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January 15, 2019, 10:13:55 PM

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Author Topic: Enter the cellar of the Cheka Man if you dare... (for anyone who wants to rp )  (Read 123 times)

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Offline Cheka ManTopic starter

(If you don't like the first idea, please do read down, maybe one of the other ideas would be more to your taste. Only idea 1 and idea 8 involve non humans.)

1) The Orc Princess

My first idea involve this character that I invented on another board called

Princess Helen of Grond is one of the most beautiful princesses on the planet…if, that is, you happen to be an Orc.


With her light green skin, long black hair and soft yellow eyes, eyes that darken to brown when she is greatly happy, aroused, or enraged, and her beautiful royal clothes of red silk and golden jewellery, Princess Helen of Grond looks beautiful…to her fellow orcs, that is. Humans may well not think the same way about her charms.


Helen of Grond is an Orcish princess from a hallowed royal line amongst the orcs, that is said to date all the way back to the first Orc to wield the Grond, Hammer of the Underworld . (Her Orcish name when translated into human tongue is Helen.)

Her family brought her up well and taught her all the attributes of an Orcish princess. She learned how to look after children, how to cook and all the other attributes that an Orc female would be taught, but she also learnt how to be a warrior princess if such a thing were called for, as well as how to fight in case of an attack by an assassin and how to rule well were such a thing needed. Whilst it is rare for Orcish Queens to rule in their own right, it has been known to happen. On top of that she was taught harp playing, how to flatter the male Orcish ego and other such things.

With her light green skin, soft yellow eyes and long black hair, as well as what was seen amongst Orcs as her agreeable personality, she was thought of as immensely beautiful and great chiefs and honoured warriors flocked from all corners of the Empire of Grond to try to win her hand in marriage. Whilst she knew her royal parents would choose her husband, for such was the custom amongst royal and noble Orcs, she and her parents were on very good terms, so she was reasonably confident that the Orcish groom chosen for her would be reasonably close to her own age, healthy, intelligent, strong and brave in battle.

She was shocked to discover that her groom, whilst he was to be roughly her age, was to be a human, Prince Treven, who she was to be married to as part of a peace agreement to seal a boundary agreement between the lands of the humans and the Empire of Grond. She was horrified at the prospect, wept many bitter tears and begged her parents to reconsider.

How, she asked them, could an ugly, pink-skinned human possibly satisfy her, either inside or outside of the bedroom? Her children if she had any would be half-orcs, and as such would neither be considered fit to rule over humans or worthy to rule over Orcs. In effect they would be considered illegitimate.

Her parents however refused to back down and told her to do it for the honour of her family and the Empire of Ground, and reluctantly she agreed to do so. Privately however she longs for an Orc husband who is, preferably, a great warrior of her own age and temperament. Someone who would love her for who she was, and who she could love in return.

The idea is that you would play a male Orc, a childhood friend of hers, who rescues her from the unwanted wedding and now they are on the run with human and Orc warriors trying to track them down. I see it as rather a light romantic rp. I'd rp as Helen.

2) Love gone bad

A girl has to go into witness protection but runs away instead to be with her boyfriend who she thinks can protect her, but the kind and loving boyfriend takes advantage of the situation and becomes controlling and unpleasant. Very much a dark rp. I'd be the girl. Rather then being nasty at once, he gets more and more controlling over time.

3) The replacement

Someone whose wife died sees a woman who looks just like her, and kiddnaps her to make him his. I'd be the kidnap victim in the rp.

4)-I'm your biggest fan A female popstar is kidnapped by a superfan. I'd play the kidnap victim as I once rped the theme the other way around and the rp failed. It could get to be quite a dark rp.

5)- You're a Girl Now A male has to go into witness protection as a girl, with a sci-fi type ring that keeps him in that role, and the agent looking after him becomes his boyfriend. It could either be done as a dark rp or with some genuine romance between the two. I'd like to be the male turned girl in the rp.

6) A superfan of a popstar who was murdered sees a woman who looks like the dead popstar and decides to kidnap her and train her to sing and dance like the original one. Again, I'd be the kidnap victim. The kiddnapper is himself quite high in the music buisness. Maybe he killed the orginal star and wants to train another girl to be like her enough to even fool the orginal girl's own family.

7) A proud White Russian girl in the early 1920s during the Russian Civil War falls into the hands of the Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka, who decide to break her and turn her into one of them. I'd play as the girl.

8) An Orc kiddnaps a man from the human world as a husband. I'd be the male.

I'll happily rp with anyone who wants to rp with me, no matter what their gender is. Please PM me if you are interested in rping and let me know what idea/s of mine interest you.