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December 17, 2018, 04:11:44 AM

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Author Topic: Encampment [Futa, herm/EX/Bon] (Interest Check - Lords, Ladies and Lieges)  (Read 477 times)

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“Welcome to the ‘Encampment’. You do not know how you arrived here or what prompted your selection yet here you are. You are not alone however…”

"You are all from different walks of life. Some of you are from other corners of the world, but which corner you are in now… you don’t know. One thing is for certain, each person amongst you have a history of serving in the law enforcement or some form of regulatory body in some capacity. Perhaps you are a member even now, but that doesn’t matter. Everything prior to today shall hold no meaning for any of you, what’s important is what’s to come next. If you play your cards right, there is redemption and failure’s always an option as well, after all I enjoy permanent residents within my encampment.

“So you wonder, ‘why me?’ You wonder ‘why my body has undergone this transformation?’ Ah, the transformation! You see, this is non-permanent. Through severe enhanced ergonomics and optic engineering – regardless of whether you are male or female – I have genetically modified you into a being bearing both male and female parts. During the course of your stay you shall make full use of your features. The gentlemen amongst you underwent facial reconstruction as well, therefore most of you won’t be able to recognize yourself, though I can assure you… this is for a good cause. My friends and I thank you, and welcome you to the Encampment’s 10th Annual Team Mingle Epoch, or as we like to call it… EAT ME.

“Life is fickle and our world is a small place; you have met some of us. At some point we came across each other and left an everlasting impression on the other person, thus you find yourself here. Your achievements and past transgressions do not matter, what matters is the impression you made and must now make every endeavor to live up to our expectation. The room you find yourself in is empty and devoid of all emotions except for you, look around you. There are many rooms within the Encampment and many hold just the one person, like you.

“Now that we have made the introduction, you must standby for further orders as each of you shall be presented with verbal or written tasks that must be followed to the letter. Successful completion shall pummel you ever closer towards your intrepid goal. Failure would not be to the contrary, as it our goal to see you nurtured and progress. Be well and Godspeed.”


"So what, do I have no knowledge of who I was or used to be?"
Nope. You are of sound mind and health, you have every knowledge of who you were or what you used to do... you just can't put your finger on how you ended up here.

"Can I play a male or a female character instead of a futa?"
You may have masculine or feminine traits, but for the sake of our plot, you must play a futanari/herm.

"So how does this work? Are some of us evil characters and others good?"
You have total control over your personalities and history as long as you have worked in the law enforcement agency or some form of military. You left an impression on someone, somewhere along the line and therefore you find yourself in the present predicament. Here regardless of your affiliation you are a pawn for someone's amusement, and must be subject to similar tasks - like everybody else - until you emerge victorious or fail trying.

"What is this inspired from?"
The beginning so far draws heavily from the beginning of Bioshock and the first SAW. However the rest of the game has elements which pits every two or three characters against each other in sexual scenarios among others. The Encampment's elite is played solely by me, along with some of the necessary NPCs, therefore my role is limited to that of a GM.

"Who determines the winner of each 1x1 competition?"
Since there is no elimination/death I wish to follow the d/s dynamic, however if people are interested in keeping it competitive I will allow dice rolls to determine the winners.

"The game is labeled Extreme, what if there are elements or kinks I don't enjoy?"
It goes without saying, but should you ever feel uncomfortable with anything whatsoever, you are not required to go through with it. I encourage cohesion between the pair/group of players and will always be a PM/OOC post away if you would like anything clarified.

"What are the requirements to join?"
Just the willingness to post at least once every two days. It's for your benefit as group games are super fast the first few days before slowing down.

"Can I play more than one character?"
You certainly can if you can commit to the minimum post requirements.

"Do you have a character sheet? I have more questions!"
This is an interest check at the moment, as soon as we have people willing to commit I'll post the character sheet template. Feel free to pm me or reply here if you have more questions.