Open Until 8/22!: Barkeep on the Borderlands (Fantasy System Pub Crawl)

Started by Nastara, August 14, 2023, 09:36:00 PM

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You meet in a tavern...

The Monarch lies dying of a deadly, but slow-acting poison. They drained the coffees to pay for a powerful antidote of blood of a unicorn, feather of a phoenix, toenail of a giant, and eye of a tiger. The antidote is a powerful magic... but not one that is saving the Monarch as it was apparently mixed up in the delivery to one of the Keep's many pubs.

It is, unfortunately, also a time of celebration, the yearly Raves of Chaos festival that celebrates the victory of brave heroes who rid the Keep of danger many years ago. In celebration, few if any laws are enforced and adventurers and drunks are charged with being the hand of the crown.

Your Jolly Crew has come together to claim the hefty reward the Monarch is offering (the victors weight in gold along with a barony in the Borderlands recently acquired edges) by plunging into the bars, pubs, taverns, and whorehouses of the Keep on the Borderlands.

The Setting
From the Barkeep on the Borderlands scenario...
"Barkeep on the Borderlands is a barhopping, fantasy adventure amidst Mardi Gras-like festivities, including 20 detailed pubs and dynamic drinking rules.

Barkeep on the Borderlands flips the script on the tired trope of starting in a tavern. In this adventure, players explore the many taverns  of  the Keep in search of a missing antidote, getting into shenanigans along the way. The pubcrawl is like a dungeoncrawl  but with bars and streets instead of rooms and corridors."

The Game
This will be using a variant on a couple of modern OSR games with a focus on making play move quickly, surprisingly, and to resolve combat quickly. Characters will have their DnD style stats, a handful of items, and a couple of other small advantages, but they are largely level 0 or 1 characters.

Combat will be resolved quickly, with just a couple of rolls, and losing will lead to wild fucking rather than death!

I'm a story gamer first, so definitely expect narrative first and mechanics as added flavor!

The Jolly Crew
For this game, I'm looking for a rough team of lady adventurers, rogues, layabouts, and drunks who see an opportunity to make some coin and take it. They may be traditional adventurers, but they might just be on the cusp of it. The game will have high weirdness but start at relatively low power levels. Magic items and growth will be super available, as will plenty of sex! I want to keep things fun, flirty, and light either way! Death will not be a concern, with hitting 0 HP more or less guaranteeing that you stumble out of a brothel covered in cum in the morning!

If we finish Barkeep on the Borderlands, I'm also open to moving on to the larger world, though there's PLENTY to do in this book and emergent play always adds more!

I've put below a little bit of code (also posted in the thread itself) for people to fill in regarding what kind of character they would like to play.  I would love to be able to have everyone play but in the interest of not over-reaching beyond what I can manage, the team size is going to hover around 5.  As such, I'll be looking at characters, sexual prefs, etc, and trying to put together the game that will treat all of us best!  You are welcome to put as much into this (and provide additional information) if you wish, but I'm mostly looking for interesting characters.

What I'm looking for in terms of finding characters (because people always ask!) is:
-Dynamic, interesting characters with description physically and/or personality that catches my eye!
-Female rapscallions who are quick to dive into adventure and drinks!
-Goodness-of-Fit with kinks/character roles/combat roles!

In terms of my own kinks and prefs, I will be looking for adult characters and skipping 'small' creatures (like gnomes/halflings/goblins). In general, I would prefer art claims over face claims to help keep everything fantastical!

also im a sucker for big tits but i wont let that influence me

[b]Adventurer Info[/b]
[float=right][img width=300 padding=10]http://PIC URL[/img][/float]
[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Race/Profession/Vibe: [/b]
[b]Why Risk This?:[/b]
[B]What's Your Drink Of Choice?[/b]
[b]Interested In: [/b]This is mostly what YOU the player are interested in. This can include types of partners as well as kinks if you would like!
[b]Brief Description: [/b]At least some physical, some personality. Feel free to include NPCs, places, factions, or whatever if they add to it!
[b]How Often Do You Elliquiy?: [/b]Daily? Weekly? Constantly but only on weekends? Just give me a little pattern.

Character Creation
Character Creation will be simple and can be done once we have a group together. If you'd rather make your character stats and all (for example, if you want to roll on tables to generate a concept), let me know! I'm currently working up a little writeup, but it will be QUICK generation when it's up.

Character creation is a modified version of the Macchiato Monsters rules! If you want to do it now, feel free to. If not, you can wait until the team is assembled in the OOC area. In general, I'm not too worried about balancr, because a lot of our goal is to fail and fuck! If you roll something and don't like it, change it. If youd rather pick, I won't stop you.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

1. Roll 3d6 each for STRength, INTelligence, WISdom, DEXterity,
CONstitution, and CHArisma. Swap scores as you please.
2. Invent a trait; for example, a race, occupation, background, or faction.  You have Advantage on a roll when a trait is relevant.
3. Record your hit die: d6.
4. Choose two below (or the same entry twice):
▪ Add d6 to a stat that is 10 or less.
▪ Write down another trait.
▪ Gain a hit die of the type you already have.
▪ Martial training: step up your hit die or dice
▪ Specialistic training: come up with a daily ability (ex: faithful pet, resist pain, twin weapons, silver tongue, detect lie, light
sleeper, trick shots, martial arts, acrobatics, and so on. Spell-like abilities are
possible, but if you want a magical character, maybe you should look at magic
training below.
* Magic training: come up with two spells. Spells are described in a few words, such as Control Undead, Sense Magic,
Battlefire, Summon Forest Animals, Flight… You have to come up with the
spells your character knows. The more precise the wording, and therefore the
narrower the focus of the spell, the easier it is to use
5. Roll your hit die or dice for your current hit points total. You can decide to permanently spend 1 point of CON to roll again (add 1 to your HP if you
don’t roll better).
7. Roll for your equipment, weapons, armour, and such. Talk to the
Referee and decide what your gear says about your character. A character starts with random stuff, including armour and weapons. Roll d20,
d12, d10, d8, d6, and d4 on the following nine tables. You have to decide a table
and a die before you roll, but you can ignore tables, or roll several dice on the
same one.

The tables are:
Equipment and Food
Wealth and Valuables
Melee Weapons
Missile Weapons
Magical Trinkets
Heirlooms & Heritage

Equipment Tables

Equipment and Food
. Bread and ham Δ4, ragged cloth bag, sock filled with pebbles.
2. Dry biscuits and nuts Δ8, backpack, blanket, rope Δ10, pilgrim hat.
3. Jar of snail soup Δ6, old ox, rolled up carpet, 2 sacks, crowbar.
4. Boiled turnips and butter Δ6, empty saddlebags, bedroll, 2 bear traps.
5. Liver and pepper sausage Δ4, torches Δ6, grave robber's tools Δ8, iron spikes Δ6.
6. Dried beans & meat Δ8, calligrapher's tools Δ8, holy symbol Δ6, lantern & oil Δ8.
7. Freshly killed rabbits Δ4, traps, sack, bedroll, candles Δ4, dice.
8. Dried apples Δ8, shepherd's dog, backpack, tent Δ10, torches Δ6.
9. Road bread and salted trout Δ8, large net, bounty letter, manacles.
10. Flour and dried mutton Δ4, old horse, rain coat, torches Δ6.
11. Boar terrine and ale Δ6, holy water Δ6, alchemist's tools Δ8, candles Δ4.
12. Confit duck and cabbage pickle Δ6, bag of charcoal, fishing pole, playing cards.
13. Fresh bread and fruit Δ6, oil lamp Δ4, local map, shovel, rope ladder.
14. Live hen in a cage Δ6, bedroll, torches Δ6, cook's tools, tarot cards.
15. Blood sausage and bad wine Δ6, locksmith's tools, backpack, lantern & oil Δ8.
16. Honey and lemon cakes Δ4, fancy travel clothes, war horse, magic reagents Δ6.
17. Spicy otter pies Δ6, courtier's tools Δ8, fine cloak, songbird in a cage.
18. Fish cakes and wine Δ6, bag of coffee Δ8, con man's tools, rope Δ10, loaded dice.
19. Sealed meals Δ8, scrollmaker's tools Δ8, wizard hat, spyglass, magic reagents Δ8.
20. Peppered cheese and cider Δ4, fine horse, cartographer's tools Δ8, torches Δ6

Wealth and Valuables

1. Carved tooth on a string

2. Bag of long, rusty nails

3. Furs worth copper Δ10

4. Pocketful of copper farthings Δ6
5. Length of silk worth silver Δ10
6. Funeral urns worth silver Δ6
7. Stack of coded letters, bag of silver Δ4
8. Leather pouch of silver Δ8
9. Religious books worth silver Δ12
10. Large bag of silver Δ10
11. Stolen jewellery worth silver Δ12
12. Embroidered pouch of electrum Δ6
13. Fancy clothes worth electrum Δ8
14. Electrum ingot worth Δ10
15. Velvet bag of electrum Δ10
16. Signet ring worth gold Δ8
17. Money belt with gold Δ6
18. Ingot of platinum Δ4
19. Heavy statuette worth platinum Δ6
20. Mighty magic scroll worth gold Δ10

Mêlée Weapons

1. Blackjack d4 or pitchfork d6

2. Dagger or poniard d4

3. Whip or scourge d4

4. Hatchet or hammer d6
5. Voulge or glaive d6*
6. Short sword or sax d6
7. Quarterstaff or shillelagh d6
8. Rapier or cutlass d6
9. Awl pike or spear d6/d6*
10. Bill-hook or corseque d8*
11. Dane axe or flail d8/d8*
12. Arming sword or scimitar d8
13. Sabre or yatagan d8
14. Pike or halberd d8*
15. Bec de corbin or mace d8*
16. Bastard sword or claymore d8/d8*
17. Lucerne hammer or maul d10*
18. Lochaber axe or halberd d10*
19. Morgenstern or triple-flail d10
20. Flamberge or zweihander d10*
*: two-handed weapon: grants the
wielder advantage to damage
Missile weapons
1. Polished rocks d4 (bag Δ10)
2. Throwing knives d4 (belt Δ4)
3. Darts d6 (quiver Δ6)
4. Sling d4 (bag of stones Δ10)
5. Hand crossbow d6 (bolts Δ8)
6. Duelling pistol Δ6 (powder & shot Δ4)
7. Bolas d4
8. Javelins d6 (quiver Δ4)
9. Long bow d8 (arrows Δ8)
10. Blunderbuss Δ8* (powder & nails Δ4)
11. Horse pistol Δ8 (powder & shot Δ4)
12. Nomad bow d6 (arrows Δ8)
13. Throwing axes d6 (belt Δ4)
14. Heavy throwing star d6
15. Repeating crossbow d8 (bolts Δ10)
16. Grenades Δ10* (belt Δ4)
17. War crossbow d10 (bolts Δ8)
18. Atlatl d8 (javelins Δ6)
19. Arquebus Δ8 (powder & shot Δ6)
20. Musket Δ10 (powder & shot Δ6)
*: hits grouped targets at the
Referee's discretion
1. Ill-fitting helmet Δ4*
2. Buckler or leather shield
3. Hide tunic and fur hat Δ4*
4. Leather coat Δ4 and round shield
5. Gambeson or padded leather Δ4*
6. Cuir bouilli Δ6
7. Leather harness Δ6
8. Studded leather Δ6 with shield
9. Breastplate Δ6
10. Ring or splint mail Δ8
11. Scale mail or lorica Δ8
12. Breastplate Δ8, helmet and shield
13. Mail shirt Δ8
14. Mail and leather Δ8 with shield
15. Hauberk Δ8 with round shield
16. Rusty composite plate Δ10
17. Breastplate and mail with coif Δ10
18. Heavy plate Δ10, tower shield
19. Etched platemail Δ10, kite shield
20. Full plate Δ10, heater shield
*: combine with other armour to step
up its Risk Die to a maximum of Δ10
Magical Trinkets
1. Good luck charm from a loved one
2. Jar of universal antidote Δ6
3. Primitive bronze statuette (Δ4 R.)
4. Handful of goodberries (heal Δ4)
5. Relic of a demisaint (Δ6 R.)
6. Vial of paralysing poison Δ6
7. Pouch of the oracle's incense Δ4
8. Bunch of bearowl feathers (Δ8 R.)
9. Snail's flails (damage Δ6 or as R.)
10. Potion of metamorphosis (lasts Δ10)
11. Blue-black powder Δ10 (R. if snorted)
12. Elixir of the Cross (heal Δ8)
13. Cloak of armour Δ10 (or as R.)
14. Socks of cloudwalking Δ8
15. Shrunk monkey heads (Δ12 R.)
16. Fez of Empathy Δ8 (or as R.)
17. Coins from the Shadow City (Δ12 R.)
18. Infaillible darts (damage Δ10)
19. Box of Ju-ju coffee beans (Δ12 R.)
20. Wand of compulsion Δ10 (or as R.)
R: use as reagent to cast more spells

Heirlooms & Heritage
1. A curse! Your blood carries something bad, like lycanthropy or passive-aggressiveness.
2. A shiny button, handed down from one generation to the next.
3. Half a map to… treasure maybe? Hard to say until you find the other part.
4. Grandad’s war axe (d6). It’s worn and badly balanced, but still serviceable.
5. A box of vintage red wine that was kept for a special occasion (Silver Δ8).
6. Mom’s sword (d8). It has a name, a story, and maybe a minor magic power.
7. The deed to a mine, somewhere deep in the Borderlands.
8. A minor noble title (Knightess, Baronnet, Bey, Patrician...) and little else.
9. You ancestor made this arrow that never misses (d8). It‘s never been shot.
10. A big inheritance (gold Δ12) from a distant aunt. Comes with a condition.
11. The formula for a powerful, unique spell. Worth a lot to some people.
12. A noble title (Rais, Viscount, Duchess, Khan...) and a bodyguard (Δ10).
13. A huge, magic coffee maker. Makes a brew you can charge premium for.
14. The key to an archwizard’s tower and a command word for... something.
15. Scourge Slayer (d12), a powerful weapon destined to save the world. Maybe.
16. The true name of a demon princess, and incomplete instructions to use it.
17. A magical, talking orchid that knows the way to a garden of wonders.
18. Divine blood, no magical powers. You are very special to some cults though.
19. Shares in a planar trade company. It pays you dividends every year (platinum Δ6)
20. The throne! At least you have a good spot on the line of succession.
Faith *
1. I am a humble and worthless servant of the Provider of Rye and Milk (Δ4)
2. I bear the chains of a priest in the service of the Slaver Empress (Δ6)
3. The Dealer of Fate sometimes shows me their hand (Δ4)
4. I have copied so many sacred texts I can quote scripture all day long (Δ4)
5. As a Constable of Eternal Law, I must always enforce the rules (Δ6)
6. I swallowed a relic once, and it never came out (Δ4)
7. The Gilded Crowned Head teaches us that wealth is the true sainthood (Δ6)
8. The Everquesting Brothers make a vow to always uncover the truth (Δ6)
9. I just believe in Mother Nature, man! (Δ6)
10. As a Poor Sister of the Tearful Beard, I cannot own anything (Δ8)
11. I am an Architect of the Real, a builder of wondrous machines (Δ6)
12. The path of a Peacemonger is arduous, especially among adventurers (Δ10)
13. In believe I Chaos chaos C H A O S (Δ8) chaos soɐɥɔ chaos
14. My Church ventures into the wilderness to further Holy Civilisation (Δ8)
15. The material plane is a mere illusion. Sinners, embrace the Void Vibrant! (Δ8)
16. Everything dies, say the LØrds of EntrØpy. I accept my part in their plan. (Δ8)
17. Do you have twelve hours to talk about Our Lady and Soulcrusher? (Δ8)
18. I am an avatar of the Wanderer. I must walk ever and ever on. (Δ10)
19. I have blinded myself in exchange for blessings from the Eternal Night (Δ10)
20. Angor the Resentful speaks through me and kills by my hand. Now repent. (Δ12)
*: Rolled several times? Well, you’re serving several deities. Good luck with that.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask! I look forward to drinking with you!
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Barkeep on the Borderlands
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oh that sounds funny and sexy as hell. Reminds me of Tavern sluts from cherry-gig. :)

Count me in !


I've been reading it and it looks like such a fun adventure with like, a little bit of everything in it. Obviously I'll flavor it to be more of the sex romp that Elliquiy does so well.

Okay! So I'm pumped to see interest, I'll try to get this thread tidied up into an actual recruitment thread tonight! In the meantime, if anyone sees this they can reply in here so they get the updates!

I'm thinking characters will be aiming to be kind of like old-school level of play (you're an adventurer, which means you're decent at doing some things, but mostly you're scraping together silver and favors), with openness to weirdness of more recent games (like "feel free to be a tiefling or whatever cool thing appeals to you"). The default Barkeep setting walks that line already, so I think that's the vibe!

There's a really cool "roll some stuff" thing in Macchiato Monsters that I'll post later as well, I think!

For now, if you feel like chatting about the setting or plans or your character, go for it! I'll keep checking the thread to answer any questions I can!
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I'm sorry, I'm a little low on coffee, but I think I'm confused! Would it be okay to play a character that's like what? Sorry, I'm just not parsing for some reason and I want to be able to answer!

There's actually a game called Vice & Violence that I was considering borrowing some system smut from! I'll put a link up when I get a chance later. It is EXTREMELY NSFW, but it's more of the lighter rules ala older dnd that I'm going for as opposed to the denser more modern rules. If you happen to know Mörk Borg, it honestly kind of reminds me of that... but full of tons of porn and sex.
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@Opale, definitely something like that could work well! I love setting up faction relationships like hers!

@c0i9z, It's a WILD read, very NSFW. For what it's worth, it's probably a bit deadlier and crunchier in places than I'm going for, but like... vibes, pretty on point.

@Rashol, I don't think I've read that one! Ill check it out too!
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Alright! I've updated post #1 with some recruitment info, a little deeper dive, and instructions!

Let me know if any of you need help with anything!
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That's always the struggle isn't it! If you want to bounce ideas or anything, feel free to! :)
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Well . I've got a few images that might fit, but I don't know what class they might be.. since this is an open thread, can I drop them to you in a message.


Sure! That's totally fine!

This game also will likely not be super Class based, I'm looking at Macchiato Monsters for some starting places that I think should allow fun, satisfying character creation that still feels loose!
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Haha!! Sorry, not trying to make it harder! If a class helps as like a focusing thing, feel TOTALLY free to base on one! It'll be easy to be able to be any kind of fantasy class!
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Not to worry, I understood you! 😎

I just also want to be sure that I'm providing as many things to help people make the characters they want as well!
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My understanding is that anything that is in spoilers is fine, as long as they'd also be fine in non-open threads.


I think that is right! I've definitely seen some fully adult pictures in recruitment threads!

But also, my messages are open! Advantage to posting in here is more opinions!
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I have a bit to start, but getting a better idea of the system we'll be using will help.

Adventurer Info
Name: Serifa
Race/Profession/Vibe: Goblin/Maybe a rogue, maybe a magical type, like a sorcerer of a witch? Depends on the system.
Why Risk This?: For honour, friendship and the love of booze!
What's Your Drink Of Choice? Goblin ale
Interested In: Fun adventure and sexy hijinks
Brief Description: TBD
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: Daily.

Laughing Hyena

Holy shit what is this? *starts reading frantically* Oh hell yes...! *Plants flag*


Not gonna lie, I'm pretty darn psyched about this. Barkeep on the Borderlands is an awesome setting, it just won an Ennie, the person who made it is like one of my favorite bloggers, this will be DELIGHTFUL.
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