her way to fresh air. Then the pain began. The agonising torture that would change her life as she knew it, and turn her into a target.

It was unexpected that she would survive. Since that day, she has been hunting the very creature that bit her. She is no longer the woman that she was.

I was thinking YC was the one that bit MC, then we could have them hunting one another. Maybe being forced to work together somehow.   

Natural Instinct { Fury x God }

Furies are beings of revenge; they are relentless and their only mission is to to do what they were created for; deliver vengeance. Through the ages, Furies had mated with humans, creating a less powerful being in their place. Nevertheless, they still retain an element of their once god-like powers. Direct descendants of Gods are walking among the humans, which triggers the Furies to become ‘alert’, their powers suddenly revealing themselves in the presence of God bloodlines.

A young woman applies for a position in a successful business, and it’s only when she meets her new boss that she realises she is something far from human; and so is he. Not only do they sense something about one another, they can feel the natural hatred their kinds feel for one another. Who will give in first?

This is a very brief idea, we can change where she applies, but same concept would be great.

A love once lost { Witch x Werewolf }

It all began two decades ago. MC’s Coven moved to a rural area (whichever country we like; we don’t even have to specify) nearby a peaceful town in hopes of settling into a rather human way of life. However, unknown to them, the war was only just beginning. At the time, the pack nearby (YC’s) decided along with the coven it would be best to join forces against the wild rebel groups that were gathering force. Some supernatural beings believed that they should be in control and take over the human world. They believe that they are above human laws.

Once the threat was dealt with, the coven took their leave. By this time, our characters had a firm bond, so much so that they’d spent a good deal of time with one another. It felt strange to be apart, traumatic even. (I’m planning for the coven to have remained there for five years, they would’ve moved when MC was roughly fifteen, so left when she was twenty. Feel free to pick YCs age).

After all these years, the witches had been moving around, their coven slowly breaking down as they tried to find a peaceful home. Everywhere they went it seemed that trouble was following them. Eventually, they find their peaceful home, even if they are a smaller coven, it was worth it. Just one year after they’ve settle, they get a call from the pack alpha (this could be YC) that there has been an attack on their pack, by another coven. They need help in fighting back, as they are outnumbered against reckless witches. So once more, the coven pack up and head over, as they feel they have a loyalty to the pack for helping them before.

MC begins to wonder if YC is still the same, she hopes to reunite with her childhood sweetheart. Only to find that he has moved on, causing the situation to turn somewhat awkward.

We can discuss about their relationship, maybe how YC is feeling. We could also have both characters move on then realise how much they missed one another. It can go either way really!   

Cat and Mouse { Investigator x Killer }

For some time MC has been working in the police force, although she loves her job she feels that she’s missing out on the more important tasks and being able to make a difference in people’s lives. Soon enough, she gets an opportunity to join the homicide team, in an instant she sweeps it up. Little does she know, a current serial killer is soon going to emerge (YC). The moment the police stumble upon the killings, they’re already a few steps behind. Bodies turn up, the heat begins to engulf them as the media goes wild; they’re under considerable pressure to figure out any way to trap the killer before he kills again.

There’s barely any hint as to who the killer could be, no DNA evidence and limited connections from the victims. MC begins to focus all her time on the case, studying each crime scene with unmatched determination. A plan emerges in her mind; she happens to be the killer’s type, petite, blonde and rather isolated in terms of friends and family. Much to her Captain’s dismay and reluctant agreement, MC begins to plot her cunning plan to set a trap. Bait.

We can hash out all the details. Feel free to mention a different violation of crime if you prefer!

Professor Dilemma { Professor x Older than average student }

Finally, MC gets the chance of a lifetime. She had given up her studies (we can decide on which class you'd like YC to lecture) to take care of her family. Despite being a model student, her life began to take a turn for the worse. MC ended up working as a waitress, earning as many tips as she could to support her family. After all, she didn't have higher education to will her into a well paying job. However; her grandparents recently passed, leaving their fortune to her alone. Her direct family had simply abused her kindness, so in an effort to gain her life back, MC decides to take off to a new state and begin again. In an effort to be wise with money, she gets a job at a local coffee shop while enrolling for several classes to achieve her degree.

However, as much as she would like to believe the hard times are in the past, she would be wrong. As she begins her classes, she notices that one of her professors is particularly hard on her (YC). At first, she thought he was simply demanding. Now, she's not so sure. MC is curious and has a rather determined attitude. Instead of simply letting it flow off of her, she takes it upon herself to give him the same amount of flack he's giving her. Every other professor she has seems to be approving of her, even helping her catch up various topics due to her lack of education in some time.

Here is where she gets creative. Irritated by one professor's complete dismissal of her work, she sets off on a mission to find out what his problem is. One particular day, she finds that once she arrived early for his lecture, that his office door was open. So, of course, she slips into the office and begins searching for notes on his students. As one would think, YC is close to catching her. However, before he can actually catch her red handed, a colleague of his manages to. Without a word he whisks her off to his office and offers her a rather vulgar deal. Blackmail. Searching through a professor's notes could be seen as cheating, therefore she'd sacrifice her education. He's offering to allow her to continue, if she gives him what he desires from her, when he desires it. Now the question is, does YC know about this professor and his sly deals? Will it be enough for him to help MC?

 We can always change the way this works, but I'd like to explore the relationship between our characters and how tense it can become. If he saves her ass, then it would almost be their secret. Not to mention they'd have an enemy on their hands, so if  / when they do get involved, blackmail is never far away.

Ashes to Ashes { Human x Supernatural / Ghost / Not sure ;p }

From the start of our characters lives, nothing had been easy. They both came from difficult backgrounds; they had to work for everything they had. One day, they meet in a diner where MC was working while going to school. They were inseparable from that moment on. They moved in together when they were able, working as many jobs as they could to work their way up to a lovely home and to eventually get married. They were close, landing a nice new apartment in a nice neighborhood. Unfortunately, the night before something happened that would change their lives forever. YC, in preparations for their new life was keen to buy a ring to propose. A friend at work had set him up unknowingly, landing him in trouble with some important people. Little did he know, they’d planned to claim the debt that evening. Without the money, they took matters into their own hands. That night he was shot, with no hope of survival. MC arrives back at the apartment to see police scattered around, it seems as if their life is over…

Three years later YC rises, unknown of the time passing. Will MC have moved on? What exactly brought him back and how will that affect his life? We can plot out how we begin and what goes on.

Lesser of Two Evils { Thief x Agent }

It all begins with a few choice items disappearing from homes in the city. Police have been alerted several times, however, there isn’t any evidence to suggest who the culprit may be. For several months now, they’ve been tracking the thief’s takings, it begins to escalate, far more valuable items tend to disappear in seemingly impossible circumstances. This is where your character comes in. He is hired to put an end to this thief. So, they set up a sting. Unlike other attempts, the thief turns up. This could be down to the objects she witnesses, or maybe a challenge set by the agent. Either way, she finds herself stuck, confronted by the agent. Now here is where it gets interesting; she clearly has skills of being able to get around unnoticed, so she proves of some use in a specific case he’s working on alongside the thefts. He offers her a deal, freedom from her previous charges in return for her skills. The only problem is, she isn’t willing to play by the rules despite her firm handler.

The Reaping { Reaper x Witch }

Everything seemed normal, routine in fact. Masses of people were making their morning journey to work, the city was bustling with life. Little did they know the threats that lurked around every corner, or the beings that waited for the natural order to take its course. On that fateful morning, two sisters were planning to meet up with one another, they’d set their breakfast date in a small café just on the edge of the city. MC was down the street, making her way to the café with her younger sister in sight. The woman didn’t see the car coming, neither did her sister as she walked out into the street, crossing the road. Their eyes met for a split second before, MC immediately tried to turn toward the accident, but she was far too late. The car sped off down the road, leaving a bloodied, twisted body of her sister in the middle of the road. A crowd began to gather, MC broke through the crowd, dropping to her knees to cradle her sister. Reapers existed in the living world; and it was time to collect. Unfortunately for them, MC was a witch, her sister too. With a hurried chant, the woman bound her sister’s soul to her own. Leaving the Reaper unable to take the soul they desired. From then on, MC had marked herself to Reapers. She held a soul that was no longer allowed on this earth.

Bloodlines { Supernatural x Genetically enhanced hunter }

For centuries there have been supernatural beings walking the earth. Somehow, they have remained hidden, despite their numbers growing with every passing year. Each race has their own custom on finding a mate, or if they have mates at all. The bloodline of each race is important, it carries with it the history of the ones that went before them and is said to have powers of their ancestors. Some races are more obsessed than others regarding keeping their bloodlines pure, this means they actively prevent unapproved or disapproved unions. Much like the human world, the supernatural has a hierarchy, and they are not to be taken lightly.

Due to the increasing amount of supernatural beings, it is needless to say they are becoming restless. How much longer can they live in secret? Some believe that they should take control of the human world; that they should be in complete control. Others believe they should remain cautious, out of fear for their survival.

Due to some extremists in their society, several attempts have been made to force one another to show the world what they truly are. Unknowing to them, their plans have already worked. Several human groups have known about these supernatural beings for some time. The bad news? They’ve been preparing. The humans have discovered several ways of manipulating genes they have found in supernaturals and injecting it into themselves. They had become desperate after they had tried to condition various captives to work for them. Now they have forged their own soldiers to go and retrieve more subjects for experiments. They want to know what is out there, and how they tick.

That’s where we’ll start our story. I’d love to play a Weretiger on the run, but we can discuss what you’d like to do and see what we come up with.

The Sacrifice  { Werewolf x Shifter }

For centuries there have been a growing number of supernatural beings throughout the world. Each race has their own customs and laws, despite the rules following a general idea of not being discovered and keeping bloodlines pure. Three elders of each race are placed on a council of supernatural elders. This is to make certain that laws are kept in place as well as keeping a somewhat truce between the races. However, during their annual meeting, it comes to light that one Werewolf pack had been attacked by a clan of Shifters. The races are similar, no doubt leading to their territorial behaaviour. One member of the pack died in the attack, causing a rift in the supernatural community. The council discovers this action and decides on a way to settle the situation. The Shifters must give one of theirs to the Werewolf pack. One life for another. It may not seem fair, but their methods were usually an eye for an eye. That is where our story begins. Who is given over and what happens to them when the Supernaturals come under attack from humans?

This is just the background really, we can decide what happens. I was thinking a situation where they're able to use the shifter's abilities to protect their pack.

Forsaken { Banshee x Vampire }

For centuries, Witches and Vampires were forbidden to mix. For as long as time, Elders of each race looked after their own. Each species had their own rules and laws as punishment for disobeying the most sacred of laws; keeping their bloodlines clean. YC and MC somehow found their way together, it wasn’t easy, but they began to feel for one another. They became inseparable. They thought that had managed to keep it secret, but someone in their ranks had seen a display of affection between the pair. From that moment on they were doomed.

They were found one night, dragged from their home by several armed guards of their respective races. The lovers were kidnapped and taken to a very remote location. MC was torn from the mode of transport first. She was fastened against a large plank of wood atop a pile of countless logs. YC was thrown down onto his knees before the wooden pile. The Vampires seemed to be more lenient due to his worthiness to their ranks; but they had agreed that he needed to observe her death as punishment.

She vowed to curse every single soul, she told them that she would be back to kill every single one of them. The fire began to burn her skin, causing the skin to bubble and blister. Her wails filled the landscape. The moment the fire engulfed her; it could be seen that her hues misted over a pure white before her life essence left her body.

Hundreds of years later, in a modern setting, YC is walking the streets of NY, or some large city, and keeps thinking he’s seeing a very familiar face as he notices reflections pass him. Little did he know, the very same woman he’d seen burn and collapse as life left her, had began to crawl from her shallow grave, her body healed, her memories faded, and her powers transformed several months before he began to see her wherever he looked. MC appears in the city; she is simply drawn there. One night she ends up in a bar with one of her closest friends of her new life; how will it turn out?

If she were discovered by current Witches in power, she would face consequences. YC could end up trying to pick her up at the bar and take her home to hide her, only to realise she has no idea who he is.

I'm no Hero { Soldier x Nurse } - TAKEN

One night on a late work shift MC is called into the ER to deal with an emergency. An off duty solider rushes in carrying his friend (YC), who needs immediate attention. MC swiftly gets to work on dealing with the emergency. After he is stabilised she makes her way out to talk to YC about his current state when she sees a fight breaking out. (Could be someone who beat him up who was also brought in or something along those lines). Soon enough, they begin to talk and form a friendship.

Before long, he is deployed once more. Any feelings MC has tries to force them down to deal with his job. It’s not stable and she doesn’t want to get hurt. However, while he’s away, she forms a new relationship. MC is doing her best to forget YC, so she ends up making a mistake without realising. The man she is currently seeing ends up needing her skills. Little does she know, she’s giving medical attention to a felon.

Months later, her relationship begins to become serious. She has no idea of the second life her partner lives. Just as her partner is planning to propose, guess who she ends up bumping into. Immediately, her partner notices some changes within her. Tensions begin to rise, especially as her partner and YC meet. YC knows there’s something up with him, he just doesn’t know what. So he makes a few calls and discovers out about this man’s history, discovering many domestic charges, rape, and various other terrible crimes.

This is very basic, so we can discuss what to do with the rest of the plot later.
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Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

Current role plays (for recent samples - please keep in mind the more I get, the more I give);

I can provide samples upon request. Or you can check below, I will link my active threads.
With them you can see how I respond, how much I leave for my partners and such, as well as the different characters I play.

1. One
2. Two
3. Three
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Re: The Hunt Begins! Plot based. Long term. {F for M/F}
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2016, 09:24:09 AM »
Changed for layout.
« Last Edit: June 23, 2016, 01:58:50 PM by Emphatic Enigma »

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Added fandoms, removed taken plots. New plots to be added soon.

Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

Added two new plots, Professor x Student & The Mating Game. Only looking for one or two new role plays.

Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

Updated first post. Added plots; Forsaken, A love once lost & I'm no Hero.

Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

Cat and Mouse plot added.

Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

Opened up a once closed plot, due to lack of response from partner.

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Ashes to Ashes plot is back up!

Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

Added plot 'A deal of a lifetime' plot. Kind of craving this!

Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

Currently looking for Craving plots only! I can take one or two more.

I've marked ALOL plot as taken - currently in use. It may change if the role play is dropped etc.

Especially craving Cat and Mouse.

I have also updated active role plays, so you can see my recent posting there.

Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

New plot added; Lesser of Two Evils. Really wanting to dig into this one.
Other plots removed due to lack of interest.

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Added plot, 'The Reaping'. Keen to play this one!

Offline Emphatic EnigmaTopic starter

Opened up the plot A Love Once Lost - Hoping to play this one as well as The Reaping.
Also added song prompts.
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Bloodlines plot added. Itching to get my claws into this one. :)

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Opened up the Lesser of two Evils plot due to the roleplay being deactivated. I'd love to do this one still!

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Added The Sacrifice plot. :)

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Re: Craving plot rich & deliciously detailed stories. {Dedicated M Roles Needed}
« Reply #18 on: September 24, 2016, 12:51:07 PM »
Removed I'm No Hero plot due to lack of interest.

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bump. I'm back!

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Re: Prowling for Partners. {M roles needed!}
« Reply #20 on: December 12, 2016, 01:34:27 PM »
New plot added; Natural Instinct.

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Re: Prowling for Partners. {M roles needed!}
« Reply #21 on: December 15, 2016, 05:39:36 PM »
Revamped the thread. More summarised / to the point.

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #22 on: December 20, 2016, 11:17:37 AM »
Two plots added; I'm no Hero & Forsaken.

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #23 on: December 30, 2016, 06:25:56 PM »
Removed some human plots as I am no longer interested in them.
Still craving 'The Bite'.

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #24 on: January 04, 2017, 08:41:06 AM »
Several plots marked as 'taken'. I am still happy to accept variations of those plots but only if they differ quite a bit. :)

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #25 on: January 07, 2017, 11:21:58 AM »
The Professor x Student plot is back up!

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #26 on: January 14, 2017, 05:07:26 PM »
This thread is now up to date, listing all current role plays for recent samples.

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #27 on: January 21, 2017, 06:32:17 PM »
Cat and Mouse plot is available again! Really wanting to get this one going. :) Lots of potential for drama and friction!

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #28 on: February 04, 2017, 07:22:36 AM »
Added more human pairings. :)

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #29 on: February 13, 2017, 05:06:49 PM »
I'm open to different variations of The Bite plot. :)

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #30 on: February 23, 2017, 07:27:55 PM »
The bite is fully taken. I'm no longer accepting variations of the same plot.
Don't forget to suggest some plots if you don't see something you like.

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #31 on: September 11, 2017, 08:22:38 AM »
Looking for more. PM only please. :)

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #32 on: October 23, 2017, 08:55:55 AM »
Kicking this back into action. Just one or two would be great. :)

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Re: On the Hunt for detailed & deliciously savage stories. {M roles needed}
« Reply #33 on: November 02, 2017, 09:20:10 AM »
I have added three new plots. The Executioner, Death Becomes Him & The Damned. They are basic ideas that we can expand on. :)