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Author Topic: ~ The Scent of Leather ~ [MxF] [BDSM] [closed]  (Read 938 times)

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~ The Scent of Leather ~ [MxF] [BDSM] [closed]
« on: April 10, 2017, 01:36:33 pm »
Edit: Closed for now, as I've found a co-writer for this!

Please read my O/Os, linked in my signature. PM me if you are interested in this. I will write with anyone of any gender identity, so long as you are willing to play the female character in this story.

I don't know if I'll get a nibble on this idea, but who knows! I figure it couldn't hurt to put it out there.  ;D

This is an unusual request from me. To preface it, I'd like this story to be about exploring the relationship between two characters who have some sort of strong pre-established history but were estranged for a time. I'd also like this to be a contemporary story that explores a male character being exposed to BDSM for the first time with mixed results. Perhaps I should explain a bit more...

My character would have had a relationship with your character in the past. It was a vanilla relationship. Perhaps they married too young, marrying just out of high school or college. They split up but never formally divorced. Now it's been ten years since they've seen each other, and for whatever reason, they run into each other again. Perhaps she helps him at a crucial moment or perhaps he intervenes to assist her in public if he recognizes her and wants to help her during a bad moment. It should be awkward. It should be unpleasant. But it should be intriguing, too, because a decade is a long time, and once upon a time, they were in love.

But since their time apart, she's grown more as a person than he has. She knows who she is now. She's a Domme. She's frank with him about it, and that sparks all sorts of discussions. They catch up on the past ten years. He has become a more harsh person, though, sinking more and more into biker & gang culture.

He's never heard of BDSM in his life. He's a biker by night, a mechanic for his day job, and the social world in which he lives does not smile on a man who lets a woman dominate him.

But he still loves her. He never stopped loving her. They separated in part because she wanted more from life than he could give her. And now she's successful and has given herself those things with no need for anyone else to provide her joy. She doesn't need him, but she does want him back. For his part, he accepted the initial separation because he wasn't ready to be tied down or to give up being beholden only to himself. But ten years changes a lot, and he has missed her.

Can they make it work?

For her part, she wants him back in her life under certain conditions.

He has to be willing to be her submissive.

This repulses him as a thought. He mistakenly equates 'submissive' with 'weak,' because this character will simply not know any better. He's a slightly conservative man socially, a man who doesn't talk much, a man who is self-contained and self-assured, and the idea of leaping to obey someone else doesn't sit well with him. He's never done well at doing what he's told--the past ten years have seen him in jail more than once. He's an angry person, a fiery untamable person.

Is submission a price he is willing to pay to have her back? Ten years ago, he would have said no.

That was ten years ago.

I want this story to be about so much more than kink, though. This is about two people with a shared history, a husband and wife who never really had a chance to be a husband and wife together, who love each other, who are trying to untangle the mess they made of their lives ten years ago. The things they have done in those ten years might come back to haunt them--ex-lovers, crimes that may have been committed by my character, your character's old friends or perhaps even powerful business associates--anything we can think of that might be interesting to throw a wrench in how they view each other. Can they get past the mistakes they've made? Can they journey together into a BDSM lifestyle, despite my character's emotional prejudices and burdens about what it means to be submissive?

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading! Here's a basic rundown of what you'd need to know if you are interested in playing this story with me:

* I have no set posting rate. I neither poke for posts nor poke others for posts.

* I don't have a set post length, though I can't imagine putting out small posts for this.

* Any gender writer is fine, so long as you're willing to play the female Domme.

* This story would go into the Bondage: Human Solos section.

* I'm not honestly sure what my comfort level is with kink here--I don't really write submissive characters all that much. I'd like light BDSM to start, please. No caning, no full-body bondage, no heavy violence beyond perhaps a slap, spank, or a crop. No humiliation or degradation unless we talk about it first. I'd love to see elements of training, collaring, and orgasm denial, though. If our writing styles mesh, I would consider some heavier BDSM elements, but starting off, let's keep it light, please? In addition, I strongly want the characters to have dialogues about safewords, aftercare, etc. BDSM is more than just the kinks--its the trust and care put into it, and I really hope that will be showcased in this story.

* This story would ideally be about 70% story and 30% kink. I only put the kink percentage as high as it is because BDSM is a crucial element to the husband and wife's relationship. If you PM me and talk only about kink content, though, this story is not for you. Honestly, I'm more interested in the relationship and mental aspects of BDSM than the actual kink content.

* I have no interest in playing a doormat submissive. My character won't naturally be inclined to submit, and he is going to disobey often. He is a character who is incredibly masculine and independent, to a point where he's gone to jail because he wouldn't obey a policeman before, so submission is going to be mentally difficult for him. It should speak volumes how much he loves his wife and wants her back that he would entertain the concept at all.

* We should both come up with some interesting NPCs from our characters' pasts to interject into the story. This is about more than just our characters' relationship, but how they've grown as people and what demons they may have left behind them that might resurface.
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Re: ~ The Scent of Leather ~ [MxF] [BDSM]
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2018, 10:05:36 pm »
Bumping--I am seeking this again. I had actually gone on Hiatus and had a small struggle to get back into some old games, but it's been a while and I feel like I could try to write this idea again--new and prior RP partners welcome, assuming that you're on the same page as me about the idea/concept.

Edit: Please note that I am slow to reply to PMs; it does not mean I am disinterested, it just means I reply when I'm able to send a quality reply!
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