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Author Topic: Act 1: Twisted Metal [NC - Extreme - Now Accepting]  (Read 580 times)

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Act 1: Twisted Metal [NC - Extreme - Now Accepting]
« on: December 10, 2010, 11:22:10 PM »
Twisted Metal

Hello all you wonderful people. My name is Hengler, and I am the Tournament Director of Twisted Metal. What is Twisted Metal you ask? Why, it is the most violent demolition derby in the world and you have been invited to participate. Aw…don’t feel too upset. There’s a very special prize. To the winner will go one wish. You can wish for anything you so desire whether it be money, women, power…all you have to do is simply survive.

Act Summaries

Act 1

The beginning of the RP will be focused on you making your character and nothing else. So this RP will run at a moderate pace. You will not be worrying about your vehicle or needing to mention the kind of vehicle your character drives—none of that (for now). This is just about your character for Act 1; him, her, his and her personality...your character will wake up in a bedroom similar to that of a cheap motel: single bed, bathroom, desk & lamp, and TV. The room has no windows and the door isn't exactly a welcoming piece of work for it is crafted from metal, and so your tiny room may feel like a comfy prison. Your character doesn't remember much about him or herself. He or she will remember his or her name and retain their personality, but as far as who they once were whether a serial killer, cop, grocery store worker, mother, etc. They won't remember. Your character will eventually venture out of their room and find that outside their room looks like a night club. Music is going, there are several people, everyone is dancing, etc. This is Act One of the RP and this is how the IC will go.

There will be an elaborated explanation of the setting so you will know what's on each floor of the club and will be able to have your characters guide around it comfortably. In Act One, your characters may meet each other and talk, have some chit-chat or notice other characters involved. Once everyone has at least met or "noticed" each other, the RP will move on.

Hengler will be playing the role of Calypso. He is the ringleader of the entire Twisted Metal tourney. In this RP, he is a man that was able to steal the powers from a djinni, who had originally hosted the tournament. Like Calypso, he is sadistic and has the power to warp reality and grant the winner of the Twisted Metal tourney any wish he or she desires.

Hengler is the mysterious man who appears in Act One illuminated by spotlight as he stands upon a stage and welcomes everyone to the Twisted Metal tournament. He explains what the tournament is all about, which the whole point of the tournament is every man for him or herself. Because I felt that death in an RP where people are supposed to have fun developing their characters was a bit much, I was going to run the tournament in a story line and non-tourney fashion (which was my original intention from the start). When you make your character, other players will not know the past of that character. I will know since I won't be an active player in this RP (I honestly haven't decided if I wanted to be or not). I was planning to RP Hengler and the enemy NPCs your characters will encounter in the derby (though if you want to be an enemy, let me know).

Any who, you, the player, have the option to secretly team up without letting Hengler know of your intentions and destroy the enemies in the derby or you can actually have your character go against others. It is entirely up to you. I think the game would be more exciting if there was some drama in it such as death, injury, crash, maybe one of you will save another, etc. For the RP, your character will eventually discover what kind of person they were, and that may be a dangerous/lethal awakening or a good one. It depends on what kind of a secret background you wrote for them. Hengler will know the truth about your character, but he won’t ever disclose it to him or her.

Back to the Act One discussion; Hengler explains the game and the rules. Everyone is then issued a contract they must sign in blood because your character really has no choice but to participate or die. Once your character binds his or her soul to the game, then Hengler bids everyone good night and tells them it all begins in the morning. Your characters will be free to roam the club and continue some story development or building character ties until you put them to bed. You can do whatever you want until both you and your RP partner, or those interacting with your character, go to bed (conclude your posts for the night). Once everyone's character is in bed, Act Two will begin.

Act 2

In Act Two, the TV in your characters’ rooms will cut on and wake them up. It instructs them to get washed up and that there are clothes in their rooms. They are then to meet outside the club, and during Act Two, the vehicle code will be unlocked. You will be required to have a visual and a written response to describe your vehicle. The visual is not mandatory, but the written appearance is. The reason why it is, is because I want you to be creative and to write vividly what your character's vehicle looks like, and what its special is, and what its name is. All vehicles have the Gatling Gun as all the vehicles did in the game. The weapons in the game are going to be allowed in this RP, but here's the catch. You must buy the weapons and the med. kit with the points you are awarded for how much you write. I don't like to award quantity over quality, but they kind of go hand in hand, so if you don't write enough to describe to the reader what you're talking about, then you're going to see that in your points. Allowing players to buy weapons for their vehicles also limits the player to a certain amount of missiles instead of them just having all weapons with infinite ammo. The only weapon that I will allow to have infinite ammo is the Gatling Gun because it has infinite ammo in the game. If your character uses up all his or her missiles, napalms, etc. before the battle is over, then he or she is going to be in danger, which makes the RP more climatic, intense, and fun because then you'll have to use your brain to figure a way to live (you better pray your character has some friends lol).

Any who, once your character is assigned his or her vehicle, they are free to go wherever they want in the fictitious city that will more than likely be an original city because the derby will take place in the realistic cities like Paris, Moscow, etc. They can go eat and do whatever, but once the call to battle is summoned, which you will know because I'll post it in red, I will give you time to have your character drop what he or she is doing, say goodbye, or whatever, before they are teleported to the city where the derby of destruction will begin. Not everyone will go, so some of you will be still in the city. There will be six characters per battle. Three of the characters will be controlled by me; the other three will be you and two other players. It will be a random selection that will swap, so once everyone has done at least one battle, then you will be in a match with other players that you might not have been in a match with originally. I will have a total number of participants in twisted metal that you guys will have to destroy, and there will also be two bosses that will just enter the battle with the sole purpose of freaking you out, making you crap your pants, and just to be so annoying with his or her seek and destroy attitude.

Act 3

To be unlocked within the story line.

That is it for the Act Summaries. This Recruitment Thread will be designed around Act 1. When Act 2 arrives, then this Recruitment Thread will be changed to handle all aspects of Act 2. It is important that all players who think they may be interested in this RP to apply now because once Act 1 concludes and Act 2 begins, I will no longer be accepting players. The Twisted Metal RP will have officially closed.

Plot Summary

Your character’s goal is to battle through a chaotic demolition derby, hoping to eventually find the answer to a simple question: Who am I? What they don’t realize is that the game is funded by the bourgeois and like the old Spartan games is broadcasted for the amusement of the world, and Hengler. Will your character ever discover who he or she is? The truth may set you free or may just be an answer that should have never been answered. You have the option of choosing to be a hero with the goal of ending the tourney for the good of mankind or you may play the role of the selfish character who only desires that one wish. Perhaps, when your character discovers who he or she is, they revert back to being that person whether good or dangerous? There is only one real option in this tourney and that is to win.

Character Code

Code: [Select]
[b]Name[/b]: This can be a full name or just the first name. I understand how difficult it is to come up with first and last names.
[b]Nickname[/b]: If your character has a nickname he or she prefers.
[b]Age[/b]: 18+
[b]Gender[/b]: Male or Female.
[b]Height[/b]: Self-explanatory.
[b]Weight[/b]: Self-explanatory.
[b]Visual Appearance[/b]: Pictures can be realistic or artistic such as digital images, artwork, etc. I will not be permitting anime pictures, and what I mean by anime is that the picture is anime fan art. This is optional. You do not have to have a picture.
[b]Written Appearance[/b]: Briefly describe here what the picture doesn’t describe. Does your character have piercings, tattoos, scars, birth marks, freckles, cup size, etc. Are they toned or lithe? Do they style their hair a certain way? Is their hair dyed or have highlights? What color eyes exactly? What clothes are they wearing at the start of the RP? Anything you imagine is your character’s appearance can be written here.
[b]Personality[/b]: Brief description of your character’s personality.
[b]Likes[/b]: What do they like?
[b]Dislikes[/b]: What do they dislike?
[b]Quirks[/b]: Mental disorders, bad habits, odd habits, socially awkward habits: snort when they giggle, snore loudly, have a strange laugh, ditzy, etc.
[b]Talents[/b]: What hobbies do they have? Singing, dancing, cooking, burping ABCs, can touch their toes, contortionist, double-jointed, etc.
[b]Wallet[/b]: This will hold your character's cash. Moolah is explained below. Your character has 0 cash right now. So just right 0 here.
Now, you will PM me your character’s secret background. It is your job to never let anyone know your character’s background—not even your friends. If you let other players know, then this RP won’t be as exciting anymore. Here are some ideas: Your character could have been a cop, your character could have been a serial killer, your character could have been a soldier, your character could have been a mother or father, etc. You will PM this to me and for the rest of the RP, this information will be disclosed to no one until your character remembers who he or she is. A car accident may trigger it or depending on how you wrote your background, maybe an event or some small thing may trigger it.

Player Requirement

You will be required to maintain the illusion of the game. The story line is collaborative so there won’t be any unplanned incidents. You dictate what you want to happen to your character. However, as you interact with other players, players are required to respect each other’s Ons and Offs and respectfully PM each other when planning to perform a sensitive action. If there is an incident in the IC or OOC that you do not like, and it is caused by either me or another player, then kindly whisper that player to stop. If the character persists even though you asked them to stop, I recommend contacting a moderator immediately. Do not drag it out.

This role play will be placed into an extreme and nonconsensual category of the site. There may be attempted rape, molestation, abuse, gore, and characters with grotesque personalities and appearances. By joining this game and responding to this recruitment thread with: Waffles, you hereby understand what I have just explained to you, and are okay with these dark themes. You also understand that whatever happens in this role play is not to be taken personally and that this RP is simply a game. The Twisted Metal franchise contains some dark themes that may not be suitable for some, but by saying Waffle, you hereby are saying that you are not squeamish and are more than capable of having your character perform in this RP. If you do not think you can handle these themes then do not sign up for this game.


As I explained in the Interest Check, players will be awarded Moolah for how many words they produce in a single post. Moolah allows you to buy weapons for your vehicle. In Act 1, you will be receiving Moolah, but you won’t be able to spend it until Act 2. Here is how Moolah is awarded:

200 Words or more = 200M

500 words or more = 500M

800 words or more = 800M

1,000 words or more = 1,000M

If you post above 200 words say 300 or 400, then you will still be awarded 200M. It is if you exceed 500 words or 800 words that you will get 500M or 800M. The same situation: if you get 600 or 700 words, then you will get 500M.

You will be required to post your word count at the end of each post. I will be personally checking your word counts for accuracy. Every word counter is different but there is a huge difference between 340 words and 401 words. Players caught cheating will be awarded no money. You are required to keep track of how much money your character is carrying in his or her wallet in her profile. So please make sure to remain up to date. It would stink if you haven’t kept up with it, and lost track.

The Rules

1.   Do not OOC in the IC. OOC in the OOC. That is what the OOC is for. If it is a personal message, then PM that player.
2.   One character per player. You are only allowed to role play one character in this game.
3.   All characters will be human. There will be no Minions.
4.   Do not cheat. Cheaters will be denied cash.
5.   Do not use anime pictures.
6.   Do not make a rip-off version of a Twisted Metal character. Only original characters please.
7.   Do not post enormous pictures in the IC. Size them down. It can make computers lag.
8.   Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and transitions. No one is perfect, but this is a basic requirement in literature.
9.   Post Productive Posts or no Moolah. It was brought to my attention that players may abuse the Moolah system by posting needlessly in order to have their character's wallet thicken. If I read your post and feel that what you have written is unproductive, doesn't move your character along, and is just wordy for the sake of being so, then I will deny you Moolah. It is unfair to other players, so please keep to the point and goal of your posts.
10.   Respect each other and have fun.

The rules will be updated as I find new rules to be made.


This area is for good questions concerning the game and their answers.


This area is to iron out any confusion.


Links to the OOCs and threads will be posted here.

Player List

All players whose character profiles were accepted for this game will be posted here.
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