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Author Topic: Strong Writers m/f,m  (Read 1569 times)

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Strong Writers m/f,m
« on: October 13, 2011, 12:55:10 pm »

Please Be
Older or Mature and NOT interested in teenager/highschool/anime/twilight stuff.

Roleplaying is collaborative story writing.  Characters are valued above all else (yours and mines) and I think the over-arching story serves to draw out the most interesting stuff from them.  I write well and enjoy developing realistic characters through descriptive writing - I hope you do too.  I am very comfortable creating any number of settings with non-player characters, and I use detailed narrative.

If you would like to find out more about my RP style and interests, let me refer you to my Os where you can also find some of my sample writing .

Plot Ideas

Film Noir:
This can go in so many different directions.  We can do short episodic stories or very lengthy convoluted ones.  Better yet, one leads into the other.  The basic private eye and dame never gets old.  Criminal motives are also simplistic usually involving greed or lust and usually both.  Psychopathy would better fit in another genre, see below.  However, looseness in planning and surprises would be a big plus.  Usual plot: Private Eye gets manipulated by gangs or other forces to be the fall guy to major crime...

Cops or Detectives (stories set between the 1960s-80s):
Messier themes than above.  Violent crime, gangs, premeditated murder and chase with compounded deaths.  I am interested in big city trouble ending up in rural places.  Mistakes with major consequences...

Why the 60s?  Okay I have a few of reasons why I've shied away from a contemporary setting.  First of all, we get lost in technology and the complexities of systems today, which leads rpers to one up another on their knowledge of some recent trend.  Stuff in the early half of the century are simpler in both technology and organization (naive) so it doesn't require you to know everything for something to be plausible.  Secondly, setting something in history lends itself easily to alternative history so you can alter things significantly without having to over explain why it is the case.  For example, assuming nazi germany won the war.  It is easier to create an alternate reality in the 60s than if we did it now in contemporary time... it requires much less explaining for it to be believable.  Lastly, and most importantly, everything from the earlier half of the century LOOKS AWESOME.

Bad Things Happening to People
The same as above just minus the cops and authority.  In fact, the authority may be the villain.  Regardless, this is about folks taking troubles into their own hands.  Preferably with shot guns.  Might involve zombies and chainsaws and drop off totally into horror movie cheesiness or it can be serious and realistic but no less frightening (eg. no country for old men).

Westerns and Civil War
I think I might actually be maxed out on this one for now.  However, if you do have an idea feel free to share.

Psuedo Fantasy, Ancient History, Medieval, Renaissance
Little to no magic.  The more mysterious fantastical elements are, the more useful I feel they are to the story.

Raiders, Huns, and other Horsemen
This almost includes roving barbarian warriors looking for trouble or making trouble.  The tribe or whatever is consistent and can grow, but they can be put in any sort of setting since they are going around and destroying stuff.  They can get entangled in politics or be contracted out to do harm to rivals and then get back on their horses and disappear the next day to find trouble elsewhere.  The RP can be episodic.

More Harebrained Ideas
This one I am very careful since I know lots of people <3 rping it.  I generally dislike it, however.  On the other hand, 'Lost' & 'Fringe' (thankyou JJ Abrams) are sorta supernatural and I <3, <3, <3 those shows.  No to vampire and werewolves, though flesh eating zombies are okay.  Which lends itself to...

Anything that reduces civilized humanity back to some primal form.  You can go anywhere with a Madmax world.  A little less so with the 'Dark Tower' series, though a post apocalyptic Western setting is awesome.  This can even happen is space, eg. Battlestar Galactica.  Which ever the case, the point of it is the scrappiness and urgency of the situation.  No prospect of rebuilding and returning to civilization.

Straightup Smut
Contrary to my Os.  The simple confectionary pleasures of easy RP are fine too.  Here's some mashups I'm feeling lately.  I play a guy, but you can be either a girl or a guy.  Obviously some below are strictly m/m

Rancher, Farmer / Cityslicker
Cop / Suspect
Trucker / Hitchhiker
Coach / Cheerleader
Bears of any nature
Age Differences

Interested? Please Private Message
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Re: Strong Writers m/f,m
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2012, 07:24:44 pm »
New idea:

SciFi - Colonists or "Prometheus" style story.  Most interested in character dynamics when things go to shit.  I generally don't do Scifi, so I tend to downplay the technology side of writing or at least keep descriptions broad.  Whether we do a colony or "Prometheus", I imagine the cast of characters consists of highly qualified individuals from Earth (whom are likely successful and well regarded at home - which means they all probably have sizable egos). 

Skyrim - I have been hankering for a skyrim related storyline.  I am fairly open to everything and it isn't necessary to stay with the game story or cast of characters.  I simply like the environment of skyrim, which is bleak and sparse.