Long time listener first time caller full time baddie (MFF check)

Started by Francisco, August 24, 2023, 11:05:06 PM

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In the spirit of my mentor, RDJ's Iron Man, I'ma try to run before I can walk.

Hello fellow Ellos! (That's Elliquiy people for short and also rhyming purposes) My name is Cisco. I know it says Francisco but that's a lie! Nobody calls me that. And when they do, I know I'm in so much troubuuuule!

I'm here to see if I can tempt a few fair maidens - unfair ones are welcome too if they promise not to stomp on my balls too much - into a seemingly intricate but really very obviously dirty roleplay.
Spoiler warning
It contains incestuous themes

I'd like to explore the OTT lives of the 1% of the 1%. They are the scourge of our world but pretending to be them might be fun, right? All the vicarious thrill and none of the carbon footprint. These people have everything they could possibly want, and yet they still want more. They're living - or in this case imaginary - proof that human desire is immortal.

In many ways I am preparing full on attack on our morals, to the point that it begs the question, do they keep us in line or are they holding us back? (See, I'm not just a perv. I'm a philosophical perv!). The story will have two fixed points. My character who lives large and his muse, who remains tethered to the real world, working by its rules, believing that will help her get ahead. My preference would be for her to be someone famous too. So she is an example of how the 1% of the 1% can still serve society. And he is the exact opposite. Their intertwining will form the rest of the roleplay. In my mind, the endgame is her giving in. The (seemingly) good and pure succumbing to the derelict and deviant. 

Now about that spoiler warning
In the course of their courtship, I was drawn to the idea of them pretending to be brother and sister or aunt and nephew or mother and son. Like how we're all pretending here. Ngl, I watched Inception recently in preparation for Oppenheimer and I decided an RP within an RP is my dream within a dream XD

In my head, which is at best a great big jumble of food, movies, puns and porn, it seemed like a non-obtrusive way of exploring a dangerous kink. I can take it or leave it - which is why I made sure there is already a lot happening in it without the RP within an RP. See, I'm clever! - but I did want to at least put it out there.

You'll also notice I've stuck this in the group requests thread. I'm looking for two cis women to partner me in this. One to play the other lead and another to be my GBF - Girl Boss Friday. There may be scope for more characters depending on people's interest but for right now, I'm thinking MFF

This place feels deeply formal so if I've made a misstep in this ad, please forgive me. And also, if any of you out there who are interested in the story have ways to make it a better fit for you, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm around on PM and Discord.