The Nightmare That Came to Pleasant Hills (horror system game | interest check)

Started by TheHangedOne, September 03, 2023, 02:52:37 PM

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First a disclaimer: This is, fundamentally, a horror story. It will involve elements of body horror, extreme violence (both sexual and non-sexual), and other, potentially triggering subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

The year is 1987. We're two years into the Cold War with the Soviets, and the sixth year of Ronald Reagan's presidency. Hellraiser just came out in theaters to shock and scare a populace unready for the sights they were shown, and The Lost Boys began the vampire craze. It is a time of rotary phones, and scandalously short skirts with tights and slouchy socks. Big hair, neon colors, slap bracelets, and friendship pins, were all the rage in the high schools. On the radio, Randy Travis' "Forever and Ever, Amen" enjoyed its third week in Billboard's #1 spot while the more mainstream "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Pour Some Sugar On Me"  played from cassette tapes.

In the country of America is the state of Louisiana; and in Lousiana lies a small town called Pleasant Hills. Built on the titular series of three hills jutting out of the bayou, six thousand some odd souls call this place home. With such iconic stores as "Main Street Liquor", "Sam's Spaghetti", and "Bayou Billy's Bait Shop", and a payphone on every corner, what's not to love?

If you're looking for something more entertaining,  the introduction of Blockbuster Video and West Coast Video began the war on which one has the best new releases and the worst late fees. The neighborhood kids flocked to the strip mall on their bikes to hang out at Sam Goody, Pizza Hut, and a small arcade known as The Danger Zone.

Sadly enough, as so often happens, a great tragedy is about to befall the citizens of Pleasant Hills. It all started six months ago, when astronomers became aware of a red "orb" in the sky--only visible to the strongest of telescopes, sending excited murmurs through the scientific community--but it would take quite a bit more time before this became relevant to the citizens of Pleasant Hills.

Five months before our story starts, an increasingly strange phenomena began to seize the people of America. First hundreds, then hundreds of thousands of people having the same recurring dream, night after night. They dream of a mist from the sea, rolling over the coast; and the dead rising to consume the living. Reports of the nightmare vary from person to person, but they are all experiencing the same thing. Most only hear about the dreams from the late night ramblings of DJ Nocturnal and the whispers across the dinner table over the usual meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

(Trigger warning) An increased rate in homicides, suicides, and self-harm is noted.

Four months before our story starts, the red eye becomes visible to the naked human eye. Many people gather nightly, and stare up at it. "The Red Eye" becomes a popular colloquialism for the asteroid (or comet. Or meteorite. Experts disagree on what it is). On the first night it becomes visible, some individuals (who had suffered from nightmares), begin to sleep walk. In their hazy states, they begin to disassemble electronics and predominantly metallic items, and construct crude antennas in their yards (or the nearest available flat space).

The 'builders' do not know why they are building. They do not have any recollection of their activities. However, they all agree: The Signal is coming. We must be ready to receive The Signal. Experts dismiss it as mass hysteria; the religious and the spiritual all see signs of something greater at work.

In this same time period, many religious individuals splinter off and form cults. Every cult seems to have a different interpretation of events, but many in the predominantly Christian America, believe this is a sign of Judgment Day approaching. Some of these cults contain only dozens of furtive people; while others grow overnight into the thousands, becoming militant and dogmatic, consumed by zeal.

A further increase in violence occurs and in more populated cities, riots break out; cults openly fight against "non-believers" (typically other cultists with different interpretations). Madness grips not just the country of America, but the world itself.

Three weeks before our story starts, Pleasant Hills is now under the control of a cult known as "The Vigil". Sermon attendance is mandatory and non-believers are publicly "made an example of" via crucifixion. A splinter cell, "The Inner Eye", holds up in a hastily constructed compound on the outskirts of town. Well-armed, they insist that "The Vigil" are being misled; they are receiving a false signal. The "Inner Eye" fanatics work tirelessly on a far more massive, but equally crude, antenna in their compound, venturing out in armed groups to seize primarily cars, but also tools. They must be ready to receive the signal. We must all be ready to receive the signal.

One week before our story starts. The coasts of all countries, everywhere in the world, are covered in a cold mist that blows in off of the sea. Scientists are baffled, and incapable of offering any sort of answer as to how or why. The mist persists; it does not behave like it's supposed to. Those with asthma report an increased difficulty breathing in the mist, but for the most part, it is more annoying than actually threatening.

Three days before our story starts. The mists have stopped approximately one mile away from Pleasant Hills. The town is spared. According to "The Vigil", it is because God has found them worthy of salvation; according to "The Inner Eye", it is because The Signal is coming. Tensions increase between both groups.

The night before our story starts, The Eye fails to appear in the night sky. That evening, a massive explosion is heard by all, but from too far away to know where it's coming from. Many radio and TV signals are disrupted, becoming static-clogged and inconsistent, or just disappearing entirely. There is some hysteria among those with small children and discarded televisions can be seen on curbs while jokesters run around yelling, "They're Hereeeee". Phones can't seem to reach anywhere outside of Pleasant Hills. People spend the night furtively huddling in shelter, or praying for salvation.

Notably, DJ Nocturnal's signal keeps coming in strong. He vows not to leave the people alone. He starts broadcasting night and day, without pause.

(Trigger warning) The dawn rises. One hundred and eight members of the leadership of "The Vigil" have chosen to take their own lives. Deprived of leadership, the group fractures into over two dozen smaller groups, who immediately begin fighting each other for supremacy. Our story begins in the wake of this tragedy, burdened by the uncertainty of what is happening beyond, and a very real civil war ripping their town apart.

This is where our story starts. The story of how we learned to survive this mad, mad world.

This game is the brain child of me, The Hanged One, but it will be brought into this world with the able assistance of my friend Greenthorn.  As mentioned previously, this is a horror game; your characters will witness travesties and tragedies, and even be subjected to them. Be prepared (or perish).

*We will be aiming for a post rate of 2-3 times a week. We will happily accommodate slower posters. If you should miss a round of posting, we will move your character along on autopilot with the main group. 
*We do not require faceclaims, but welcome them.
*We will be using headers to keep a uniform look for the posts.
* Character sheets will involve an inventory section, and you, as the player, will be responsible for keeping your character's inventory up to date. I, THO, will also be maintaining an 'armory/pantry' list of supplies that have been stockpiled by the survivors (they will start the game with a safe haven, though poor in-game decisions can result in its loss).
*We will have both a Discord server and an OOC thread. Discord is not required and the GMs will keep an eye on both places equally and ensure that any important information is given in both.
*We are putting a soft cap at 10 players, but can begin with 6. We have ways to bring in new characters, and remove old ones (or even to bring back new ones). If we have reached the cap, feel free to post your character sheet--when a spot becomes available, we will reach out to you, and see if you are still interested.
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Very cool idea. I hope you get some takers. I have sworn off games with posting requirements but I am sure y'all will get some takers.
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*Offers hugs.* It's alright. Good luck with your games, Wolfling. <3
A&A's and O&O's *Status: Here and there | Games: Aiming for punctuality*
"In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends."
"In the ocean of knowledge, only those who want to learn will see the land."
"Before you roar, please take a deep breath."
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