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Author Topic: BraveEarth's Idea Thread 2.0  (Read 1906 times)

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BraveEarth's Idea Thread 2.0
« on: November 16, 2009, 02:59:47 am »

No... no.. don't run away...

I won't bite...
Well not non consensually, unless you like that sort of thing. Although then you run the merit of whether or not that is truly non-consensual.

Anyway Let's get to the nitty gritty which is ideas and characters. I want to start by explaining how you should express your interest in playing any of these ideas. Basically I would rather have you PM me or IM me via Yahoo (Look <--- that way for the SN to contact for that.)

With that out of the way let us get to the characters, now any character who's name is Italicized is a candidate for use other than my self, I'll give you quick summaries of all of them but the playable characters will lack emotion of motive in order for you to interpret the character freely. I apologize in advance if this gets wordy I can go off to explain things that you may not need to know...

Tobias Fenrir

Aesthetics: Tobias stand at 5'4" wearing thinning black hair cut somewhat sort but can be sporadic due to no consistent hair cuts. He can range from 21-37 depending on what point of his life you would like to play with.

History Now with bullet points!

  • Tobias was molested by his stepmother starting at the age of 13
  • Said Molestation got her pregnant and she ended up dying during childbirth
  • Said pregnancy resulted in twins
  • Father found out about the pregnancy but not molestation, and kills self in front of Tobias
  • Tobias is helped through this by childhood friend Rebecca
  • When Tobias is 27 Rebecca dies in an automobile accident which causes Tobias to break down
  • Tobias is abandoned by his children at the age of 31
  • One of his Children comes back after three years trying to get him to stop spiraling from depression
  • Used to Collect guns, started by inheriting his fathers collection
  • Alcoholic tendencies
  • Is currently being manipulated into a relationship by his mail woman
Souren Fenrir

Aesthetics: Souren has hair like his father, but unkempt more so because most of his grooming is self done. Height 5'7" Thinner, signs of amateur interest in body building from high school. Hazel green eyes.


  • Souren grew up poorer than most kids
  • Shared a bedroom with his twin Anna until 21 (Bed shared till 16, and restarted sharing a bed at 18)
  • Often saw the family friend Rebbecca baby sit him and Anna when father went off on frequent business trips (She was around the house really frequently
  • Was taught how to handle firearms by his father with his sister
  • When Rebbecca died he witnessed Father's breakdown at the age of 14
  • Father's participation in his life ebbed away and was forced to learn how to take care of his self
  • At 17 Souren and Anna conceive the idea they should run away
  • At 18 The two went through with the plan stealing a money, two of their father's weapons sneaking off after their graduation ceremony, their father didn't go
  • They lost most of the money they stole... were forced into a tiny overpriced apartment which amounts to a room with a bed.
  • Something... happened right after the money got stolen he doesn't remember the incident (Will reveal more in Anna's bullets)
  • Souren worked labour jobs while Anna focused on a career in Journalism
  • Three Years later Anna leaves for back home to be with her father, citing that he needs to get better
  • Anna visits on occasion to keep an eye on Souren
Anna Fenrir

Aesthetics: Anna looks like her mother although she doesn't know this fact until later in her life, She is 5'6" thin like her brother but same sort of hints of toning and such although not to the same extent. Light Brown hair, grey eyes.

History (add some from Souren's)

  • Anna was closer with Rebbecca than Souren
  • When given her own bed at 16 she would have trouble sleeping
  • Learned how to take apart and reassemble a pistol blind at 16
  • Early interest in writing worked for school newspaper
  • The incident where they lost the money that they stole was her getting robbed at gun point
  • Afterwards she made Souren have sex with her, both were virgins.
  • Anna is well aware of what happened the next day.
  • During one of her investigations for her job Anna uncovers information that leads her to find out about how she was born
  • Anna enables father some what trying to ween him off the alcohol

Aesthetics: See Tobias Age 16

History (Change in his time line starting after the first bullet point)

  • Tobias' step mother molested Tobias for 3 years
  • The stepmother was arrested because Tobias came out and told police
  • Tobias was eventually let to stay back with his father when it was clear father wasn't aware or involved with the molestation and rape
  • Tobias was convinced to go to the police by Rebbecca
  • Tobias is uncomfortable about women, even more uncomfortable about intimacy with them
  • Tobias is currently in counseling to try and help him
  • The relationship with his father is distant, his father unsure of what to do... bearing a bit of a grudge because step mother ceased any sexual contact with him during the start of the molestation
  • Rebbecca is his only female friend although he keeps her at a distance even after she helped.
Penelope Wratise if you can do it...

Setting: Pelo-Earth, magical Earth where technology is the norm and magic is very scattered and scarce. Details will be provided if interest is made

Aesthetics: 5'8" 150lbs, muscled lean. Olive skin grey eyes, Blond hair, Covered in scars from magic, battle and torture (if you're interested in playing her I'll give you my wordier description of her)

  • Grew up in a middle class family
  • Born in NYC
  • Has magical potential as does her brother Justin
  • Started street fighting at 10
  • Won her first fight at 12 (during the start of her puberty making her stronger)
  • Raped her brothers best friend, Thomas, at the age of 13. Thomas was 20
  • After that incident Justin (age 21) who was now her current guardian became more disciplinary
  • Penelope continues fighting but is now experimented on by her brother for his magical research
  • At the age of 15 for Penelope, Justin gets recruited by the Magical Firm Persephone & Hel
  • Penelope from then on works as Justin's assistant sometimes often to different places in the world
  • Penelope fights as often as she can and rebels against Justin till she is 20
  • Penelope then works as Justin's full time assistant, his pay making her doing anything else irrelevant
  • Sometimes during this Penlope and Justin begin an incestuous relationship
  • At the age of 25 Justin dies in a casting accident, Penelope was back home
  • Penelope descends back into fighting and other reckless behavior
  • Currently only has Thomas as a friend
Will also allow you to play Thomas but my idea for him is too central and I would like to have you just come up with something on your own

Pairings that are interesting

Detective/Criminal(Especially if dangerous)
Detective/Crime Victim

Pokemon is fun too
Most NC situations
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Re: BraveEarth's Idea Thread
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2010, 11:05:13 pm »
Reading Material and Long Explanations
Also am interested in doing something further with this post I did years back... It's some of my best work I think

Money, money was the necessary evil. Even in a time when most people were more concerned about losing their lives and the survival of their families. Money could still entice people and make the more ambitious of men jump at command. He was one of them in a sense that he was a part of their group but he did not have their ambition, their dreams. He merely possessed a fear that had been placed into him when he was young. He remembered his father working the hardest for the smallest amounts of money, explaining that he would do the same someday. He often wished that would've come instead of the reality.

The environment was quickly becoming increasingly hostile. He always could remember the warnings that the scientists carried to the masses. The evidence was piling up against the opposition. He remembered soon enough when he reached his teens that it wasn't alright for pregnant women to leave the house. However there was still a certain life to be lived on the surface, although everyone knew that the end was fast approaching.

 It had started to become lethal in concentrated spots; the spots would grow little and little each day. However you couldn't see any signs of anything being wrong at first. The deaths weren't linked at first; his sister was one of them. The doctors said that it was poisoning, she wouldn't hurt anyone. He had idealized his sister, may have even had a crush on her. She was dead and that's what mattered, kindness didn't matter to poison. His father happened to end up in the area of one of the spots. Business meeting, he got the news of his death a month after it happened.

He was about twenty-seven when he got the letter in the mail. Money and social status was what it promised. He really didn't care for such things but he was taught that money was important. He was trained by a sub branch of the company MOL. He never heard of them before, didn't matter now they were his employer. The people that were with him in his training all differed except for one aspect, ambition. He pretended to be as ambitious as the others, although it seemed that they were not fooled. He didn't care, he just wanted his money and safety promised to him. The day came soon after his training was completed. He was herded into the giant ship told that he would act as a shepherd for the now. He sank quickly into the motions of it all. He didn't know exactly what was in store for him on this ship. The doors opened and more people shuffled in, more sheep for him to guide.
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Re: BraveEarth's Idea Thread 2.0
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2011, 01:27:27 am »
Since bumping after one month is now considered kosher.... Bump