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Author Topic: CShades of Roleplay  (Read 831 times)

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CShades of Roleplay
« on: October 10, 2011, 03:32:23 PM »
CShades' Character Sheet (More or Less)

Physical Description
Name: Chameleon Shades.
Age: Too old to care.
Gender: Neutral.
Height: Avoided at all costs.
Hair: Very uncooperative.
Eyes: Two.
Body Type: Roadster.
Distinguishing Characteristics: V. thick glasses, a crooked tooth, funny accent, and the occasional dog hair.
Religion: Admitted Gadget-ist. Also said to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster (The Pesto branch; Marinara and meatballs can be terribly boring.)

Psychological Record
   - Strong visualization skills, and the ability to describe said visuals in passable english (and spanish, if anyone cares about that)
   - Very creative when the muse strikes.
   - Mostly unpredictable.
   - Prone to flights of fancy.
   - Proud owner of a very fickle muse.
   - Mostly unpredictable.
Pet Peeves:
   - Fanaticism.
   - Bugs!
   - Poor reading comprehension skills.

Now wanted: New Fields -- Let me know via PM of any fields you think I should add to the sheet, and I likely will!

Things I Love:

I love strength. Of body, of mind, of conviction. Masculine men, women with a masculine mindset, and once in a while a true challenge.
I prefer those who resist to those who yield, and yet I love those who know how and when to yield with enough dignity to turn it into its opposite.
I love surprises -- but they must be surprising; a curve-ball from left field that makes me turn around and roll with the punches is always more appreciated than another cookie-cutter 'twist.'
I love jumping into a scene with no expectations, and take it together with my partners into a new height.
I love creative people who can turn weakness into strength, garter into garrote, and wield NPCs with the skill of a Maestro.
I love people who can visualize a scene and describe it to me as if they were there without overusing their words; it arouses my mind, which is my first sexual organ if not necessarily the only one.
I love layered characters with motivations and history -- and wants, and needs, and weaknesses, and hangups, and fears, and dreams. And strengths, of course. Always strengths.
I love Betrayal, and what comes from Betrayal.
I love contradiction and irony: the FtM transvestite who falls in love with a gay male; the Leader of Men who cannot afford what he or she wants the most without risking the loss of all they have ever worked for; the bitter words and actions of rivals who want nothing more than each other without admitting so - even to themselves.
I love lives made of pain and anger, and those tiny little moments of bliss that make them worthwile.
I love Danger and I love being the Danger.
I love blood and gore and mess, and the aftermath of it all.
I love screams and tears and spit and the sounds that come when there's not even that left.
I love the idea of celebrating life over the remains of those who are no longer able to do so.

I foremost love those who love themselves First, above and below, and I reserve my utmost admiration for those who can keep a Story a Story, rather than an extention of their might.


First Post - Cshades' Character Sheet, and Things I Love.
Second Post - Characters in search of plots.
Third Post - Visual Inspiration.
Fourth Post - My Mind-Children - Stories seeking Co-Writers.

-- Please PM me rather than adding to the thread. Also see my A/As; O/Os; and Rabbit Hole for more information.  Thank you!

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Re: CShades of Roleplay
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2011, 03:36:41 PM »
Favored Characters - just getting a few of them together right now.

Gaia Iullia - Roman Historical/Fantasy - Elite-training Schemer

Name: Goes by Gaia Iulia between close friends, known as Domina Iulia to the rest. Real name? Yeah, right.

Age: A gentleman doesn't ask, and a Lady would know better. Somewhere close to 30, maybeprobably.

Brief History: There isn't much that is openly known about Domina Iulia's past to be sure, though quite a bit has been guessed at over the last few years. Some things are easy to tell: her straight nose, the high cheekbones, the golden olive complexion and the woman's poise mark her unerringly as one of patrician ancestry; her accent places her as a native of Rome; her facility with languages and rumored ability to read and write (waitwhat?) tell more than a little about her upbringing; and her usual choices in attire reveal a thorough understanding of society mores as much as they do of whichever part of her she decides to emphasize at any given time.

What those who have been here longest would know for a fact is that she arrived at the gates some five years ago,  dressed in a hooded cloak and little more, and walking through the gates of the Tower as if they were her own while followed by two slaves with bundles -- and there she stayed. A choice, like many others, her two companions became part of the whole much as she became part of the tower herself. Little is said about her rise from there to Elite, but that is because people have more interesting things to talk about when they refer to her -- how she is yet to find someone she cannot handle and turn into exactly what she wants; how she tends to prefer the rebellious types; how the sounds of despair are more frequent around her than those of pleasure; how even those who have served her for long really, /really/ don't want to end up in her hands when she is in a Mood. Of course, those are /lies./ Just look at her, she is such a beautiful, fragile flower of undeniable femininity.

And everyone knows what a woman is made for. Right?

Strengths: A deadly combination of anger and self control that morphs often enough into pure calculation. She is known to bide her time after a (real or imagined) slight, and lash out when least expected. It also guarantees that she gets what she wants, sooner or later.  A knowledge of politics and people beyond the scope of most men and women alive. Sheer mindfuckery.

Shortcomings: She is a woman and she knows it. Physical strength, while honed to a point, is not anything she will best a male with when push comes to shove -- hey, that's what chains and loyal slaves are for, anyway. As any woman of her time, she's also had her 'place' drilled into her long and hard enough to fall into the stereotype when the right buttons are pushed -- only for her gall to rise the moment she realizes she did, which might be a shortcoming too, considering. Gaia holds grudges longer than elephants do, but then so does she remember her debts and honors them.  Doesn't trust easily, if at all. Secrecy is another of her weaknesses -- she has enough of that going on where a misstep could spell doom also:, that hair? It's naturally red, and woe betide whoever might happen to insinuate otherwise.

Opportunities: Gaia wants the impossible, of course, and knows it all too well. In the meanwhile, she's watching the first triumvirate spiral to its end with untold interest,  looking up to Caesar's campaign in Gaul and gathering as much information as she can from any likely sources to use for her own means. It is said that some of those she trains just might be a little too attached to her, to the point where they might end up obeying her over their owners if push comes to shove.

Virtue: Temperance - More towards self control than prudence, really.

Vice: Wrath

Forgotten - Elemental Fantasy, original setting - Were-Dragon

Species: Gemstone Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: Three Thousand, Six Hundred, and change.

Abilities: All normal Dragon Abilities, plus the mastery over non-metallic Minerals -- he can manipulate the chemicals in range to create these gemstones and use them.
- The stronger/more complex the mineral, the longer it will take to come together; one might have a large crystal in a fraction of a second, but a diamond would take some time.
- He has a form of telekinesis that affects gemstones alone.
- Can sense their existence in the background all the time -- this can get distracting if they move around.

Orientation: Diagonal and curled around. No, really; after so many years, he'll probably not give a fuck what he... oh well, it was a bad pun anyway.

Weakness: He's not exactly ADD, he's the Real Thing. His mind can be as fractal as the crystals that obey him, and has probably forgotten more things than most dragons ever knew in their long lifetimes. You'd think lateral thinking is a gift, but when he's supposed to do Something and ends up chasing butterflies up the wall, things can get hectic. He's also more than a little lazy; it goes with being a huge shiny lizard, okay? His main physical weakness would be things that make him feel enclosed or trapped. Anything that he can't get out of again? That might trip him over the edge once he's outside.

Treasure:  He's got a preciouss! It's a flawed gem he doesn't let go of --or like to show. Another reason to do everything one-handed!

Weapon(s): Breath, Talons, Fang and Tail, for now! What else does a dragon need, really?

Description: Huge and Shiny! >>picture>> He's got some black scales to himself, specially underneath, but the further up we go the more crystal-like ones we get -- he's like a huge amethyst cluster reflecting all the primary hues from purple to violet and back, with a few secondary reds and blues.

Personality: Ba-humbug. He's been all by himself for centuries and it shows. Sometimes he talks to nothing, sometimes he just decides to do whatever he wants regardless of common sense, like laying down to sleep in the middle of a walk just because that's /such a perfect sunning spot omg./ Easy to anger, and easy to forget about it on the other hand, he hardly remembers much of the Outside. A sort of absentminded professor, he can come up with a brilliant deduction or the most childish conclusions, even if sometimes the latter can be more accurate than the former.

History: He's old. He's seen plenty of things. Unfortunately, the centuries of isolation have made him not want to remember much about them, and he can be a little cantankerous when it comes to selective memory. He was a Powerful Dragon. Or not. A Wise Dragon. Or not. Sometimes he remembers flying over neverending fields and forests, and sometimes he can't remember how to fly at all, or what flying is.

He had a friend once -- a human, was it? He remembers the skin, sometimes, with his own -- only dragons don't have skin, so that must be another wrong memory. They talked in his head, but he doesn't talk back anymore. Sometimes he sees him around, barring the doors that never open from him, reminding him of... something. Something good. Something Bad. He loves him, no, he hates him. He would eat the wraith in its dirty linen shroud if he could, but who would he talk to if he did? Right? Right.

Yves - Kushielverse Setting - Valerian with a Twist

Neither Pleasure without Pain, nor Pain without Pleasure...

                              "I Yield"

Name : Yves de la Courcel nee Valerian
Age : 44
Gender : Male
Sexuality : Bisexual, Equal Opportunity Offender

Occupation : Servant of Naamah
Rank : Valerian Dowayne (I totally went there!)

Personality : Unyielding Thrillseeker.  Roguish, somewhat jaded -- okay, quite a bit jaded -- and very self-possessed. Confidence: he has it in spades, though some have been heard calling it arrogance -- nevermind that most of those 'some' are counted among the very small number of patrons he is occasionally said to entertain still.

Valerian; is he, really? It is a question that hasn't gone unasked since the time he caught the eye of his first Dowayne, and all through his service in a life dedicated to the House. It is also one that's more likely to be answered with a knowing smirk or in the privacy of an assignation than word of mouth. It is true that his patrons are known to stay mum as to their encounters -- how could it not be, if it is in the contract, right? Yves doesn't exactly fit the stereotype, but then no one such would be able to fill in the Dowayne's administrative duties as well as he does. Once billed as a 'challenge' to the patrons, he has very much remained so; if there ever was any subservience instilled into him, it must be long buried beneath layers upon layers of experience and scars.  He usually comes off as self-contained but roguish, as perfectly able to wield his tongue with the surgical precision of a flechette as he is to withstand its Kiss. As much as some would accuse him of being more Mandrake than Valerian, there is a marked difference between Yves and those of the thorny rod: He doesn't particularly go out of his way to have people yield to him.

Appearance : D'Angeline to the core and a scion of Elua to boot, he was once upon a time: adorably cute. That youth morphed into a handsome young man throughout the length of his Service, and forward even into the stalwart gentleman he happens to be today. He does retain the charm that made him sought after by a particular niche of patrons:  sun-kissed hair, neither long enough to touch his shoulders nor short enough that cannot be used against him; long eyelashes over taunting eyes of sea-gray; a once-broken nose that is both gift and reminder of just how little use his signale has ever seen. He is tall and broad-shouldered, eminently masculine in physique and with all the trappings of one who has endured, and will even more so.

(Not So)Brief History : It was a joke, really -- meant to be one, anyway. They only had to slip some of those sweets to the coddled boy, and dare him to eat them longer than they could; from there to laughing their asses off it was only a matter of time. Well, the joke was on them, really: the young man not only ate them under the table but also demanded they get him /more./ Natch, those spiced candies were not all that easy to get; eventually the pair of rascals got caught sneaking out with them, and nobody really believed their tale about whom they were taking them for. Some time passed, but soon enough Muriel Gascogne, then the Valerian Dowayne, visited the palace again -- only to be targeted by the erstwhile Yves in his dogged search for Spiced Candy: He hadn't forgotten. Muriel watched him go with his treasure already half eaten, and from there on she kept an eye on the little noble. A few eyes, as it were, because she was a busy woman and he ended up being rather difficult to follow after a while: the boy had a rare knack for getting himself into all kinds of trouble. By the time he was seven, it was obvious that his daredevil behaviour might prevent him from ever reaching the age of eight; the Dowayne met with his parents then. After two more years of denying the truth -- and quite a few more close calls -- they finally admitted that something had to be done, and Yves Eoganan de la Courcel became the newest fosterling of House Valerian.

The third child born of a second child in any noble line has few possibilities in sight anyway, right? There is no land to inherit or titles to wrestle for -- or less of those anyway, for those of the Courcel lineage. On the other hand, the responsibilities are much less as well; while expected, it was not strictly required of Yves to carry the name any further and, whereas a foreign marriage might once have been in the charts, Service was always a good option until it ended and such things could be properly arranged.

Living in the night court is very different from growing up in the d'Angeline court itself, really, but Yves took to it like fish to water. There were always too many novices around for him to jump into the Aviline (again) or stick his hand into the fireplace -- well, in fact he did that once, but nobody tried to stop him and he got sweets instead of a talking to; it wasn't half as fun and he still had to sweep the floors, blisters or not. The other novices weren't particularly impressed by his name, either, but as the months went by they did start flocking to him for other reasons. Everyone knew he would eventually go to Mandrake by then, or Bryony perhaps, because assessing risks and results was soon proven to be one of his greatest strengths. He did a tour of the houses, in fact, when it was time, and those who remember will say he was rather wanted by those two and more. Dahlia had a stake on it, of course, by din of birth alone, but he wouldn't go to it. The Mandrake Dowayne agreed that he was a good anvil against which to hammer her own adepts' self-control, but it was as obvious to her as to Muriel then that that wasn't exactly what the youth was after: valerian he remained.

He was most definitely no anguisette either. Pain shook him like it did everyone else, even if Yves proved himself singularly capable of withstanding it -- stubborn as a mule, many of his teachers concurred. By the time most valerians his age were thoroughly conditioned to turn pain into pleasure, there were no obvious signs that he ever would. For him it was a sport instead -- how much, how far, and just how long; who would endure the most. His debut was brokered quietly in the end, by the Dowayne and her Second, and there was no talk about it at all. In fact, the young man virtually disappeared from sight for several weeks after that night and didn't get his back actually limned until two months later. He was then, they have said, eerily at peace for the first time in his life.

His patronage grew very slowly as it were, but the prices paid more than made up the time spent between assignations. Gifts started to pile soon in his coffers, and yet he didn't bring them to the marquist as most would have -- just a handful of them would have had him free of the house's purview in no time at all. Yves kept the lines on his back growing slowly instead, no more than a leaf or petal at a time, and the times spread out as far as his patrons' visits. He continued to learn avidly in the meanwhile, using some of his coin to hire the tutors he wanted on the subjects he cared to touch rather than the extensive syllabus from before, never asking for or accepting his family's say in the matter -- in fact, it was as if they had forgotten about him, and him about them. There were several foreigners to hone his language skills; more than a few warriors; the occasional visit to another house; and the cultivated long friendships with a few cassiline brothers. When Muriel finally retired, Etienne took her place and, without fanfare at all, Yves took Etienne's own as second -- he was almost thirty years old, and wasn't going anywhere else.

It was a little more than ten years later that Etienne retired as well, leaving him to take over the direction of the house. Nothing much has changed, really, since it was rather clear that he had been calling the shots for a very long time already, but now he has become quite a bit more visible. Visible enough that his birth name has been remembered again. When the eventual letter arrived about arranging a match with an Aragonian duchess, Yves respectfully declined -- citing his duty to the companions was best served where he was instead -- and pointed out exactly why his third cousin was a much better choice for it. While he has stayed out of the political games in the court, this and other similar answers prove that he has never /quite/ been ignorant of any of them. Courtesans may keep their patrons' secrets close to heart, but they can never keep much from their Dowayne. These days, he divides his time evenly between the duties to his House and the duties to himself, allowing his second to shoulder much of the administrative weight while he makes a point of spending time with his adepts: ensuring he knows each of their strengths and weaknesses so that he can pair them just right to their prospective patrons, and at court: ensuring he knows exactly the same about the d'Angeline nobility. At least that's his story, and he is sticking to it.

Midnight - Magic Fantasy - Beast caught in Human(oid) form.

   Name: A patron called him "Midnight" once, and it kind of stuck.

   Race: Alicorn

   Age: Appears to be in his late twenties.

   Place of Origin: Southeastern Europe

   Gender: Male

   Sexuality: He'd always thought of himself as straight -- not that he gets much choice on that these days.

Physical Description: In human form he is not very tall, yet still above average -- just a hair over six feet. He's not /built/ either. The young man has that hard, wire and sinew sort of musculature reminiscent of taut strings over a light frame; the kind of body that is stronger than it looks. Savage strength. His skin is obsidian black, stretched over his frame enough that the veins in his forearms and wrists, down through his throat, in the backs of his hands, all show in relief through his thin skin at the smallest movement or twist of drawn muscle.  The black mane of hair twists and tumbles across his shoulders, falling to mid-back before tapering off and covering his too-bright eyes and slightly pointed ears whenever given the chance.

Personality: From the beginning he has exhibited alpha characteristics. He's also the proud owner of a stubborn streak the size of Arizona - one day he decided he was done talking, and he didn't say a word for months. He still rarely does, yet Midnight makes himself understood when he needs to, saving the deep rumble of his voice for counted occasions. Like any equine, he has oodles of energy and a playful nature, yet his games tend to be of the rough persuasion most of the time. A confirmed vegetarian, he tends to graze here and there all the time, be it a sprig of mint, a blade of grass or a slice of fruit. As far as his Master's patrons go, he will do what he is ordered to do and what he is /made/ to do -- unless he can find a loophole, and then, well, it can be all about what /he/ wants. Midnight is a nocturnal creature.

Brief History: Born to guard and lead, Midnight grew up free in the depths of the most hidden of forests, one of only two alicorn stallions who exist at any given time in the world. When he came of age he would travel from forest to forest and to mountain, carrying news and companionship to kin and kine. That lasted a very long time, and then it came to a sudden stop a few years back, when he made the acquaintance of a certain wizard. He wasn't the target then, one of his mates was, and he arrived just in time to wake her up from her slumber, sending her to fleeing ahead before his own horn thrust through the wizard's heart. Or at least he thought it did, before his horn was gone and he was standing on two paltry legs, or kneeling on them -- it is still hard to remember what happened first.

Brought into the castle, the young man was put through his paces. He was brought to accept the Wizard as his superior in everything then, step by painful step, until he would accept the yoke around his neck as much as the impossibility of returning to his primary shape without the Wizard's acquiescence and power, until he stopped fighting it and bent to the sadistic  being's will. To a point, in either case. He obeys direct orders, but that's also a matter of interpretation-- monkey's paw and all that jazz, which usually means some clients will leave more satisfied than others -- generally in inverse proportion to how satisfied /he/ ends up.

Special Abilities: In his natural form he can heal wounds and cure poison, as well as ward his surroundings from evil spells. And fly, of course. In his human form he has a mild form of the first two, and retains a certain affinity with the forest as well as its fey creatures. There's also a form of emotional telepathy that he refuses to use in principle, much like his speech.

Dante - Anitaverse-like setting - Vampire

Full Name: Thyestes Mykene, AKA Dante M. Sforza
Nickname: Dante/Chameleon
Age: Somewhere around 2000, 1530 since turning. It's hard to tell since the years just roll together after a while.
Age apparent:45
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Occupation: Tourist, C.E.O.
Languages: Greek, Italian, English, enough French and Spanish to get by and a dash of German for spice.
Species: Ancient Vampire; Harlequin.
Powers: All Standard, plus Rise Early; Human Servant Creation; Resist Silver; Draw Blood From A Distance; Call Shadows --- Nature Masking/Day walking

Overall Appearance:

Good looks may not be a characteristic of the males of his bloodline, but this one possesses something else; in the aspect of the easygoing gentleman there is a controlled dignity which he drapes about himself as easily as his Poole & Co dinner suit. An average height man, his once brown hair now shot through with white and he carries his age with the energy of one years younger than he looks. His fully buttoned gray waistcoat forms to his midsection with nary a buckle or crease, framing a lean girth, and the shoes are the usual italian fare.

Height:5' 11"
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color:Salt and Pepper
Hair Style:Short
Body shape:Wiry
Clothing:Conservative mostly.

Basic Personality:

Thyestes - the truth - is an old being that is both jaded and curious -- it is his curiosity, actually, that has kept him alive and fresh all this time. He continues to seek answers, and has a taste for new things that this new age has been quick to provide for. He's private and a bit neurotic, not to mention elitist to a point. Vampires First, if anything, though he's had enough deals with the other preternatural sorts to have formed enough of an opinion.

On the outside he is an assertive businessman, with a heavy hand and a rather caustic tongue who isn't too worried about what people think of him. Epicurean with Minimalist tastes, if you want a box to put him in.

Sexual Likes: Varies, mainly pushing buttons and seeing what happens.
Sexual Dislikes: Passive partners, lack of imagination.
Sexual Strengths: Experience, reading reactions and playing with them.
Sexual Weaknesses: He's rather jaded, and gets bored easily.

Merits: Clever, Curious, Balanced.

Flaws: Closed up, A bit paranoid, Closet Bigotry.

Eurypylus - The sire, lost in history but he's expected to be out there somewhere.
Elios - The Other, presumed dead.
Lucrecia - First child, marked circa 1200 turned circa 1500.
Andrea - Second child, marked circa 1500 turned circa 1750.   
Sophie - Human Servant, marked circa 1800.


Born in the island of Kos -- the time is really hard to determine, they had a different calendar back then -- Dante's parents were delighted when he was chosen by the satrap himself as his eromenos, where he would learn to assist him in the different tasks of governing. The fact that these tasks often included blood donation was not so much a secret as a well-kept conspiracy, and par for the course. He did really learn a lot. He grew stronger with the lessons, and as he grew older he caught the sight of the master at different times -- not because of his being striking at all, but for the whole unobtrusive way he had to do things. It was at that time when Elios began to use him to dispose a number bodies, and he was good enough at sowing rumors about the disappearances that there was never a question as of where their previous owners had gone to.

This was duly noted by the master, and he received the first mark then, the fourth to come later on at the mature age of forty-five, when he took over the master's care after Elios' disappearance. The old Master Eurypylus appeared to be a little crazy after that, yes, but our Dante only used that to his advantage through the years. The Hellenic era saw them with a different name and in a different city, following Mithridates to Egypt where they lived for many years under the radar -- the master's power allowed himself to be under no one's leash -- until Eurypylus claimed one too many lives, and the hounds were fast on their heels. Or that's what Dante was told, anyway. It was quite some time later that he would learn differently. This was later on, somewhere after they made it to Rome, when he found Elios again. The conversation was brief, but meaningful enough to give the long-lived servant a better idea of the truth. He continued investigating on his own.

He learned. It was never enough, though, he had to finally confront Eurypylus -- he'd always called that in spite of the different names he went by -- and in so doing he sealed his fate. Rather than killing him outright, the master rewarded his zeal and curiosity by turning him into his newest child, like he had done long ago for Elios. Things took a very weird turn after that. It was the year Julius Nepos died -- 480 by the gregorian calendar -- as this was after all the trigger for their talk. He was sent to live with the former satrap for the first few hundred years, and it was a time he doesn't really care to talk or even think about. He became much more, and when he was finally let loose into the world, the renaissance had come to pass.  He would never know true freedom, but at least now he was aware of this.

Dante was the name he took then, his first chosen one as a tribute to Alghieri's comedy, and so Dante watched the years pass as he proved his worth to those above him -- or perhaps even to himself. He has turned two children of his own since, each at a high cost, and neither without having the scales balanced at the same time. He goes where he is needed, and returns to his own home when he is not, deep in the countryside of Lombardy where his Kiss awaits and learns, to be allowed out only when they know enough to survive by the strict rules passed on through the Blood. He doesn't quite believe in legalization, and hasn't made it a point to tag himself for the masses, high or low. His latest identity is foolproof, as were the ones before it, and the next one is in waiting for when the time comes to change again.

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Re: CShades of Roleplay
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2011, 03:38:12 PM »
Visual Inspiration:

- Placeholder -

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  • Let not thy will roar, when thy power can but whisper.
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Re: CShades of Roleplay
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2011, 03:39:58 PM »
Mind-Children -- Stories seeking Co-Writers

I have no particular preference over which character I play within these stories; let's talk.

An heir and a Spare
It wasn't much of an issue until recently, but since the passing of the character's older brother, he is expected by his family to provide those sooner or later. They worry that he has never really showed that much interest in the fair sex, and those few they have sent to his bed having either failed to entice him or chose to remain mum as of what went on once the doors closed. His bride has already been chosen, and the wedding planning started even as he prefers to drown himself in his own pastimes to avoid thinking about it. Maybe there is shyness, maybe he just has no idea of what to do with them, maybe he simply is happy to wait. Enter Character 2. He's someone's friend, a foreign dignitary's son, something like that -- who cares, right? He has been around of late, sharing a game of cards, looking for a book in the library, running the fox in a hunt. Women flock to him like bees to honey, and he has no trouble ending the evening with one of them in each arm. Friendship came slow, but it came, and the appearance of trust is there by the time the offer comes. The character could join him when he visits his latest conquest if they want to - they aren't obliged to join in, but she's shown an interest in being watched at play with him and you they his Best Friend. The only one he can trust not to spill the beans on her identity - she is married, after all. Who knows, you could learn a thing or two. Can that be all there is to it?

A loop in Time
And you have full control over it. What would you do if you knew for a fact that anything you do can be erased from everyone's memory by the next morning? Everyone's memory but your own. Would you try the double peanut-butter-fudge icecream? Would you spend every last cent and then some more in that perfect car? Would you try a new lover? A father asking these questions would be odd enough -- but then, so is the way he's been looking at you since this morning.

Never in a hundred years.
He is one of the luminaries of his profession. Some call him a genius, some call him a womanizer, most everyone calls him an asshole. He has nothing against the gays, but they better not get any ideas -- he's punched more than one idiot for much less than that. An eminently homophobic professional gets forced to work with someone who, little by little, begins to erode the foundations of everything he's ever Known.

After The End
The world is over. Zombies, a plague, a disaster, war, it matters not -- the end result is a dangerous world where it is easier to survive on one's own than as a large group, yet men are not made to be alone. There must be a safe place, somewhere they can sleep, someone they can trust, only to be betrayed again and again. How do we cope, where do we Survive?

Nothing here!

Ideas to explore within some favorite literary universes:

- The story of a male (or female, if I can be convinced) anguisette with a full Mandrake Marque - BDSM Singularity at its best.

- A young but wise weyrwoman, two feuding wingleaders, and mating flight with more than one winner.

Wheel of Time
- Exploring the triangle between an Aes Sedai and her two warders: her twin brother and their lover.
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