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Author Topic: Headsick [Original, Fandom, Horror, Humour, Noir]  (Read 902 times)

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Headsick [Original, Fandom, Horror, Humour, Noir]
« on: December 08, 2014, 10:16:55 pm »
- 10+ years of roleplaying experience
- Plays heroes and villains
- Plays males and females
- Plays dominants and submissives and everything in-between
- Prefers to play multiple characters
- Up to ten paragraphs for introduction posts, an average of four paragraphs per regular post
- Does original and fan-based pairings
- Does homosexual, heterosexual, and non-binary pairings; open to roleplays involving threesomes
- Has a penchant for playing demented/sadistic/nihilistic/sociopathic/plain weird characters
- Loves Crack!Pairings; the weirder the pairing, the better
- Has a twisted sense of humour
- Prefers canons in fan-based, but can be tempted by unusual or exceptional OCs
- Likes to chat OOC with partners

- Are capable of playing multi-faceted characters
- Enjoy character development
- Have a sense of humour
- Aren't extreme submissives (eg: crying, soppy things with no backbone)
- Who are okay with being in regular to semi-regular communication
- Are excited about plotting and characterization

- No bestiality
- No child-parent incest
- No characters below the age of 18 involved in romantic situations
- No furries
- No male pregnancy
- If it's got a strike through it on the list then I have too many (though I may be tempted by a bizarre/unusual pairing)
- Please don't contact me via AIM before first talking through PMs on the site


Movies *Contents in parentheses denote who I prefer to play*
Amazing Spider Man (Peter Parker, Curt Connors)
American Horror Story: Asylum (Kit, Thredson, Sister Mary Eunice)
American Horror Story: Freak Show (Jimmy Darling, Elsa, Bette/Dot, Twisty)
American Mary (Mary)
Antiviral (Syd)
A-Team (Murdock, Hannibal, Face, Baracus)
Avengers (Tony, Clint, Coulson, Bruce/Hulk, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Loki, Thor, Fury, Jane, Erik, Pepper, Aldrich Killian, Rhodey, Jane, Sam)
Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/Rises (Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, Robin John Blake, Bane, Alfred, Two-Face/Harvey Dent, Joker, Jonathan Crane, Selina Kyle, Ducard/Al Ghul)
Darkman (Peyton)
Day Watch (Anton, Sveta, Olga, Yegor)
Devil's Rejects/House of 1000 Corpses (Otis, Spaulding)
Die Hard (John McClane)
District 9 (Wikus, OC Prawn)
Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog (Dr. Horrible/Billy Buddy, Moist)
Drive (Driver)
Friday the 13th (Jason Voorhees)
Grand Budapest Hotel (Gustave, Zero, Agatha, Dmitri)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Peter, Groot, Drax, Gamora, Rocket)
Halloween (Michael Myers)
[The] Hangover (Stu, Phil, Doug, Alan)
Hellboy (Abe Sapien, Hellboy, Johann Krauss, Nuada, Nuala, Liz)
[The] Hobbit (Bilbo, Kili, Thorin, Bifur, Bofur)
Hot Fuzz (Sergeant Nicholas Angel)
In Bruges (Harry, Ray, Ken)
Inception (Arthur, Cobb, Fischer, Ariadne)
Inglourious Basterds (Aldo, Landa, Utivich, Donny, Hugo, Wicki, Archie)
Inspector Gadget (Gadget, ala Gritty Reboot style)
Iron Man/2/3 (Tony Stark, Phil Coulson, Pepper Potts, Aldritch Killian, Justin Hammer, Nick Fury) [see: Avengers and Marvel for other characters]
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Harry Lockhart)
[The] Losers (Jensen, Clay, Cougar, Pooch)
Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger)
Once Upon a Time In Mexico (Sheldon Sands, El Mariachi)
Pacific Rim (Hermann Gottlieb, Newton Geiszler)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow, Commodore Norrington)
Prometheus (David 8)
Repo! The Genetic Opera (Repo Man/Nathan, Blind Mag, Luigi, Pavi, Amber, Graverobber, Shilo)
Rocknrolla (One-Two, Archy, Handsome Bob, Johnny Quid, Mumbles)
Saw (John 'Jigsaw' Kramer, Amanda Young, Eric Matthews, Mark Hoffman, Peter Strahm, Lindsay Perez, Jill Tuck)
Seven Psychopaths (Billy, Marty, Hans, Myra, Charlie)
Star Wars (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui Gonn Jinn, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, C3P0, R2D2)
Sweeney Todd (Sweeney)
Terminator: Salvation (John, Marcus)
Thor/2 (Loki, Thor, Phil Coulson, Jane, Erik Selvig, Odin, Frigga, Heimdall, Sif, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg)
Watchmen (Rorschach, Night Owl II, Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias, The Comedian)
X-Men (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Deadpool, Cyclops, Mystique, Jubilee, Storm, Xavier)
X-Men: First Class (Xavier, Magneto, Banshee, Mystique, Deadpool)
Zombieland (Columbus, Tallahassee)

Television Shows
Arrested Development (Michael, Gob, Buster, George Michael, Maeby, Tobias, Lindsay, Lucille, George Sr)
Better Off Ted (Ted, Phil, Lem, Veronica)
Breaking Bad (Walter, Jesse, Gus, Mike, Hank, Marie, Skyler, Walt Jr, Lydia)
Community (Abed, Jeff, Troy, Britta, Annie, Shirley, Pierce, Senor Chang, Duncan)
Dead Like Me (Mason, Rube, George, Daisy, Roxie)
Dexter (Dexter Morgan)
Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog (Dr. Horrible, Captain Hammer, Moist, Penny)
Farscape (Crichton, D'Argo, Zhaan, Aeryn, Pilot, Rygel, Chiana)
Firefly (Mal, Simon, Jayne, Wash, Kaylee, Zoe, Inara, Book, River)
Hannibal (Hannibal, Will Graham, Jack Crawford, Alana Bloom, Beverly Katz, Abigail Hobbs, Freddie Lounds, Frederick Chilton, Abel Gideon, Brian Zeller, Jimmy Price, Bedelia DuMaurier, Matthew Brown)
House M.D. (House, Wilson, Cuddy)
Jeeves and Wooster (Bertie Wooster, Reginald Jeeves)
Metalocalypse (Charles, Nathan, Pickles, Murderface)
Misfits (Nathan, Simon, Kelly)
Orange Is the New Black (Nicky, Piper, Red, Alex, Miss Claudette, Sue, Yoga Jones, Sophia)
Psych (Carlton Lassiter, Shawn Spencer, Burton Guster)
Scrubs (Perry Cox, The Janitor, The Todd, Ted, Carla, Turk, Elliot)
Stargate: SG1 (Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter, Teal'C)

Comics, Books, and Graphic Novels
Deadpool Comics (Deadpool)
DC Comics (Batman, Scarecrow, Joker, Two-Face, Superman)
Discworld (Sam Vimes, Lord Vetinari, Rincewind, The Luggage, Carrot Ironfoundersson, Death, Nobby, Fred Colon, Moist Von Lipwig)
Drive (Driver)
Game of Thrones (John, Tyrion, Arya, Cersei, Sansa, Sandor, Catelyn, Davos, Jaime, Brienne)
Gun Machine (Tallow, Bat, Scarly)
Level 26 (Sqweegel, Dark)
[The] Losers (Jensen, Clay, Cougar, Pooch)
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock, Watson)
Silence of the Lambs/Red Dragon/Hannibal (Hannibal, Will Graham)
Sin City (Marv, Dwight, Hartigan, Nancy, Gail)
X-Men/Marvel Comics (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Storm, Deadpool, Jubilee, Spiderman, Ironman, Thor, Loki, Coulson, Hawkeye, Captain America, Nick Fury, Charles Xavier)
Watchmen (Rorschach, Nite Owl II, Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias, The Comedian, Nite Owl I, Silk Spectre)

Video Games
Bioshock (Jack, OC Splicer, OC Doctor, OC Rapture Resident)
Halo (Master Chief, Cortana, Captain Keys)
Soul Caliber (Voldo)

[Brackets denote characters I would prefer to play]

Most of these plots can be adapted to any gender pairing.

Mr. Id (AKA My Boyfriend Is Suddenly a Sociopath)
When a man ends up in an accident that damages the part of his brain responsible for his conscience, his fiancee/best friend/partner has to learn to cope with a new and dangerous version of a person they love. [Guy Who Loses His Conscience]

We're In This Together (Unlikely friends! Abusive Relationship! Revenge!)
Old high school friends: one, a former loser goth, the other a straight-A student. Unlikely friends, but somehow it worked. They meet by chance later in life - the straight-A student has fallen into the trap of an abusive relationship while the other has gotten his act together. A run-in with the abusive husband leads two old friends to wonder how to get away with murder. [Old Friend]

Seeking Sidekick (Crapsack Superhero World)
Someone jokingly answers a bizarre ad seeking a crime-fighting partner and is drawn into a world of superheroes [Superhero]

Bootstraps (Criminals! Drugs! Kidnapping! Unlikely Partners!)
A several-times ex-convict, former bare-knuckle boxer, and addict on the mend has been taking odd jobs for so long that he's gained a reputation as the go-to guy for sticky situations.  With a history of bad luck, it would figure that the last job he plans to take has him faced with the dilemma of getting rid of his not-quite-dead former parole officer, only to find himself with a moral quandry about it. (Searching for a parole officer!)

The Midnight Man (Monster Hunting! Supernatural! Detective work! Sexy Buddy-Cop story with a monstrous twist!)
A rookie police-officer makes the mistake of busting a crime lord that has half of the local precinct in his pocket.  As a secret punitive measure, they are assigned to work the night shift with a special agent - a violent beat that rapidly turns to the nightmarish, as it turns out their new partner isn't exactly human, and neither are the criminals they're chasing down.

F**K (Sex Addict Meetings! Crapsack World! Noir! Crime Scene Cleaning! Supremely Dark!)
A crime-scene cleaner with growing homicidal needs tries to quell his urges by attending sex addict meetings in the hopes of maintaining his willpower, only to meet a world of people that gradually make it more difficult for him to ignore his dark side, particularly a fellow attendee with death fantasies.  Seems like it would be smut-focused, it isn't. [Killer]

Sequential Movements and Impossible Objects (Psychology! Rehabilitation! Second Chances! Drugs! Violence!)
A psychology student finishing their thesis is contacted by an old professor to take part in an attempt rehabilitate a badly traumatized, mute, and extremely violent man found chained in the basement of a meth lab. [Professor, Mute Man, various others]

Home Makers (F/F.  Suburbs!  Murder! Stepford-Like Perfection! My neighbour is crazy but hot! 1960s! Aggressive Lady-Love! Gleeful, aggressive Feminism!)
A woman living in the suburbs is not living the life she envisioned; she's given up her dreams to become a stay-at-home mother to uncontrollable children, her husband is staying at the office more and more these days, and her mother-in-law is vicious.  Well-off but unhappy, she finds herself fascinated by an intimidating, perfect new next door neighbour and they begin to develop a strange, dark friendship.  F/F only. [New Neighbour, Husband, Mother-in-Law]

Mutually Assured Destruction (Revenge!  Fucked Up Romance! Psychopaths!  Murder!)
When three friends are involved in an incident that kills someone, they find themselves laying low until realizing they have gotten away with murder.  With varying degrees of acceptance in regards to their involvement, they try to move on - they almost manage it, until one of them commits suicide.  The remaining two friends find there's something amiss with the investigation, though they can't pinpoint what - until their lives start to go to hell around them, and they realize they're dealing with a vengeful loved one of the person they killed. (Friend, Vengeful Loved One)

Acts of Reparation (Small Town Mysteries! Priests! Criminal Lovers! Threesomes! Dark Humour!
A small town's preacher has gone missing, an elderly man that simply went for a walk one day and didn't come back.  A new, young priest arrives with his beautiful wife and the residents struggle to adjust to the change; along the way, the couple begin to quietly seduce a local, and another resident disappears. (New Couple, Locals)

Rook (Kidnapping! Politics! Hitmen! Dark Romance! Espionage! Captivity! Roadtrips With Psychopaths!)
A rising politician is swept off to protective custody following threats on his life, meanwhile his wife is away on vacation with a friend; local authorities make an effort to take her to safety, only for her to disappear without a trace.  She comes to in the possession of a wanted man, and he makes it clear that she's now part of a dangerous game.  Fighting to get to her husband or any authorities, she has to follow the instructions of her new companion to keep herself and her missing best friend alive. (Kidnapper, Husband, Best Friend)

Shifter (Love/Hate! Crime! Mystery!)
A detective has been tailing the same criminal for years, coming up empty-handed after every crime, partly due to the criminal's penchant for disguises; time has caused them to become obsessed with the criminal, not knowing that the feeling is returned.  When a new threat comes on the scene and the cop's life is at risk, their long-time nemesis comes out into the open only to steal the detective away, effectively kidnapping them to save them. (Criminal)

The Mortician (Supernatural! Afterlife! Dark! Revenge! Oops, I'm accidentally a serial killer now! Weird romance!)
The victim of a horrible crime winds up in pieces on the steel slab of the county medical examiner, a man who happens to have the talent of returning life to a person.  He puts them back together with care, and returns them to their body, going through the process of healing them, bringing them their strength back, and sending them back out into the world - but there's a price to be paid for their second chance.  For every month they're alive, they have to send one soul to the grave, effectively turning them into an undead assassin.  And the Mortician?  He's happy to help. [Mortician]

The Finer Points of Regicide and Intergalactic Politics (Sci-Fi! World-Building! Politics! Murder! Aliens!)
When a stiff-collared mixed-species ambassador kills another politician in self-defense, she's not only forced to cover up the murder, but is blackmailed by a wanted human criminal into smuggling him to the outer planets in order for him to escape the jurisdiction of the people he's wanted by. Between her proper morality and his lack of ethics, the two end up on a long journey while not only avoiding the law, but while she is trying to save her hard-earned career and earn rights for her historically mistreated people. (Ambassador)

A Torch for Grim (Weird love! Anthropomorphic personifications! Dark Humour!)
After seeing a friend die many years ago and witnessing Death himself escort said friend to the afterlife, a man has become obsessed with the Grim Reaper.  Capable of actually seeing Big Death, he spends his time staying as close to the dying as he can, making various efforts to encounter Grim again. (Reaper)

Souljacker (AKA This Mobster is Forcing Me to Be His Best Friend)
An office worker is bored with his dead-end job and frustrated with a micromanaging/borderline abusive boss.  Heading into work one day, they come across a stranded motorist and help them get to their destination, for which they are profoundly grateful. They insist on buying them a drink in gratitude and the office worker ends up completely wasted, explaining their trouble to this complete stranger.  The office worker wakes up to find that several days have gone missing, that their best friend has left increasingly panicked voicemails, and that their boss has disappeared. [Motorist, Boss, and BFF]

The Boy Who Scried Ose (It's all fun and games until you summon a representative of hell)
Failing in his job, his relationship, and most of his life, a man that's down-on-his-luck makes the mistake of declaring he would do anything to stop being a loser and finds himself faced with the option of power when it turns out a co-worker of his can provide what he's looking for.  Things start to look up as he begins to get everything he wants, only to discover there's more cost than he truly knew - after signing over his soul, the people around him have begun to sense there's something different about him and as his humanity begins to fracture, he starts to desperately seek a way to reverse what he's done. [Ose the Demon, Angelic Being]


Plots That Are Currently Unavailable

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire (Surgeons! Criminals! Stylish suits!)
A surgeon leaving their workplace late at night is kidnapped by a bizarrely polite assailant, taken to a location to perform on-the-spot surgery on a man who has been shot.  With a gun to their head, they save the man's life, only to realize that the situation hasn't stopped being dire - they've seen the faces of a number of criminals, and now they have no choice but be put on the payroll or be buried with their enemies. [Kidnapper, Shot Man, Mob Boss]

That Voodoo You Do (Science! Morally Ambiguous Experiments! Teminator Nerd!)
A scientist that had been part of a morally ambiguous experiment gone awry relocates themselves to leave behind their past.  Years later, when things have normalized, they start to see things - a former co-worker, one that had been left dead in the wake of the chaos, and they aren't the same anymore.  What had once been a skinny, sickly man has been turned into a human weapon, and you owe him a debt.  This is a story about human experimentation, superpowers, murky morals, and making up for past mistakes.

Clinch (Blind Dates! Shitty Pasts! Underground Fighting! Vigilantes!)
Someone with a long history of bad relationships and dramatic people ends up - against their better judgement - going on a blind date, and though it starts off awkwardly, it turns out to be one of the best nights of their life.  With their violent ex-boyfriend following them, however, and some nasty secrets in their past, they feel as though they have to hide the darker parts of their history from this budding romance - but it turns out their date has a secret too. (Blind Date)

Repent (1970s! Experimentation! Psychiatric setting!
It's the 1970s and there's a lax morality when it comes to the subject of human experimentation; the Vietnam war has just ended and vets have been subject to the cruelty of the public and PTSD.  A group of well-to-do psychiatrists and sociologists have agreed to a quietly funded, morally ambiguous experiment where people accused of crimes are removed from their prisons in an effort towards reformation, and to reduce the rapidly growing prison population.  They can work towards release by following along with the experiment, only to find that maybe they should have stayed in jail after all.  Many possibilities.

Hit (Retired Criminals! Suburban Bliss! Revenge! Secrets!)
A hitman has retired into a quiet life, only to have his past lurch up towards him and his fiancee in the form of an old colleague. [Hitman, Colleague]

Him (Frenemies!)
An FBI agent with a magnificient career under their belt is stunned to find that their biggest game has escaped from custody.  Him.  The lunatic that they chased down for years.  Then said lunatic shows up in their bedroom one night while they're asleep, the agent caught entirely off guard, long enough that he explains that he can help them track down some active killers - they just have to trust him. Based loosely on the Blacklist.[Psychopath]

Her (The Bodyguard, but grittier and with less Kevin Costner)
A superstar has been receiving increasingly more threatening hate-mail and fears she is being stalked - in her fear, she hires on a bodyguard that turns out to take measures to protect her that are far more brutal than she could have ever imagined. [Bodyguard]

The Oath (Mystery, Road Trips, Living out of hotels)
A politician is being threatened and sends an old army friend to get their only child and take them on a road trip to keep them safe. Said army friend is the godfather of the now grown child and was once a regular presence in their life (and a surrogate father where their real father couldn't provide actual affection) until he disappeared one day.  Old wounds, snarkiness, long-standing emotions surface. [Godfather]

Aesthetics (Back Alley Surgery, Body Modifications, Sci-Fi)
In a time of extreme body modifications, you can make yourself look like anyone, but the most recent trend is the complete removal of functioning parts to be replaced by advanced, tech-versions.  Strictly available only to hyper-powered government soldiers, an underground black market has sprung up to give the general public what they want.  Back-alley surgery, extreme body modification, substance abuse, kidnapping; I have a load of ideas regarding this story involving smugglers of illegal body parts, modded soldiers, engineers, and twisted surgeons.

Overkill (Secret Identity, Stacy's Dad is Really Kind of Rad)
One character has had crushing feelings for their best friend's father for years; when they decide to do something about it, they accidentally discover some unseemly things about the man. [Friend's Father]

Losers, Inc (BFFs fight crime and/or possibly demons)
Two best friends with no experience and zero luck end up accidentally taking on a case when the more intrepid (see: irresponsible) of the two pretends to be a private investigator in an attempt to impress someone.  Can be made supernatural.

Die Hard Fan (Serial Killers Killing Serial Killers Killing Serial Killers)
A rookie serial killer breaks into a house late at night to make their second kill, only to discover they've picked the wrong victim - an experienced, vicious, and brilliant killer.  What could have turned into a slaughter veers off course when they end up working together instead. [Experienced Killer]

Broken Glass (Cops and Junkies, oh my!)
A rookie or shamed police officer is assigned the career-killing case of monitoring a mercurial junkie criminal who turns out to have insight regarding cases [Junkie]

Strange Times (Old Superheroes climb back into the spandex)
An homage to Watchmen, retired superheroes get back into the game when a new villain enters the scene.

I Put a Spell On You (Demons! Binding Spells!)
Frustrated with a series of over-complicated and unsuccessful relationships (or perhaps an unhappy and current one), someone decides to dabble in the supernatural.  Feeling ridiculous and following a roughly translated latin spell, they summon a demon - an affable incubus - with the nervous intention of fulfilling their fantasies for a night.  To their great surprise, it works, and they are faced with the reality of now having said demon at their beck and call - but it turns out things aren't so cut-and-dry.  Having made a mistake by putting their own blood into the spell (rather than that of a sacrifice; chicken or cow blood) they have bound the clever, trouble-making demon to themselves for the rest of their mortal life. [Demon]

(Snag) A long-retired hitman has moved on and made a life for himself in the suburbs, happy family and all.  Running his own pub and years of quiet have left him a happy man, until the day someone new moves into the neighbourhood and he recognizes them from his old life - his former partner in crime.
(Write Me a Murder Ballad) A psychology student/a renowned therapist writes to inmates as part of a thesis they're developing and ends up in long-term correspondence with a particularly clever killer.  However, when the inmate is up for review, they end up acquitted because of the discovery of withheld evidence during the course of the case.  A free man, he's keen on meeting his penpal. [Murderer]
(When the Lights Go Out) A long-standing relationship is turned on its head when one character goes missing and the distraught partner left behind goes in search of their lover.  With the police offering little help, they begin to get desperate - and then someone turns up on their doorstep, someone who works with their lover and reveals a number of disturbing truths about them as they ban together to find them. [Missing Person, Doorstep Character]
(My Beloved Monster) The childhood invisible friend to a heavily-medicated artist comes back after an adulthood trauma and refuses to be phased out again [Monster]
(Mad Love) A psychiatrist in an institute for the criminally insane has been dealing with the same inmates for a long time, but has accidentally grown fond of a particularly fascinating one.  When new management comes into effect, someone makes the mistake of letting their guard down around a violent inmate and the result is not only that they get out of their prison, but begin to release the other prisoners.  Staff at the facility are forced to find safe places to hide as the building goes into lock-down and the psychiatrist finds themselves in a precarious situation, about to be brutalized, only to have their favourite inmate come to their rescue.  A story of mad love. [Inmate]
(The Orchard) The daughter of a poverty-stricken family is given away in an arranged marriage in exchange for a large dowry; the man she is betrothed to is rumoured to be a foreign war hero with a reputation for being terrifying and completely batshit.  Said terrifying man lives in a sprawling home with only his assistant, an aging man who believes his master's marriage may soften his bad reputation.  A story about politics, murder, and romance with ruthless socially awkward introverts. [War Hero, Assistant]
(Boost) A career carjacker steals the wrong car one day, finding themselves living a nightmare when the owner seeks revenge through stalking and tormenting the thief. [car owner]
(Upstanding Citizen) The partner of a good-natured and well-intentioned man accidentally makes jarring discoveries about their boyscout of a fiancee that links them to a number of unsolved crimes.
(The Tower) Based off of the App 'Zombies, Run!', a character survives a helicopter accident only to find themselves stranded in the middle of zombie central.  With only basic supplies and their kicks, their only living contact is a voice from the headset you took from the dead pilot - they're left with no option but to trust a man who refers to himself as Tower as he directs them to safety and they begin to develop a bond through words alone. [Tower]
(Gently Now) A police officer/lawyer (or other) accidentally stumbles onto a scene of horror and gets swept into the clutches of a notorious serial killer who has decided to to keep them. [Serial Killer]
(Such Great Heights) When a talented assassin is sent to kill a businessman in a towering building, he is met with a problem he's never faced before - someone more skilled than him.  It turns out the businessman - wickedly intelligent - has a bodyguard who has been ordered to take the assassin alive.  (Note: This RP would involve three main characters with a very strong chance of there being a three-way relationship.) [Businessman, Bodyguard]
(Haymaker) A gambler/con-man/criminal with a debt hanging over their head ends up in league with a vicious businessman willing to offer sanctuary for the price of helping him with a few misdeeds. [Businessman]
(Heavy) A shipyard worker accidentally uncovers the contents of a container and ends up running for their life from the backlash that follows. [TBA; antagonist]
(The Twist) Two complete strangers wake up in a room together. Both have been taken hostage - one is the spoiled offspring of a billionaire weapons dealer - the other, a blue collar worker who has no idea why he's there.  They have to work together to escape their trap and warn the father about what's coming to get him. [Blue collar worker]
(The Killing Type) A seasoned hitman ends up in the unprecedented situation of having left a witness he can't bring himself to kill; instead, he takes them with him and languishes over the choice he must make.  He decides to groom them to do his job. [Hitman]
Exorcisms and the Supernatural 101 (Supernatural)
It's three a.m. and you've just killed a man.  In your defense, he was trying to eat you.  You've never been in this position before - you're a college student, you don't make a habit of killing people and they normally don't try to eat you.  He just sprang out at you.  You're right outside of the science lab, and there is a single light on inside - someone saw this happen.  You go back to your dorm.  You try to forget this night ever happened.  When you wake up, there's someone in your room, and they're telling you that your future is about to change.  This is a story about manic college years as a hunter of the supernatural.

Pairing Ideas
Homicidal Doctor/Police Officer
Zombie Apocalypse Survivor/Zombie Apocalypse Survivor
Genius Career Thief/Tortured Detective
Scientist/Monstrous Experiment
Attending Physician/Intern
Supervillain/Unwitting Lover
Mafioso/Innocent Bystander
Grim Reaper/Human
Circus Freak/Dancer or Curious Visitor
Guardian Angel/Savior of the World
Terrifying Criminal/Nextdoor Neighbour
Friend/Best Friend's Supervillain Father
Bored Retail Worker/Serial Killer
Supervillain-in-training/Retired Mad Scientist
Businessman/Captive Assassin
Apprentice/Modern Day Wizard/Modern Day Evil Sorcerer
Wild Man/Traveller
Sheriff and/or Deputy/Outlaw
Friend/Ex-Convict Best Friend
Super Soldier/Revolutionary
Serial Killer/Obsessive Fan
Serial Killer/Serial Killer-in-Training
Struggling Actor/Famous Producer
Detective OR Private Investigator/Employer
Asylum Inmate/Doctor

Modern Times
Dystopian/Big Brother
Virus Outbreak
Zombie Apocalypse
Robot Apocalypse
World of Superheroes/Villains
World War 2
World War 3
Sci-Fi Western
Modern Fantasy Setting
Film Noir/Detective Novel-esque
Lawless, Seedy City
Extraterrestrial War
Sci-Fi, Human-Cyborg Body Modifications
Unwilling Time Travel (You Poor Bastard)
Bolivian Jungle
Crime Family
Illegal MMA Fighting
Human Evolution/Mutants
1950s Gangsters
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Re: Headsick [Original, Fandom, Horror, Humour, Noir]
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Added New Plot 'Shifter'
Added New Plot The Mortician
Moved plot 'Hit' to Unavailable.
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Re: Headsick [Original, Fandom, Horror, Humour, Noir]
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Moved Plots 'Clinch', 'Repent', 'Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire' and 'That Voodoo You Do' to Unavailable.
Added Plot 'The Finer Points of Regicide and Intergalactic Politics'.
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Re: Headsick [Original, Fandom, Horror, Humour, Noir]
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Added Plot 'The Boy Who Scried Ose'

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Re: Headsick [Original, Fandom, Horror, Humour, Noir]
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Added 'Grand Budapest Hotel' to fandoms.