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December 18, 2018, 09:04:43 AM

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Author Topic: Females Wanted for Latex Fantasy! MxF (Femdom Possible but not Required)  (Read 390 times)

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Offline SpynmasterTopic starter

Greetings one and all!

It's been awhile since I made a request, but I've had a MASSIVE craving for a sexplay scenario involving latex in fantasy. Such as ladies who can make and shift latex to their will, or creatures made of latex or have latex for skin and/or fur, like latex-fur animals & anthros. Either way, I'm looking for players willing to play females that are really big on latex and such, especially those that can use it for pleasure & sex, mainly cock-milking. Oh, by the way, I'm really attracted to curvy & voluptuous women, like matures. And the bigger the ass the better!

My ideal setting involves a goddess who has taken over Earth, turning it into a decadent, lust-ridden femdom dystopia, where females are considered sacred and allowed to do as they please, while males are made as lower-class must give offerings of sex & cum on a frequent basis. Most females rule over the males, who have no choice but to heed their demands. Doing otherwise means facing the goddess' enforcers, who bully, rape, and arrest the males, taking them to their camps, where they are farmed around the clock for their cum and sex energy while being ruthlessly fucked as boytoys. Still, males have found away to fight back. They use sex to their advantage by outlasting the girls in order to escape, of course, not everyone makes it. Meanwhile, not all girls approve of this life, and all women who are caught resisting the goddess are brought in to be re-trained. There are rumors of a resistance that is actively fighting the goddess and her forces, freeing enslaved males and turning women to their side, believing in love, justice, romance, and freedom for all. Few have seen these red, white, and pink-clad women. Meanwhile, my main character would be one of the males who's been fighting off the enforcers and looking for women not agreeing with the goddess' laws, which would be the other player's characters.


I'd really like to play with Batman Return's version of Catwoman(that's her in full black bodysuit), which really depicted her as a unhinged woman with a slight vengeful streak and a saucy, sassy, sensual style in her body. I'd love to give this a total hyper-sexual makeover and turn her into a hyper-sexual predator. She would stalk men and women alike, her clicking heels echoing in the night as her curvy silhouette sways and struts while her latex curves squeak as she walks, pursuing them to some kind of dead-end, where she would rape, slow & arousing at first, rubbing her ass all over cocks and fondling, and then fucking and sucking them hard & fast, draining them of cum & energy until they were unconscious, like a succubus of sorts. Perhaps there's more than just one, allowing a reverse gangbang rape. Perhaps there is a male OC vigilante after her that is able to outlast this Catwoman(or Catwomen), and they constantly meet to try and overpower the other with hot, passionate, intense sex. Where it goes from there is up to discussion.

I'd also like to have a scenario involving my guy being invited to live at a mansion or castle/palace, and it would be either made of latex or it would have latex inside the walls. There would be women who would go out of their way to make me they would pleasure me and milk my cock for its cum, all day, all night. In charge of those women would be the mistress or queen, who uses the cum for her own purposes, asking the guy to be her partner and source of cum due to his powerful sexual energy, stamina, and endurance. The house could have gloryholes, milking devices, fantasy rooms, and maybe enchanted objects like a bed that would constant suck on him while he had sexually-vivid dreams.

I'd like to make a note that the majority of the ideas here will have the following overall: I would include assjobs & hotdogging, handjobs, blowjobs, hungry gloryholes either with human mouths accented with glossy lipstick or latex suction devices, visual & audio stimulation & arousal, constant cock-milking, anal & assplay, possibly pegging, and latex clothes such as bodysuits, leotards, catsuits, skirts, dresses, gowns, hotpants, and others(when I think of more). And don't forget pumps & boots(no I don't have a foot fetish).

I expect there to be races such as succubi involved, or even sex bots. I can also imagine shapeshifters & elementals of latex. Humans are the default. If there are other races, please discuss them with me.

If anyone's interested, PM me or email me. I hope to get a response soon. If you have IM, let me know you're preference.
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Offline SpynmasterTopic starter

Updated - a couple more ideas and some guidelines.