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Author Topic: Red's 1 x 1 Idea! 1940s Era!  (Read 422 times)

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Red's 1 x 1 Idea! 1940s Era!
« on: April 20, 2013, 11:10:43 AM »

It is 1940 in the State of New York, just nine months prior to the Worlds Fair. In this glimpse here, we have Victoria Louise Samson, an eighteen year old from Buffalo, and Robert Joseph Kenton who is also from Buffalo. Outside of the country is a boiling sea of war as Japan and Germany battle the Allied Forces for world supremacy, the United States has not yet entered World War II.


Her History
Victoria Louise Samson was born to Marcus and Edith Samson on May 16th of 1922. She is the youngest daughter, and has an older sister named Helen who is five years older than she. While Victoria is still a very small child, Marcus and Edith are killed in a train accident, and she and her sister are sent to live with their grandmother, Roberta Englund.

It is there, at the age of seven that Victoria first sees Robert, age eight. It is hard to say if children can truly feel and understand complicated feelings, but Victoria decides in her very heart that she loves the tall boy who lives across the street, three houses down from her. They attend the same schools, but neither of them ever speak, or make much more than brief eye contact.

Every birthday, she and her grandmother go to the beach, with a special birthday cake her grandmother has made for her granddaughter. It's the same beach every year, and Victoria always dances when she hears the merry-go-round music from the not-too-far-off pier. At one point, her older sister marries, and has a baby right off. Victoria always asks her grandmother if they can go see the baby.

On her fourteenth birthday, she sees Robert at the beach, he has a girlfriend whom is named Joanne Shmidt. She's a pretty blonde girl, but Robert looks at Victoria for what seems to be the very first time. They notice each other for only a second, but Victoria carries this in her heart for the years to come. Victoria also knows a special secret about Robert.

At age eighteen, Roberta's time on Earth has come to an end. Victoria is called to a chapel where she and her family go for Sunday Service. Her grandmother is particularly ill, and most of the relatives have gathered because she is not well enough to leave the chapel. An ambulance was called. What everyone knows is that Roberta has an illness that causes her intense pains. She is incapable of speech, and has to signal for everything, including morphine from her Native American nurse. At this point, Roberta is frantic from pain, and signals for her nurse to give more medicine. The nurse accidentally gives Victoria's grandmother too much, and as Victoria and the other youths are rushed out of the chapel, her grandmother dies.

It is only nine months to the World's Fair, but Victoria's loss and loneliness gnaw at her soul. She cannot take this despair any longer, and climbs the highest building in Buffalo, which is eight stories from the ground. There the strawberry blonde girl stands with the wind tousling her wavy hair - will she leap?

His Story
Robert Joseph Kenton was born originally in Albany to Peter and Margaret Kenton. They moved to Buffalo when he was five so that his father could get a job at the newspaper office there. He is an only child, but he is social enough. However, Robert is no ordinary boy. He learns early on that he can sometimes jump higher, and run more than a little faster than the other boys. As he plays stick ball in the street, he is the most difficult child to catch.

He knows there is a girl across the street, he often sees her pulling stuffed animals around in a wagon in her front yard, he thinks her name is Victoria, but he's not sure. She is not an ugly little girl, but Robert is mostly interested in playing with his friends. While alone, Robert discovers he can do something else; fly. At first he is frightened of this, because it's just like some of the hero's in his collection of comic books. But Robert knows he is no alien's offspring like Super Man, he is the identical twin of his father when Peter was his age; with his mother's eyes of course.

Robert is thirteen when he meets Joanne. She's a sweet girl from Ohio, and lives two miles away. She's also very pretty, with pale blonde hair and ash-gray eyes. They soon start to "go steady", and remain that way for years. However, Joanne doesn't know Robert's secret.

At age nineteen, Robert's pseudo-identity as a nameless hero is popular within Buffalo. He wears a costume that hides his face from reporter's camera's, and never speaks to the press or anyone for that matter. But one day...

They Finally Meet
Victoria's chest heaves with the weight of her despair. She had been crying, but the wind had swept the tears from her cheeks, leaving only her red rimmed blue eyes. Her hair flies all around her as the wind plays with it like a kitten plays with an aluminum can. The fabric of her dress flutters around her legs. She gazes down at the maze beneath her, her mouth parted to relinquish a half-hearted sob. Within her stomach is a knotted pit, shuddering at the thoughts that are going through her mind. But Victoria is tired, and she is finished. Without even a second thought, the eighteen year old girl steps off of the roof, her body spreading it's arms elegantly out beside her as she begins to plummet to the street below.

Robert, nearby only because he had been thinking of picking a promise ring out for Joanne, see's the falling body. No one is around--he acts! In less than a moment he has caught Victoria in his arms. He looks at her, and it doesn't take a doctor to see that she is weighted down by a sadness so thick, it was seeking to choke the life out of her. He recognizes her as the girl he has lived near since he was very young. A girl he had sometimes even seen at the beach, dancing to the ragtime music. Victoria gazes up at him, her bright blue eyes burning a brilliant sapphire surrounded by their reddened rims. Suddenly, Victoria -- perhaps imbued by her leap of freedom -- speaks plainly as she stares back into Robert's eyes, and says. "Robert Kenton, I have been in love with you since I was seven years old."

Robert halts in mid air, their two bodies frozen between buildings, high above the streets. Some people can see them, and are pointing up at them both.


This is where the written story ends my friends, and where our RP will hopefully begin.

Oh, if you're curious, this idea was purely gleaned from a dream I had.
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