Some Ideas To Have A Look At ((F seeking active partner to write with))

Started by AngelOfDarkness, March 14, 2023, 07:10:54 PM

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Hello there
Thank you for visiting my thread. I'm Angel and I'm looking for someone to write with. I tend to write as a female and like to write opposite a male character. I do understand this site is more smut stories, I am more into stories but understand sex happens naturally. Once in a while I'll be into a smut story but that's a different discussion. It would be brilliant to write a story where the characters grow together.
Also prefer to write on Discord, but will write on forums.
Let's see if we can find a story writer who can give these a shot :) PM me if you find something that interests your imagination

His Beautiful Broken Mate
The nightmare repeated for her, on a daily basis. The literal nightmare she has and the life she lives. When she sleep the same scene plays over and over, her parents being murdered in front of her when she was little, by the pack Beta to take control of the pack. Thinking it would be better punishment for their daughter if she was to serve the whole pack for her life. Nobody would believe her as a child telling them their new leader killed their previous one so the secret continued.
Once of age she would be treated worse, assaulted in many ways, including given wolfsbane to stop her from shifting or healing as well. Her wolf tried to hide her away mentally causing her eyes to turn purple from their bright green colour.
He was days away from becoming the pack Alpha as his father steps down, to add to this his parents were nagging him to find his Luna be it his mate or not. He could feel his mate and she wasn't always happy. A diplomatic visit with another pack was going to bring a surprise he never thought he would find. A scent he had never smelt before, a beautiful floral scent.
A Year To Remember
She was on holiday or a business trip, he sees her and his heart falls for her knowing that she is meant to be his. He is taking over his 'family business' (if you get that hint hehe) and on a business trip. He can't stop thinking about this woman, sending people out to search for her putting resources to find her. Eventually she is found and an operation is put in place to abduct her. After they find each other in his huge mansion he explains he's giving her time to fall in love with him, after which if she doesn't he'll let her go.
Of course they'll fall in love after a period of time of her testing his patience and seeing how far she can go with him. Guess this is a modern telling of Beauty And The Beast in a way.
Protecting A Broken Heart
An undercover government is placed in the house of crime family, as a bodyguard for the leader’s wife. During his time in the house he sees the wife used as a punching bag. He takes his chance and takes her out to be a witness against her husband. She’s put in a safe house and protected till the trial, while her husband sends people to take her out.
Letting A Rose Bloom
He is hired as part of a protection team by a wealthy man, hired to protect a young woman the daughter of the man. He soon learns the father isn't nice to her, but also learns that the man is her step father. This new guy helps the daughter out from under her step father's thumb and she's put into protective custody as a witness. She is soon hired by aan agency as they find out about her skills and intelligence. Once she is free she would need to learn how to be a person and live a normal life.
Her Heaven
A marine team goes to a warehouse and finds a girl in a cage. They take her back to base and there she’s given medical treatment and the help to recover, one marine in particular helps her around socialising with her and teaching things she needs to know to be a human being again.
Gods Divided
The children of two gods are born into our modern world, not knowing of their real parents. A prophecy that the two will bring peace and light to the world. One the child of Apollo and the other the child of Ares. They will bring a balance to the world. Meanwhile other gods and forces are out to keep them apart.
His True Colours
A modern day playboy prince travels overseas, he finds a girl who isn’t impressed with who he is and finds this intriguing. He talks to her whenever he can, eventually starting a relationship with her, little does she know that this will be the hardest relationship she’s had, thanks to the paparazzi and cameras following them around.
Letting The Walls Fall
A girl is hard up for money and takes the job of her friend as an escort for one night. She is to attend a party with a millionaire playboy. After the party she goes for a job interview at a company and finds out that the playboy owns it. She gets the job of course and becomes his PA. She works extra hard for him, as she has a sick father and most of her money goes to his medication for caring for him but this is her secret. Falling for the playboy and him for her, her truths come out to him and he cares for her.
What Have I Done?
At a party a young guy gets drunk, a girl attends that likes this boy, he ends up raping her and not remembering it. Sometime later he hears this girl is living on the street as her father is the local pastor, once he finds out she’s pregnant he does anything he can to help her, giving her a place to live. (might get closer and become a couple and live through life)
Her New Bodyguard
Modern day princess gets to live a normal childhood with friends and normal school, having a guy best friend. She moves away part way through high school with a secret, which he finds out later on when he is hired for royal security and ends up as her bodyguard. There’s tension between them as she didn’t tell him the truth.
The Unknown Gift
A princess, who is the only girl out of 5 children, is given to a neighbouring king who is know for his rough brutal nature, as gift so he will not conquer the land. Once they've left the castle the king can do what he wants with the princess. Though she was given away cause her father couldn't understand a gift she had or where she got it from, though being the only girl she got it from her mother. (I guess the mean king could find out about it)
Where is the communication? Bravery isn't ignoring someone, a strong person is someone who can be honest. Honesty may hurt but a lie or being ignorant can hurt ten times more.
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Where is the communication? Bravery isn't ignoring someone, a strong person is someone who can be honest. Honesty may hurt but a lie or being ignorant can hurt ten times more.
On/Offs; On/Offs Page
Ideas; Angel's Roleplay Ideas