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Author Topic: [Warcraft, M/F] Maternal Lycanthropy (Transformation, Interspecies, Pregnancy)  (Read 342 times)

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Offline SacredlessTopic starter

It is understandable for a man to desire a legacy, especially if his line of work is dangerous. What man would want to come to an empty home, knowing that it may remain empty if he passes...? But what if a man cannot sire children without killing or infecting his wife with a disease...? This is the scenario which Lakyle has been placed in. Ever since the Worgen Curse went viral, he has vaccinated and injected himself with the worgen cure on regular basis to keep him from going insane of the curse. But even a thousand vaccinations and injections can't protect a man from daily exposure to lycanthropy. Lakyle is able to stave off the later stages of the worgen curse for now, but for how long...?

What's worse is that his seed has already been affected. All his children will be full-fledged worgen and infect their mother while still in the womb. And if Lakyle can't protect himself from incidental exposure, than his wife is doomed. Yet Lakyle cannot live without progeny. Hybridization is the only chance he has left and who knows what effects constant exposure to the worgen curse would do to a non-human mother...?

This scene is what I have craved for a long time. The lycanthropy involved in this scene is unprecedented in the Warcraft universe, therefore, the effects are completely under our creative discretion! Does the mother gain multiple breasts, claws and greater physical strength? Done! Does the mother become a veritable denmother with patches of fur? Done! Do her legs become digitigrade and gain belly nipples? Done! All is valid and I enjoy seeing any and all of these things.

The idea is that Lakyle and his wife have a long-term relationship which explores the aberrant nature of their hybridization. In addition, Lakyle will slowly progress into a worgen as the relationship progresses, unable to fight the final stages with only alchemy. Preferably, this relation could become a great adventure that spans the world as the characters seek to live with the consequences of their nature!

I am particularly interested in (pretty) broken Draenei ostracized by their society when she lost the blessing of the Naaru. Or a night elf sentinel who was outcast when found to be pregnant of Lakyle's hybrid, labeled 'Forlarren'. Other races are welcome to an extent! Well-written goblins are adored! Tauren, worgen and pandaren need not apply; they are already animal-like!

Outward Appearance
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The azerothian male has a muscular figure. His skin has tanned and thickened from his labours in the sun and his hands have grown callous from work. His hair hangs between ginger and blond and has a relatively short, managable beard of rigid hairs. The man is kind-eyed despite his mercenary look. While rugged, he doesn't appear to be a particularly unsavory individual. Particularly in crowded inns, he doesn't seem to be at home around the swearing lumberjacks and soldiers. This man appears roughened by his outdoor lifestyle; adapted to harsher environments.

He wears a furred bodywarmer and on occasion a gun, showing both his wealth and inclination towards the hunt. His bulging sack of silver and gold would invite the less respected patrons of the inn. He usually wears a gentleman's shirt under a worn jacket lined with fur and leather pants and boots. He has a bandolier of sorts that contain a few visible potions under his jacket at all times, though it is filled rather sparsely.

In his line of work, it is impossible not to get infected with 'The Curse'. However, he has gained relative immunity to the illness by now and only has mild symptoms. Luckily none of them affect his psyche, seemingly. The only symptoms that are particularly notable is that his eyes can vaguely reflect some light back outwards, giving them a ghastly shimmer in the night. Comparisons with wolves and cats are easily made.

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Lakyle Halfwood is by origin a noble. His father had been a noble of minor importance and even that diminished greatly after the Second War. Previously, the Halfwood family had had the responcibility over a small town called Ashwood basing their commerce on the cutting of pinewood. However, during the First War, their forests west of Deadwind Pass had been burned to the ground and they had to flee to the safehavens in Lordaeron.

With no land to tend to, the family of Halfwood returned with no responsibilities left and lived a life of purposelessness. Born into wealth but no responsibilities, Lakyle and his siblings never quite knew what to do with their life. Quickly, he discovered a love for hunting, taking after his father, who was more often drunk than sober. His other siblings took to other passions in life, such as plentiful women, arcane magic and gambling.

Two decades after his birth, the area now known as Duskwood became infested with worgen. Finding new purpose in their lives, Lakyle and his father immediately started hunting down individual prey along with the nightwatch. Quickly, they became highly efficient in their jobs. They discovered a particular method that seemed highly effective against the worgen; the musk-bomb.

Over the years, the worgen became more and more powerful. Some even appeared to have a controlled form of magic and a limited sentience. Several years ago, however, tragedy struck when the known worgen developed diseases that could easily drive a man insane in the span of weeks and months. Unprepared for such virulent diseases, Lakyle's father got infected and died a month after from fever.

Lakyle continued what his father started, now working more carefully as he had no wingman to be able to work with. He trained himself in the use of long range air-guns and began to familiarize himself with basic first aid and the creation of antidotes to keep himself and others from his father's fate. One year ago, the diseases intensified greatly, seemingly without explanation. And, what was worse, the diseases caused the wounded to turn into worgen themselves.

However, the recently rediscovered people from Gilneas were familiar with this problem and had the antidote ready. They had a particular mission in Duskwood; to turn back the situation to relatively normal, or at least managable. Soon after, Lakyle found himself tranquilizing worgen rather than putting them down. He was taught how to test their blood locally and his knowledge of alchemy improved further to aid him in his tasks.

Recently, however, Lakyle found himself run out of business. He worked alone, making use of his specialized skills and equipment to put down the worgen one by one, while now often adventurers would offer their aid for less money and quicker results, albeit with more risks. One of the Gilnean doctors advised Lakyle to search for work in the night elven lands where more Gilnean people were located.

So now, Lakyle seeks to keep the purpose of father's death and his own life alive.

[SIZE="4"]Fan of...[/SIZE]
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Recently, it struck me that if people want to truly learn more about me and what kind of RP I like, I should inform them first about the kind of characters, comics and universes that I like.

Characters with Likeable/Interesting personalities;
Mrs. Brisby, from The Secret of Nimh (1982)
Olivia Flaversham, from The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
Captain Amelia, from Treasure Planet (2002)
Kat, from Sequential Art (2005-...)

Characters of General Interest;
Miss Kitty Mouse, from The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
Flora, from TwoKinds (2003-...)
Scarlet, from Sequential Art (2005-...)

Characters with Sexual Appeal(But not story);
Esmeralda, from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
Kim Possible, from Kim Possible (2002-2007)
Katara, from Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008)
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