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October 15, 2018, 11:15:17 PM

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Author Topic: De's Decadent Dreams (first up - A vamp tale with a twist!) M seeking F  (Read 378 times)

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Offline DeMalachineTopic starter

Well okay - it should really be 'Decadent Dream' because as you can see, there's only one idea here. So far, that is. Though I have no idea what my hallucinogen-addled punk-grrl muse might saddle me with in the future, I'm pretty sure there'll be something. She's surprisingly spritely for a junkie.

Anyway, the idea itself was actually inspired by a dream I recently had which I can't quite let go of. It involved a group of vampires feeding on someone; and what they fed on was causing them to rot inside. However, they couldn't stop imbimbing from this person; in fact, it was as if they were addicted to whatever poison was coming out from him. Given the obvious metaphor, you can understand how I personify my muse. In any case, there's definitely the seed of a story here - so I figured, why not go with it?

So the idea is this: that there are vampires in the world (modern, urban setting) and that amongst the everyday mortals they feed upon, there are a tiny few who - for whatever reason - are a terrible danger to them. Though these people are extremely rare - one in a million, or thereabouts - and the vampires usually have no fear of them, to be unlucky enough find one such person and feed upon him or her unawares is not merely a death sentence (well, 'death' in vampire terms, that is), but potentially a route to the the most appalling degredations, too. Because the blood that comes out of these people not only kills and weakens the vampire over time - it is also brutally addictive, and the vampire will inevitably be prepared to submit to anything to get more of the stuff.

I guess you can see where this is going. Especially if, say, the lady were to be playing the vampire in this story, and I her not so unwilling 'victim'.

So if this appeals to you, drop me a line. The intrinsics of the idea - such as how the relationship might proceed (will there be love between these two characters? Hate? A war of wills?), basic character details etc. - are pretty loose at the moment, so it does offer a lot of scope for a prospective partner's involvement.

(I ought to add that this is not the only vamp story my muse has shatted upon me: a long time ago, another idea bloomed into florid life concerning a vampire whose life, as lived in the context of the real world, is actually exceedingly boring. Can't go out in daylight, has to keep himself to himself for fear of discovery - really, it's hardly the stuff of those gothic ravey things you see in films. As such, when he's not out shopping at late night supermarkets for frozen meat (to suck the blood out of) he spends most of his time in the attic building a model railway. As you can see, not the most invigorating stuff for a roleplay - especially as I had this idea that he meets a lady vamp who turns out to be boring too, but alas not quite so boring that she's into train sets too. She prefers knitting, in fact.)

Please note that his idea has now been taken. Many thanks to all those who expressed an interest. :-)
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