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Author Topic: UL Endless Search [MxF] Light up the Darkness  (Read 715 times)

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Offline UbiquitousLoverTopic starter

UL Endless Search [MxF] Light up the Darkness
« on: January 11, 2011, 11:19:44 AM »
So my fourth attempt goes like this:

*This thread is constantly a work in progress. Please do not post in the thread itself, but PM me if you are interested or if you have questions. Staff - Please let me know if my thread warrants a deletion and I will gladly adjust it to meet your requirements.*

Things I am looking for in a partner:
1. A woman to roleplay with
2. An interesting and unique story
3. A partner who is just as depraved as I am

Things you are looking for:
1. A talented and creative writer
2. Me, I hope!

Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. Open Roleplays

Hello everyone, I am UbiquitousLover. I have been Roleplaying and gaming for over 10 years and I am well accustomed to the accepted principles and etiquette of a freeform roleplay. I think of myself as a talented writer and fully capable to weave a tale in any genre and in any mood with twists and turns a plenty and descriptive enough to give my partners goose bumps. In my quest to ever improve myself I am willing to take on any role, whether or not I am familiar with the setting. Given patience and proper planning, I can mold myself to thrill, excite, enthrall, or even terrify my partners for any occasion. I am available to RP via PMs, Threads, and, to a limited extent, even IMs (Yahoo and AOL). Please contact me via PM if you are interested.

Open Roleplays:
  • Book Based Roleplays
Original Roleplays:
  • Modern
  • Supernatural
  • Science Fiction - Tentacles
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Offline UbiquitousLoverTopic starter

Re: UL Endless Search [MxF] Light up the Darkness
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2011, 11:19:55 AM »
Book Based Story Ideas

Dresdenverse RP:
Based on Jim Butcher’s series “The Dresden Files,” the Dresden universe is an urban fantasy set in modern times and populated by the occult, the devious, and the depraved denizens of our wildest dreams and darkest nightmares. Vampire’s, werewolves, fairies, wizards and more clash and strive to coexist in a delicate natural order that, on a good day, is tumultuous at best.

Note: Below are a couple of possible characters. I have only listed my characters and their current status to allow my partner the freedom to choose her role. You could play anything from the Vampire Mistress slowly feeding from me, a rival White Court Vampire seeking to entangle Trevor in a sexual game of cat and mouse, or an apprentice wizard seeking to free Darren from the Red Court. PM me if you would like to brain storm this story further.

  • Darren Maguire - Ensnared by Red Court Vampires, Darren is addicted to the narcotic like saliva that Red Court Vampires use to subdue their prey. If he is not saved soon, he will be lost forever in his drug-hazed lust for his mistress vampire.
  • Trevor Ardent - As a white court vampire, Trevor feeds of the emotions of humans and is  always on the prowl for the next mortal woman to satiate his sexual hunger.
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Offline UbiquitousLoverTopic starter

Re: UL Endless Search [MxF] Light up the Darkness
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2011, 02:43:26 PM »
Original Story Based Ideas
  • Modern

Fanaticism is a phenomenon in which a person becomes enthusiastically involved with a celebrity’s works or music. Fanatics are often called fans and usually endear themselves to their idols with a harmless zeal. The line, however, between fanaticism and obsession is very fine and some celebs can come alarmingly close to real danger when obsessed fans seek sole custody over their attention.

Note: I have two listed characters to choose from. I can either play the fan or the celebrity. If you choose to be the celebrity, feel free to decide whether you are an actress, singer, writer, ect. PM me for more detailed brainstorming.

  • The Fan - Raised by neglectful parents, David Adamson barely managed to break free from his childhood alive. His only consolation during those trying years was the adolation of a beautiful idol. But when he gets an unexpected taste of her, will he ever be able to let go?
  • The Director - Using his power indiscriminately, Jesse Fox loves to audition beautiful girls for roles in his acclaimed movies. Often times, he uses this leverage to sleep with an array of hopeful actresses before tossing them to the curb, but when he is faced with his biggest fan, will she give up so easily?

Offline UbiquitousLoverTopic starter

Re: UL Endless Search [MxF] Light up the Darkness
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2011, 09:33:08 AM »
Original Story Based Ideas
  • Supernatural

The remnants of an evil soul sometimes remains behind to torment the living. You found this out first hand when you moved into your new house. It started off small; the sound of a creaky floor board the occasional closing of a door when no one else was home, but the unexplainable happenings got stronger as your fear grew. Invisible hands caress you as you try to fall asleep invading places that make you feel aroused and assaulted. As the deranged spirit grows stronger, it grows more dangerous. The men in your life become cruel and malicious when in your house, abusing and raping you until you beg them to stop. Your dates never come back. The question is, why don’t you leave?

Note: This is just a teaser plot. We can brainstorm and alter any parts of it you don’t like, or add anything to it that you DO like.

The Visitor:
He comes for you every full moon. His arms are firm and strong. His caress is soft and his breath falls hot against your body. For one night he loves you with wild abandon and passion, his need permeating your senses like a cascading river bursting forth from the bonds of a strained dam. You can sense that he loves you just as readily as you can sense the sadness and frustration that haunts his ghostly eyes. But if he loves you, why is he gone every morning? And where does he go? And how does he seem to find you each time the moon is once again full, no matter where you go?

Note: Yes this is another ghost plot, the exact opposite of the poltergeist plot listed above. PM me if interested or to brainstorm more detail on this plot.

Offline UbiquitousLoverTopic starter

Re: UL Endless Search [MxF] Light up the Darkness
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2011, 11:06:54 AM »
Original Story Based Ideas
  • Science Fiction - Tentacles

The Weird:

As one of the future’s leading scientists you are called in to study what has been called an alien being and what has been dubbed as ‘The Weird’ by the military personnel guarding the research facility. The seemingly lifeless alien is nothing more than a purple-ish rubbery substance held in a small sample vial. Upon studying the alien, you discover that is shares many properties with normal fungus. It’s not the ground-breaking study you had hoped for, but it will do. After wrapping up your research, you get a call from an ex-lover asking you to dinner to rehash old times. You agree. After all, the sex was amazing and as a scientist, you don’t often get to indulge. The memory of the intimacy shared and the promise of revisiting a past love affair mingle and your body gets a familiar tingle. Something strange happens at your arousal. The alien ‘fungus’ comes alive, seeking out the source of your biological change. It assaults you, ‘rapes’ you, and, just when you think the ordeal is ending, it invades you. Now it lives inside you, spurred to activity each time your body reacts to arousal.

Note: This is something of a unique scenario. The alien seems to have no limits to how it can form itself. It is not interested in harming you or your lovers, but it can sometimes become active at very inopportune times, touching and pleasing you in ways that humans can’t. You have to be very careful in controlling your bodily urges with the alien inside you. Though the alien is technically the main character, it s not something you can interact with. To combat this, I am going to play multiple characters that you may come into contact with.