Halcyone's interracial roleplay request [F/M]

Started by IR Halcyone, March 12, 2024, 06:13:16 PM

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IR Halcyone

For now, this is my main roleplay idea, and it's what I'm most focused on. In the future I might add different proposals but right now, I really want to do this one - I quite enjoy trying the same idea with different people and who follow different approaches :)


A young diplomat's outrageous interracial adventure

Cynthia is a smart, hard working girl. After burying her head in books and papers, and going through grueling exams and interviews, she finally got her dream job: she was accepted in her country's diplomatic service! Her upper-middle-class background had pretty much taylored her for a qualified job, but this was going to be more glamorous and better paid than she ever imagined. To make things even better her boyfriend, Stefan, whom she had been together with for two years now, also successfully completed his procedure and he too was accepted in the same diplomatic service - the dream of going to work together at an embassy abroad was now closer than ever, even if they'd still have to wait for the chance to come.

After over two years at their capital, a number of postings abroad for their rank opened. Cynthia and Stefan applied to the same posts, hoping they'd be sent together. Alas, going to the same post as your sweetheart is a rare luxury: Stefan was posted to Panama, and Cynthia was posted to Côte d'Ivoire. At least her fluent French was going to be useful. Cynthia was assigned the Science, Education and Culture desk at the embassy in Abidjan - she would not be negotiating high profile stuff, but she had a relatively free hand. The ambassador barely paid attention to her, as she was the youngest officer in the embassy. Mostly she enjoyed going to events where she could network with people at schools and universities, conferences and workshops with students and young researchers, talking to them about the possibilities of studying in her country, scholarships, etc. And she liked it, she felt like she was having an impact.

Cynthia was also surprised by how much attention people paid to her in these events. After a long time of taking orders from older people, she really enjoyed meeting students and young researchers. And they liked her too - Cynthia seemed to have a fan club with male students. She was quite elegant and looked fanciful, not like a supermodel but she was a sight to behold. She also kept a classy style that made her stand out from her friends even at home. Her colleagues tended to dress casually most of the time, but Cynthia often wore a rather formal but eye-catching attire, with a gorgeous blouse, a pencil skirt that ended above her knees, and if it was not too warm and humid, she would always don a pair of fancy black stockings and heels to match. Coupled with her 175 centimetres height, wavy mid-back blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, rather pale skin, 36C breasts, and overall friendly but fancy ways, it's no wonder there were always plenty of male students attending events where she was a guest.

This roleplay is about Cynthia getting seduced by male students, aged 18-20, who after an event chat her up to know more. After friendly chattering and networking, they invite her for a drink right next to the venue, which she politely accepts. As the day goes on, this grows towards a situation where Cynthia ends up in a threesome with two young men, something she had never done before. But it doesn't stop there: over the next few months, Cynthia's desires and cravings will take her in a path she never imagined, she will find herself in gangbangs with young African men who will treat her to the roughest and most exhilarating experiences of her life, all while she balances this and rationalizes it with her job and her relationship with Stefan.

Please read my Ons, Maybes, and Offs.

I roleplay with PMs here on this site only.

Also, it doesn't matter to me if you are male or female, as long as you can write black male characters who fit this idea. I'm also open to introducing another female character later on.

Picture references
I tried to use AI generators to create something close to what I have in mind but I guess I'm not very good at it. Anyway, here are two NSFW potential reference pictures that should give you a broad idea - I gave up trying these because it takes way too long without paying for those AI generators.

Cynthia - reference 1
Cynthia - reference 2

Hyun-Ki's new Parisian life

Hyun-Ki was both excited and nervous. Excited because she got a new job at the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Paris, which she had worked a lot for. Nervous because while her family did not hinder her efforts, they were not enthusiastic either. Her upper-middle class parents would rather have her stay in Seoul and work for one of the big companies so she could climb the corporate ladder. In their view their 29-year-old daughter was going on a glorified holiday and not much more.

But the most serious part was that her boyfriend, who initially supported her when she applied, changed his mind, and told her he could not longer be with her if she moved to Paris for work. Hyun-Ki hesitated and even promised him she would try to find him a job there, but his chances were slim and he was not open to her arguments. After three years together and with the prospect of marriage in the horizon, their relationship ended on a very down note, which left Hyun-Ki feeling bitter.

Despite all that - or maybe because of all that - she tried to focus on her new life. Finding an apartment turned out to be quick, she found on facebook a young American woman who was moving out from her one-bedroom apartment just when she was arriving, and it was easy arranging for Hyun-Ki to take over her lease. It was going to cost almost 50% of her salary but it was lovely, if small, and very well located just between the 19th and 10th arrondissements, and with a direct metro link to her new job.

Her work could be stressful sometimes. After all, she was one of the few Koreans in the office who spoke good French and who had a good academic background, the senior staff consisted essentially of boring middle-age men who were mostly there out of privilege. But she definitely enjoyed it much more than the rigid, hierarchic environment in Seoul's corporate culture. Plus she was living in her favourite city, she had visited Paris a few times before and she was always keen on moving there, this was her dream come true.

Being single also made her free and available, and living in a new city and in a new country, she wanted to be as open as possible to meeting new people. She befriended Christine, a young black woman who worked at the insurance company next to her job, as they often saw each other when going out for lunch. One day, Hyun-Ki attended a farewell party for one of her superiors, a corporate executive in his 60s that she was not keen on but office duty obliges. When she finally left that wretched office party, Hyun-Ki crossed paths with Christine, who was accompanied by her boyfriend on their way to an African nightclub. Christine didn't hesitate to invite Hyun-Ki to join them, which she promptly accepted.

In this plot, Hyun-Ki will discover new things about herself, and she is going to find out that she loves things she had never thought of before.

Hyun-Ki reference 1
Hyun-Ki reference 2
Hyun-Ki reference 3
Hyun-Ki reference 4

IR Halcyone

Added a second plot, Hyun-Ki's new Parisian life.