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January 18, 2019, 10:55:12 AM

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Author Topic: Characters looking for GM  (Read 464 times)

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Characters looking for GM
« on: December 07, 2017, 05:59:09 PM »
Greetings, this is a thread basically seeing if there's anyone out there that would enjoy running a game for myself using system rpgs and I pitch my characters to the systems I'd like to play. I'm hoping others may also pipe up interest in playing, so GMing becomes a more appetising bite, though I love solo games and being the sole character the GM is running for also.

You can either post interest here or PM me if anything looks like it takes your fancy. Hell, if you like system games and don't see what you like listed down below, shoot me a PM and I probably own it and wouldn't mind making a character and doing a game. Just don't bother asking me about D&D or Pathfinder, screw those two (Starfinder is cool though, I want me some Starfinder).

DC Adventures (Mutants and Masterminds)
I own DC adventures, it's basically Mutants and Masterminds, though skinned for the DC Universe, the corebooks are exactly the same, so if you own either system, you're all good.

I have a PL 10 character ready to go, he's a regular human, built as a sort of adorkable amateur private eye, though he holds a special bracelet which gives him a Seer-like ability (activatable remote distance sense and uncontrolled precognitive dreams). He's completely human without his special bracelet, which can be taken from him for more character-based dynamic and as a general flaw to play up. For support he can create and manipulate crystalline particles thanks to a tachyon field in the bracelet, for constructs, illusions and portals. His crystal powers are dynamic and the more he summons forth, the less power his remote distance sense and teleports function, because the tachyons mess up his perception of spacetime to use them. The bracelet also offers our introverted reluctant Noir protagonist a beam that can make vulnerable, stun or paralyse when offence is needed.

I'd like to do a story that follows this new hero still getting to learn to use the bracelet he holds and maybe meet some canon heroes/villians from the DC landscape which will help and hinder the guy as he goes out to solve the visions he gets from the bracelet on his wrist. I like the Noir aesthetic, though it can easily be set in any kind of comics tone, from classic three coloured golden age to the more grimdark, realistic or the general modern comics feel we have today.

I'd love to play me any Starfinder I can please.

Warhammer Fantasy RPG
I'd random roll a character for this one. PM me if interested about this one. The setting speaks for itself, though I'd be after something more action packed with a touch of exploration, with a fair feeling of the series 'Berserk'.

Black Crusade (FFG Warhammer 40,000 rpgs)
Watch this space, though I'm currently building up a Nurgle worshipping Cultist, due to me being a main Death Guard player in the 40k tabletop game. The Nurgle Cultist could even work as an antagonist in other rpgs set in the 40k galaxy.

NWOD; mainly Beast:the Primordial
Just on the off-chance, I have a Beast character and would like to use him in a game. Thanks to crossover fun, Beasts work well in the other gamelines and are built with that in mind, so he's good for all kinds of nwod games. More info to come here, though feel free to PM me and I can talk more on who the character is and what they're about.

And on the off-chance;

Mongoose Traveller
I would love, love, love to play out an Imperial Scout game of exploration and doing the Star Trek jazz, crossed with a lil bit of Firefly to keep things interesting.  ;D I've yet to find anyone who really does Traveller, come on and show your support for some space adventuring! ^^

Strontium Dog
Uses the Mongoose Traveller system, based on the old 2000AD comic strip of mutants sent out as expendable bounty hunters to make their ends meet in a galaxy that hates them... It's old west plus pulpy future tech with mutants of all sorts, from helpless to OP and vampires in there too. This game probably would work best as one-shots, the fun of the game is random rolling your mutant to see what you end up with and then seeing if you can actually rail in your mark, investigating, chasing, then finally combating your way to creds. It's as deep as you'd like it to be and super fun.  :-)