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December 16, 2018, 01:36:18 PM

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Author Topic: Darrow Huck's thread: M looking for Dominant F- drow roleplay and other plots.  (Read 611 times)

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Offline Darrow HuckTopic starter

My name is Darrow Huck, and this is my thread.

What I'm looking for:
Female partners to play female characters with my male characters. I'm not very demanding. I don't expect professional level writing, but I would like you to take a stab at using proper grammar/spelling/capitalization.

PM is my first choice, threads are my second, and IM/YIM/AIM is my third, but I'm willing use any medium. It isn't that big a deal to me. Just don't expect a response to any emails- I very rarely check the email this account is signed up with.

***I will try to respond to any PM I am sent, even if to just say no.***

Characters I play:

Right now I'm looking for a roleplay where I play sub.

My characters are not 'doormat subs'- they are not naturally submissive, but are strong/ambitious men who are placed in a position where a woman has power over them and forces them to submit. I like a fair amount of bondage and at least some punishments when he doesn't do as told.


Drow roleplay: The last son of Menzim:

Ten years ago, house Menzim was razed to the ground, all of it's members exterminated- except for one. Nobody knows which house did the deed- it was one of the cleanest kills of any drow house in history, without so much as a credible rumor as to who pulled it off. A single loose end was left- the body of the youngest son was never found. Most assumed that it had simply been destroyed, or that he had been taken prisoner by the attackers, and would never be seen again.

Now, after a decade, the daughter of a matron mother has found him. With a small number of soldiers she has taken him prisoner- soldiers that are loyal to her, and not her mother. As a surviving family member, his testimony as to who killed his family could be a powerful weapon. But there is something even more useful that he may know- the daughter has learned that house Menzim had many secrets. Things hidden that were powerful and dangerous. Things that may help the daughter take her mother's place, and perhaps even more.

-I'm looking for someone to play the daughter. I'd like her to played straight here- at least slightly sadistic, considers males to be lesser than females, etc. The male will be in the habit of testing her boundaries, being ambitious and dangerous himself.

The Best Agent

Agent Dan Black is one of the Intergalactic Intelligence Agency's best agents. Or at least he would be, if he wasn't chronically insubordinate, disrespectful, impossible to work with, and refused to even try to avoid collateral damage. Now he has a new boss- and she isn't going to let his misbehaviour continue.

The Rebel Leader

This plot takes place in a setting where a totalitarian state runs the world, where women are in charge and men are slaves. My character is the leader of a group of rebels trying to take down the government. Your character is a high-ranking gestapo-like officer who is responsible for crushing any opposition to the government. When he is finally captured, will he be broken and made to talk? Or will he remain defiant until he can escape?


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Re: Darrow Huck (M look for Dominate F)
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Added new plot (The best agent), removed old ones, changed title.

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Bump/filling out plots

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