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Author Topic: 2013 Urges for the Jester  (Read 1317 times)

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2013 Urges for the Jester
« on: March 09, 2012, 02:58:50 AM »
Here is my latest list of urges. There is no order or anything. Just pick one and PM me!

1. Home Rape
I am looking for one girl to be attacked at her home by a group of men. She will be raped continuously for hours possibly by large black men.

The twist is that near the end your daddy or husband comes home and catches them with you. You plead with him your innocence but he does not believe you and with you still lying on the floor covered in their mess he too has his turn.......

2. Mutiny in Space

Foundation Times


First Officer required for Mining Ship Archimedes

Five year old state of the art mining ship is looking for a new First Officer. The Archimedes is a high tech mining ship and is now the pride of the Arch Corporation.

The Archimides is crewed by convicts and a handful of Officers but the crew are kept in line by state of the art restraints that are used throughout the Foundation.

Captain Archer has been captain since the ship was launched and was instrumental in bringing about the launch of prisoner work ships.

We are looking for a qualified First Officer to also take on the role of Chief Engineer. We expect at least two years experience in both positions.

Please contact Arch Corporation if you are interested.

I am looking for a female player to play the First Officer of a ship that has a mutiny in space with no one to help. The skeleton bridge crew will easily be overpowered by the crew once the restraint technology fails in the middle of empty space.

The crew of rapists, murderers and thieves will be especially pleased when they realise that the first officer is going to be a woman. One woman stuck on a ship now controlled by an entire crew of horny desperate men.......

The game will be as follows:

1. Introduction and arrival of the new first officer.
2. The mutiny - Will the first officer be able to hide and keep hidden in the huge ship?
3. Caught! Will she actually like being caught by some real men??

I would like to develop the story as the crew turn the ship into a pirate ship and explore new areas and perhaps come across aliens?

If you are interested then please let me know.

3. An unplanned rape

It all happened so fast. They were strangers and they had never met. One minute they were talking and the next he had attacked her. Forced her onto her back and he was quickly inside her.......

He left her lying there. Bruised, battered with torn clothes and her hair a mess. Semen dribbled from her cunt and he did not try to clean up. He was too surprised to cover it up... .. But for some reason she did not report him... She had had her first orgasm...

He was just a married man with a normal family and a normal job. What made him rape her?

I want us to play two normal people. A rapist and a victim. I want to explore the strange relationship they end up having when she decides not to report him.......

Why does he continue to rape her?
Why does she like it?
Who is he?
Who is she?
How do they meet and where does it happen?
How rough does she let him get?
Does anyone else find out?

4. Queen of the Rooftops and Mistress of the Underworld

He watched her in the moonlight. She was beautiful with long slender limbs, blue black fur and he sat entranced by her grace and style. She moved effortlessly from rooftop to rooftop with effortles poise and dexterity. She danced for him every night underneath the star lit sky with just the moon for company. She never approached further than the saucer of milk and bowl of food. Her eyes watched him as she satisfied herself on his gifts. She acted the role of Queen effortlessly and seemed to enjoy her admirer's efforts to please her. She enjoyed impressing him with leaps and jumps that made his heart fill his mouth each time.

He came to see her every night. Out of his bedroom windows and onto the fire escape. It was difficult for a human to climb with both hands full but he managed it with much less style and grace. He was a writer who had once been great but now had fallen on hard times. He rarely left his room and his only companion was the mysterious black cat ..... The Queen of the Rooftops and Mistress of the Underworld. He wrote about her adventures and imagined her in a world beneath the city where creatures of your imagination came to life. He imagined a kingdom that she ruled and was loved by everyone..... The writer was ill. Diagnosed with schizophrenia he found it hard to write and promote his work. His family and friends all turned their back on him so he lived alone in a lonely city. The writer spoke to the misty black cat and sometimes even sang to it. He wished she would come closer but any time he approached she would leave with one last look as it though him a fool....."Goodnight my Queen..." He would whisper each night.

But one night the saucer and the food were not there. The brazier he used to keep warm on the roof was cold and the loud clanging of his human feet did not echo across the rooftops...... 

I am looking for someone to play the Queen of the Rooftops and the Mistress of the Underworld. She visits the writer each night but one night he does not appear. The cat is intrigued and finds itself ever so slightly worried so she enters his flat to find the writer unconscious and in need of help..... Will the Queen of the Underworld transform into humanoid form and help him? Could he help her win back her Kingdom?

I would like the Queen to take the writer into her world and together they will explore a magical world together beneath the city and she will help him be a great man again.....

I will be choosing a partner carefully for this game. I hope you understand.

5. Wheel of time

Anyone want to start a game based on Robert Jordans Wheel of Time books?

I reckon there is a lot of scope with
1. rogue Aes Sedai torturing people with the one Power.
2. Romances between Aes Sedai and Wardens
3. Use of Adam to control Aes Sedai
4. Trollocks raping and pillaging
5. Sex with the big friendly Ogier for the girls who like your "bigger" man.
6. Evil Forsaken doing evil things. And its also a world that is wonderfully fleshed out and exciting.  A must read for anyone interested in fantasy. But be warned there are lots of books!!     

6. Slut Walk

In England recently hundred of women and girls dressed up slutty for a demonstration defending women's right to dress slutty bearing signs that dressing like a slut does not create rapists. Well your character would be a woman who experimented with clothes to see the reactions of friends, family, colleagues and strangers. Does this experiment put you in danger? Does it make you easy? We shall see......I am wanting a girl who has a clothing fetish and to help me understand why girls dress the way they do. I am happy to stretch your limits with this game or make it simple. You will wear mini skirts in the game, low cut tops, change your hairstyle, and various types of slutty clothing and i will roleplay the people and their reactions. We may make the reactions quite extreme.  Be prepared for violence and rape. Please get in touch if you want to risk yourself by dressing like a slut!

7. The Mystery Escort

He has come to take you away. You can hear his deep gravelly voice as he talks to your father. Their voices are quiet and low but it is obvious that the conversation is tense and you are in no doubt that you are the subject of their conversation. Your mother can be heard in the corner of the room quietly sobbing. Every so often she asks a question only to sob a little louder at the response. Her questions becoming even more desperate. The mysterious stranger is cloaked in shadows and answers all of their questions in a quiet calm voice. Today your life is about to change. You will be joining the strangers on a perilous journey that will be dangerous yet also exciting and mystifying. You will learn to love and hate and will find hidden straights you never knew you had. Will you trust the stranger wholeheartedly or will you be guarded and defensive? You have only just turned of age and you are counted a young woman but you have a lot to learn........

The escort has one job to transport you to your destination and teach you how to protect yourself. The scenario has been set but who is the mysterious stranger?
1. Joining the tower: A Wizard from the Tower of Damacles, a forgotten Wizard fortress come to recruit the latest young girl...
2. Queen of the Isles: A dashing Knight come to escort the new Queen of the Isles back to her Island nation after the last of the recognised line dies. Maybe the Knight is not quite so pure and does not realise he is looking after his future Queen? - Taken
3. A thief's winnings: The Thief Marshall come to come to collect his gambling winnings.
4. Demon Slayer: It is written in the prophecies that you will become Queen of the Dragons and the Demon Slayer. The adventurer has a lot to teach you in a short time.
5. Sorcerer Queen: Your life has been a lie. The "good" life you have left is no more. You are to be the next Sorcerer Queen of the North. The most hated and evil person in the World...
6. Betrayal: The enemies of the crown have found out where the heir has been hidden all these years. Using subterfuge they collect you before the real escort arrives to take you the enemy's stronghold where you will become a weapon of the enemy...

As you can see there are many ideas we can work on. Content can be discussed. Let me know if you are interested.

8. Holding back the Dead

Father Anthony Stonehill had been the Priest of Peacehaven for five years. He was a much loved man who had tended the local congregation well. He was known as a man of peace and tenderness as well a huge heart. He was loved by his congregation, peers and was the talk of the local Nunnery. Father Anthony Stonehill was a good looking man, well built and in his mid thirties. He exercised regularly and were it not for his vow of celibacy he would have been very popular with all the married women. However Father Anthony was in love. Not just with his god. But with one of the Nuns. It was an unspoken love and one that he would never be able to take advantage of.... until the dead came. I would like to play Father Anthony as a troubled hero. One of the few remaining men in Peacehaven he has to fight the undead whilst also being tormented by his own demons. He is in love with a Nun but also prone to perverted actions. Will the nun return his love? Will she stand by him as he fights the undead and his own demons? Or will he succumb to both? I am looking for a Nun to play opposite Father Anthony. We may need to play npc's as well and the story will start the evening before the world changes. I am wanting this to be very sexy, kinky and perhas a bit cheesy. I would like to have the nun change a lot and for them to gget very frustrated. i imagine the nun dressing in a bikini because her habit is ruined for example. I also want him to find it difficult to suppress his wilder urges. We can discuss those though. Please get in touch if you are keen.   

9. For Sale

I am looking for someone to play a beautiful but penniless woman who has fallen on hard times. She is nearly homeless. she has just lost a job or is working in a shitty jon, her fiancee is out of work and her family are not doing much better themselves. Having declared she will not have sex before marriage her engagement is on the rocks especially as neither of them is making enough money to have the wedding they both want. Desperately depressed our heroine meets a very wealthy man either online or at a club where she works. He realises that everything is for sale and he just needs to offer the right price. The girl realises that she could make some money from this man and slowly becomes addicted to selling herself to him.....

I am thinking she would begin by selling...
1. Basic sex... e.g. Oral sex, handjobs and her virginity?
2. Kinkier sex (to be discussed with partner)
3. Pregnancy? I would also like to explore how depraved she is willing to go just for money.

So much so that her lust for money begin to destroy the things she wanted to save. For instance.
1. Her engagement is put under threat when her fiancee realises she is no longer a virgin and has cheated on him.
2. Her friends stop seeing her when they see her dressing like a slut at her benefactors request and behaving like a whore and getting drunk on nights out.
3. Shock from family when she admits the baby is not her fiancee's.
4. Having got a new office job she is soon considered the office slut as her benefactor pays her to sleep around. She has to put up with listening to them talk about her behind her back. How far would you go for money?

10. A changed woman....

Its the happiest day of her life. Perhaps she is getting married? She is finally 18? Or perhaps its the first day of her travels. She has never been happier and she cant imaginewhat could go wrong. She is sweet, innocent and very naive. Her life has been sheltered and her friends and family adore her. You would never want anything to happen to her. Especially on this day. Kidnapped, raped, beaten, used, abused and treated like a whore for an entire weekend by a large group of men. Its relentless and she is returned back home at the end of the weekend a completely different woman. Please get in touch if this sounds appealing. The group could be strangers or people she knows. But she does not inform the police or anyone else about what happened.

11. Superhero fun

Not many super-heroes just emerge. Some are born and some develop over time. This is the story of a normal person who becomes the greatest super-hero the world has ever seen. We follow his glories, his downfalls, his romances, his allies and his enemies. All superheroes are scaled from a level 1 to a level 5 increasing with strength each level with level 5 equaling Superman or Thor. This story will cover the following stages of the heroes life.
1. Before the event - A brief look at the heroes life before he became a super-hero.
2. The event that gave our superhero a skill or a power making him into a level 1.
3. Our new super-hero dons his new costume and becomes a local crime-fighter battling local crimelords and low level villains.
4. He meets a new ally in his war against the local crime and a possible romance.
5. Event Number 2. - Our new super-hero has an event that changes him further increasing his powers from a level 1 to a level 3 and making him more well known hero.
6. A villain of the opposite sex takes an interest in our hero and tries to convert him to their evil ways.
7. Our villain is invited into a JLA or Avengers type team and cannot believe how proud he is.
8. Battles villains in a world changing events.
9 Event Number 3 - Our hero is now on par with super heroes like Thor and and Superman.
10. Super-heroes across the world are being defeated and killed or turned evil. Our hero is the only one able to save the world! Obviously this can all be enhanced and changed but if you would like to explore the life-story of a super hero.....or super villain?? Then please get in touch.

12, An innocent affair? Possible?

An innocent affair? Is there such thing as an innocent affair? Two colleagues who often go on business trips realise they both have feelings for each other. Maybe they are both happily married or maybe just one of them is? Both of them do not want to risk a full blown affair. But is their such a thing as an innocent affair? I am wanting to roleplay the innocent affair between the two of them. There will not be any sexual contact between the two but i do forsee lots of exhibitionism and suggestion...
1. I imagine the female being very willing to change her clothing and hairstyle to please him. How far will she go?
2. I imagine they flirt with others with a hope of making the other jealous.
3. Perhaps they silently watch the other but neither of them acknowledges it.
4. They share beds on business trips but do not touch each other. Perhaps they masturbate next to each other?
5. They man watches her with other men? Perhaps in a bar or club or even by the side of the bed? Alternatively we can him jerk off as she tells him about it?
6. Exposing each other in public places.
7. Buying naughty things for each other.
8. Maybe he convinces her to seduce his wife so that they can finally be justified? Surely this is all ok if they do not actually touch?

 Maybe we could add a twist to the game?

13. Orc King and an Elven Bride

It was a strange few years when the Orcs and their allies came to the aid of the Elves and Dwarves. Humans had become too numerous and had crossed the Ocean to take land from the Dwarves and Elven races. But with a common foe King Gutrender united the Orc and Goblin clans and came south to defend the Dwarf Mountains, the forests of the Elves and plains of the Gnomes. Gutrencher repelled the human hordes and has united the races of the Continent of Elenor. As a reward for the aid of the Orcs the Dwarves promise their aid in building a huge City and palace for Gutrencher and the Orcs on land once owned by the evil humans. The Gnomes promise to teach the Orcs and Goblins about the arts including theatre, literature and all sorts magical. And finally the Elven King promises his eldest daughter in marriage as a sign of the new alliance.....Elgon the city of the Orcs is now complete with a beautiful palace for Gutrencher and his new bride. The City stands as the first point of defence against the human hordes and is the finest city the world has ever seen. Gutrencher has never seen the Elven Princess and in a few days time everyone will arrive......Is the as beautiful as they say? Will she love the biggest Orc there is? Can an Orc really change their ways or is this some very evil plan? This is their story.......I am looking for an Elf Princess! Any takers?

14. Spoils of War

Baron Mark Ven Sen allowed himself a little smile as he watched the village elders discussing his demands. They were quite simple really. He would add the village of Draimar to his fiefdom and he would offer them protection. In return all hostilities would cease and Baron Mark Ven Sen would be able to choose from one of the village women to become his slave. The village would then be left in peace but would be occupied at all times by his troops. The elders would have no choice but to agree and the Baron was eager to choose the young woman. The village of Draimar is a simple farming village where everyone knows each other. Each night the villagers would spend time in one of the two taverns and each sunday they would all go to Church together. It was never a village of soldiers and when the Baron's men attacked it was simple to defeat the small guard. The girl I am looking for is the most beautiful in the village. She will be young and pretty and she will assume she is being taken back to the Baron's home. However the Baron is eager to show the villagers a lesson and so begins her humiliation in front of friends, relatives and loved ones. She will be publicly humiliated, fucked and punished and no one will be able to stop it. But maybe she begins to like it? We can set this in any time period. Please get in touch if interested.

15. High Heels

When i see a girl in high heels I cant help but think she looks vulnerable and find myself intently attracted to her behind... So I would like to play a game focused on it..

1. The Flatmates Girlfriend - The girlfriend of a flatmate is slutty and always arrives with short skirts and high heels.. While the flatmate is out...
2. Daughter in Heels - A young sexy daughter attracts her fathers eyes the first time she dresses up to go out...
3. The Boss dresses up in heels every day. She thinks she is looking sexy but actually she just looks delicate... If she winds me up one more time.

16. Helping Hubby Pay the Bills
You have a good job and you look after the house you both share. But the recession has changed your husband. Since losing his job and watching you pay the bills he decides that you both need some more money. Your salary alone is not enough.

So you work, you clean and cook and now you are being pimped out by your loving husband. You have never been a big fan of sex with your husband but he begins to slowly whore you out to the landlord, the owner of the local store, the off licence clerk to get beer, your boss to get a raise, his friends to give him some extra cash........ Is there anything you won't do for him?

Maybe we could add a twist where the wife decides she has had enough?

17. Pegging

Do any ladies like the idea of a game based around pegging, a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man's anus with a strap-on dildo?

Or perhaps somone has a craving to play a chick with a dick? A transformation from girl to guy?

I am craving a game based on it and would be interested in being a bi-curious guy. It could be a punishment or whatever. Maybe my girl makes me go with a guy too?

Anyone even slightly curious?

see for inspiration (NSFW)
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TV Series Ideas
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2012, 03:03:31 AM »

Quantum Leap

"Theorizing that one could time-travel within his own lifetime, (insert name here) led an elite group of scientists into the desert, to develop a top-secret project known as Quantum Leap. Pressured to prove their theories or lose funding, the doctor prematurely stepped into the project accelerator, and vanished...

They awoke to find themselves in the past, suffering from partial amnesia and facing a mirror image that was not their own. Fortunately, contact with their own time was maintained through brain-wave transmissions with Al, the project observer, who appeared in the form of a hologram that only  the doctor can see and hear....and . Trapped in the past, the doctor finds themselves leaping from life to life, putting things right that once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next Leap will be the Leap home."

I am wanting a female player happy to play a variety of different characters hoping to right wrongs. This will be a game that includes adult action as most of the wrongs will be sexual based. You must also be happy to play a variety of characters.

I might also open this up to others to NPC.

Doctor Who

It is time for the eleventh incarnations of the Doctor. The doctor is looking for a new assistant to join them on travelling the globe, time and space and write any wrongs that they find.

Are the Daleks truly destroyed?
Is the Doctor truly the last of the timelords?
Is the Master still at large?
Will Billy Piper be in another series?

If you would like to be the able assistant or are willing to take a leading role as the Doctor then let me know. Sexual content for the game is yet undecided.

Anyway Let me know if your interested in either idea by PM and we can work out how to progress.

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Extreme Ideas
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2012, 03:05:38 AM »
1. My Wife's Head

It was an accident.... or maybe it wasn't. But my wife nearly did not survive the road accident. Her body was a complete mess and they only just managed to keep her alive. Without her body and currently just a head my wife is coming home today.

I am able to order her a new body but of course I will need to discuss that with her.

I know some people have been talking and suggesting that my wife was having an affair. I will need to talk to her about that.......

I want to play a man who bring's his wife's head home from the hospital. The game will be one of revenge and humiliation and could contain the following....

1. Humiliation.
2. Forced exposure to husband having sex with other people and perhaps close to the wife with revenge.
3. Rape of the head.
4. Providing the head with a completely different body. Maybe one suited to humiliation and sexual desires?

Please get in touch if you are interested in playing the cheating wife .... now head.I would love to know your ideas for the game and the story on how you became a head. Maybe you are innocent and you have to prove it before its too late?

2. Returning home early

You just wanted to surprise him. Come home early and cook him dinner and look after him. You had even gone to the shops and got your hair done in preperation for a hot and steamy night with your man. Arriving early you certainly were not prepared for the sight that you saw....... Lets discuss what you see......

1. Your dad and brother spitroasting your husband.
2. Your mother tied up and being fucked by your man.
3. Your pet pooch balls  deep inside your husband.
4. Your husband violently raping the next door neighbour...
Bi and MarriedI want to play a game where I am married but soon learns to love to suck and be fucked by cock. Maybe the wife finds out? Maybe she forces him in the first place? Be great to find someone happy to play wife and husband.

3. Suicide Pact

He was 32 and a normal guy. Life however had left him feeling rather disillusioned. He had friends and family that loved him and had a good job that he was good at even if he did not love it.

But for some reason all of that was not enough to keep him happy. He put up the advert on a specialist suicide website and did not expect a reply. He intended to kill himself but he did not want to do it alone. There were also a few things he wanted to do first and he wanted to find someone to do them with.

They were awful shocking things that he knew he could not do alone. The thing is would he find someone as screwed up and kinky as he was? Would they go through with it? Would she actually be able to help him kill himself after completing all his demands? He hoped there would be someone.

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Re: 2012 Urges for the Jester
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2012, 12:59:12 PM »
Two new ones!

"Cum Addict"

You are the first to be diagnosed with a new illness. You are a cum addict and your health relies on you receiving fresh cum regularly. (We can discuss how much). The problem? No one will believe you.

You are a young woman in a new job and engaged to be married. Somehow you have to satisfy your cum cravings regularly and also lead a normal life. I see this as a bit of a calamity Jane story where your cravings will hit you at the worst possible times!

You have to satisfy your cravings without letting your fiancee know, your mother and your boss. But how will you manage that?

"Ex Girlfriend Sex Tapes"

Jimmy Larter has not seen his first girlfriend for years. They spent five years together and Jimmy thought he was the luckiest guy in the world. His girlfriend was smoking hot and had a real imagination and a thirst for every kink going... And he has it all on film.

So imagine his delight when he comes across her again......

For her it could not be a worse time. Since leaving Jimmy she has become a very normal professional woman with a great  future ahead of her....

She could perhaps be:

1. Getting married in just a few weeks.
2. Gaining a directorship in a few weeks with her company.
3. Running for office...
4. Winning a role in a movie or becoming a model.

Should these sex tapes be shown to anyone she would be in a lot of trouble....

This is a story of blackmail and together we will revisit the sex tapes. I want you to imagine the kinkiest and naughtiest things that are on them and we will roleplay each one and we shall see if they ever get released.

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Re: 2012 Urges for the Jester
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2012, 08:12:01 AM »

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Re: 2013 Urges for the Jester
« Reply #5 on: April 12, 2013, 08:35:44 AM »

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Re: 2013 Urges for the Jester
« Reply #6 on: April 15, 2013, 01:34:27 PM »
Sent you a PM