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November 29, 2021, 03:11:14 pm

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Author Topic: Transcending Time (Looking for M character - Inuyasha Fandom)  (Read 544 times)

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Transcending Time (Looking for M character - Inuyasha Fandom)
« on: October 30, 2018, 12:18:47 am »
Inuyasha: Secret of the Curse Mask Fandom Setting
This particular story requires someone that has knowledge of this specific fandom, or is willing/capable of researching the Video Game (and knows the fandom attached as well.)

He was the Daiyoukai of the West and held total power over his domain
She was the girl from the future ripped to the past by an ancestor fueled with hate
They met by chance, and fate had its way, the time to part was fast and unknown
And when all was said and done - she was taken away with the spell that was uncast

But the ending wasn't a happy ending
No it wasn't even a moderately good end
Together the two fought against a monster
Together the two succeeded against a monster

But together the two were not allowed to be
For past was he...
And future she could only be.

At least that was the story as it started...

I want to do a story set in the Inuyasha Fandom basis, not just any part of it though this is an AU cast off to be the continuation of Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask. I seek to play as Kaname Kururugi, a lesser known canon of the Inuyasha universe. Many only consider her AU as she was only part of a game, but she is no less not a canon than any of the characters from any of the movies for this very same fandom. I want to write as Kaname Kururugi. I want to pair this character up against Sesshoumaru and place this several years after the ending of the Inuyasha series.

I want to write a game that contains both tragedy and a desire for the future. A desire for things that may never be, but you are willing to do whatever you can to reach it. My Kaname is not a little girl anymore, many years of desperately wanting to get back has driven her into a very powerful young Shikigami Master. The first in her family since her great-grandfather. Kaname has pushed herself hard to excel in Shikigami. Kakaju and Utsugi showed Kaname that Shikigami could potentially transcend Death itself. If Shikigami was the bond and ability to control the elements... was it possible to traverse time and space if she was stronger in her skills?

That goal guided this young woman in her growth, and she reached high and low points in the way she felt after she lost everything that mattered to her. Sure, she was back in the future with her family, but what took weeks... probably even months - in the Feudal Era... had been a mere blink for Kaname. She spent so long traveling with her friends, and she had so many experiences... She spent time with the Daiyoukai and his entourage, and she learned how appearances can be deceiving. Despite his cold exterior, Sesshoumaru grew on the Shikigami user. Traveling with him, fighting beside him, she learned how to be strong from him. Her friends taught her varying things, but Sesshourmaru-sama taught her the meaning of strength.

She has spent years getting stronger, learning to master her skills, all so she can get back to the people she loves. When Kagome went back to the past, Kaname had finally managed to remember Kagome's last name and went to find the Higurashi shrine. She was met with the news that Kagome had gone on a trip far away. Kaname's heart sank from that response and the young woman almost lost her way. She had thought.... maybe Kagome can help me, maybe she can bring me back... there was a reason blocking me from using it last time - but maybe... maybe I can go through now. Kagome being the only one with shikon no tama shards - in this time period - meant Kaname had to find Kagome anyways.

Her path was blocked and she tried to end her own life. After the attempt was made, her family saved her. They managed to get her to tell them the truth, finally, about what occurred to her. Her father believed it because he had journals from family members who had heard tales of a Shikigami master that looked in strange garb. The family started to help her find any and all Shikigami records and reputed spells... and Kaname spent her years studying, growing, preparing.

Until the day she found it... Just a week before the Doll Festival... The same she went to every year, and cast so many dolls in the flames... hoping to see those she loved once more... she found it. She found what was going to save her, to guide her. She spent the rest of the week gathering ingredients, following the rituals. She had just enough time.

The cost was high, the risk was much, but her heart was true. The night she left was the one she would return with, and she knew that she could do it.

So this is just the artsy fartsy version of my rp request.

Sweet will play Kaname Kururugi
YOU will play Sesshoumaru the Daiyoukai
Both players will divide the remaining characters and play them to continue to maintain the way the universe was going.

Sexual stuff - Sesshoumaru is not, and will never, be submissive. He is also quite old in age, though just reaching peak age/power as a Youkai, so he has had much time to amass experience.

My O/Os are under construction, so I'll basically end up melding to the rp partner and their kink references. I have my absolute red limits, and we can talk about those, but I'm primarily looking for this rp to start as quickly as it needs to start. I want to make sure everything is prepared before we do.

I will be looking for at least 1-2 decent paragraphs - per character - in this game. NPC characters just need to intermingle but not contain the bulk of the posts.

Do not post in this thread, instead just PM me. Let me know if this is a Forum request or a Discord request.

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Re: Transcending Time (Looking for M character - Inuyasha Fandom)
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2018, 11:32:54 pm »
Story Options

The pathway of the story can vary, based on what the partner I am writing with desires. There are fast and slow sexual options, but I generally prefer a tension-filled build up as the story is unveiled and rolled out. These options can vary based on how much my partner knows about Inuyasha, but does require they know (or are at least willing to research and watch videos associated with the 'Sesshoumaru' ending of Inuyasha Secret of the Cursed Mask.) the video game in some regard.

Furthermore, there are options in how the story itself unfolds.

Kaname can send herself back completely on her own, or a time paradox of sorts can be created.

Maybe Sesshoumaru decided that he really did care for that human, and remembered talk that she came from a distant time. What if Kaname dropped her cellphone when she was sent back, and Sesshoumaru kept it? Waiting for the right time, the right place, to return it to her? So he could tell her, that she needed to go back? Maybe he got a Shikigami spell that could be used to Traverse time and Space?

Or Kaname finds it in her family store room, and fights to get back to the past. She could be captured by another demon before, as the people from her friends start to sense the strange shift, or the spell takes her right near Sesshoumaru and she ends up crashed somewhere unable to defend herself... giving him a chance to show that 'humanity' (or morality) that we all know he possesses.

There are also multiple pairing options here, I write Rin and Kohaku as a couple (and they both are late teens at this point) - Inuyasha and Kagome, and Sango and Miroku(
Sango is pregnant again, and they already have like three or four kids at this point.
). All these options and more are available. Just hit me up!