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Author Topic: Beauties and the beasts [M l for f] Anime themes (Very NSFW)  (Read 1325 times)

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Beauties and the beasts [M l for f] Anime themes (Very NSFW)
« on: April 10, 2016, 12:47:39 PM »

Lookie here...The title caught your eye's, now it's time I pull you in with my thoughts.

Here's a little Peak into my mind.

Due to repeat offenders, I do not tolerate being dropped and not even getting an explanation. You will be put on a list if you are one of these offenders, give me a heads up if you cant continue or haven't heard from me, but leaving out of the blue in silence is a sure ticket to getting on my bad side. That is all.
But hold, here is some rp DETAILS that you should hear.
+Clothing, I love to know what your current character is using to accessorize their lovely form. Even down to what's under the first layer.
+Curves, Self Explanatory
+Big Trunk, Big Chest. Best way to know how big is by looking at the girl's in the gallery that will be linked below in the first setting.

Now, those of you who do not find attraction to anything besides Vanilla I must warn you that you will not have a good time in here, so I suggest you return to the light...Unless you want some darkness to taint your heart.

Requirement? I love details, which makes posts become long. Give me at least three paragraphs and we will be good friends. I only roleplay using anime characters. Not canon, but anime images. I just can't find any level of enjoyment out of real women.

Now enough of fancy wording, Here is my big Two Roleplay stories that are very close to my heart~

general pairings (• the more of these, the more the craving.)

Monster Slayers *New plot* Craving High
(Tentacles, Soft Vore, Uniforms, Much more)
Tasked with protecting the Denizens of New Tokyo, you are a female boosted with powers from neural and physiological augmentation, you are made to lure these abominations of science out of hiding and kill them. But will you end up being the prey as well?

Hidden Horns -Taken-
(Harem, Tentacles, Consensual, Comedy)
The Demon realm sends their prince to the human world to begin their invasion...But they may have made him too beautiful, for the Demon Slayer Cult has this lustful attraction to him regardless of what he tries to do to ward them off.

The Cattle and the WizardWanting
(Ageplay, Hybrid, Dub-con)
A Hybrid princess despised by the king, sends her off to be the guard to a wizard, but this wizard has quite the lecherous plans for such a beauty.

The ApprenticeCraving
(Ageplay, Dub-Con)
A Women who seeks more power seeks the help of a powerful old mage, unfortunately for her, once he looks upon her, teaching her magic is the last thing he wants.

Wizard Romance -Really Craving-
(Vanilla, Magic, 1x1, Ecchi)
[img=]http://Sora[/url] And Fiona. Ones a shy humble girl that is wishing to learn the ways of healing magic and how to cure some of the worst ailments int he world, the other is a cold boy who only wishes to learn destructive magic to exact revenge. These two are the polar opposites, so one would assume when they meet for the first time in a dueling match, its destined that they are to never interact again...But something about that duel sparks a passion in both their hearts.

Overwatch Demon Scourge
(Gangbang, tentacles, mindbreak, noncon, size difference)

Suddenly, a year within the Reinstation of Overwatch, a demonic portal opens up while tests are made to recreate a portal system similar to Tracer's time distortion technology. This portal becomes a rear in space time beyond many of the parallel dimensions. A hellish portal that unleashes demons upon the world, and the Teams of Overwatch are sent out to deal with the demon army that spreads out from the portal.
Only, the females in overwatch quickly find out the demons motives when one by one they fall to their demon enemy.
Girls of Overwatch that I want in the plot;

***New Plot***
Yokai Task Force
”Oh god..their..their..”
”Hey Asshole! I'm going to make you pay for what you-Ah! How da- what are-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! NO!”
”Don't touch me there-ahn~ N-no Stop! Don't put it...NOoooaaah!”

Official Yokai Character thread

Year: 2020, Location: Japan
File Report:
It was an unknown cause, but it changed how the world saw science and myth forever. Experiments went wrong, terrorists caused a ritual to open a rift, and all of Japan became a hunting ground for Yokai. Demons from what was thought as Japanese myth. The Yokai possessed the bodies of sinful individuals, and turned them into beasts and monsters, capable of causing either a nuisance, or a city wide panic. All they could do was capture the possessed people and find a way to help them.

Year 2030

A solution was found with the most unconventional means. Most Yokai that possess someone, try and quickly reproduce with the opposite sex so they can create physical monsters in the world. But luckily there had been no such luck. But in this we have found a way to temporarily expel the Yokai from the bodies of the people. A strange Group had been formed, young girls adorned in rather strange uniforms confront the Yokai and attack with magical powers, but what is stranger is that even if they fail to take them down with magic, they end up getting raped by the monster pus Yokai, but have found a way to make them weak enough through this to them be able to exorcise the spirit and free the people who have been possessed. But the spirits are still unable to be captured themselves. They do however become out of action after being expelled for a short time, giving everyone a breather before the next wave. Let us hope that the Yokai do not find ways of thwarting the new task force in this endeavor.

So, after reading all that you're probably wondering where you fit in, well. You are either a Yokai, that can posses humans and make them transform into terrible monsters that are bent on sex, or you are a Spirit force unit, where you have been selected to learn magic and combat the Yokai by any means necessary, or you play a regular human, trying to live your life and go about your day, hoping a Yokai doesn't consider you a good fuck

[New Plot]Excorcist Ninja[New Plot]
Monsters, age difference, non-con, gangbang, and more
All across the country people are becoming possessed by demonic forces, luckily a group of ninja know how tonexcorcise them. An all female clan, they seek out demons to eradicate, however it has quickly become a one sided war when the demons find out how to make the women unable to use magic anymore..

[NEW Plot]Innocent Lust[New Plot]
Slight non-con, Deception, long term

In similar tastes to Innkeeper, this story involves my character constantly getting to fool around and play with your character, the difference now is that instead of an old man, it's a sweetly innocent creature hat is supposed to be your partner on a quest, its cute and you are completely unaware of its very dark thirsts for you. Getting you to do things you wouldn't allow any human to do, because what can a small little guy possibly do to you?

Rivals between the stars
Fighting, wrestling, size difference, plug suits, non con
The Bunyis are a very technologically advanced species. Being both profoundly beautiful and intelligent, they have rapidly advanced in their life cycles to the point where that in only two thousand years, they made it to one of their home world moons via spacecraft. It finally came a time that they sent out a voyager to go out in search of intelligent life. A Bunyis from an outsiders point of view looks like a humanoid, albeit with perfect poroortions in the female side. They have either pointed tall rabbit like ears, or floppy ones. And a cotton all tail that sits neatly above their rumps. Their intelligence is naturally great, with having he ability to solve lots of calculated problems.

One hundred years of exploration, and the Bunyis find a planet on the other side of their Galaxy. A large planet that is hard to traverse due to the heavier gravity. But with their advanced suits they can at least traverse with little issue. A cadet, scouting the surface will be first to find intelligent life. Unfortunately, she would be the one that starts the fabled war between the two.

She came across a Fueldin. A race similar to hers in the way that they are humanoid in shape, but with animal like appearance. This Fueldin she comes across is two feet shorter than her, and smaller in frame. He is pale white, but with vibrant red hair that comes down and rests on his shoulders. He has whiskers and instead of whites for eyes their pitch black with red iris's. He has tall oval shaped fox like ears and a large bushy tail with a white tip. Now, maybe taking too much assumption in mind, since he wore a simple loincloth, she assumes that he is primitive, and of no threat, and does something, that in his culture, is viewed as an insult. And initiates a duel. She finds, that Mother Nature had given this species the perfect biological advantages. Speed, strength, and a instinct for battle, and quickly finds herself defeated. The Fueldin then I acts his second cultural right, and 'reaps the rewards of his victory. Which begins a long feud between the two species.

•••Tiger Child•••
Harem, size difference, ecchi
Tennji was only two months old when he lost his family. A horde of soldiers from an opposing army came and took away everything. His father was murdered while trying to protect their home from the pillaging army, his older sister was taken captive to be used by the men in the army. But his mother wouldn't let his life be taken away. She hid him within a woven basket and bundled him up with cloth. From there she ran as hard as she could from the soldiers that sent their hounds after her. She ran through the forests constantly losing hope and energy until she came to a river that gently lapped against the banks. She put her baby softly into the water, where the river took the child down the stream. His dear mother then kept running, making a fuss to draw the attention of the soldiers that pursued her. She died after the hounds were done with her.
Tenji went down the river for a whole day. It was the beginning of the next night when something finally found him. His basket hit up against a bank, and a shadow passed over the basket, Young Tenji's cries echoed out, hoping to get the attention of someone. But when the top finally was open rather aggressively, a giant face of a female tiger looked back at him, it let out a roar at the baby, but strangely, young Tenji's only babbled, and reached out Unafraid of he beast. This tiger, was full grown, strong, and had a scar over its patterned face. It used to be a mother as well, until her cubs were killed by another male tiger, seeking to make her his mate. But she was thrown into a rage and killed him, he left a scar as his memory.
As this tigress looked down upon this child, a miracle happened.
The their sized the basket in its jaws, and carried young Tenji to her home.
Tenji was raised by the tiger from then on. He learned how to hunt, to kill, and to fight. It was tough, being only human he got hurt a lot by his mom. But he grew stronger in both strength and durability, his spirit grew stronger, by the time he turned twenty, he was just as ferocious as a alpha. He had a mane of bright blood red hair, his muscles rippled whenever he moved. And his eyes had fire that roared. His mother had now passed, taken from him from poachers. He sought out his revenge when he ripped out their throats with his teeth. But he knew now, he lived for himself. Not quite a tiger, but far away from a man. He decided, that he would become a lord, not just of the forest, but the world that he knew.
This story is a bit more thought out, but basically multiple woman would fight and join him, all the while he discovers the fun of the female form. Really interested in playing this out with someone.

Ageplay, Naive female, overweight character, deception, forced/cohersed clotheswearing, sexy clothes, wrestling, non-con, massage)

Out in the countryside of an old kingdom, a giant series of mountains inhibits further travel, so hardly anyone knows of the magnificent Inn that sits atop the peak of one of the mountains. First created by an unknown lord as a getaway home. It was handed down through the years until finally it became an Inn. Ran by a older man known as Giro. Girl see's this place as punishment. It's secluded and no one knows about it. He believes that this is exile for his very lewd behavior through most of his life, panty stealing, peeping, and even having no shame when he would find ways to look up skirts.

He is now middle aged. Chubby, bald, and quite clearly unnattractive. He maintains the Inn to standards, as part of his job and awaits guests. However his punishment soon turns into paradise as a drop dead sexy female arrives at the inn. She has been traveling and couldn't believe her luck upon finding this inn. However she doesn't have any money left for even a night to stay. However, the girl being fooled into Giro's deceptive kindness tells her that if she works under him for two weeks, then she can stay during that time. After signing her name under an employment contract filled with strange rules she goes through a two week long debauchery of perverted and lewd antics that Giro has planned for her. Bathing together, wrestling, massage, teaching her how to do chores in weird positions, and not to mention the clothes that are all very revealing. Before she realizes that his intentions are anything but pure he sprigs his final trap, where she may en unable to ever leave this Inn from hell.

••Unfaithful warrior••
Cheating, Neotoare...You know the series with their lovey dovey couples and their full on devotion to one another. Then the end comes and they ride into the sunset. But what about those long shadows casted from such a bright sunset?

The female lead may not be as pure as her boyfriend believes, other things lay in the dark that take enjoyment from her body, and only these creatures can bring out true pure bliss that he could never truly give her.

Namely, a story where it is more of fantasy times. A party with a strong male protagonist and a bombshell of a female partner who are deep in love. They go out together or sometimes separate to finish up missions to  get money...But what happens when the female gets her first taste of defeat..And is submitted to a very dark act...

Here are two gallery's that resonate this perfectly, and also show the kind of girls that I truly find perfect. By the way, their clothing is perfect for me, so roleplaying the character in the specific clothing that they are shown is a huge bonus for me. You can even pick a specific girl from one of these images to roleplay as, I know I want you to.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

As you may of guessed so far, It's quite a ride. It will include lust crazed monsters that want to have their way with the heroine of the tale. But disgusting monster's are not only in the palette, but Bandit type's, Old men, and even such low imposing creature's that somehow manage to claim the Heroine's goods for themselves. There is just something about a incredibly hot beautiful woman being forced or willingly submitted to a disgusting creature or male that drives me wild.
If your interested in this, please let me know. We will discuss all the details in full on a PM or question in this thread.
••Monsters in the shadows••[/size]

This setting simply removes the concept of cheating and throws in a lot of peril, non-con, and plenty PLENTY of monsters, along with an array of women to satisfy so many of them.

Simply, the planet is covered with all kind's of monster's due to a mishap with a bio-organic firm that took it way to far with a certain experiment. The world completely lost all control when the monster's attacked, ordinary weapons did nothing to the more powerful monsters that were born from the chemicals. Life was reduced to a million souls spread across the globe.

So it's more of a horror kind of RP. But no fear, no gore or death will be present...For the monsters have a craving now to keep their species thriving, the human female has something that can help them well with that.

Here are some galleries of girls and possible scenarios to use as examples.
NSFW Gallery 1

NSFW Gallery2

••The Goblin that ruled the world••
Normally within a round of DnD, goblins are the first type of monster you would face. Sure maybe they got tougher, but certainly no dragon fight. They are the shock troopers, fodder, minions. But what if one had this blessing. To be far stronger then anyone could preview? The premise would be that this Goblin would defeat beautiful women in combat, and decided to reap his 'reward' from them. Over time more women would fall and be added to his collective harem as he takes over the world.
This involves size difference, non con, harem, and possible gangbang. [/size]


Seikon No Qwaser
High school of the Dead
Prison School
God Eater
Zombie Games
Resident Evil

Now we come to the end, and I have to sadly leave you. But no sadness for this departure, for I am but a Message away from hearing your desires.~
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Re: Beauties and the beasts [M l for f] Anime themes
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Bumping after overhauling and importing a previous request format.

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Re: Beauties and the beasts [M l for f] Anime themes
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Seeking Partners still.

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Re: Beauties and the beasts [M l for f] Anime themes
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2017, 02:28:26 AM »
Added some new stories to the request thread, still seeking partner's for most of these plots.

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Re: Beauties and the beasts [M l for f] Anime themes (Very NSFW)
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