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Author Topic: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX] (open)  (Read 1142 times)

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Offline spiritdancerTopic starter

Maybe it was an experiment deep inside the earth. A new bomb tested deep underground, and instead of becoming sick, they became empowered while others only suffered.
Maybe it was a military effort, supersoldiers, which gained their freedom. They are a science project gotten out of control.
Maybe it was a mystical experiments, a calling to forgotten gods and they are the avatars of such powers.
Maybe it was aliens from outer space, taking notice of us, using earth as a testing ground. Maybe THEY are aliens among us.
And maybe they just stepped into the open, no longer willing to hide. Maybe our universe always was like that.
Maybe it is fate.

Whatever the cause was, 60 years ago, with the end of the second world war, our reality was changed forever as humans with strange powers appeared, both good and evil. With colorful costumes and catchy names. Superheroes and villains. The accompanied or sabotaged the peace talks. They saved countries or doomed whole political systems.
Some of them were bold and good, some of them mislead and angry. And they all had the power to back it up.

Most of them appeared to be human on first sight, but they might wield the power of 10 men, or the strange energies of a distant star. They might be as fast as sound, as durable as metal or as intelligent as the greatest scientists combined. To some of them space and time meant nothing. Each one of them could be a living weapon, willingly or not. Each one of them could be humanity's savior.

And no one would watch them. No one would be prepared for the storm they would bring.

Except for
The Storm Guard

Join the Storm Guard. When the next, maybe the last great storm rolls over earth, make sure we will survive. Use your powers for the future of mankind.

The Storm Guard is an international organization of "superheroes", working to protect the world from threats the normal forces can't handle anymore. Once it was said to be under the control of the United Nations, but is that still true?

The Storm Guard is supposed to be a superhero storytelling game. A combined writing effort in which every player taking place can control any character he likes, make up new ones or get rid of old ones. Every people interested can write a scene or a chapter (the contents of which can be discussed before hand). The difference to a normal roleplay are:

  • chapters or scenes can be discussed in a OOC section before started
  • people do not "own" characters or storylines, anyone taking part in the writing game, can control every  character

Of course there are bound to be SOME rules, right? Especially if other people "mess" with "your" character. I am thinking of something like this: Whenever you introduce a character you like, you can determine what is and what is not to happen with such a character.
Characters can be defined as "Core character", which means, that although they can be hurt, killed, disfigured or whatever, any damage will only be temporary. They will recover very quickly.
A character could be reoccurring, which means, that sooner or later he she will be back. Could take a while though.
And there of course are normal characters (the default) which are gone, when they are gone. (But we know comic book logic. There are always ways to bring someone back.)

These guidelines can be changed, but the details of that will have to be discussed. Maybe something along the line of "all active staff has to agree" or "creator of the character has to agree".

The game is supposed to be in the extreme section for heavy violence (and other disgusting things you might think about), but of course that is not a requirement for a scene. It just might well occur, for example, when I write a chapter or a scene.

Now allow me to short-introduce to characters of The Storm Guard:

Kethrae aka Swordmage
A teleporting swordwarrior from a distant world. She can teleport herself and others and her swords, although they don't actually glow, are a lot more dangerous than you might think.

Keowyn aka Pulsar A space-daring energy-fairy, capable of telepathic communication, flight and creating energy blasts and shields.

Possible enemies:

The Circle
A mystical group of who try to strengthen the impact of magic on the world, no matter what the cost for everyone might be.

A group of empowered people, possibly mutants, who refuse to follow any law but their own.

The Lumian Empire
An alien star-faring race trying to dominate other worlds ....

Of course characters and enemies get a more complete biography in the storytelling game itself.
If you want to take part, reply with at least an idea of a character for the Storm Guard, either here or in a PM to me.


The Storm Guard - Plotting [all EX kinks possible]
The Storm Guard - Cast [all EX kinks possible]
The Storm Guard - Off Topic [All EX kinks possible]
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Online TheVillain

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX]
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2010, 03:53:10 PM »
I'm actually not sure that's the angle to take, given the natural player tendency to pick sides with characters they put in. That being said, here's an idea.


Description: Physically, Pan appears to be a very handsome male in his mid-to-late 20's of strong Greek decent. Muscular in build, but more along the lines of a track and field athlete that specializes in throwing events then super-strong. He has a pair of horns on his hair line like those on a young goat, and has the hairy goat-like legs of a Satyr complete with cloven hooves. As for his clothing taste in costumes and normal clothes, he went nude for the vast majority of his existence and only puts clothes on now to humor mortals. As such he usually just goes into battle with whatever he's wearing and cares little about the fate of his clothes. He is experimenting with normal clothing and isn't doing a particularly good job matching things, but somehow still comes off as so-handsome-it-enters-the-realm-of-the-supernatural anyway.

His personality is quite laid back and he seems to only care about Wine, Sex, Music, and Nature. He feels that the time of gods is long past and he's just here to enjoy the ride, like a parent whose kids are off to college. His feelings for mortals are on par with a proud parent toward a grown-up child, and as such he tries to be hands-off as a rule- but will go full Papa Wolf when they are threatened. Sometimes he betrays his age with his insights and wisdom as he is old enough to pre-date the Greek civilization. As for his sexual orientation, he does prefer sex partners that are female humanoid sentient beings but there's a reason it's been called "Pansexuality" as really he'll fuck anything that can have an orgasm back [Note: Pan is Pansexual, I'm heterosexual. He'll "frolic" with dudes, but someone else someone else should control him when he does it.] The only real firm patterns others have noticed is no children and he can't be monogamous even if he tries.


In terms of raw power, Pan is probably in a weight-class all his own. However, Pan is the first to admit that while he's willing to fight when the need arises he isn't a warrior and most of his superhuman capabilities have little or no direct combat applications. He's great for support, not so much for direct combat.

* Superhuman Attributes - As the God of Passion and God of Virility, Pan's Endurance and Charisma are both considered to be at supernatural levels.
* Limited Immortality - Pan can be killed but only temporarily. If killed he'll regenerate and resurrect, how long depends on the damage to his body but most certainly by dawn the next morning. He's also immune to all poisons and diseases not specifically meant for the killing of gods.
* Communication - Most gods can communicate with all sentient beings, Pan extends this to all living things as the God of Nature. When he speaks, all understand like he spoke their primary language. When spoken to, he understands as though they spoke in his primary language- a variation on Greek that's been dead for thousands of years.
* Power Enhancement - As the God of Shepherds, a title that may be turning into God of Superheroes, Pan can enhance the superpowers of other beings if they as a rule use them to help others. So far this effect is barely noticeable but it's growing.
* Music Instrument Empathy - As God of Music, Pan can instinctively play any musical instrument he encounters at the skill level of a gifted amateur. He can also learn to play this instrument better at supernatural speed, achieving a skill level considered supernatural after only a few days of practice.
* Emotion Manipulation - As the God of Music and the God of Passion, Pan has abilities in this vein from both domains. With the playing of a musical instrument as a focus he can create, enhance, or cancel out emotions as he sees fit. Without an instrument he's limited to only particularly intense emotions like Lust, Love, Fear, Anger, or Despair.
* Fertility - As the God of Virility, he is technically able to impregnate anything with a vagina whenever he has sexual intercourse. Fortunately, the two big exceptions to this rule are if his partner is pregnant already or if he specifically wills otherwise- which he's made it a habit to do.
* Healing - The most dramatic ability given to him as God of Virility, Pan can heal living things by touch- to the point he can regrow limbs, regenerate missing or broken spines and organs, and resurrect the very recently dead. He does have to take their conditions onto himself first when he does this, but then he can heal himself. So, it hurts- but he can do it.
* Teleportation - Pan can teleport with a range of hundreds of miles, though the destination has to be a natural setting.
* Limited Weather Control - The most combat effective of Pan's abilities, he can manipulate the weather to some degree. Not enough to knock over cities and threaten the local climate, but he can put out fires by making it rain- even inside buildings for example. Considered the most combat effective because- if conditions are just right- he can once in a great while cause a target to be struck by lightning.
* Plant Control - Pan's other ability with some combat use, Pan can manipulate plants and plant matter. This includes animating it, creating large but simple objects out of plant matter, or creating small but precise items out of plant matter.


Being a God, his very life is dependent on the faith of mortals. The strength of his powers can wax and wane accordingly. Pan himself is attempting an alternate strategy to sustain his life, the regular reaffirmation of himself with his domains of Shepherds (or Superheroes), Music, Passion, Virility, and Nature. This is the godly equivalent of going hardcore vegan. If he fails to do this, or fails to take on worshipers, he will lose his domains one by one then die of the equivalent of starvation.

Short Bio: His origins are unknown to even his fellow Greek Gods, somehow supposedly both the product of the god Hermes seducing a wood nymph and a veteran of the Titan-God War- making him far older then Hermes and possibly older then Zeus and Olympus. A nature god, he contested Apollo for God of Music, gave Artemis her first hunting dogs, and other feats with the main Olympian gods while seducing so many goddesses, nymphs, and mortals that "God of Passion" was added to his titles by Zeus himself as a jest.

How exactly he got back to the modern world isn't entirely known either. The Circle claims to have been involved, but if so they lost control of him quickly even by their standards. It's known that at some point in the distant past he tried being monogamous with the nymph Echo and together they had a daughter named Iambe- but that ended badly. Other gods would discover Iambe missing, Pan missing, and Echo dead- only her voice repeating "Pan is Dead" was left of her. A few weeks ago he reappeared in the wilds of Arcadia, aware that time has passed but unaware of how it happened. Now he seeks to explore for himself the world of mortals- and when approached by the Storm Guard he offered his aid.
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Offline spiritdancerTopic starter

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX]
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2010, 04:58:10 PM »
Well the idea is more like writing short stories and complete scenes, than orchestrating a roleplay. So that you can write independantly instead of having to wait all the time and post only little snippets. The approach surely is different. :)

That said, your character seems interesting, but somewhat too powerful. Of course in a story that can still work and I like the "enhance other people's power" angle. And most of his powers have a strong utility focus, which is nice. Could be difficult, but also could be interesting :)

Of course you (and everyone displaying interest) can come up with more than one character :)

Online TheVillain

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX]
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2010, 05:02:46 PM »
Indeed, the only reason I even tried it was that Pan's got more a utility instead of a combat base. Otherwise he'd be just too powerful an idea to consider.

And that helps a little bit, willing to see how it plays out.

Offline PinkSuccubus

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX]
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2010, 04:02:16 AM »
Hey. I find the idea intriguing and I am interested in getting involved.

This character I developed as part of a miniature production in highschool. I really like her and developed her character inside out.
Her name is Roxanne Brokenshire and she lives in France. Golemetry: Her powers are essentially telekinetic but stem from my own interpretations of that phenomenon. She can animate and manipulate non-living matter. Roxanne creates big puppets from whatever material is available. Her creations stem from her own interpretations and conceptions of life. So most look like people, obviously. In the original story she turned bad after a demon killed her lover and then learned to control her powers to the point of atomic manipulation. She trained her own conceptions to allow the thought of life as unpredictable and decaying particles of matter, based on quantum mechanics. With that metaphysical understanding of life she can do anything. I dont know if you want her that powerful but I won't start her with those skills at least. I just think it makes for an interesting climax is all. I'm not going to spoil the ending :)

Here is a writing sample I guess. Sort of a prologue. A prelude if you will:

It was an odd Parisian morning. The sewer pipes had burst all over the street. A hole was blown in the middle. Seven ugly, if not hilarious, subterranean mole-men had climbed out.
For some unannounced reason they felt like holding up the bank that morning.
Luckily Roxanne Brokenshire had woken up in the hazy dawn in Parc André Citroën, just across the way.

She was recovering from what Marc Anton has said were Head-Launchers but Roxanne had guessed that they were really Spill-your-guts-out-ers. In actuality they where Tastes-kinda-bad-and-in-about-two-hours-you-feel-nautious-and-emotional-and-your-saying-Please-god-let-me-come-down-and-I'll-be-a-good girl-ers. She had a headache and those little weirdos where not helping much.

What could she do?
In moments she put her talents to work and two shambling masses of...sewer stuff, had poped up just behind the furry little jerks. They were dumbfounded. She had her pets set to work on the furries. It took no more than ten minutes for the sewer golems to apprehend the mole-men. Several people where injured in the initial, road rending explosion.

Naturally the news media arrived before any police or emergency vehicles.

Peace out!

Offline spiritdancerTopic starter

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX] (open)
« Reply #5 on: July 11, 2010, 04:34:56 PM »
Sorry, guys, but with only two people interested, I think the overhead in organizing the whole group writing idea is a bit too much to justify the means. I'll keep the request open to see if any more people pop up and show any interest.

If you are interested in a one on one roleplay (with traiditional player-character bindings, so that no one controls someone else's character) or collaborative writing along these lines, feel free to drop me a line.

The collaborative writing request stays open, and if one or two more people pop up, I'll check back with everyone to see if interest is still there and notify to get things started.

... and as you see below someone else showed up! I am in the process of assuring that everything is okay and if it is, we can start. Please be reminded, that this RP is supposed to go into the extreme section. For a reason.
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Offline bathoz

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX] (open)
« Reply #6 on: July 13, 2010, 03:35:40 PM »
I'm interested. Don't have a character thought yet, but can generate them at a daft pace. I like the idea of not "owning" a character, as that avoids the nasty "god modding" typical in superhero fare.

Offline bathoz

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX] (open)
« Reply #7 on: July 16, 2010, 05:39:39 AM »
Two Characters with mini bios for now.

Thato Mosimane was a part time construction worker in South Africa until the accident on site. He should have burnt up in the molten tungsten. He should have drowned as he sank to the bottom. He did neither. The molten tungsten somehow bonded with his skin while remaining totally flexible, and suffused his nervous system. He's enormously strong, excessively tough, and more than a little vain - he has his hair and skin painted on by professional detailers every week, as it keeps chipping off in the process of heroing. The hammer he acquired early in his career, it creates sonic shock vibrations on impact - one of the few weapons to ever slow him down physically.

Lara Locksley is one of Earth's most powerful magicians - which, while it doesn't mean as much as it used to, is still pretty impressive. She isn't what one expects from a magician though - favouring bright, pastel colours, and putting cutsy twists on all her spells. As she says, why does being a mistress of the arcane mean you can't have fun? Her actually off the cuff magic is only adequate for the life of a superheroine. Most of her best work happens when she has time arrange bigger and bolder rituals.

Offline sinoraa

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX] (open)
« Reply #8 on: July 16, 2010, 09:37:58 AM »
Im interested, will be working on a bio later.

Offline spiritdancerTopic starter

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX] (open)
« Reply #9 on: July 16, 2010, 10:29:51 AM »
No further need to post BIOs here and add to additional bumping of the thread. I will create threads later today and check back with everyone to make sure you receive the where.
Stay tuned. Things are finally starting to roll.

Offline DreamlandDenizen

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX] (open)
« Reply #10 on: July 16, 2010, 10:51:48 AM »
Count me in, this sounds cool. I'll be a shape-shifter who calls himself 'The Druid'.
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Offline spiritdancerTopic starter

Re: The Storm Guard - Superhero collaborative writing [EX] (open)
« Reply #11 on: July 17, 2010, 07:12:01 PM »
The basic thread structure has been set up, see the first post up here, to see where you're supposed to be going. I will update with further information later on. For now, everyone interested, please post your character to the characters thread:       The Storm Guard - Cast [all EX kinks possible]
Please monitor the Plotting thread. Important announcements will occur in the introductory post there. For now.