Pokémon new order (interest check)

Started by azzmeister89, September 02, 2023, 04:22:01 PM

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Ok so I have tried to create a Pokémon story in the past but it generally failed due to a few silly choices on my part for team building rules. I'm here to try again however and hopefully this time it works.

Team building rules.
1. You are allowed a team of six Pokémon with an additional ten in reserve.
2. You are allowed only two pseudo legendary Pokémon on your list but only one on your active six at any given time. No actual legendary or mythical Pokémon though.
3. Regional variants are allowed except the past versions from legends Arceus.
4. Both paradox Pokémon and ultra beasts will not exist in this game.
5. One of your 16 Pokémon must be a starter from your characters home region (Pikachu and Eevee don't count)
6. Mega evolution, Dynamax, Z moves and Terrastalise will be limited to one of each per character (one Pokémon can be assigned multiple gimmicks)
7. HM moves like fly, surf ext will not exist. We will use logic however. A trainer could certainly ride on the back of a Braviary but not a pidgey.
8. A shiny Pokémon is allowed on your team but just one as they are supposed to be rare.

The story.

For the past six years Team Rocket have been quiet and causing no trouble until one day they come back in force, absorbing or completely wiping out the other evil teams and now stand to take over the whole Pokémon world.

Several gym leaders in each region have already fallen to the new executive members and even the world famous trainer Red has vanished so Professor Oak has called on Elite trainers from across the world to come together and take Team Rocket down for good.

Character sheets will come when I get some interest.


I'm intrigued, but I'm more interested in what sort of story will be told and what sort of adventures are likely than what Pokémon we have to pick from.

Or perhaps the fact that I'm not as interested in that aspect means this isn't for me?
I guess what it comes down to is this. Is it more about Pokémon battles and card game rules? or about people and action.


The story is what's most important and the relationships the trainers build with each other but because this is the world of Pokémon we can't forget about our characters bonds with their Pokémon, the various rules on teams is simply for keeping things clear and balanced especially if battle happens between player characters.