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Started by Kara Danvers, August 13, 2023, 03:13:08 PM

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Quote from: akirakaneda on August 26, 2023, 07:34:25 PM
Not sure if I'm still in time for an OC character?

We will still take all concepts under consideration. There will just be a stop in approving new characters until the game is under way. I hope you can understand.

Kara Danvers

Alright guys, we are live! I've put up the first thread for the group.  We are starting out in small games, until they approve us for a board, which should be any time. Please, go ahead and submit your character sheet to this thread (IF you have been approved), to "officially" join and allow the GM's to have them all in one place.
If you haven't yet been approved, please send your sheet to myself or dingo, or post it in the recruitment thread for approval before putting it in the new thread
Thanks guys! Here is the new thread!

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Name: Oliver Queen
Codename: Broken Arrow
Age: 37
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Allegiance: Rebellion


Oliver is looking haggard. He wears a more tactical uniform. He carries guns now. And his left arm is obviously cybernetic.


Forty-eight minutes. That is all the time Oliver Queen had to scramble when things started going sideways. When the distress call came he was on Satellite duty. The Justice League assembled and headed off to be heroes and he stayed behind to watch the world burn.

The first dropships to enter orbit targeted the JLI Satellite and he had enough time to hit a global alert and to set the Satellite's systems to scramble before bugging out. Many might think Oliver to be dead. The Satellite was overrun within that forty-eight minute window and of the shuttles that were launched only two cleared the base. One spiraled off into the distant and strange space system beyond. The other drifted to the Moon, which had been pulled into the new dimension along with Earth, albeit in a new and unstable orbit.

Months went by. The Earth mourned the loss of its heroes and began to adjust to its new normal. And then a somewhat familiar archer appeared again. Instead of emerald, however, this one dresses in black. And he has used some old override systems to issue a very public declaration. The Green Arrow is no more. He is now the Broken Arrow, and his war on Braniac's New Order is going to be a nuclear one.

Personality: Oliver has always been a survivor. He has gutted out some seriously harrowing situations and managed to emerge with a seemingly flippant disregard for danger. Now? Well now he has harnessed a darker side of his past. He is leaning on the lessons of some of his less savory mentors. This is not just a resistance for him. It is a war.

Special Qualities:

➤ Survivor's Instinct: Deserted islands, corporate takeovers, destitution and isolation. Oliver Queen is an adaptable and singularly willful survivor.


➤ Unparralleled Archer: While his protégé, Arsenel, may be a better all-round marksman, no one holds a candle to Oliver when it comes to using a bow. It is not just his accuracy, but his overall discipline when it comes to archery that few can come close to matching.

➤ Marksman: Oliver is not to shabby with all manner of projectile and thrown weapons outside of bows. While he may not often use them, he is adept at the use of firearms as well.

➤ Martial Artist: Under the tutelage of the assassin Natas, Oliver learned to use his body as a weapon. Since the deadly trials he underwent with his first mentor he has spent a good deal of time learning techniques from various disciplines to form his own blend of combat arts. He is also adept with the use of various weapons from his studies.

➤ Assassin: Natas did not only teach Oliver to fight. He taught him how to stalk and evade, how to lay traps and how to herd people into them. Oliver is a shadow when he wants to be.

➤ Peak Conditioning: Even after months of isolation on the Moon Oliver's body is in peak condition. After his initial recover, and before finding a way back to Earth, he spent much of his time getting back into fighting shape.

➤ Tinker: Oliver has a good deal of practical engineering experience and is a gifted artificer. He is especially known for creating odd new arrows.

➤ Logistical Wizard: Oliver is more than just a pretty face and a quiver full of trick arrows. He is also an adept businessman and a shark when it comes to moving money and materiel around.

Special Equipment:

➤ Trick Arrows: He has a seemingly endless supply ideas for gimmick arrows and still has the resources to make them.

➤ Cybernetic Arm: During his escape from the onslaught of Braniac's drones, Oliver lost an arm. When he finally got to the moon and fired up the systems in the old JLI base there he used the medical bay to replace his missing arm with a Wayne Cybernetics model. It might be slightly less dexterous than his old arm but it packs one hell of a punch.

➤ Conventional Arsenal: For when arrows will not cut it, Oliver has access to an arsenal of guns, explosives and other weapons. He is still reluctant to use firearms, but will make exceptions. His arsenal also includes a variety of armor and tactical gear.

➤ Justice League Armory: Oliver has yet to crack this one open, but the Moon base has an armory of ceased weapons and weapons of last resort.

➤ Teleportation Network: There are still remnants of the old Justice League teleportation network around the planet, and a booth on the moon. Oliver uses the booths sparingly so as not to give away their locations.


Ons & Offs: Link in signature.

Plot Seeds:

➤ Ghost of JLI Past: Few people actually believe he is still alive and he is happy to feed those rumors.

➤ Candy Shop: What toys wait in the old JLI Armory on the moon? Too bad you need two members' biometrics to access it.


*stamps seal of approval on Oliver Queen*

Move them over to the character sheet section of the correct board. (Yes, we have a board now).

And if you have time, sign into the Discord server whose info Greenthorn provided you with in a PM. If you do not use Discord, then please let us know.

Using something you wrote into your sheet gave me a really good idea to tie in for at least a first story arc for both villains and heroes.


I am interested and have this first draft for your viewing pleasure.....

Name:  Donna Troy
Codename:  Deathbringer
Age: Looks 21, but is older(How much older is her secret)
Species:  Amazonian
Gender:  Female
Sexual Orientation:  Bi-sexual with heavy female leaning
Alligience: New Order

Appearance: Pictures (can be real people images and/or from comics), text, whatever you like. Be mindful of site rules regarding images.
Faceclaim: Rhea Ripley

History:  Donna was originally created by the Amazonian sorceress Derinoe through a magical clay ritual with the intention of her becoming a weapon to destroy Wonder Woman.  Despite the Amazon's best efforts to interfere with the ritual, they were unsuccessful and Donna was created.  Derinoe fled with her new protege and raised her up, training her in the ways of combat and warfare.  Despite this, she had yet to succeed in actually destroying Wonder Woman, but has joined with the New Order in the hopes that they will assist her in finally completing her life's goal and fore filling her purpose so that she can finally be free to pursue her own goals.

Personality:  Donna is a very intense person who has a no-nonsense attitude.  She has a very grim sense of humor that tends to be viewed as inappropriate but those that know her.  She wears her heart on her sleeve, making it easy to tell how she's feeling at any given moment, but that should not be mistaken for a sign of weakness as she's been trained to move past any emotional turmoil she contends with to achieve her goal, whatever that may be.


  • Superhuman Strength: Donna has incredible physical strength that can be considered great even for Amazon's standards
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability: Donna possesses higher durability than common Amazons and can resist impacts that would easily kill normal humans
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Speed: Donna appears only as blur when moving at superhuman speeds.
  • Flight: When Donna Troy became Deathbringer, she discovered the power to fly at high speeds
  • Immortality

Special Qualities:

  • Driven by a single-minded focus to kill Wonder Woman, she can push herself further than normal when in pursuit of that goal.
  • Raised to believe she was special, she often views normal people as 'beneath her' and won't hesitate to kill them if she feels she has to.


  • Driving:  Donna is talented with a motorcycle
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat(various forms)
  • Hunting
  • Swordsmanship
  • Tracking

Special Equipment:

  • Bracelets of Submission:  Indestructible cuffs used to deflect bullets, and other projectiles
  • Lasso of Persuasion:  Has the ability to compel anyone to do as the user tells them to, as long as the strength of their willpower is less than Donna's.


  • Single-Minded Focus:  Her goal since she can remember is to kill Wonder Woman.  As a result, when presented with an opportunity to do so, she will drop anything else to follow it.
  • Insecure:  Her failure to actually kill Wonder Woman has left her with a deep rooted insecurity that she does her best to hide, though it does cause her to rush into dangerous situations at times to prove herself capable.

Ons & Offs: (Very few for the writer).  Donna loves to be the dominate one in any sort of relationship or sexual situation.  Being given or taking control is the ultimate turn-on for her.

Plot Seeds: To either eventually succeed in her goal of killing Wonder Woman or finding something that allows her to finally let go of it and move on.