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Author Topic: Teen Titans RP {Open}  (Read 1100 times)

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Offline Kitten667Topic starter

Teen Titans RP {Open}
« on: November 27, 2011, 09:04:55 PM »
{So this is a remake of Teen Titans. I got the idea from and I wanted to use it. I changed it a bit though. Raven/Rachel and Kori/Starfire are twin sisters. They are both vampires and they each have lockets {Kori/Blue Rachel/Red} that hold the power of Witch's that created vampires. With these powers anything is possible. Slade and Bruce/Batman are leaders of the two major covens of vampires. Bruce took the girls in and is protecting them from Slade who wants the two girls dead as well as the lockets. Richard/Robin/Nigthwing is Bruce's 'son' and falls in love with Kori and Garfield/Beast Boy falls in love with Rachel. That's all I have so far. I'm starting it in the middle of the story so just pick up from here. Rachel/Raven and Richard/Robin are needed characters}
Two men dropped a body before the group that stood in a dimly light room, waiting. The girls brown hair fell over her face as she let out a groan. Her green eyes fluttered open and she narrowed them at the group. "Good to see you Kori" Slade said with a crooked grin. "Get away from me!" Kori yelled turning herself off the ground and flipping so that she landed a kick into his gut. He fell onto the marble floor with a grunt and she landed in a crouch next to him. She turned to run but was quickly grabbed by a man and a woman. The two started snapping at her with their teeth and she thrashed in their grip with her inhuman strength. "Terra, Xavier. Let her go. She wishes to fight me."Slade said with a chuckle. The two let go of her and retreated back to the group. Kori caught her breath and glared at the man. "Oh my dear girl. You have no idea how long I've waited for this." He said grinning as he stared at the silver heart locket on her neck. The locket held the future of both Vampire Coven's. Slade's needed it to destroy Bruce's and vice versa. If Slade got it though, things would be very, very bad. He would probly take over the world and such. But Bruce's coven was so much better. They didn't kill their prey, only took what they needed. Kori glanced over at her sister, Rachel. The pale girl lay on the floor with her black hair splayed around her delicate face with Terra and Xavier at her sides, guarding her from rescue. Kori felt a snarl escape her lips. She noticed though that Rachel still had her locket on, that was a good thing. Xavier had pretended to love her and Terra had been part of Bruce's coven and had Garfield head over heels for her, and she had lied to them all. Bruce had managed to convince Jenny from Slade's Coven after she fell in love with Wally. Kori turned back to face Slade with a small bit of confidence. "Bring it." She said watching him stalk towards her. Suddenly the door bashed into pieces as a kick was placed at the right spot. Bruce stood in the door way with his Coven flanking him. Kori felt her unbeating heart flutter as she saw Richard. Bruce stalked forward with a death glare aimed at Slade. "Let the girls go." He growled as he stood next to Kori.
Garfield raced after his coven as they ran towards Slade's hideout. Garfield couldn't keep his mind off of Rachel as he tried to focus. He had watched as Slade had beaten her and couldn't do anything about it. He knew she was, alive, if he could call it that but he was worried. He took out the first guard standing at the door with a simple ease and folowed Bruce inside. Bruce kicked down the oak door with one powerful kick and barged in the room. As soon as he entered the room Garfield's green eyes rested on Rachel as she lay motionless in the corner. He knew she'd be okay, but he couldn't stand to see her hurt. Especialy seeing Terra next to her. He wished he could rip her throat out right then and there. If she even laid a hand on Rachel he wouldn't hesitate to attack. He dragged his gaze away from her beauty and turned to face Slade. He watched as Richard and Bruce stood protectively next to Kori. Bruce was like a father to all of them, and Richard and Kori had a thing for each other. Even if they were too stubborn to admit it. He noticed Rachel and Kori both had their lockets on and sighed in relief. Kori's locket held a green power gem while Rachel's held a purple one, and if both were collected and consumed by a powerful vampire, said person would gain power that matched no other. And Slade was not the person anyone wanted to give that power to. Garfield hadn't heard the whole story of how the sisters had ended up with the gems, but from what he had heard the sisters were decendants of the first vampire. Gar watched as Bruce and Slade advanced towards each other, fangs bared and fists clenched.