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Started by Kara Danvers, September 10, 2023, 08:43:09 PM

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Kara Danvers

The VWA is the cutting edge of wrestling entertainment today!
Our all-inclusive wrestling compound has it all!
Our competitors live, train and compete right here on our grounds!
Do you have what it takes to join the revolution?!

Game Information

This game is designed to encompass the fun of wrestling with a social / slice of life slant.

The wrestlers / competitors  characters in the game will be limited to female or female presenting roles. There will be roles for male characters if interested, such as trainers, managers, etc.

Writers of any gender, identity, so forth are all welcome.

All characters will be OCs, and can come in with any level of wrestling skill / experience.

Characters will have a real life face claim.

All characters, face claims and writers will be 18 plus.

This game will be a hybrid of Discord and E. Most of the play will take place on Discord, and there will be a "live" IC chat for play.

The game will focus on story more than the in ring action, but there will be some matches. These will take place at least once per month in a "Pay Per View" situation, but players can do more if they so choose.

Matches will be decided with a simple roll system.

We will have a dedicated GM who will be playing the role of the commissioner, and will be introducing events and story points.

GMs will be Kara Danvers and Greenthorn.

[b]Age:[/b] Characters must be at least 18 years old.
[b]Role:[/b] This can be a active wrestler, manager, or trainer. All wrestlers will be female, or female identifying / presenting, while managers and trainers can be any gender.
[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]
[b]Faceclaim:[/b] Please pick a real life model.




[b]Ons & Offs:[/b] Feel free to link your thread or make a write up for this character here.

[b]Plot Seeds:[/b] Optional, but if there are specific story threads you'd like to write out let us know here!
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Super interested! Let's get ready to Ruuuuumbleeeee!


Cooking up a (possible head) medical trainer.


Sara Nilsson

oo looks interesting.. *puts on thinking hat*


Is this traditional wrestling or more like an Ultimate Surrender style wrestling?
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Kara Danvers

Traditional was what I have had in mind, but to be fair I'm not familiar with ultimate surrender.
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Quote from: Kara Danvers on September 12, 2023, 06:18:49 PM
Traditional was what I have had in mind, but to be fair I'm not familiar with ultimate surrender.
Two girls wrestle. Usually naked. The winner has their way with the loser. Typically there is some taunting/groping that goes on during the match, when a wrestler is pinned or whatnot. If you Google it you'll find it.
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Kara Danvers

I got ya! Well, this isn't that sort of wrestling. That being said, I imagine there will be plenty of smut going on, and if someone puts a wager on a match to belong to the winner, whose to stop them.
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Name: Erik Finlay
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Role: Medical Trainer
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Faceclaim: Jefferey Donovan


- Proud Albertan: Erik grew up in rural Alberta and moved to Calgary when he was eighteen to attend wrestling school. While he had the talent and drive, another calling pulled him away.
- Veteran: Erik did two tours as an Army medic before leaving for other pursuits.
- Big in Japan: Erik returned to wrestling in his mid-20s and earned a loyal following overseas for embracing strong style blended with technical submissions and high flying. Sadly, his career was cut short after a series of knee injuries grounded him.
- Medic: Erik did a stint as an EMT before going back to school for sports medicine. He has recently complete his schooling to become a Doctor of Sports Medicine.


Erik is generally a calm person. He has seen enough in his life that he is rarely agitated. When he needs to be, he can switch it on and he becomes seriously intense but rarely angry.

Ons & Offs: See signature.

Plot Hooks:

- owns a small wrestling school in British Columbia, primarily training talent hoping to break into Valkyrie in Joshi puroresu style;
- travels to Japan for several weeks throughout the year both for work and as a vacation;

Kara Danvers

Name: River St. Richards

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Role: Wrestler

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, female leaning.

Appearance: River is 5'11, dirty blonde hair, with a fit but firm body.

Faceclaim: Sommer Ray

History: Hailing from Los Angeles, California, River grew up in the shadow of Muscle Beach. At the age of eight, she saw her first match, and was hooked. She began training at the age of sixteen, lying about her age to gain admission to a training school. She learned from various trainers, gaining an expertise in power wrestling and submission tactics. She recently moved into the Valkyrie compound, determined to be the best in the world.

Personality: River is confidence, strong and confident. She always tries to fight for what she thinks is right, and prefers to play things fair and square in the ring. She wants to be the best ever, and she is determined to do it the right way.

Finisher:"Class 5" - Reverse STO (Flatliner)

Ons & Offs:

Plot Seeds:
Working her way up
Trying for gold
Discovering a rival
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snuff doll



Just Josie

Trailer Park Princess

Name: Llorona (Josefina "Josie" Marquez)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Role: Wrestler
Sexual Orientation: Straight-ish
Josie is dark-haired and small-statured for a wrestler, around 5'3" according to her driver's license.  She is also a little softer than other others in the ring, but she's certainly athletic, agile, and fast.

She typically dresses in a simple black leotard with black boots, which she will sometimes compliment with a t-shirt or a leather jacket.

The only eye-catching thing about her look is the makeup that's made to look like mascara that's run from tears.

Faceclaim: Camila Mendes

History: Straight out of the trailer parks and suburbs in Northern Indiana and with no official training, Josie got started doing backyard wrestling with her cousins and neighbors.  Her uncle, and more or less her guide, was a fanatic of the Attitude Era and 80s slashers, so it was he who helped her choose her horror-themed moniker, Llorona.  He told her that back then you played a character so that's the way she does it.

She started wrestling in the "big" matches held by local trailer parks, and she got big enough to take part in a yearly show in a proper indoor arena where she was noticed by a talent agent for Valkyrie Wrestling.  It would mean upending her whole life as a cashier at Home Depot, so she took the chance.

Personality: In-character, Llorona wails into the microphone with a manic almost maniac-like energy that she bases on Mankind's promos from back in the day, but adds her own touch of desperation.  Her style is a high-risk one with plenty of flying through the air and giving and taking big hits.  She's not averse to hardcore matches like they way used to do them.

Entrace Theme:
Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All) - Type O Negative
(starts at "She's got a date at midnight...")

Finisher: Black Tendrils (her own version of the Black Widow/Octopus Hold)

Black Tendrils

Ons & Offs: see sig!

Plot Seeds:
- Be the best heel she can be.
- High risk, hardcore, big events.
- Blue collar wrestler.
O/O (updated!)

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snuff doll

Was just going to express interest and ask a few questions but decided to get a character up just in case!  My frame of reference for wrestling is like a few years of watching it in high school but don't know much about how it works nowadays lol
O/O (updated!)

PM me here or discord at [snuffdollchat]

Kara Danvers

I love her Snuff Doll! I've sent you a pm with my discord info, just hit me up there and I can explain more!
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Name: Meridith "Giggles" Garrison
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Role: Wrestler - Heel
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Appearance: Scarey Clown in the ring
Faceclaim: Laura Gilbert @infamousbylaura

History: More of a performer than a fighter. Originally, Meridith was a costumer and cosplayer. When she found the league and applied to take part, she found that her fitness level was a good match for the sort of things she was required to do in the ring, and her skills in costuming, make-up and performance were put to good use as well. She's not the most skilled or technical fighter by any means, but she'll put on a show to end all shows if given the chance.

While she's not truthfully as in need of medication as her in-ring persona, you don't play a part like that without a little bit of a wild side rubbing off on you. When she's got her make-up on though, watch out!

Personality: A wild child of chaos. In the ring, her goal is to shift the dynamic, no matter what it is, divert expectations, and confuse opponents and management. While she wouldn't mind winning a belt, she'd likely turn it into something if given one. Maybe a unicorn horn, or a pair of handcuffs.

Finisher: While she has no official legal finisher, Smart opponents know that she's planning to put them to sleep, one way or another and leave them with their own clown make-up when they awaken.
The giant mallet she sometimes brings down with her to ringside is NOT just for show.

Ons & Offs: O & O's

Plot Seeds: The perfect person to call when things just need to go sideways.
Might not actually want the belt, but what if she got it?
Not always willing to listen to the booking, but will always put on a crowd-pleaser of a show.

Not always a force of Chaos

Marie Reynolds

Character Picture

Name: Agnes Dehayes aka The Amazing Diane
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Role: Wrestler/Mascot-Tweener
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual & Demisexual(Leans towards females)
Appearance:Agnes is 4'10” and weighs a 120lbs has a body type  is a mix of above average muscles stone and  a Athletic build. She has  shoulder length blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Ring Appearance: She wears a black formal waist coat with coat tails and a  Top hat. She wears a  white button down blouse and a black vest over that.  She wears formal looking Capri cut pants that come down to mid calf and black flats. She will on occasion bring a  trunk of Magician props and restraints to the ring.
Faceclaim:Stephanie Sanzo

History: Agnes was born  as an only child  and  set to become an Heiress of the Dehayes family. The Dehayes family had been know for being eccentric yet  shrewd in matters of business and finance and this was where the families incredible wealth came from. The family had a wide variety of investments some traditional and others no so traditional. They had a love for Professional wrestling and Magicians and Escape artists. So they invested in a few of these endeavor and even helped fund a school for Magicians, Escape artists and  Assistants. She has a penchant to also be a big nerd as well. In her youth she study and competed in tournaments in Brazilin Ju Jitsu. Agnes education  when she graduated high school was a mix of conventional and unconventional studies. At the age of 22 she had a bachelor degree with a dual major in Business Management and Theatre with a Minor in dance. A the age of 25  she completed a masters in Finance. After that she attended her families school for Magician, Escape artists and Assistants. At the age of 34 she inherited the family wealth and became the Head of the Family.

Personality:Agnes normal personality is that of a kind and adventurous eccentric. Her Ring Persona The Amazing Diane is a confident women with a flair for showmanship and has a  Playful trickster streak to her.

Finisher: The Amazing Diane's Finale which is just her giving her own personal flair  to name her finisher which is a Submission hold called the Straight jacket Crossface.

Ons & Offs:
Plot Seeds:  This is of course if Mighty maiden would be okay with this. I got this inspiration from seeing her character and thought another perform type wrestler would be fun to have in the game. Her Persona to be a Morally Ambiguous Playful trickster to be a bit of a foil and rival to Meredith “Giggles” Garrison and Possibly some of the antics between the two is a regular issue of  Meredith “Giggles” Garrison putting Agnes Dehayes aka the Amazing Diane in predicaments that cause her to be restrained and have to escape from like before a match. Though I would like Meredith and Agnes to be friendly terms with each other outside the ring.
Matches as a result of her own pranks.
Introducing a new type of  Matches with a slight bondage theme to determine the victor.
Would also like to see her do some Promotional Escape shows for Valkyrie Wrestling.
Would also like to see a plot point if the GM's are Okay with  it that she is an investor and used her status to get her entered into training to be apart of  the show.
Has no real intention of striving to be a champion in any of the divisions She more over looks to be a Wrestler/Mascot type persona.


Quote from: Marie Reynolds on September 17, 2023, 03:03:20 PM
  This is of course if Mighty maiden would be okay with this. I got this inspiration from seeing her character and thought another perform type wrestler would be fun to have in the game. Her Persona to be a Morally Ambiguous Playful trickster to be a bit of a foil and rival to Meredith “Giggles” Garrison and Possibly some of the antics between the two is a regular issue of  Meredith “Giggles” Garrison putting Agnes Dehayes aka the Amazing Diane in predicaments that cause her to be restrained and have to escape from like before a match. Though I would like Meredith and Agnes to be friendly terms with each other outside the ring.
Matches as a result of her own pranks.a.

Of course, it's fine! and it's not just because I want to run my tongue all over that gorgeous muscled body, nope.. totally not.  ;D

Marie Reynolds

Glad to hear you like the Idea Mighty Maiden and if we get accepted I am sure we can work out something to see that happen! ;D Meredith is quite stunning as well.

Kara Danvers

MM, Marie, I LOVE your girls! I have sent you a PM Marie, so just check when you get a chance!
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Name: Rosa Fuentes
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Role: Wrestler.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, female-leaning
Appearance: Standing at 5'7", 124 lbs of sculpted muscle and deceptively soft curves, Rosa is a guaranteed eye-catcher.  Inside the ring, she tend to keep her hair in a ponytail, and outside, she wears it loose, down to her mid-back.  In the ring, she usually competes in athletic shorts and a sports bra, looking like she just came out from training in the gym.
Faceclaim: Anllela Sagra

History:  Rosa grew up watching wrestling with her dad, but as a little girl, she found it way too ridiculous, and let it fall by the wayside.  Though she did get a kick out of all the cool moves.  As she got older, she channeled her interest in a slightly different direction, becoming an MMA fighter.  While she didn't carve out any records for herself, she had an excellent career, winning championships three times before she left.  The reason?  The fights themselves were a huge rush, but otherwise, the sport was, well, boring.  So, hearing about the upstart Valkyrie promotion, she decided to give it a shot, and embrace her inner carnie a little while still getting to kick 8 kinds of ass.

Personality: Outside the ring, Rosa is an absolute smartass, with a surprisingly good sense of humor.  She likes a good joke, and can be extremely social.  While she respects the hell out of the business, she doesn't take it as seriously as some.  Inside the ring, on the other hand, she is a merciless, stone-cold killer, and when the bell rings, everything else gets left by the wayside in favor of complete and utter domination.

Finisher:  TFT ("Time For Traction") (Muscle buster)

Ons & Offs: I really need to do an o/o page one of these days...For brevity's sake, no one here so far is into anything I'd run from!

Plot Seeds: Rosa toes the line between respecting wrestling, and embracing it for the circus it can be.  Who will one view or the other rub the wrong way?

Rosa came to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and she just threw out her bubblegum.  Who will she step up to to make a name for herself?

The House isn't just about the wrestling.  What will happen when in- and out-of-ring lives collide?


Name: 'The Torture Device' Cassandra Drake
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Role: Wrestler
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Appearance: Blonde and sporty, not overly muscled as in she's hiding watermelons in her upper arms, but if she were to flex then they would definitely be on show.
Faceclaim: Sydney Sweeney.

History: Born in the fires of Japanese dojos, Cassandra started training as soon as she was able to leave her home in Colorado and took a teaching job in Japan as an English teacher but would do wrestling, judo and various other martial arts after work and on the weekends. Often, she would need to style her hair to hide the occasional errant bruise on her face or across her neck. Eventually, she got to the standard where she would be able to take some minuscule indie bookings and eventually, she got famous on social media. She would have the occasional gif posted online and eventually became famous as 'that blonde girl' but that was good enough for Cassandra. Slowly, her style began to develop and punches evolved into wicked gunshot-like chops as well as clubbing forearms her grapples exceeded the usual judo throws and began to develop into German suplexes and brain busters. She even started to toy with acrobatic moves and squeezed an Arabian press into her moveset.

Eventually, Cassandra was scouted by the VWA and she moved back home to the US. Looking over her contract, Cassandra eagerly signed on and has now settled into her new home. She has issues with signing autographs or taking selfies but so long as there's a 'please' and 'thank you' in there she will often bite the bullet and do it. She will only sign named autographs though, she does not look fondly on eBay sellers.

Personality: Stern from the fires of the dojo, it will often shine through in the ring, aggressive and focused. If she's working on a body part she will never let go.

Finisher: Label Lock/Crippler Crossface

Ons & Offs: Here!

Plot Seeds: Coming back from the land of the rising sun has gifted her some jealousy from other in-ring performers both from Japanese natives and also from fellow immigrants who are looking to get famous in the same way.


Jackie out of the ring
Name: "All Thrash" Jackie Danes
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Role: Wrestler
Sexual Orientation: Bi, female-leaning
Appearance: While Jackie doesn't have the ripped, toned physique of some wrestlers, her generous curves make up for it.  She is about average height at 5'7" and weighs 190 lbs.  In the ring, she totally transforms, throwing on a wig, horns, and assorted jewelry and fake piercings to show off her inner rock goddess.
History: Jackie never planned to be a wrestler.  Growing up, she wanted to be a rock star.  She taught herself to play guitar, and through high school and college she was in a variety of bands.  Once she got out in the real world, she had to accept that music wasn't paying the bills, but there wasn't enough money on earth to make her work a normal 9-to-5.  She took odd jobs, bartending, and even bouncing at some of her favorite bars and clubs.  One day, a friend suggested she give wrestling a try.  As it turned out, years of moshing and brawling in bars goes a long way in the ring, if the ref's not looking!  Jackie caught on in the Indies and was eventually invited to join Valkyrie Wrestling.

Personality: Jackie is a wild girl.  If she weren't obligated to stay in the House, she'd be the first to go dive bar hopping and stay out until the sun came up.  She's flippant, and sometimes brutally honest.  While she can in fact be an awesome friend and fun to be around, her blunt attitude and general lack of respect tend to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

Finisher: Party's Over (Sheer drop brainbuster)

Ons & Offs:

Plot Seeds: Is someone going to finally give Jackie the attitude adjustment she sorely needs?

While Jackie's willing to do business, can she stick to the script if things get heated?


Name: Brianne Williams
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Role: Commissioner
Sexual Orientation: Find out
Appearance: A lovely woman with honey-brown hair and brown eyes, an average 5’7 and curvy build.  She tends to look very well put together.
Faceclaim: Kelly Brook

History: Brianne attended school for business management and has worked on a few different programs, most famously several athletic competitions shows that were resounding hits.

Personality: Rather no-nonsense, she’s there to run a business.  But beneath that she also cares about the people helping her build that business and can secretly be a mother hen, making sure athletes aren’t pushing themselves and no one is causing unnecessary drama outside the ring

Finisher: You’re benched, the ability to bench an athlete from competing.

Ons & Offs: Available here

Plot Seeds:
- She's the commissioner, approach her for a match


after my failed attempt at something like this, I'm definately interested if you'll have me