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June 22, 2021, 03:55:43 pm

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Author Topic: Hunger Games Cravings (sub/switch M char looking for toppy/switch any)  (Read 726 times)

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Offline CallysTopic starter

Yes, I've stepped on this bus along with the world. I've read all three and would be interested in exploring something with me as Haymitch or just as OCs in the world. I also have an OC of my own, (the fourth District 12 victor, a male), if anyone would be interested in exploring that with me. I would prefer a M/M relationship, though I could be talked into doing something F/M or M/F. I am mostly submissive, though I could switch for a Haymitch/Peeta hurt/comfort or a Haymitch/Maysilee Donner.

A quick word on my O/Os: I like playing cocky males who are taken down a peg, whether by being tied up, humiliated, etc, but especially through discipline like spanking, whipping and such. Don't expect any of my "submissive" characters to just sit and take it, though. I like to play fighters put in impossible situations. Of the scenarios with a potential for bondage, that's sort of what I'm referring to. The rougher scenarios I'd be willing to go pretty extreme in tortures, though nothing with lasting physical damage- or at least ending with being put back together by medical equipment.

I am also more than willing to discuss any other ideas, or other directions for bondage and such. I'm more than willing to compromise on what I've written so please feel free to PM or reply here with other directions/ideas!

(Disclaimer: That said, I'm really not interested in anything romantic/sexual between Haymitch and Katniss.)

Some ideas include:

-Peeta attempting to whip Haymitch back into shape during the training for the Quarter Quell. Could become a platonic three-person story if there was interest in someone being Katniss as well. (Potential for bondage.)

-Peeta taking out his anger at being left behind by Haymitch. (A potential bondage scenario or just a hurt/comfort.)

-Exploring more of Haymitch's platonic relationship with Katniss. (No romance there, however.)

-Effie's last straw being broken and her attempt to take Haymitch in hand. (Potential for bondage and hilarity.)

-A darker plot where a young Haymitch attempts to go after the Peacekeeper who killed his family and is taken in hand and taught a rough lesson by Peacekeepers/the Capitol/President Snow. (Willing to get pretty extreme here.)

-A young Haymitch and his Stylist. Potential for discipline (It could happen, remember how he warns Katniss to obey Cinna? Maybe he learned what happens when you don't obey your stylist?) and hilarity. (Haymitch, clean and pretty?!?!)

-A young Haymitch and his Mentor. (Training, potential for disobedience and discipline, potential for a relationship. M/M or F/M)

-A young Haymitch during or slightly after his games. Could be M/F with Maysilee Donner. Could be M/M with an OC. Could be darker and rough as the Capitol extracts some immediate vengeance due to his "cheating". (Willing to get pretty extreme with the Capitol scenario again.)

-Original Characters striking up an alliance/relationship before/during a Games.

-Original Characters living in the world.

Like I said, feel free to PM with other ideas!