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Author Topic: Craving a Gender Bending Game  (Read 498 times)

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Craving a Gender Bending Game
« on: April 06, 2013, 01:23:15 pm »
I've been craving a Gender bending game, where a I play a male character that is though one circumstance or another turned into a female. This can be in any way, take place in in setting, and use just about any kink except gore, toilet play, and water sports. I am flexible in terms of set up/plot for a gender bending game, but here are a few ideas I'm interested in, and to help get you started.

Feel free to pm if you like any of these ideas, if you have your own ideas, or if you'd like to work together to come up with an idea.

-Careful what you wish for-

Two men are rooming together, one day one of them ( your character ) comes home with an odd little lamp he bought from a flea market. When rubbed low and behold a female Genie comes out and tells them they have a single wish. One of the men ( my character ) quickly blurts out "I wish for Infinite wishes" the genie smiles deviously and snaps her fingers "Wish granted" The roommate suddenly begins to change shape, turning into a beautiful young woman dressed much like the Genie is and a lamp appears in his ( now her ) hands. The Genie explains that he is now a genie and will be able to grant infinite wishes to the person that rubs her lamp and then disappears. The still male roommate, unable to resist the temptation, takes the lamp and claims dominion over his now magical, sexy roommate. Able to make her do anything he wants and change the world to suite his needs. Sexy Hijinx ensue.

Find a way my  old body

Leo was a hunter of monsters, an investigator of the paranormal, part of a organization that dedicate their lives to the defense of humanity against the supernatural monster of the night. Until a run in with a coven of witches got him hit with an odd kind of curse. Leo is now Lee,  turned into a girl and has been made highly sensitive to supernatural influences. While Lee has all the skills and training that Leo had, she is easily influenced by paranormal forces, Easily enchanted, possessed, or bewitched into doing a beasts bidding. Funny how most monsters just seem to be in the mood for a quick fuck. Despite the massive increase in Lee's humiliation that tends to happen while on missions, she still pushes on taking down monsters and looking for a way to return to her body.

The ol' switch-a-roo

 This can work a couple of ways.

A brother and a sister, only a year apart. The brother is something of a huge jerk always picking on the sister. The sister finally has enough and looks into an...interesting solution to her problem. using a mystic amulet she bought from a magic store she causes them to switch bodies ( or simple switch genders, I am easy either way ). Now in the bigger strong body of her brother she decided to teach him what it feels like to be humiliated and treated badly, but she has no intention to just simple bully her brother-turned sister. She plans to break him in every way possible.