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Author Topic: A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]  (Read 2106 times)

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A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]
« on: September 07, 2010, 05:54:40 PM »
A Dark Tale


It was a dark once upon a time in the land of Fantasia, a land once divided by alternate universes until the all-powerful OZ (god) merged the fairy tale dimensions so that he could govern them equally. In result, Fantasia’s once paradismo became black as the evil queens assembled an alliance to enslave regions of Fantasia.

(Because this RP has just started, and we already have players willing to RP Alice and Dorothy, we will be dealing with the Wicked Witch of the West and the Red Queen, who are currently in alliance.)

Red Queen – She is obsessed with red. She wears red, her castle is red, and she loves blood. She is renown for chopping the heads off her enemies and allowing their blood to drain into a tub where she can bathe and gorge. Appearing volumptuous to her public for the queen is known for being incredibly vain, ever since OZ altered Fantasia, karma was paid in full and she is now a monster of greed and gluttony.

Loyal Subjects of the Red Queen

The Wicked Witch of the West
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
The Crimson Knight (Tin Man in Red)
The Cowardly Lion (Deceiving, rat)
The Three Little Pigs (Lords)
March Hare (Psychopath)
The Seven Dwarves (Mafia)
The Step Sisters and Mother (Mistresses)
The Ginger Bread Witch (Hansel and Gretel story)

Enemies of the Red Queen
These are some ideas of playable characters. You can freely think of others.
Anyone who joins this game
The White King and Queen (playable)
Glinda (Not Playable)
Snow White (Playable)
Sleeping Beauty (Playable)
Prince Charming (Playable)
Puss in Boots (Playable)
Goldie Locks and the Three Bears (Playable)
Beauty and the Beast (no longer playable)
The Girl Without Hands (Playable)
Hansel and Gretel (Playable)
Pretty much anyone that is in the Grim Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson books. Any other characters you think of will need to be cleared by me.


Okay, so whoever you decide to play, there will be a story around them as to why they are against the Red Queen, such as, what did she do to them. Some characters will not be met immediately at the beginning of this game. They will be encountered later, and you can decide how you wish for your character to be found. I do have two main characters for this RP because they do not come from the world of Fantasia. They are Dorothy (Kansas, U.S.) and Alice (London, England). Apparently, when Dorothy comes to Fantasia, she will see that Toto is no longer the cuddly, little doggy she once thought she knew. Alice and Dorothy will team up since they both know they aren’t from Fantasia and seek out to destroy their nemesises: The Wicked Witch of the West and the Red Queen.

Anyone else who wishes to join in their mission will need to have a story line and also a creative place where Alice and Dorothy can meet their character. I only want actual fairy tale characters in this. No OCs. I want you to take an actual character and darken them up. You are free to use any of the Red Queen's loyal subjects as enemies or plot tools for your character's ambition to join Alice and Dorothy.

Currently Known Taken Characters:
If the profile of the character you want is not here in this thread, then it is open for anyone to take. Posting the profile of the character you want here in this thread is the only way to secure your spot for that character.
The Big Bad Wolf
Belle (Beauty)
If you were in this game originally or applied originally, then resubmit your character’s profile.


Fantasia is a dark and morbid setting. It has elements of Alice in Wonderland and also Oz. You may also see areas from other stories such as the Beanstalk or an ocean where pirate ships venture. So let’s keep this a dark, gory fantasy based in late 1700s to early 1800s. There will be carriages with horses, flintlocks, and sword play. There is crime, sex, and drugs. Fantasia is no longer the bright flowers and rainbows it used to be.

Character Profile Code

Code: [Select]
[b]Alias[/b]: (as in what fairy tale character)
[b]Age[/b]:  (if applicable)
[b]Basic Appearance[/b]: (pic and brief description if pic doesn't summarize)
[b]Psychological Disorder(s)[/b]: (any problems or fetishes go here)
[b]Background[/b]: (I expect a brief dark story here lol)
[b]Partner[/b]: (if your character comes from a story where he or she is usually with another or whoever you choose as a partner can go here. If no one, then no one.)
[b]Current Story[/b]: (What is he or she doing now or where is he or she?)
[b]Weaponry[/b]: (If he or she carries anything and it can also be natural weaponry such as teeth or claws)
[b]Powers[/b] (I’ll be checking these. I want everyone to at least be sensible with their powers)


1.   OOC will remain in the OOC thread. That is what the OOC is made for so please do not post OOC bubbles in the IC. If you’re going somewhere or are trying to talk to someone specifically, PM them or use the OOC thread. Thanks.
2.   Do not post pictures in the IC thread. I never saw the point in that. We can always go see who your character is. Please don’t post pictures in the IC thread. Also, I notice some people like to post pictures in the IC thread because they feel it helps them convey what they are describing better. Usually people who post pictures in the IC thread, post ridiculously enormous pics. If you are a writer, a good writer, then conveying the mental image you're trying to present in your writing won't be difficult. A mental image is more effective than an actual image because the reader's opinion creates what you're trying to describe. If you are reliant on pictures, then use this RP to learn how to not be reliant on them and to practice bettering description and detail in your writing.
3.   Do not auto-hit another player’s character. There is a correct way to attack the character of another player and that is to write the action as an intention. Meaning it hasn’t happened yet, but depending on the other players response, it can happen. Example: Bob swings his fist at Jay’s jaw. In that statement, the action was never confirmed to have happened. The intention is just there.
4.   What I say goes. I try to be as fair as possible, if you’re trying to ask a favor of me that I say “No” to, then please respect that it’s no. Do not argue with me. No is no.
5.   Interaction. Do not join this RP if you do not plan on interacting with another player. I will not allow tea parties. Tea parties are when two players constantly post to one another and ignore everyone else. This RP kind of makes interaction very possible. I don’t see why a tea party would start up when your characters are all traveling together.
6.  Have fun. Please write enough so that we can appreciate your character. I am very lenient with this RP, but please don’t give me a reason to be strict. Use spell check, read over your posts, and don’t post for the hell of it. If no one has posted yet, then don’t just post to post because it makes you feel accomplished. That is clutter. Do not clutter up the RP with BS. At the end of the day, when people get out of classes or off work, they want to come online and find something worth reading. Just go find something to do until someone posts a reply.
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Re: A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2010, 10:39:18 PM »
Alias: Rapunzel

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5

Weight: 103

Basic Appearance:

Personality: charming, sweet, and a bit sexy on the outside but unmerciful and cruel when she's in one of her 'moods'.

Likes: hair products, attractive rich men, and music.

Dislikes: scissors, towers, enchantresses, and troublesome authorities.

Psychological Disorder(s): sever mood swings and a murderous nature.

Background: Once a sweet and innocent girl untouched by the outside world after the debacle of the prince she was cast out of the tower by the enchantress and sent to a desert with her hair cut short and anger burning hotter then the desert sands around her. She blamed the prince and men as a whole as well as the enchantress for her life.
She makes her way threw the world in the company of young men enjoying their charms until she grows bored and rides herself and the world of them.

Partner: N/A

Current Story: Much of Rapunzel's anger has faded as time past but she still enjoys her hobbies far to much to give them up even if they do make life a bit interesting at times. Rapunzel has never worked a day in her life and in fact does little but over indulge herself at every opportunity. Men  flock to her and she chooses who she thinks will entertain her for a while knowing in the end she with straggle them with her hair and leave them to find another unlucky man to take his place. Currently she is alone in Cinderella's kingdom looking for a new victim having just ride herself of a bothersome lord.

Weaponry: Her hair

Powers: Her voice had the ability to draw men to her and enchant them.

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Re: A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2010, 12:48:16 AM »
Alias: The Big Bad Wolf prefers "Big Bad"
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: Varies upon form
Weight: Varies upon form
Basic Appearance:
Thus, it depends on what form he chooses. He even has a human form.
Personality & Appearance: Big Bad wasn't always as bad as he is now. The wolf before his change was but a wild and starving creature, but no sympathy for a dire wolf, ja? He roams silently behind his master, protecting her wherever she goes until her desires give him a new and much darker face. Big enough for her to ride and with features as gentle as a fawn, the wolf's true nature is but obscured. His voice is deep and tinged with German. If the wolf ever speaks, he is showing his true face. Baring his razor-sharp teeth in a malicious grin and his eyes varying from blood-red shades to glowing, ghostly white. There is only one Big Bad Wolf, and anyone would know the creature when they see him despite his attempt to seem like a normal wolf.
Likes: Eating people especially virgins. His mistress.
Dislikes: The woodsmen that gutted him and starving. Things that won't die.
Psychological Disorder(s): Vore along with a bad eating disorder.
Background: TBD
Partner: Little Red

Current Story: TBD

Weaponry: Teeth, claws, wit, and unsatiable appetite. His dark abilities are another weapon.
Shape-shifting - Big Bad's ability brought on by the mystical stones the Woodsmen had imbued within him. Once an average wolf, the stones have not only given him the gift of self-expression but to change his shape. He lives up to being a master of disguise. Goodbye gown and bonnets!
Nightmare - The wolf tends to move like a shade. The fear that emits off him when one looks him in the eyes is said to be comparable to that of being caught in a bad dream. The wolf twists his expressions and warps parts of his body in unimaginable ways. Nightmare allows him to petrify those who gaze upon his true face, dumping them into an illusion that can only end in death.
Prowl - Like a natural wolf, the predator is capable of creeping up on prey. With his dark fur, he becomes almost camouflaged at night.
Devour - By eating his victims, Big Bad is capable of regenerating wounds and satiating an extensive appetite. However, the wolf's appetite does have a gluttonous limit.
Bond - His bond with Mistress Red did not come without consequence. The wolf is forced to obey her every command no matter how much danger it puts him in. He is to protect his mistress at all times, but as long as she is alive, the wolf too shall remain alive and continue to live as a slave to the Woodsman's curse.
Special: The ability the wolf is most renown for. There have been stories of the Big Bad Wolf, huffing and puffing and expelling a gale strong enough to tear down the homes of several. It is the wolf's most frightening and expansive attack, which requires a billowy preparation.
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Re: A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2010, 10:44:14 AM »
Alias:  Dorothy Gale
Age:    Nineteen years old
Gender: Female
Height: Five foot five
Weight: One hundred and eleven pounds
Basic Appearance:
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Personality: Dorothy was once innocent and darling. She was loved by many and loved many back. But since the night of her parents' deaths, Dorothy grew cold, angry, and nothing like her former self. She only cared for Toto, Uncle Henry, and Auntie Em now. They were the three that stood by her. Because of her first journey to the land of Oz, Dorothy grew to fear the little midgets the witch called Munchkins. Dorothy is one to be distant, but works with those who need her.
  • Toto
  • Kansas
  • Poppies
  • her dagger
  • Midgets
  • Aggressive People
  • The Good Witch
  • Lions & Tigers & Bears
Psychological Disorder(s): Dorothy suffers from an array of mental disorders to having various fetishes. A few of the more major ones consist of Achondroplasiaphobia, PTSD (explained in background), "anthropomorphilia" (more specifically, the love of... well, what it says), and has a tendency to lash out at people.
Background: To Be Continued...
Partner: Toto
Current Story: To Be Continued...
Weaponry: Dot has a dagger she bought a few months ago; the blade is five inches long with a handle that is three inches. The blade is made of one inch thick steel and is held by a handle made of ivory. Carved in the ivory arelittle poppies and vines entwining them.
Powers Not Applicable.
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Re: A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2010, 11:39:48 PM »
 LimitlessNikkie can you link us to your onn and offs

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Re: A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]
« Reply #5 on: September 11, 2010, 02:08:31 AM »
the pink hair girl picture is a link to my O&O

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Re: A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2010, 02:35:20 PM »

Alias: Belle
Age:  24
Gender: Female
Weight: 135
Basic Appearance: Long red hair, striking green eyes, a curvaceous and lush body
Personality: Fiery temper which can only be tamed by her Master, The Demon Beast, and then she turns completely submissive and will follow his every order.

Likes: Submission, collars and leashes, latex and leather, open spaces
Dislikes: Closed in spaces, pigs, rabbits, Prince Charming and Princesses 

Psychological Disorder(s): Claustrophobia

Background: Belle had spent the majority of her childhood locked in the basement of her father's house.  He was determined to sell her to the highest bidder come her 18th birthday.  He was tired of this godforsaken land and he needed money to get the hell out and Belle was his ticket to freedom.  She had longed for and prayed for Prince Charming to find her and save her, but he was too busy out catting around with those bitches Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and any other high born Princess who's skirts he could get into.  (At least this is what her father taunted her with anytime he caught her praying)  She grew to hate those damn princesses for taking away her chance to escape the clutches of her father.
One day instead of praying for her prince on a white horse she thought of the complete anti-thesis to everything the Prince was, she prayed for a dark prince who rode a black horse and sported a horned and hooved countenance.  She should have known better.  This was not the Oz of rainbows and unicorns anymore...and thus her dark prayer was answered.  The Demon Beast appeared instantly.  He offered her a bargain...he would free her from the basement and her father's clutches and in return she would become his in every sense of the word.  He gave Belle 5 minutes to decide her fate, but it took her less than 1..if it meant she could leave this cursed cellar, she would have lain with him right then and there to secure her freedom. 
And so began their bargain and her release from one prison for another, though in time she came to accept her role and bonded herself to The Demon Beast.  She no longer saw a horrific monster, but her saviour the one who had brought out her true nature in his sexual domination of her.  6 years have passed and her father still hunts for her, angered beyond reason that his plans to escape had been denied him. 
Partner: Beast (partner pending)

EDITED TO ADD DETAILS OF HER CO-STORY WITH BEAST: The Demon Master cannot believe Belle stays with him out of anything other than gratitude and his forcing of his bargain upon her. 
The Beast had been cursed for refusing to pleasure a demon goddess who desired hime as he found her appearance unappealing and so she in turn made him into the one thing he feared, a demon with an appearance to match.
Gone were his handsome looks and any chance of finding a woman to look upon him with anything but horror. 
When he hears Belle's plea, he immediately devises a plan...he would free her, but she would remain with him as he yearns to capture the beauty he knows he no longer possesses and he needed someone who would not be able to deny him. 
The curse can only be lifted by his taking pleasure in someone he finds distasteful and so he seeks the red queen as she has become a monster.  He thinks by turning back to his human form, Belle will truly stay with him out of want, not need. 
He does not know however, that this is the one thing above all else that Belle fears.  She does not want to lose her Master, the saviour who she feels has truly set her free and . 
   Current Story: Belle lives with her Master the Demon Beast, as his loyal and willing servant and submissive.  He protects her in return from her father and his attempts to take her back.  She runs a florist shop, selling the magical roses grown on her Master's property. (possible means for her to meet the other characters)
Weaponry: Her Master, with whom she is blood bonded and marked with his symbol, a red B in the center of a black rose surrounded by thorns.  IT is thru this mark she can summon him should she be in trouble. 
Powers:  N/A
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Re: A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]
« Reply #7 on: September 11, 2010, 11:58:53 PM »


Personality: Delusional, socially inept. No understanding of what is private and personal for others. Believes all sexual organs are "pieces" of a game imposed by fairies on everyone - in the way chess pieces are pieces of "chess"She currently believes that when people die they dont really but reincarnate into the sexual organs of another - and thus the puberty people undergo is a process where one is fusing with another soul who is and inhabbits their sexual organs with personalities that are a "riddle" to work out. Those trying to convince her otherwise she will instantly distrust and will suspect and later of ridiculous things.
Anyone agreeing to this beleif she trusts unquestionably.

Alice is fascinated with games. Skip, jacks, hopstotch, you name it she was obsessed by them.

She believed that anything hidden was a puzzle that had to be experienced to be enjoyed.
Alice believes that those hiding sexuality or heaven forbid sexual acts from her are doing so for
malicious reasons. The concept of those not sharing such personal details to her implies maliciousness, like being excluded from something social and happy - to her a "game".

Although very pretty the girl was prone to so many social disorders.

Additional Likes and dislikes: See ons and offs

Weaponry Alice has a paranormal ability to use objects associated with games out of context in a manner that effectively makes them magical objects in her own hands... including in use as weaponry.

She is highly confused when others are surprised at her doing so. She doesn't understand why others dont use them this way.
She is unaware and oblivious to how many have died with her use and abuse of this power, and has no regrets doing so as she believes they are going to reincarnate anyway into an-others sexual organs (see above). As such explaining to her the inappropriateness of her actions is very close to impossible.

She can change her weight to be as light as a feather - at will.

Ability to instill paranormal traits and talents into toys , objects associated with games as well as time keeping devices

If she has a metal chess piece in her hand she will be able to throw it with inhuman speed and accuracy.
A simple deck of cards in her hands magically becomes razor sharp throwing frizbys if attempted to be used as such.
Rolling dice changes reality (not necessarily to what may benefit but changes it all the same)

because Alice is thoroughly insane, this makes her one of the most dangerous entities one can stumble across.
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Re: A Dark Tale [Yes, this is the OZ RP - Accepting CSs]
« Reply #8 on: September 12, 2010, 02:22:57 PM »
Alias: The Beast, The Demon Beast
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 8'0
Weight: 350 lbs
Basic Appearance:

Personality: Possessive and jealous, the Beast is quick to anger and violence, though his anger is usually contingent upon some percieved slight.

Likes: Beauty, possession, obedience, order.
Dislikes: Dark or twisted being and creatures, chaos, losing posessions.

Psychological Disorder(s): Self-Hatred

Background: The Demon Beast was formerly a creature of immense power and beauty. Because of his beauty, he was lauded by those he ruled over as a perfect creature. He held this opinion of himself too, seeing his own beauty as without compare. Hearing of his beauty, a demoness, what a demon might call a goddess, came to him, and asked that he pleasure her. He refused, finding her distasteful in comparison to himself, and said as much, insulting the demoness' with his vanity. In return for his insult, she cursed him, changing him into a demon, a beast, which he could not bear to look at.

His lesson had not taught him of the foolishness of raising the attribute of beauty above all other, as the demoness intended, however, and he sought a creature that would be beautiful, and which he could possess, but which would never deny him. Thus he answered Belle's whispered prayer, seeing her beauty, and striking a bargain to possess her completely and forever, in return for what he could offer as the Demon, freedom from her prison home, and protection from her father.

Partner: Belle
Current Story: The Demon Beast lives on the lands which were once his dominion as a pure creature. They are nearly uninhabited, an overrun by a twisted garden that spread from the castle which overlooks the lands. He keeps Belle with him as a submissive and servant, but allows her considerable freedom, even selling the roses which grown on his property, which for anyone else to take would mean his greatest wrath.
Weaponry: Horns and hooves provide ramming and crushing power. He carries two heavy bladed pendulum edges, once parts to the grand clock of his home, which were twisted into demon blades by the curse.

Teleportation - The Demon Beast can transport himself without seeming to actually move, disappearing into a black twisting burst of smoke, which disappates quickly, and reappearing in the same way. He can also be summoned to Belle using the mark he gave her.

Immortality - The Demon Beast will continue to exist as long as the curse persists, and so, cannot die. However, his immortality reflects a punishment, and not a gift, so the curse allows him to be harmed. All the parts of his body, even if separated, are individually immortal, and will continue to live, and regenerate quickly. Thus, if he loses an arm, while he cannot regain it by healing, he can reattach it once found.

Demonic Form - The Demon Beast's truly fearsome ability, he has the ability to use some of the powers of the demoness who cursed him. This manifests as the ability to separate and transform individual parts of his body magically, by using the environment to aid his demon form. He can, therefore, become temporarily larger, though he cannot gain more actual mass, and therefore 'thins out' in this form. Or, he can cause nearby material to attach to his form, just one limb, or his entire body, allowing him to take on the form of a demonic golem.