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October 21, 2018, 04:15:12 PM

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Author Topic: Vampires! (Twilight fans stay away, no sparkling allowed) F for M  (Read 382 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

I have two things I really, really want right now involving vampires, as I said before though, absolutely no twilight nonsense of sparkling vampires with a whiny emo attitude *shudders*

Anyway, moving on.

The Vampire's Lover

Healer witch Lilia thought it was all over for her after she was abducted from her woodland home by an organization of professional hunters of people baring supernatural origins. They delighted in telling her how they were going to execute her publicly in the nearest town when they were able to travel, to make an example of her to other magic users.

One night however, a large group of vampires storm the hunter camp to rescue their leader whom apparently had been abducted as well.
On their way out, they begin releasing all the captives stuck in cages, but when they reach Lilia's cage... the vampire leader is so taken by Lilia's beauty that he makes her a rare offer.

He would not just simply open her cage and hope for the best, oh no, he would deliver her safely anywhere she wished to go, complete with 24/7 protection and all the creature comforts she could want, she only had to do one thing for him...

All Lilia would have to do was give him her body any time the desire for love making struck him.

Normally Lilia would never ever consider something like this, but she is well aware how dangerous the wilderness of these parts are for a lone woman and there was miles between her and the nearest town, she realized she has little choice is she wants to make it through this with her life. She accepts his generous offer.

Ann Rice Vampires

I'd like my partner to play either Lestat or Armand, at least have somewhat of a good idea of what they are doing. I however will be playing an original character very loosely and I mean VERY LOOSELY based off Buffy the vampire slayer. Her name is Kiara James, the only likeness to Buffy that there will be in inhuman strength, a watchers council-ish corporation, but the difference is they tell her where to go and which vampires need putting down, she doesn't go around killing every vampire she finds. Only the ones out of control that have become a problem.

She displays a rather cold front to mask a great deal of pain and rage due to something that happened in her past and led her to what she is now, but she is truthfully very kind and warm hearted beneath all the anger and sorrow.

Her signature weapon is a katana blade, but when she is separated from it... well... dirty play isn't excluded, we'll just say that much...