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November 26, 2021, 05:54:53 pm

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Author Topic: The Animal Mansion (Extreme Skyrim, F for Any)  (Read 1668 times)

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The Animal Mansion (Extreme Skyrim, F for Any)
« on: April 08, 2019, 02:24:17 am »
Recently I have gotten back into Skyrim thanks to watching some mod videos on it. Found some really cool stuff I wanted to play with and try out. Eventually those videos led me to some adult mods. Now I mostly started looking into them out of amusement and some desire to leave my fallen foes naked. But the more I looked at them the more I started to crave a really sex driven Skyrim game and then I came across the Animal Mansion mod. Then that desire for a sex driven game went over the edge into a desire for a truly debauched experience but I still wanted a story. So how to satisfy both? Sara Nilson gave me the answer to that with an excellent idea in The Pic You Want Someone Else To Play thread. So here we go.

(Colored words are clickable)

The Animal Mansion

Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of Debauchery and Patron Saint of Sinners, has always had a robust following among the people of Tamriel. The joys of food, sex, and wine are among the oldest pleasures known to man and mer. Pleasures that everyone partakes of to one degree or another. But most only ever scrape the surface of those pleasures. The drunkards and the promiscuous and the gluttons. Their obeisances are appreciated but their lack of imagination is not. They offer lip service but there are some who offer so much more. His true followers. The Children of the Rose. His good followers who go out and proselytize the ways of debauchery. Opening the world's eyes to new pleasures one convert at a time.

One such preacher is the Nord woman Thaena. A beautiful but seemingly normal woman with a desire to build an Inn just outside one of the main cities of Skyrim (the mod has it set just outside Falkreath but I am not beholden to that). A generous and charitable woman willing to take in a few down on their luck travelers. Give them a place to stay and food to eat and a job that can pay well if you are willing to work at it. See she takes in the desperate and offers them a a way out in the form of the oldest profession but mere prostitution is only the beginning. As the demands grow more debauched so do the rewards offered. Rewards that go past gold to magic and items that show Sanguine's approval but by then you will have to have plumbed the depth of depravity with man, beast, and more.

TLDR version A cult of debauched daedra worshippers take in a couple of desperate people and corrupt them.

Sample Jobs from the mod
Private Show:A client wants to watch you having sex with an animal of his choice so you take him to the specified animal and put on a show for him.

Private Show Variation 1: Same as above but a female client wants to join the fun.

Private Show Variation 2: The client is a companion and wants to show you something special.

Private Show Variation 3: A strange man is waiting for you in the mansion. What is he up to?

Training Session: A female client wants you to come to her place and teach her and her dog.

Horse Sale: A merchant needs your expertise in a horse sale.

Dog Sale: A merchant needs your help in a dog sale.

Good Boy!: Stump, the dog in Riverwood is acting strange. You need to go there and see if you can help the dog.

The Jarl's request: Even the Jarls have heard of the mansion and they send for you to entertain them with an animal of their choice.

Creatures 101: The College of Winterhold wants you to assist in a lecture. (Note: You need to have made the quest Under Saarthal for this quest to be available)

Pleasing Paarthurnax: Paarthurnax needs to empty his balls and only the dragonborn is able to help him. (Note: You have to have met Paarthurnax and he shouldn't be dead for this to work.)

After you have enough animals the normal private shows won't be enough. The people of Skyrim want to be entertained differently. So everything needs become a little bit more interesting.

Party: Thaena is hosting a party with 8 guests. Your job is to entertain them with 3 randomly selected animals. Before you the party is over there might be a surprise for some the guests.

Mens night: 4 men are gathered in the mansion and they want to have fun with Thaena and you. You have to entertain them by having sex with either the men or the animals they chose.

Ladies night: 3 ladies and the player are gathered in the mansion and they want to have fun. So every lady can have fun with each animal.

What I Am Looking For
- Debauchery: Drugs, drink, and every form of sex under the sun and the moon. And lots of all of them!

- Taboo Kinks: Bestiality is a must for me on this one. Though - despite the inspiration in Animal Mansion - it does not have to be the focus. It could be saved for special occasions even. Incest would be fun if we could work it in (The desperate pair could be daughter/father or brother/sister or mother/daughter). Anything not in my Hard Offs is open for this.

- The NPCs of Skyrim: There are a lot of awesome (and fuckable!) npcs in Skyrim and once I saw that any of them could be the random people at the parties in the Animal Mansion I knew I wanted a game where we could really interact with them.

- To Cut Loose: I want this to be a game to just have fun and work out some frustrations and kinks. Anything goes.

- A Female Character: I am looking at playing a female character for this one. Race is open to discussion. What you are is up to you. Though if we want to go the incest route we might want to compare notes on our characters. ;)

What I Am Not Looking For
- Nonconsensual: Reluctance? Sure. But overall I want a game about two people being tempted towards sin and lust and finding they love it. Now attempted rape or rape in the backstory is fine. That gives us an excuse to go all I Spit on Your Grave: Skyrim Edition on someone.

- Only Sex: If we want to get out of the Mansion and go on a full adventure (maybe with some unpaid fun times?) in Skyrim? Awesome! Let's do it. Maybe we saved up some money and want to go experience the pleasures of Elsewyr. That's cool too. Want to get involved in the Dark Brotherhood's story? Alright. While I have a focus on working out some sexual frustrations here I will never turn down a chance to bury a sword in an enemy.

Inspiration: Elves: pt 1, Elves: Pt 2, Orcs, Fantasy Hotness: Pt 1, Fantasy Hotness: Pt 2, Fantasy Hotness: Pt 3, and Skyrim Fantasy Hotness

My Standard Warning:

My health is a dumpster fire of suck so my posting rate can be erratic just depending on my pain levels. Fair warning before we even spend time discussing an idea.