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September 22, 2021, 12:04:35 pm

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Author Topic: I'll Hold Your Hand if You Hold Mine(M seeking F or MtF)  (Read 596 times)

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I'll Hold Your Hand if You Hold Mine(M seeking F or MtF)
« on: November 10, 2013, 10:51:38 pm »
Hello everyone , another new guy to the forum looking for a writing partner. A few things right off the bat, I've role-played before but I'm still working on my ability to write. Specifically writing more then a single character at a time,whenever I go beyond my own character I find my writing starts losing cohesion and kind of melts.

That said I love world and story building. I can build characters and settings fairly easy (piloting them on the other hand...).

As I said I'm new, so the polite thing to do would be to say a bit about moi. I tend to work on momentum, the more you put in the more I will put (or at least have the drive to). On the other hand with breaks it can take me a bit of time to get back into the groove of my character.

Speaking of which, I tend to play “nice” or at the very least “good” people. I have serious trouble playing the nasty types and it tends tie my stomach into knots, as well I have fairly little experience with sexual writing and will need some hand holding there if that's what your interested in.

Personally I love the romantic stories, the epic long stories with the world throwing everything it has a couple but with them enduring past it all.

With coupling I made sure to fill out my O/O's before writing this ,though I was a bit uncertain with a few terms.

But in the short of it I will put my likes in short: I love powerful,strong and incredibly intelligent women, it's a thing. I adore playing someone who feels it to the bottom of the bones the need to help everyone he can but in the end he has someone(or someone who will) look out for him. Your character doesn't have to start that way but there's another thing that tickles my fancy.

I love to see character’s develop and change. In every possible way,from physically to emotionally to mentally to spiritually. It gives me a warm sense of progress.

I'll throw a few of my old story seeds out here, they were all made with tabletop systems in mind but that's completely optional and I'm not certain how well that would carry over to the virtual realm(especially with my inability to not melt when writing different PoVs >.<)

1:Rising Sun  and Guiding Moon

This one's an idea from the Exalted setting, an old classic of reincarnation and the odd couple that happens to fit perfectly if not always harmoniously. The idea for my character and the story was that the solar to be grew up in one of small numerous farming villages out in the middle of Nowhere-Important ,with a menacing forest on one side and almost mind-shatteringly boring village on the other. Thankfully he grew up with a playmate, a brilliant girl who more often then not got her friend out of whatever trouble he got in that day. He kept life interesting for the perpetually unchallenged girl and she kept him alive. She was his best friend and he would rather spend the day with her even if she held the name “the Ox” for a reason.

But nothing stays the same, one day the playmate left and the Sun Child never knew where other then that her trail led into the forest. No amount of searching in that deadly place ever came to fruition,it was as if she had all but vanished under the Hidden Moon. Yet one day the Sun Child would make one last venture into the wood,not for his own sake but to find a lost child taken by a Fae.

*Realizes he's rambling and stops typing*

So to sum up: New and Naive Solar goes looking for his old friend. Only problem is that his old friend no longer looks like she used to,in fact where before she could be Ox now even the most fair envy her form. Of course that's if she's in the form of her birth.

They then team up to fight Creatures of Darkness and Save creation. When the friend isn't face-palming at whatever  warmheartedness made mess her mate has gotten into of course.

2: Pithy title about shadow and protection

This one is a bit more cut and dried. Think about every single dark ,dank and dreary city from every Supernatural/Horror setting you've seen. Crime rate is atrocious and compassion is something from a bygone era. People have their own problems and everyone else can keep theirs to themselves. Not the case for a few though. The Shepard's of Good Hope have always kept their door open for the needy or those who need a place to stay. The people running the place don't get paid much more then the people they're helping but it's a calling.

For one man it's all he wanted to do in life. To help people. What's more he found someone special in Uni. But times are odd and so is she. Lately she's on the edge, worried, always asking what time he'll be home and what route he'll be taking. It's gotten to the point where she's trying to convince him to buy a gun.

It's probably just stress but are there eyes in the shadows?

*So this one is a classical Normal Nice Dude(for Now!) whose love is hiding something*

So often we pick that dependent flaw for extra points but I am curious to see the world from their point of view. How does it feel to be helpless while the one you love is fighting things beyond comprehension.

Oh and in a similar vein!

Idea trois: Capes and Trench-coats.

A unmarked barrel.

Two teens just a week from graduation.

Accident, flashing lights and speeding ambulances.


But more for one then the other.

The ability to see the future and change fate.

The other...well someone needs to sit at the top of the heap right?

Those are my ideas!

Oh and this isn't a deal breaker or anything but I really, absolutely adore constructive criticism to improve my writing.
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One Life is Never Long Enough for Love
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2013, 10:27:54 pm »
*A Place holder for When Owner can Put an idea into words that don't make him rage delete*