Marguerite Wants Group Roleplays...[MUL]

Started by Marguerite, July 01, 2009, 12:29:42 PM

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She knows he cheats on her. Every night he comes home with the smell of sex and perfume on him. He rarely denies his affairs but he goes on as if nothing is the matter. For two years he cheated on her in their five year marriage. She wondered what made him go out at night and leave her alone in their bed. What pushed him to sleep with other woman and break their sacred vows?

He knows she knows about his affairs. Every night he reeks of the women he was with and their perfume. Thereis no use in denying what he had done but he tries to keep things normal for the two of them. His reasons for cheating varies but he realizes what all of this is doing to his wife. Yet, he cannot stop until another man walks into his wife's life. A man who threatens to break up his marriage and pushes him to fight to keep his wife no matter what.

This stranger never knew she was married but he could see there was someone else in her life who kept her heart locked up. The stranger wanted to help her, wanted her to see she did not need to hold herself back because of another's foolish mistake. He wants her even if his own life has its own ups and downs. Will she have him knowing his secrets? Would she leave her husband to be with a man who may break her heart with his own secrets?

Stay tune...

For this I will need two roleplayers who will play the male roles. I will be playing the female character and the two roleplayers who play the male parts can think of their own names and we all can figure out any secrets or certain facts to be known by one another.

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