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June 22, 2021, 02:07:50 pm

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Author Topic: Seeking Males for Modern Plots  (Read 660 times)

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Seeking Males for Modern Plots
« on: April 03, 2012, 05:08:53 am »
Before I start. I do have some rules, so...would you kindly read them?


Someone advanced in rping.
Can write least 3-5 paragraphs per intro and 3-4 per post with descriptive writing! Have a good grasp of English and grammar

Creative with Characters, Plot ideas and twists.
Give them an appearance, a background, a past and a life.  No ‘His name is Bill and he wears red shoes’
Images are fine

Long Term Rp!

Fluffy 'fall in love' Romance
Not mandatory but desirable.

Someone who can carry the Rp with me other than leaving it to me.


People who choose to ignore these rules and waste my time!

Asking me when I will reply. I have a life. I will post atl least once a day minimum unless major real life difficulties

Do not, at an time, control my characters without my permission!

Ask me if our story is 'doing anything for me'. I rp because I enjoy, not to get myself off.

One-liners, Broken English & Chat Speak

These plots can be set in either a College/Uni, Work place or House share environment (Unless otherwise stated)

Highschool- First relationship

Theres been a girl you've had a crush on for a while now. Finally, either of you pluck up the courage to ask the other out. Finally, you are a couple.
Bit by bit, you forward your relationship together. (Perhaps someone is trying to break them up along the way. Another love interest? A friend? Or perhaps brotherly rivalry)


You are a business man, you own a large company of whatever you want, and you have a large building which your office is the very top. You are married, but stopped sleeping with your wife about a year ago, and you are looking for a new Personal Assistant / Receptionist for your
top floor office. You interview one girl and give her the job. You have more interest in her than just her skills. You treat her as you please, weather that be, keeping her under your desk sometimes, or sexual torturing her by making her wear vibrating panties, or a love egg, and controlling it from your desk, while she sits at hers on the desk in front of your office.
You dont have to 'fall in love with her' but you do care about her more than your own wife, and give her presents and even take her on
holiday and business trips. But what happens when your wife gets suspicious?
(Doesnt have to be office based - Could be a shop, hotel (abroad or at home) or even could be your maid or personal assistant.)

Its Complicated - (Most of my ideas together)

You are studying to take over the family business (Can be whatever you want - doesn't have to be business. Could be a recording studio, restaurant or shop). You moved to another city to go to College/University. Your house/apartment is paid for by your parents. You have no time for general household chores or even cooked meals. In return for free accommodation, you offer a girl at college/university to live with you as long as she takes care of all household chores and food preparation. Naturally, you both start a physical relationship in secret. But your parents have other plans for you.

Keep It Secret - From my girlfriend

You've been going out with a girl for a few months now. Everything is going great but for one thing. She's still a virgin and too nervous to take it any further with you. You try to encourage her without forcing but with no result. Growing increasingly frustrated, you release all your sexual frustrations on one person and she isnt your girlfriend. You've always found her attractive and now you are Sex-Friends behind your girlfriends back. You both take advantage of any alone time together.  Feelings for each other rise in you both but you despite what you are doing, you still love your girlfriend and become confused with what you should do. But when your sex-friend gets a boyfriend - Do you accept it? Or decide that your feelings are deeper with her?

(She could be either a friend or someone who asked you out)

Keep It Secret - From my friends

Theres a girl you like. You've always found her attractive and by the way she looks at you, she feels the same way. However, theres one thing thats stopping you. The circumstance.  To get over this, you start having a secret relationship. You both take advantage of any alone time together.

(The circumstance could be -
College/Uni - Shes not in your clique
Work Place - Work place romance is frowned upon by everyone
House Share - Friends advise against sleeping with your room mate.
Or any other reason you may think of)

Pm me if interested. I do emails, PMs or thread. May stretch to Skype