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May 22, 2018, 07:25:30 AM

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Author Topic: The obedience collar (humiliation, mind-control, pain, bondage, extreme)  (Read 437 times)

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Offline AurelieCatenaTopic starter

The obedience collar

Ophélie Lautonne is a highly competent university student. She is beautiful but reserved and somewhat haughty, or at least perceived as such. Most of her time is devoted to her studies and she spends most of her off-time at the library or in her room on the campus, studying and working hard. She is not at all interested in dating or going out with other students.

Things might change though. One day as she is browsing through some of the most ancient books of the library, she finds lost in between two pages a thin silver chain collar with a strange, ancient pendant. With a sudden inspiration, she puts the collar on, sealing her fate. She does not know it yet, but this collar is cursed: it forces its wearer to obey anything ordered to them. More specifically, here are the collar's powers:
  • The collar cannot be removed easily. She cannot just unhook it or break it apart. Specialised tools would be needed to cut it.
  • When asked about the pendant, she feels forced to explain it is the symbol of obedience (even though she did not know it beforehand) and if asked further she will tell that it forces her to obey any order.
  • When asked a question she is forced to answer the truth.
  • When given an order, she is forced to obey.
  • The way the collar forces her is by causing intense headache whenever she fails to obey or answer truthfully. The punishment is immediate and its intensity is proportional to her disobedience. The punishment is invisible. Only she will feel it, although her reaction to the pain might be visible.
  • An order is valid for about 24h, after which it begins to "fade" so that after 48h it is inactive.
  • If an order contradicts a previous one, it cancels it.
  • Orders have no effect on her feelings or thoughts. For instance, she cannot be ordered to be happy, although she can be ordered to smile, or behave as though she is happy.
  • Once Ophélie understands what the collar does (after experimenting its power, of course), her goal will be to get rid of it. This will be the thread line of this game.
I'm going to play the role of Ophélie Lautonne. The game will be held in the Extreme Group forum. Anybody is welcome to join me there at any moment, playing any character you want (must be realistic though, and must fit the story when you introduce it). There will be no magical or science-fiction devices except the collar itself. Just normal people on a normal campus or town.

Of course the goal is to humiliate and abuse her. The collar should never get removed (unless I agree to it beforehand). The story is in the extreme section for a good reason. Don't be shy!

This games is placed in the small group forum but it is actually intended as a series of one-shot scenes, so I thought it might interest adepts of solo games too. You'll find more information there: