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February 23, 2018, 08:48:35 AM

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Author Topic: Any survivalists/preppers/doomsdayplanners here?  (Read 10242 times)

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Offline Captain MalteseTopic starter

Re: Any survivalists/preppers/doomsdayplanners here?
« Reply #175 on: November 05, 2017, 03:45:57 PM »
A lot of people who plan for a future major disaster event, plan for themselves or for their very closest family. It is a natural way of thinking, of course. But if all known big bad events in the past and present proves one thing, it is that once the hammer hit we rarely get the option to stay alone. We join up with others, to be protected or to get other types of help, or we are herded into camps of some kind by the authorities. Makes it easier to feed and protect us, and also easier to control us. Pick any refugee camp in the world right now. Pick any border with emergency traffic. Pick a flooded area. Some places you are offered the chance to be rescued but can choose to stay. Other places you get neither. The fact that you might be able to eke out the troubles alone, does not mean that you will get the chance to.

For my part I am not enthusiastic about being herded. But not having a plan for a group situation feel like closing my eyes to one of the most likely outcomes. I don't like being told what to do and what not to do, especially if I don't have great trust in the people giving the orders. What I feel certain about is that I am not going to be in charge, and that there will be no voting - just people with badges and local officials and politicians who have neither trained, prepared or even thought that something like this could happen here and now they are away from their desks and offices for the first time in their career. I might, in theory, know more about how to handle an epidemic than these guys but they certainly aren't going to ask anyone for advice because they never do. And there isn't one guy in military uniform within a 1200 km radius of here who is capable of leaving their base to help anyone else.

So I am wondering, how do you guys relate to the possibility being forcibly relocated for time unknown into a camp you are not allow to leave? I am pretty sure all firearms would be confiscated on sight in any camp here in Norway, but this is a nation where only criminals carry weapons anyway, and in a nation wide hostile situation there are no one in this country capable of establishing a camp anyway. I grant you, this is a nice place in peacetime but only the naive and/or heavily medicated would think we have any actual military capabilities to create defendable camps. So being moved to a camp is for us just a nature disaster scenario anyway. I am far more worried that in a camp I would be far more likely to get infected by any biological threat, I would be in the hands of well meaning but un skilled officials, and worst of all - I would be completely unable to affect my own fate. But this is me; I would rather die alone than live in a hive of people I could not keep away from me.

Offline Captain MalteseTopic starter

Re: Any survivalists/preppers/doomsdayplanners here?
« Reply #176 on: November 09, 2017, 05:26:53 PM »
A little something, proving that also the wealthy plan for the apocalypse. And that they have no intention of letting it cramp their style.