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September 22, 2021, 02:56:24 am

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Author Topic: Seeking a ravishing victim [Male seeking Female]  (Read 907 times)

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Seeking a ravishing victim [Male seeking Female]
« on: February 23, 2018, 11:12:35 am »
A wicked game for an old man, a living hell for his woman. He planned for this night since she was pregnant. Tonight is the night where his wife will give herself to their son. If the boy is not receptive, the wife will have to force herself onto him. Failing to do this man's bidding will attract his wrath.

My characters:
  • Son, a young boy (ageplay or not, your choice) oblivious to his parent's machination.
  • Husband, a man in his mid 40's bent on controlling every facet of his wife's and son's life.
Your character: Mother, a woman in her mid/late 30's who turned into a trophy wife. In public, she wear a fake smile. At home, she spend every breath shielding her son from the nightmare that have become his father.

Roles exchangeable to: n/a

Bruce has a very deep perversion. He chastised his son, infusing the boy with conservative moral and values while not really caring about any of this. All he wanted was to keep his son from ever ejaculating till certain age for the sake of curiosity but at the same time he would give that son some outlet to build his urge to ejaculate. Porn? Paying girls to secretly tease him? So much he did to force drive his son to the edge.

The end game for Bruce? When his son turns 16, he would offer him a gift; his wife. He'll force her to dress as a lowly slut and be the gift to their son. Both of them have been observing their son together, the wife was forced to, and they know exactly what tickles his fancy. She'll have to make him cum for the first time in his life and he's gonna cum with a huge bang.

The woman have been married to Bruce for upward 16 years by now. At first he was a gentle man but he quickly turned into an ugly beast. Bruce took her to his home country after the marriage and the woman ended up being completely depending upon her husband due to the inability of finding a job in this foreign country. There's no more love in this marriage, the wife is staying solely for the sake of having a decent life or, at least, a semblance of one. The thing that Bruce planned? The woman's felt a whole new level of disgust just thinking about it but she knew better than speaking against him.

Bruce controls everything, a grin on his mouth as he kick back and sat on his bed when the moment finally arrives.

The father is going to take a secondary role in this RP. He will most likely not be present in the scene between his wife and the son. At best he'll be instructing the woman what to do from a distance (phone?).

The son will be, well, someone who is inexperienced for obvious reason. He will be initially confused as to why his mother is trying to do such thing to him. Will the mother make the son feel bad? Will the mother try to ease him into this act of depraved perversion?

I am looking for a person to play the mother. I've painted quite a rosy picture for that woman already as you can see above. I want to be able to feel the woman's dilemma and inner struggle while at the same time seeing how she deals with her husband but also the son. I am honestly not looking for someone who suddenly gets wet or starts enjoying this in the middle of the RP and changing the dynamic of the whole situation. Maybe in a realistic manner the woman end up enjoying some part of the act but will she really show it? In this scenario, the woman is more a victim than someone who is out to have a good time.

Some of the aspect which I'd like to get involved in this RP are non-con, light torture and age play. The latter is only if you're down for it otherwise I'll write my character as 18 years old. For the other kinks, please refer to my O/O for more details.
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