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Started by Arcanist, March 25, 2024, 10:59:25 PM

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Laughing Hyena

Quote from: Brittlby on April 01, 2024, 03:34:21 PMI like this one! For theme music, did you go Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”?
Of course. What other song could possibly work?


Quote from: Laughing Hyena on April 01, 2024, 03:52:43 PMOf course. What other song could possibly work?

… something from Lords of Acid or Combichrist? >_> 

But yeah. Keep it classy with Marvin Gaye!
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Laughing Hyena

Quote from: Brittlby on April 01, 2024, 04:05:14 PM… something from Lords of Acid or Combichrist? >_>

But yeah. Keep it classy with Marvin Gaye!
Noted and I shall make sure to add that to the fun! Could also use Ludacris' Fantasy song.


So the amount of interest sort of caught me by surprise. To keep things moving, I will make some decisions a little earlier and perhaps even start by the beginning of next week. So if you have not got a concept up or want to make wee changes, please do so. 

I am in the midst of getting a couple of things organised like OOC and character sheet pages up and running. I also plan to use discord for a dice bot until we have a dice bot in place here in E. If anyone has alternatives they can think of for a dice mechanism, let me know.

Some of you would have already received a PM from me. I will be sending a few more clarifications in the next few days.
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Oh my! That's a lot of interest here already, and I seem to be quite late to the party! But, welp, this sounds like it's really right down my alley, so I just have to throw my hat in as well! ^_^

I wrote this with an Enchantment Wizard in mind, but honestly I think the exact same concept could work just as well with a Glamour Bard. I'm happy to go with either of those, honestly; depending on what would fit the party best!

Name: Elodie Cuvillier
Race: Human
Class: Wizard (Enchantment)

Ons and Offs
All things non-con. Bondage. Humiliation / Degradation. Tentacles. Sexual exhaustion, forced orgasms, orgasm control. Gangbangs. Cumplay. And more...

Blood, gore, scat, vore.

Baron Cuvillier may be a minor noble, but he is a very affluent one. When his wife gave birth to a daughter, Elodie, he made absolutely sure his perfect little girl would always have everything she could dream of. Beautiful clothes, attentive servants, best food, Elodie had it all. And her education wasn't lacking, either. Elodie had a string of highly talented tutors teach her poetry, etiquette, music -- all the very important skills required of a young noble-woman and future Baroness.

As she grew older, Elodie showed a keen intellect and fascination with arcane magic. Not one to stifle his daughter's interest, Baron Cuvillier searched for a magic tutor, and found one: an elven enchantress by the name of Shanyala. Shanyala moved in with the family and tutored Elodie throughout her teenage years, and Elodie, being a quick learner, became a fledgling Wizard in no time.

But it was only after she grew up to be a young woman that Shanyala could teach what her branch of enchantment was really about. In short, Shanyala taught Elodie that in order to be a powerful Enchantress, she needed to create tension. The more tension, the greater grasp Elodie would have of her surroundings, of her targets; and, in turn, the more powerful her enchantment magic would become.

What tension, you ask? Why, sexual tension, of course.

Shanyala has taught Elodie to be a relentless flirt, and the ultimate tease. Every time she opens her mouth, you feel like she's flirting with you. Every time she moves, you feel like she's showing off her body in the most seductive way. Every time she looks you in the eye, it feels like she wants you to fuck her, right now. But she won't. It's about the tension.

Elodie grew up to be the ultimate forbidden fruit. Well-mannered, eloquent, highly intelligent, educated, flawless etiquette; the epitome of the perfect young Baroness-to-be. And yet there's just that air about her, like she's the horniest girl who ever lived, just waiting for someone, anyone to fuck her brains out... and yet, she never lets anyone do just that.

Of course, it all has left Elodie herself extremely sexually frustrated. She's in a constant state of arousal and everything she does and says is somewhat sexually loaded, and yet she never lets anyone actually touch her, and she never lets herself feel the sweet release her body craves.

Oh, what the fireworks would be like, should that finally happen, one day.

When Baron Cuvillier caught Shanyala teaching Elodie the fine art of going with no underwear and flashing the skirt just enough to let everyone know but not actually show anything, he'd finally had enough. He threw the elf out of his palace and demanded Elodie forget everything she taught her. Elodie had none of it. She was eighteen now, a powerful Enchantress in her own right, and she would continue her studies, with or without her mentor.

Elodie ran off in the middle of the night, determined to find a way to learn on her own. First stop; Baldur's Gate, civilization, and adventure! And then, Candlekeep. What better place for a young, aspiring Enchantress like herself to improve on her talent. Both her magic talent... and who knows, there just might be books in there to help with building tension as well.


Decided to go with Fox's character Wodeyl for Valencia's partner. Will have to rewrite her backstory a bit to take out the level 3 dragon slaying though lol. 
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Laughing Hyena

Quote from: pdragon on April 02, 2024, 10:42:11 AMDecided to go with Fox's character Wodeyl for Valencia's partner. Will have to rewrite her backstory a bit to take out the level 3 dragon slaying though lol.
Quickly editing my backstory to adjust for that choice. :-)


Thank you for all the interest. To keep things moving, I have decided to bring the game forward and start by the coming weekend.
It was a hard decision but I have made a few choices. At the moment, I would like to welcome the following to the game
  • LaughingHyena
  • Pdragon 
  • Brittlby
  • NamelessOne
  • FoxGirlJay
  • Endless Dreams

As there may be attrition, I would like to put the rest on reserve so that I may call upon you, that is if you are still interested, to join at a later stage. 

Thank you so much for your interest.

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I wish you great success, Arcanist!  Thanks for your consideration.
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If I'm waiting on a post for you for 2 weeks, I will just remove the game from my list. Please message me to let me know you are still interested.
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No idea how this passed by without me noticing it.  But, I would like to add myself to the list of alternates should anyone leave the RP.